1. Meek- The comment: “…Hanner gets what I’d consider a career high in the Big Ten. That was huge.”, was that Miles’ or your comment?

  2. Let’s see here. IU beats another preseason top 25 team in NEB – a team just about everyone felt would be a force in the conference this season – on the road no less, yet the Crean detractors still can’t bring themselves to say anything, positive or otherwise. Hmm……

  3. It would have been awful to lose to Nebraska, who lost to Incarnate Word (!?) at home three weeks ago. Crean is awesome. We’re lucky to have him here. Contract extension!

  4. Chaz, I appreciate your comment. I am neither a big fan of Crean, or a serious critic. He’s no Bob Knight, but I give him credit for being an excellent recruiter and for leading IU BB out of the wilderness. But there are some Scoop participants that would not give Crean credit if IU won the National Championship. When IU loses, it’s all Crean’s fault and he got out coached. But when IU wins, he gets no credit for getting his team prepared. I’m not sure if this could ever be proved, but I suspect, based on how people mix their personal attacks and snide comments with their criticism of his coaching skills, many of his most ardent critics despise him largely because of his frequent references to his faith.

    Goo Hoosiers!

  5. Good to see that Mike Tyson has given up some of his valuable time reliving his ear-biting past to weigh in on IU basketball. Thanks, Mike…nice tats, BTW.

  6. Happy to get a B1G road win… not happy that I had to watch us piss away a big lead again. We kick our own ass every game. The only game where talent has been close so far is UL… We should have won more easily. But I’ll take it. We still make some absolutely brutal mistakes on defense. I guess we are showing very slight signs of improvement on that end though. Need Nickie Buckets to start earning his nick name again.

    Anyone know what the whole coaches fight was about? Glad Crean looked like the less crazy one there, although I’m sure all of us were thinking, “yeah, i bet he annoys the hell out of opposing coaches.”

  7. Mike Miller possibly needs a bit of an update of his Twitter photo….? Appears the shot was taken when he was working on a Robbie Benson look from ‘One on One?’
    Does Robbie Benson still teach an acting class at IU?

  8. 1-0 in the B1G. This road win has to put some confidence in the players that need it most. Holding a conference opponent to 65 on the road is a positive but letting back in the game was the D’s fault. We seem to win easier when Yog’s assist line goes above 6 and tonight he had 8. JBJ with 3 TO’s needs to tighten up. Great bench play from Holt. If T-Roy and HP both play as well together as they did tonight IU will be harder to handle. HP’s play tonight is exactly the type of performance he can produce every outing.

  9. HC – yeah… This is exactly what I have been waiting for from HMP. That is exactly how he should impact every game. He doesn’t need a tremendous skill set. He should be able to rebound with decent position and superb athleticism. He should be able to have 3 or 4 lob opportunities every game. He should have a couple offensive put backs. Maybe 1 or 2 post moves…. That’s it.

    Hovering around a double-double every game.

    Don’t need 15+ points. Certainly don’t need him trying to make 1-handed back-door bounce passes from 20 feet away.

    Stick to simple. Stick to his strengths. Last night was a perfect example… for the most part.

  10. Hanner had a great game. His best game at IU by far. It’s great to see him tap into some of his potential. Hanner and Troy both are improving and that’s a great thing for not only this year but next year as well. Can’t give Hanner enough praise he really played great.

  11. we still haven’t beaten a top 25 team. just because a bunch of reporters say a team is good doesn’t make it so. if you have a top ten pre-season ranking and you finish with a 500 record, you were never really a top ten team, were you?

    of the mediocre teams we’ve beaten, i’ll wager only smu finishes in the top 25, and only because they play in a crappy conference. if they were in the big 10, no way.

    the look on crean’s face while miles was pretending to want a piece of him was priceless. the only thing that would make it better is if crean was a badass.

    what more does holt have to do to get more minutes? if zeisloft isn’t hitting, which is often, he doesn’t bring much to the team. he will probably finish the big 10 season below 40% from 3. the threat of him hitting spreads the floor but we can get that from hartman and hoetzel plus a whole lot more. holt should get some of his minutes, too. i would love to see holt and hanner playing together sometime soon.

    all in all, a nice win for crean and his merry band of miscreants.

