Knorr tops IU football salaries, according to database

According to a recently released database compiled by USA Today, Indiana football assistants are among the lowest paid in the Big Ten.

IU’s total staff salary sits at 2,224,500, which ranks 10th out of the 12 conference schools included. Staff salaries for Northwestern and Penn State were not available.

Defensive coordinator Brian Knorr is Indiana’s highest paid assistant with a salary of $357,000. Offensive coordinator Kevin Johns is next at $332,500, followed by linebackers coach William Inge and offensive line coach Greg Frey, who both receive annual salaries of $307,000.

Former offensive coordinator Seth Littrell is now making $250,000 while serving in the same role at North Carolina. According to a database maintained by The Herald-Times, Littrell made $362,610 at IU in 2013. You can check the Big Ten rankings and IU’s staff salaries after the jump.

Indiana assistants
Brian Knorr, defensive coordinator — $357,000
Kevin Johns, offensive coordinator — $332,500
William Inge, linebackers — $307,000
Greg Frey, offensive line — $307,000
James Patton, tight ends — $194,800
Noah Joseph, safeties — $193,800
Deland McCullough, running backs — $184,600
Larry McDaniel, defensive line — $178,500
Brandon Shelby, cornerbacks — $169,300

Big Ten staff total salaries
Ohio State — 3,592,025
Michigan — 3,504,323
Michigan State — 3,205,702
Iowa — 2,772,186
Minnesota — 2,757,000
Nebraska — 2,709,538
Maryland — 2,588,460
Rutgers — 2,445,200
Wisconsin — 2,368,600
Indiana — 2,224,500
Illinois — 2,187,825
Purdue — 2,095,000


  1. Could their possibly be a connection between IU having one of the lowest coaching salaries in the Big Ten and the program’s lack of success? Is there any connection between those low salaries and the voluntary turnover IU has experienced with several of its assistant coaches? Hey Fred, start putting your money where your mouth is and give Wilson the budget necessary to hire and retain the coaches he needs to transform IU’s football program! And while you’re at that, stop wasting money on the purchase of large American Flags and tall flag poles. The paved parking lot is very nice, but it does not seem to have increased attendance at IU’s home games this past season. For God’s sake man, you graduated from IU’s Kelley School of Business!

    Why would Seth Littrell take such a huge pay cut (31% reduction) to go to UNC? That makes no sense and contradicts previous news stories! I doubt that information is accurate, but if it is, it suggests Littrell bailed out or was “encouraged” to seek employment elsewhere. Interesting, because I thought he was a very effective Offensive Coordinator and good recruiter. Someone needs to check that information again.

  2. And yet I, having only a passing interest in football, question why Mr. Glass, or any college would pay so much?
    I know what Nurses, EMT’s. teachers, child advocates and social workers deal with on a daily basis and what they get paid. Wow. What a huge waste of money.

  3. Given the football program’s ongoing malaise it appears that not only is the current head coach overpaid, but so is his staff.

  4. It is a good coaching staff in need of some better talent in some positions on the field. If an assistant was not tending to business Wilson would replace him and AD Glass would provide the money needed to do it.

    Littrell left because he wanted more control over the offense as was mentioned sometime after he left.

    I do think Wisconsin at 9th tells why they are having HC departures.

  5. Just to make sure the importance of the issue comes across; I agree with every word written by Podunker. If by chance we fail to be competitive salary-wise, it is cast in stone we’ll be equally uncompetitive on the field and I doubt that anyone around the athletic office will survive another period of failing. That reality can not escape Fred Glass who should have it clear that having identified an excellent coaching staff, it is even more important to support and sustain their work, make it hard for assistants to want to leave and make Hoosier football an attractive end-destination for any coach identified by Kevin Wilson as someone who can contribute to a new age of IU football.

    Kevin Wilson should have his contract extended with a hefty raise for simply bringing the possibility of winning football at Indiana. Indiana U. should take no pride in ranking at the bottom in staff salaries. There is no question that the assistant budget should come in around $2.6-$2.8 million or above. We have been led to believe that, given BTN and other income that is not only possible, it is imperative.

    Fred Glass (yes, in a sense, you are being called out), it is your job to make sure the IU staff is paid no less than around the midpoint of the B1G and your leadership will be judged on both your advocacy and your concrete actions on basic and fundamental issues. It is clear no more cold butts will be sitting in Memorial Stadium until goals that to this point have been no more than pathetic dreams can be reached, no matter what the fanfare, the drama of the production and the excitement of the ‘game experience’ until we get down to its barebone and fundamental meaning…a football program that makes us want to be in Bloomington or chasing our team down interstate highways wwith Hoosier signs hanging out the sides. That will be your best promotion A.D. Glass.

    As Podunker stated, no flagpoles, no giant flags, no connecting buildings, no painting the sides of the stadium, no covered parking lots or press box! All the elements are there…the University, the town, stadium, the support facilities, the well-remunerated mastermind- KW- and his staff… Spend the money to make it clear Indiana means to be one tough competitor when it comes to football (and other varsity sports).

    One way to say it as clearly as it can be stated…don’t blow it!

  6. HC, if the numbers bear out on Littrell at UNC, your explanation seems to be as good as any. I do remember at that time that A.D. Glass assured everyone he’d made an offer that was as good if not better than North Carolina. There’s also the possibility Coach Littrell may have been a faster runway towards landing at a prestigious head football job. But, I do definitely believe we should have the staff salary to take advantage of the availability of a coach like Littrell when KW thinks it will add to the quality of the coaching at IU (I do believe bringing in Coach Knorr underlines this process and serves as a road map for the future).

