Tevin Coleman tells ESPN he will enter NFL Draft

UPDATE (2 p.m.):
Indiana has released the following statement from Tevin Coleman:

“I would like to announce that I’m declaring early entry into the 2015 National Football League Draft.

“I would like to thank my family, coaches, teammates, and fans for their unwavering support. Coming to Indiana University was an incredible opportunity for me. Everyone at IU and in Bloomington has demonstrated why this place is so special. It has been a dream of mine to play professionally, and I am prepared to take the next step in making that dream into a reality.

“I want to thank Coach McCullough for recruiting me out of high school, Coach Wilson for giving me the opportunity to play in the Big Ten; and most especially my dad, Wister Coleman Jr., for believing in me and guiding me through this process, and my mother, Adlevia Coleman, for her support. Without their guidance and encouragement, I would have not been in this position today.

“Indiana University is an extraordinary place and I will always cherish the experience I had here. One of the achievements I am most proud of, apart from my football accomplishments, is that I finished this semester with a grade point average above 3.0. I look forward to earning my degree from this amazing institution in the very near future. I am and always will be proud to be a Hoosier.”


Indiana running back Tevin Coleman will enter this year’s NFL Draft, he told ESPN’s Joe Schad on Monday.

What appeared to be a foregone conclusion is now official for the junior, who leaves the school one month after becoming the 18th player in FBS history to rush for 2,000 yards in a single season.

“This is my dream,” Coleman told ESPN.

His father, Wister, confirmed the report to The Herald-Times, adding that his son has signed with agent Adisa Bakari.

Coleman was a finished seventh in the Heisman Trophy voting and was one of three finalists for the Doak Walker award after rushing for an Indiana-record 2,036 yards. He became IU’s sixth consensus All-American earlier this month, while finishing second nationally in rushing yards, yards per game (169.7), all-purpose yards per game (181.4) and yards from scrimmage per game (181.4). His 7.5 yards per carry is the fifth-highest among the 18 2,000-yard rushers.

Coleman’s departure could open the door for former UAB running back Jordan Howard, who finished seventh in the nation with 132.3 rushing yards per game as a sophomore last season. Howard recently said he plans to choose between IU and Vanderbilt.

IU offensive lineman Ralston Evans tweeted: “Proud of you teco definitely left some shoes to fill with that work ethic of yours bro glad to have blocked for you for 3 years”

This story will be updated.


  1. Congrats Tevin. You earned your way to this point and I wish you the best in your NFL career. It is going to be a treat to continue to watch and root for you on Sundays.

    In other football related news, Harbaugh back to UM. As regular folks around here know, I support CKW and think he deserves another year at least. However, overnight, his seat just got warmer. We’re stuck in brutal Big Ten East. Franklin has produced a top 10 recruiting class at PSU, OSU is still dominant with one of the best coaches in the country and now we have Harbaugh to contend with. Those schools are filling their coffers with 100k+ per home game. Next year, Indiana has to make a move and get into a bowl game. If they don’t, we’re going to be stuck at the bottom of this pile for a while.

  2. Iu has always been at the bottom of the pile (except for a handful) so not really stuck there that’s IU fb history. Have to change the course of IU fb history to make a difference.

  3. Tevin,

    Thanks for being part of IU football. You were fun to watch. You also played a major role in helping IU rebuild. So thanks! My best wishes to you as your take the next step to the NFL. May you have a long, healthy and outstanding career.

  4. Folks, don’t worry about Harbaugh coming to Michigan. If he can’t along with players in the pros, it’s unlikely he’ll get along with young college players today. They, too, won’t put up with his harsh, crude, and rude personality, especially when they can go elsewhere.

    Oh yes, Harbaugh will look great in the initial years in resurrecting Michigan, but he’ll soon flame out. His staying power will not be long. Even young folks will get tired of his act just as the old pros did in San Francisco. Remember! He looked like a wizzard in the first couple of years. But after that the team spiraled downward. Even Kaeperneck regressed. Yes, Harbaugh will repeat the same pattern of behavior at Michigan as he did with the 49ers. He’ll not change. He’s too stubborn and rigid in his behavior.

