Indiana taking it slow with Devin Davis

The good news is that Devin Davis is expected to return to school when Indiana’s spring semester begins on Jan. 12.

From there, a timetable for Davis’ return to the court remains unclear.

IU coach Tom Crean spent a portion of his Friday availability with reporters expounding upon his comments on various radio programs this week, saying that the sophomore forward has made great progress since suffering a traumatic brain injury in a Nov. 1 incident, but that Davis is still not particularly close to returning to practice or otherwise.

“What’s most important is that he heals properly,” Crean said, “that he knows it’s here when he gets back and that he can get back to being a student, because he’s been a fantastic student here, a very good student here. He was doing very well at the time of the accident, had a very good summer, had a very good freshman year. It’s certainly not going to be a normal year for him. But the more you can bring normalcy back to him in the sense of getting him back to what a 19‑, 20‑year‑old structure should be like, the more we can get to that in the sense of him having his classes, being around his teammates.”

IU views the winter break as a pivotal period of progress for Davis, as he continues to work through outpatient rehabilitation in Indianapolis with the goal of returning to Bloomington when classes resume in three weeks.

There remains a possibility that Davis could take a redshirt and bank the year of eligibility, but Crean was non-committal when asked on Friday. The Indiana coach said the thought of redshirting Davis has crossed his mind, but it will ultimately be up to Davis, if and when he’s cleared to play this season.

“I think that becomes a personal choice,” Crean said. “I mean, there’s never been any destination date in our mind or my mind. There’s never been any target date. I don’t think there’s been one in his. I think his bottom line is he would have loved to have been healthy enough to play now. Would he have liked to have played by now? Probably. The whole thing is, let’s not be in a rush, let’s just get better. Every injury’s hard, right? This is completely different because you’re dealing with the brain. It’s very hard to put a time assessment on that.”

In the meantime, Crean said he and his staff have contingency plans in place should Davis be deemed available to play. Davis has been a regular at games over the last month, sitting with family members in the first rows of bleachers behind the Indiana bench. Crean said earlier in the week that he hopes Davis will be soon be cleared to at least sit on the bench during games.

Either way, Davis has made his presence felt, whether it’s at a game or practice, or simply keeping in touch with his friends on the team.

“It’s been great to have him back,” James Blackmon Jr. said. “He’s like a brother to every one of us. He’s talked to me a lot about things I need to work on and he’s done the same for everyone else, too. Even though he’s not playing, he’s still been a big part of our success.”

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  1. Glad to hear this young man will be returning to classes in January. Hopefully in time he can return to the court. I can certainly remember being 19 y.o. (and 20, 21, 22, 23 ah you get the picture) and making not very sound decisions. I sincerely hope he has a full recovery. Happy Holidays Hoosiers!!!

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