IUWBB: Hoosiers beat Oakland, 88-61

Freshman Jess Walter led the Hoosiers in a return to her home state of Michigan Saturday, scoring 16 points in a 88-61 win for the Indiana women’s basketball team at Oakland.

Ten Hoosiers scored during the contest, including four players in double figures. Two players recorded double-doubles, with 11 points and 10 assists for  Larryn Brooks and 15 points and 10 assists rebounds for freshman forward Amanda Cahill.

IU started the game with some hot shooting, hitting 6-of-8 3-point attempts before missing their next five. The Hoosiers finished 12-of-26 from beyond the arc and 36-of-66 (54.3 percent) from the field.

Walter and the bench played a key role, producing 48 points. Karlee McBride was IU’s fourth player in double figures with 14, and Alexis Gassion had nine points, five rebounds and a block.

Oakland shot 38 percent from the field but was also hampered by 19 turnovers.



  1. Another good road win against an average team. The article above is mistaken, Cahill had 10 rebounds not 10 assists to go with her 15 points. Four girls in double figures again with another player one basket away, great balance. 48 points from the bench which is very important. Jesse Walter continues her strong play off the bench in her last 4 games with 16 points, 4 rebounds and 2 assists. She is becoming another strong weapon off the bench to go along with Gassion and McBride. One other high lite tonight was the 25 assists by the girls which is exceptional!

    We really begin the big show next Sunday against a very strong ranked Rutgers team that is very big and very athletic! In order to compete in the conference we need to continue our good periimeter shooting and try to stay even on the boards. Trying to stay even on the boards against bigger and more athletic conference teams will be paramont for us to be competitive! Continuing to share the ball as we have so far this year is another benifit to us. It would be great to get a large enthusiastic crowd next Sunday to help this team to victory! Go Hoosiers!

  2. For people that do not have access to this website, I think the print version of Sunday’s Sports section did a great disservice to the IU Women’s basketball team. No mention of the win on the front page –not even at the top where the headline was about Michigan State’s loss.

    I realize you have to make editorial decisions all the time about which stories to put on the front page. At least a CLUE on the front page about where to find the article would have been a nice touch! Come on, you can do better –recognize the IU women 10-1 record going into the Big 10 season!

  3. Ginny C, I feel your pain. Although I don’t live in Bloomington and have access to the local paper, I also think that it’s quite a shame that the women seem to be second class citizens so to speak. With all of the problems that the men’s team has faced this year which of course was of their own doing, it seems as though a real shame that the women who I might add carry a terirific grade point average and do incredible work in the community as well as have a 10-1 record are held a bit on the back burner.

    This is something the women have been fighting for years! Now, over the last two years the program has taken a very positive turn in the right direction and appears to be headed for future greatness. If there is a team that deserves the support of the community it is these girls who do everything the RIGHT way. Their character is beyond reproach and their drive and determination is as great as the men’s team! Why the community does not come out and follow these girls with greater attendance is something I continue to not understand? Maybe if the local newspaper were to do a better job covering them, the message would get out? It remains to be seen?

    While I do follow the men’s team, it goes without saying that many of the decisions they have made over the summer and early in the season leave a lot to be desired! You certainly can not say that about the women. They are the true meaning of the real student athlete! It is time for the community to support them and the print media to make a better effort!

    1. OK, I think the point about not putting the IU women in the top promo spot in the paper is a valid one, but let’s not pretend we somehow ignore or don’t cover them. There’s a preview and cover of every game, plus occasional features. And this game was at the top of the page inside directly opposite the rest of the men’s game coverage.

  4. Jeremy, I think you may bertaking this a little personally. Nobody said that you ignore or don’t cover them. I would have not known anything about them not being on the front page today if Ginny had not posted it and yes, the paper does cover the women and does have occasional articles. But I think the point Ginny and I are tying to make is that it appears that over the last two years there is a new age of women’s basketball in Bloomington and it would be nice if the women were equal partners in the coverage provided by the paper. I realize that men’s basketball is the prominent sport at IU but, these women work just a hard and make as many sacrifices as the men and as I mentioned earlier have done it with character that is unquestioned which is more than we can say about the men! I understand that women’s sports will never be approached as the equal of the men’s sports. It is just a shame.

  5. Mike C., you claim Jeremy is taking this personally;but, if someone were to write, ” I also think that it’s quite a shame that the women seem to be second class citizens so to speak.[and]…are held a bit on the back burner,…[adding]…This is something the women have been fighting for years! (note exclamation mark).

    Sounds like you are taking it very personally, oh outraged defender…

  6. Tsao, well it’s like this, speaking as a long time womens season ticket holder of roughly 25 years, and in those years when a good crowd was around 450 people. I think it is time for the IU women to receive their due!

    I drive a 200 mile round trip to all home games living in Kokomo. It just seems to me now that our beloved university finally has a good program that all IU fans could be proud of that the local paper could do a little more to support these young women. A pre-game article and post-game article with an occasionally feature is certainly not quite comparable to the coverage the men get. That can’t be argued. These women are on scholarship just as the men are and deserve comparable coverage. I love following the men’s team but am discusted by their off court behavior. You certainly don’t see that with these young ladies. Oh, and by the way, I don’t have any daughters, raised 4 boys but, have coached high school girls and older for many years. Just think the women are getting short changed. Call it being outraged if you will, what is fair is fair, it’s as simple as that.

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