  12. Geoff, This game gave me a better heads-up on this team than any game so far this season. When Yog and RJ play the games they played last night it gives HP more opportunities to help with scoring. Passes to him in the high post allow him several options all of which is good for the offense as he is able to keep everyone involved. Even though he had a bad night shooting how about that JBJ on the boards in Lincoln?

  13. coach v, as usual the critics (like yourself) will never give Crean any credit unless it is weighed down with an equal or greater amount of criticism. IU was fortunate that NEB wasn’t at full strength, but that does not change the fact that NEB was forecast by coaches and media alike to be tournament worthy again this year. By the end of March IU will have taken on its share of teams which will likely meet your criteria. Meanwhile, any road win in the conference is welcomed, so how about just sticking to the positives you mentioned for once?

  14. HC – how awesome was that last rebound Hanner grabbed… It must have been spectacular from a courtside seat. he had to have been a full 2 feet above the rim.

  15. Where I’ll admit I didn’t see this coming:

    ▬ Didn’t think Holt would be this good..or show this much maturity/savvy this early in the season. What a stunning and marvelous shot in the arm he gave the Hoosiers in the first half…Nebraska didn’t see it coming and they had no answer for Holt’s activity level…He changed the game.

    ▬ Absolutely did not see this coming from Hanner. Those that say Crean can’t develop bigs may just be eating their words…This was a coming out party for Hanner.. This changes things. The well-timed alley-oops assisted by Yogi also didn’t hurt .

    ▬ Wasn’t very confident we could win on the road if we hit long cold spells from the perimeter…We won this game despite going very cold from the 3-point line during a long stretch….I don’t remember the exact numbers, but I seem to recall one of the broadcasters saying we were something like 2-12? or 2-14? early into the second half …We also let a large lead slip away and proceeded to keep our composure and pull back away.



    All in all….This was about as positive start to the Big 10 season as any Hoosier fan could hope or anticipate…

    The Indiana Hoosiers should beat Nebraska…We should beat them thoroughly and regularly. It was embarrassing to lose to them in the past…I’m glad that embarrassment didn’t occur again.

    Let’s keep in mind…..The Hoosiers slapping teams around on their home court is always irritating to the home coach. If this team continues to show vast improvement in the paint, there are going to be a lot of coaches irritated with Tom Crean….When they’re cordial and grinning ear-to-ear is when you need to worry.


    Where I’m still willing to admit things I did see coming:

    ▬ I did say this team would breeze into the NCAA tournament and win plenty of Big 10 road games

  16. But, IU ranked in the mid 40’s and Nebraska in the 65-70 range pre game (KenPom #’s) and even on the Nebraska home court, should be an IU win. Next game with Michigan State #29 (KenPom) at Michigan State will be a true test. Another good game by HMP I hope.

  17. …I never complain much about a little conflict but Coach Crean’s manner last night was exquisite and made Miles’ blustering act seem childish…I tend to agree about Holt taking someones minutes…it would be a treat to see him and HP working 1 high and 1 low as their length together would be hard to overcome…

  18. Geoff, Yes I did! As you stated that is 1 of the many things he can do to impact the outcome of every IU game. Rebounding should be his forte. I still think offensively his performance is energized when Yogi and RJ feed him at the high post. IIRC in HS at 6’7″ he jumped and touched the bottom of a hanging BB measured at 12’2″. That would be just 4″ short of Dwight Howard’s jump of 12’6″ while midstream in his NBA career. 6’7″ to vs 6’11”. Just reaching 1 more level of skills and HP is tits.