  5. What a classy young man Tevin Coleman is, and what a classy way to announce his decision. He makes me proud to be a Hoosier fan. I especially like that he stated his determination to complete is degree “in the near future.” Good for him and his family. I hope he has great success at the next level for many years, and that he stays reasonably healthy.

    WaltD, I think your post #4 represents very wishful thinking. Harbaugh turned Stanford football from a loser into a top five program within a few years. Michigan is reported to be offering him $48 million over six years! If that is true, that would make Harbaugh the highest paid coach in any sport, college or professional. My guess is that the Michigan administrators and brain trust understand that Harbaugh will be a very effective coach and return their football program to national prominence well before that six year contract term. One of Harbaugh’s assistant coaches was recently quoted as saying that Harbaugh’s coaching style and personality is better suited to college players because the players are only “subjected to his schtick for three or four years.” After that, who cares if he moves back to the NFL, he will have accomplished his mission of making Michigan a national power once again. And I assure you, if Harbaugh’s team would have won that SuperBowl, it would be the 49er’s General Manager losing his job today, not Harbaugh.

    Michigan is a school that appears to have the brains, guts and money to remedy a big problem with their most important athletic program. IU’s administrators could learn a few things from the way Michigan is doing business.

  6. Michigan is a school that appears to have the brains, guts and money to remedy a big problem with their most important athletic program. IU’s administrators could learn a few things from the way Michigan is doing business.

    Isn’t it worth to pay lots of money to get rid of the preacher and instead hire a real basketball coach?

    Answer: absolutely yes it is. Crean: out. Glass: bring Brad Stevens now. If not now, July 2nd 2015.

  7. I bet holidays are strange around the Harbaugh compound. They must have a padded room where Jim and coach TC can get together and reminisce.

  8. News flash…our football program is in far worse condition than our basketball program. How about making a real commitment to that problem?

  9. Here are some facts about Harbaugh.

    A large part of his staff of 49er assistants came with him from Stanford and they will be in Ann Arbor with him

    If he was hard to get along with that would not be so

    Andrew Luck never has been negative on him

    Long time 49er RB Frank Gore praised him yesterday after his separation was announced

    The ranker of his compatibility with players and administration was a leak by the 49ers front office to create a reason the public could swallow when he was let go

    Who can go into San Francisco and pull off an .500 season with a QB who cannot over achieve every season and also with the key injuries the 9ers had most of this season like JH did? Damn few.

    Meatchicken has hit a home run

  10. Not concerned. I liked Harbaugh’s toughness as a Bear and admire his coaching career. Meatchicken has their Harbaugh, we’ve got our Wilson. I like our hand, let’s play…no wild cards!

  11. HC, good post in #11. You are exactly right. If IU is to beat Michigan in football, it better do it next season. Otherwise, once Harbaugh gets that program up and running, they will be tough for anybody to beat.

  12. Now, if IU could just arrange for the Boston Celtics to fire Brad Stevens, everything about IU basketball would be perfect once again. Ahh, that would be so…….

    “Norman! Norman, it’s time to wake up. You’ve overslept again. If you’re late to school once more, they’re going to hold you back again.”

  13. It is amazing that any post at all can be turned into a discussion about Brad Stevens by the IU boards. Congratulations on hijacking what should be a thread praising the hard work of Tevin Coleman and wishing him the best for his future.

  14. okay Michigan got its man!!! Jim Harbaugh!!! Now lets keep up with the Jones and offer 9 million to Pete Carroll or Bill Belichick or any other veteran coach…..will it be worth that much at IU to have a winning season???? I agree with Walt D post #4…Jim will wear his welcome out in a short period of time…he did so at Stanford and at San Francisco….on a brighter side the big 10 should be happy because where ever Jim goes to coach he creates a hell of a rivarly game……the games between Stanford (jim H) and USC (pete C) where classical…….in the NFL the game between Seattle and San Francisco where always a bitter conflicts…i can only see every school in the Big 10 benefiting from the Michigan and Ohio State games!! Tevin Coleman good luck and god bless in the NFL…you really brought a great deal of pride and integrity to the Indiana University football program

  15. With Rondo gone it’s clear that Celtics will go in deep rebuilding mode Ainge and Stevens will part way mutually at the end of the season much like Harbaugh and the 49ers. Crean will be fired as soon as his buyout goes from 12 millions to 7.5 on July 2nd, Don’t know what the deal with Norman is but that’s not the first time Podonke(y) veers off for no reason. Norman, OK? Norman Powell (UCLA)? God knows that is in that mind of his. It’s clear Tom Crean is the new Brady Hoke. And after he gets fired he’ll be lucky to get an assistant position at U of Michigan alongside Jeff Meyer: they both wrecked our program!