    Interesting thought on Wisconsin. It could be an explanation of otherwise unexpected turnover.

  7. Chaz, given the quality of your contributions, you too are overpaying your subscription here (even if its free).

    967Miles South…’And yet I, having only a passing interest in football,..” Doesn’t this phrase beginning your post explain the rest of it?

  8. Is it too much to ask that people do a little research before spouting off? We used to be by the far the lowest paid staff in the conference, but Glass has budgeted more money for this twice now. It’s still low, but there’s no sense just randomly giving out more raises just to top a ranking. If a coach wants a raise, Glass will likely give it to him. He’s proven that. Also, THE FLAG POLE AND MONEY FOR SAID FLAG POLE WAS DONATED…BY A DONOR…TO HONOR VETERANS. Stop using this as some golden reason why IU doesn’t care about football. If Glass didn’t care about football, he wouldn’t have upped the staff’s salaries at all or given Wilson basically every minor facility improvement he requested. Not to mention starting another expansion of the training facilities at the stadium. If Wilson wins this year, the whole staff will likely get another raise. But again, throwing out money just to swing your **** around is dumb. I like our coaches, but they still need to get results.

  9. Oh, and the paved parking lot wasn’t paid for by the AD…that was a university project. RESEARCH. It takes like 2 minutes. Also, Littrell wanted more control of the offense, so he left. This isn’t news.

  10. The IU salaries are 17.9% less than Nebraska’s. Delusional or not, their fans expect to be in the title hunt every year with what they have in place. They also have a lot more football money from the outset. They probably always will.

    It’s not an overwhelming figure, more like a matter of degrees. Add 18% and we are outspending Nebraska football coaching salaries.

    Does that really seem reasonable?

  11. Chet,
    What really took my eye was Wisky is 9th place and IU 10th. + those corresponding #’s are not much different. IU for the time being shows that AD Glass and Wilson have handled the $ for assistants pretty well.

  12. Had Assembly Hall been its normal jam-packed at the time, somebody could have easily been killed by the steel faceplate that dislodged and came crashing down into the seats…

    I’m for new facilities first…I’ve heard some on this blog say that our basketball coach is the highest paid public figure in the state of Indiana.. Why are we putting a king in 45-year-old, rotting, building?

    Crean was grossly mistreated…A king needs to go where facilities are modern and upgraded in a fashion commensurate with his crowns and jeweled capes …..At that point, we need to bring in a peasant that may actually have a small brain for basketball and watch him simply adore the old collapsing-on-itself dump….Pay him in banner dust and Bobby handshakes while we begin building a new stadium worthy of the king that once reigned at the time of 003 Banners BC….All the savings in washing the old kings capes in the Jordan River and polishing his jewels could be put in brass holding jars for Kevin Wilson…If Wilson can win two Big 10 games(AD), we unleash the football furry, launch an areal attack of glass fireworks bombs via the Mallory Trebuchet from point Big Rock, and proceed to storm old Assembly to claim Football as the new sacrifice to the Limestone Gods of the Cutter Valley of Kings…

  13. Cody suddenly looking like he’s overcome with Tourette’s at a March Madness Syracuse game…? Alford taking to the bed of John Wooden…? Steel plates flying down from the Assembly heavens just above banner clouds….? Young choir boy dropped off near Assembly and then inexplicably overcome with seemingly demonic possession causing him to leap into traffic without ever saying, “Halt!”…or “Holt!”…?

    Note to God concerning Crean: They’re still not paying attention.

  14. Harvard, who is it exactly that you are “performing” for here? Your random stand up act can’t be seen by more than like 12 people. And as someone who has Tourette’s, I appreciate a good TS joke…yours failed miserably.

  15. H4H post 12- “[O]ur basketball coach is the highest paid public figure in the state of Indiana.” Did you mean “state employee?” No doubt, if that’s what you meant, and just like almost every other state in the USA. Maybe some doctor cum PhD running the University of New Mexico’s med school/hospital system earns more than the $800k earned by UNMFB coach Bob Davie, but if that’s so it’s probably the exception to the rule. Think any state of Iowa employee is earning more than Ferentz’ $4,000,000.00/annum?

  16. Harvard,

    I was listening to a podcast that said the high school basketball championship for the state of Indiana is being proposed to being changed how it once was. (1 champion). Have you heard anything about this? I think they destroyed it with this current format.

  17. Ben-

    I only heard that some proposals for changes were not agreed upon and the next evaluation is in April, 2015.

    I don’t think they’ll ever fix what they ruined. There was nothing like high school basketball in Indiana…They killed it…Attendance will never come back to anything close to the fever pitch surrounding a tournament built on our beliefs that everyone deserves an equal shot(even though it may exist within the tiniest of odds) at the things dreams are only usually made. It only takes five, Ben….Five can come from the most obscure of forgotten towns and bring a sense of rebirth to community…..They can carve their names into history…They can become the unknowns that slay the giant…They can become names talked of for generations…And the giants are as beautiful to admire in their own right when they are tested by Pit bulls on hardwood that can make basketball a very clever game to behold…..We had the best high school basketball show on earth…Some fools locked their egos in a room and butchered it.

    Take care Ben….

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