  19. I don’t get BTN but I did follow game on CBSsports streaming “fact sheet” frustrated with JBJ’s shooting but mightily impressed with his rebounding from guard. Appeared RJ had an excellent overall game as well as HMP. It appears Zeisloft has lost confidence in his shot. Last year I critiqued CTC as far as team performance and perception of his ability as a coach. That was because of statement I read from a journalist in Champaign,Ill. saying Crean has had a lot of talent but didn’t do much with it. I take it backas I have seen more heart, fire, and development in this years team already than I saw all of last years team. HMP appears to have improved at Nebraska. To me,It seemed CTC was going after Miles and protecting the players …good for him ,good for solidarity 🙂

  20. Reynolds helps Xavier beat No. 25 Georgetown 70-53

    Smith-Rivera came into the game fifth in the conference in scoring.

    ”Remy Abell did an outstanding job against DSR,” Mack said.

    Abell takes pride in his defense.

    ”Defense will help us win games,” Abell said. ”Offense will take care of itself.”

  21. i wouldn’t say crean is developing hanner. he has no real post moves. kind of a jump hook that isn’t technically sound. only goes right. big ten coaches will start keying on that and defenders will shade his right shoulder. can’t finish with his left. had his turn around jumper smothered last night, so he definitely doesn’t have one of those. has a huge free throw flaw that i could fix in two minutes. what he accomplishes he does through ungodly athleticism, not because of crean’s coaching. like that unbelievable rebound at the end of the game, as geoff mentioned. as a junior there is no excuse for how little he has developed. geez, he’s been playing every day for the last couple years and he has no post moves, counter moves, can’t drive from 15′. yogi is doing more to make hanner better than the coaching staff.

    i read that kenpom (whatever that is) had nebraska rated at 94 for what it’s worth.

  22. Maybe so….I’m just seeing a comfort level in game situations that is sorta surprising….I don’t think he looks awkward in his moves and he seems very calm in having the ball delivered while he’s at the top of the circle…This is really the first season he’s been relied upon for long stretches/minutes..

    A couple of his shots barely rimmed out….He could have easily been pushing his point total into the upper teens with a few more fortunate rolls. It’s progress I wasn’t expecting. I’m not sure it’s all a product of athleticism…Many of these “projects” do seem to acquire a real boost in confidence from somewhere….There is a confidence growing in Hanner’s game…If some of the full repertoire of moves is missing, that’s something that could start to evolve very quickly alongside the blossoming confidence. All the coaches and Hanner’s teammates have to be given some credit for the young man stepping up….

    I’m still rather amazed….A lot of guys struggle from the charity stripe, but it’s not like Hanner’s jumpshot is hard to look at…He’s got a relatively soft touch.

    Holt? Who gets credit for his confidence? Does the coach get anything? For all the criticisms and mocking that Crean’s personality begs the perfect target, there must be some acknowledgement that his players are showing some swagger that reflects belief and heart.

  23. That’s a good question for you, coachv….and for you, as well, Geoff..

    Do your players often feed off of your own confidence? I know you do a lot of concentrating on jumpshot form and many of the fundamentals, but there’s also a ton of intangibles to individual and team play. This current group of Hoosiers seems to have more of a collective personality/identity that, from my personal perspective, just didn’t seem to be evident in past teams under Crean. Is it the fact we are loaded with so many solid shooters contributing to growth in confidence overall? Do the inside players feel less pressure because this particular group can tally up points very quickly? Is this fostering more risk-taking and freedoms for Holt and Hanner to play the game at a higher comfort level where their athleticism isn’t constrained with the pressures of shouldering a lot of the expected scoring duties? The dynamics of confidence gelling in a team is a mystery….Knowing the starting points and the delicate balances to build confidence(at individual levels as well as overall team chemistry) is possibly what separates some of the great coaches from those that must solely reduce the game to techniques and positions of elbows on jump shots….

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