  16. Congrats to Tevin. He had a heckuva season. Definitely deserved a trip to NYC on Heisman night.
    Any update on the UAB running back IU was/is pursuing — Jordan Howard, I believe is his name?

  17. If Satan’s line only offer the thinnest of opening to rush to Bowl heaven,
    The spirit of many Hoosier hells buried in their tracks at Memorial,
    Would hand the ball to Tevin.

  18. Harvard reminds me of Hunter S. Thompson. He ate a bunch of LSD, Peyote and Psilocybin Mushrooms. God only knows what Harvard is on. Maybe he will come clean.

  19. I think PO (#5) is closer to the mark than WaltD (#4); college kids will take more crap ’cause 1) they are still kids and 2) have many fewer options to leave and can’t afford to pout and dog it on the field while still cashing enormous paychecks while waiting until A) they are traded or B) the coach is fired. As for the Meatchicken “brain trust,” (PO #5), is this the same bunch that hired Hoke? The same rubes who looked like complete amateurs when they hired RRodriguez and ended up being responsible for his nasty, multi-million $$$ lawsuit w/U WVA over his contract buy-out? Thought so.

    Speaking (writing) of offensive coordinators at successful programs being hired to become head coaches elsewhere, OSU OC Tom Herman has been hired at $1.35mm/annum to be HC at U Houston. We’ll see how that experiment goes.

  20. Just a few thoughts for the day, based in part on some of the comments made above.

    1. IU will pay $7.5 Million to buyout Crean’s contract when hell freezes over. That prediction is pure fantasy and it’s laughable.
    2. Harbaugh is a winner. He has won everywhere he’s coached. He’s also proven his ability to transform a losing football program into a winning program within short order. He is the son of a successful coach, the brother of another successful coach, and he has the credibility of a man who succeeded as a player at both the college and pro ranks. It won’t be immediate, but I’ll predict right now, that within three years, Michigan football will compete for the Big Ten Championship.
    3. Harbaugh’s first recruiting class should be interesting. Right now, Michigan has five or six players that have verbally committed. I’m willing to bet that Michigan will poach a bunch of quality players who have previously committed to other big-time schools. The excitement in Ann Arbor is palpable, and it will be infectious. A lot of kids will find it very exciting to be a part of Michigan Football’s resurrection.
    4. I doubt we’ll ever see or read any news about Tevin Coleman getting into trouble, becoming a distraction to his team, or breaking the law as an NFL player. He seems to be a very high character guy who was raised with humility and the right values. The NFL needs more players like Tevin Coleman, and I hope NFL teams will take his character into consideration as much as his 40 yard dash time when it’s time to draft him.

  21. Po – do you have a feel for where Coleman might end up in the draft? 2nd or 3rd round?

    I would love for the Pats to end up with him. We need an explosive runner. I much prefer rooting for guys I like and know are good people.

  22. Geoff, you may get your wish. I think Coleman is a middle of the 2nd to middle of the third round. He’s also the type of back that Belichik like, not only an big, relatively fast (with pads on) runner but also a very good and well coached blocker. Most fans forget that part of it, the pros want running backs they can use blocking, both for their qb and down field for receivers. Coleman fits that and scouts don’t miss it.

  23. This team losing Davis’s inside play as well has cost us the inside-outside complimentary [complementary] floor balance that would have likely made the difference against teams that bring the :”pound it to the middle of the Hoosiers gut” strategy.

    You were right, coachv. Mr. Idiot found it.

  24. I thought Miller took over for Dustin….? I never see Miller get into conversations with Scoop posters in the same fashion Dusitn would seem to enjoy.. Then again, Dustin was a unique journalist…He didn’t need that separation or the pretense of superiority his opinion by way of the silent barrier between “professional” and “novice” reader. He could make you feel like he’d welcome you right into his office…or maybe sit down for a couple beers at Trojan Horse.. I guess it’s simply called being down to earth.

    Hope Dustin is doing well…

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