1. lots of things suck about this new site… Here are my top 3:

    1) Have to re-type my name and email every time.

    2) when I click on a comment in the “Recent Comments” side bar it takes me to the top of the article instead of the comment.

    3) no T-shirt girl.

  2. Uggggg. Head to head & looking good. HMP – what happened. But after 9 good minutes, sub in 3 and 4 new players. Let’s screw with the good chemistry. Hey, maybe we can give them a quick 4 points in 3 sec.

    PS..l.Ticker thing is useless.

  3. 7 wins and 2 losses on way to 15 win 16 loss regular season. 5 star big man/ men wanted/needed if you are going to compete with the best.

  4. @335 – that was a great start for Hanner, but you can’t expect him to go without subbing out. He let it ride as long as he could… that being said, I’m about to unleash on king Crean.

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