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Indiana has one of the best shooting teams in the nation and the work ethic to back it up, Mike writes.

Kelvin Sampson is trying to resurrect his college basketball coaching career at Houston, calling his ordeal at IU “ridiculous,” Scooby Axson of SI.com writes.

Former Hoosier Luke Fischer made a big impact in his first game at Marquette with 19 points, 9 rebounds and 5 blocks, Todd Rosiak of the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel writes.

Even Kentucky fans should feel a little sorry for the Indiana basketball program, Mark Story of the Lexington Herald-Leader writes.

IU grad Will Sheehey is a basketball free agent, sportando.com reports.

With his scoring down and assists up, Yogi Ferrell is facilitating to the point of exhaustion for IU, Pete DiPrimio of the Fort Wayne News-Sentinel writes.

His ACL injury gave Collin Hartman a renewed focus, Justin Albers of AllHoosiers.com writes.

For Kelvin Sampson, “Resurrection” by Brian May.


  1. Just read through that Kentucky article. Firstly, the premise is absolutely true. Indiana University has been basketball mediocrity since the mid 90’s after Alan Henderson left campus. A couple of seasons of hope and one nice Cinderella run, but mostly disappointment and just blaaaaah. And I agree with him, and with Harvard, that the lack of success IU has had in recruiting Indiana kids from Mike Davis to now has been abysmal.

    But is there anything more condescending than being pat on the head by someone covering a program that, firstly, was involved in one of the worst scandals in the NCAA? Secondly, just like it didn’t take a genius to see Barry Bonds, Mark McGwire and Sammy Sosa growing third arms out of their inflated heads to know something wasn’t right, where there is smoke, there is fire with the current UK program.

    I’m sorry, in today’s day and age, there is no inherent advantage as to why UK can fill their roster with that many top recruits without something going on. At every single stop, Coach Cal has been nailed for major sanctions. He’s not a dumb man, he’s just getting better at covering his tracks. I’m not suggesting any conspiracies, but I cannot believe that people things are copacetic in Lexington.

    Also, the relative punishment that UK received in 1989 vs what Indiana got hammered with by Sampson is just further proof of the NCAA’s complete lack of vision, fairness and control. UK was paying players in cash! Facing the death penalty, their president worked out a deal with the NCAA to fire Sutton and only got a 2 yr postseason ban and 1 yr TV ban. In the meantime, they hired Rick Pitino and he had them back in the FF 1 yr only 4 short years later. National Champs 3 years after that.

    Indiana was dealt an effective death penalty. Their entire roster gutted. Loss of scholarships guaranteed a steeper climb back up. All for some text messages and three-way phone calls which are now legal. BTW, Sampson deserved to be fired for his stupidity, but the penalties that IU received afterward were way too severe.

    Sour grapes? Most certainly. But it is hard to take pity from a group of folks who have built their program on dubious grounds with shady characters looking our way with puppy dog eyes.

  2. Not “sour grapes” but the insanity that is the leadership for decades of the NCAA. What a bunch of Maroons.

  3. DD, it’s not a great mystery as to why KY is getting all the talent (eight McD’s All American’s on the current roster is insane). Those young men learn during the recruiting process that they do not have to go to class after the first semester of their freshman season, they do not have to put forth any serious effort to get a degree, they have special dormitories, they get tons of national TV exposure, they will go to the NCAA Tournament, and they are there to be groomed to become NBA first round draft picks. That’s at the opposite end of the values and expectations spectrum compared to IU and most other basketball programs.

    Whether Kentucky is cheating or not is irrelevant. The coach and administration have found the loopholes in the regulations and they are exploiting them to maximum advantage. It’s the NCAA’s responsibility to enforce or change the rules so that college basketball returns to the game back to where student-athletes play it. I’ve said for a long time, when the NBA eliminates the one-and-done rule, or when the NCAA enforces/changes the rules regarding academic achievements Kentucky basketball is going to fall on very hard times. If, in the mean time, they get the death penalty for cheating, that would not bother me in the least.

  4. Po – I’m not saying I agree or disagree. I do certainly think that UK is a shady-ass program. However, they have several rotation players who are not 1-and-done… so I guess I’m not on board with the whole idea that they don’t go to class. Seems like the Harrison twins, Cauley-Stein, Pothryess(?), Lee, and Dakari would all be ineligible if that were the case. How do they get away with it?

  5. Wish Fischer were doing that for us… not that he’d be able to in our system. He could certainly rebound and block shots though. I’d feel pretty ok about our team with a front line of Fischer, Holt, and Hanner.

  6. Indiana was dealt an effective death penalty.

    It was mostly self-inflicted, when Greenspan hired Crean. Everything else could have been dealt with in a couple of years. Crean however, is still here, still too expensive to get rid of. And why? Well because Glass (whom Crean essentially hired) rubbed it in when he gave Crean an extension. An extension for what WSJ named the biggest underachievement in NCAA history.

    Let’s hope Harbaugh goes to Michigan, Beilein is fired, and Michigan hires the brother (in law).

  7. UK does have several 2nd year players which does put holes in that theory. Also it wasn’t long ago they got beat by Robert Morris in the NIT, so ncaa tournament is not a guarantee.

    Sampson problems at Iu had little to do with phone calls. He was building a bad culture at IU. From what I read he is back to recruiting low character kids to aid in his “win at all costs mentality”. Seems to me he hasn’t learned a thing. He had little to do with the complete roster overturn….other than his players were loyal to him. It’s too bad because Sampson is a great coach and he could of been a great fit for IU.

  8. You say he was building a bad culture at IU and recruiting low character kids to win at all costs. Please tell us how he was a great coach and could have been a “great fit for IU”. He should have never been hired in the first place.

  9. He is a much better coach than our current one. He just recruited many kids (not all of them) with baggage. I think he liked rougher kids because he could channel their toughness and he would be a father figure and create loyalty. He is a good coach. The one we have now has more legal trouble with kids with less wins. Sometimes you have to take off your crimson goggles and get a reality check. Sampson is not the “bugatti-man”.

  10. Sampson not even an average fit for IU even if he had good kids. It was an awful hire even without baggage. He is not a very good coach. You may get past the sweet 16 once with him in a long tenure. Even without all the stuff he got into trouble for he was not going to win that much….Just below IU standards or at least what they should be. He maxed his abilities out at Oklahoma in big 8 or 12 whatever conference at the time nd that is a football school and conference. He is about at the Rick Barnes level at Texas as far as coaching ability, below IU BB standards (at least what it should be) (even though IU has struggled for along time now).

  11. …that sounds an awful lot like someone else we all know….iu has an average record of 19-14 since 2000. His average was 21.5-7.5 in 2 years…coach knight had an average record of 19.5-7 in his first two years….not sure what standards your referring to.

  12. t – slow your roll… Sampson was a TWO-TIME national coach of the year… You don’t win an award like that 2 times by being “not a very good coach”… maybe you get lucky once with the right recruit and a great turn-around season (a la Crean in Zeller’s rookie session), but it’s pretty much validated that you’re a good coach when you win the second. Now that doesn’t mean he’s a good fit for IU, but he’s a hell of a coach.

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