Crean and Tim Miles exchange words

LINCOLN, Neb. — One of the lasting snapshots of Indiana’s conference opener at Nebraska came courtesy of the two head coaches.

Things became testy midway through the second half of Wednesday’s game at Pinnacle Bank Arena when Indiana’s Tom Crean and Nebraska’s Tim Miles shared a heated exchange in front of the scorers table with less than 10 minutes to play.

It came after Indiana forward Hanner Mosquera-Perea took a hard foul from Tai Webster as he jumped to complete an alley-oop pass from Yogi Ferrell. As Mosquera-Perea prepared to take his free throws, Crean and Miles jawed at one another from their respective benches.

On the Big Ten Network broadcast, Crean appeared to tell Miles “shut up,” causing an outburst from the Huskers coach. The entire exchange was not captured by the television cameras.

Crean vehemently denied telling Miles to shut up, approaching a reporter after his postgame press conference to explain that he would never say that to an opposing coach.

“If anybody is writing that, that’s a complete mistake,” Crean said. “That’d be wrong. That wasn’t the issue.”

Miles had to be held back by two staffers as he yelled at the Indiana coach. Crean walked back toward his bench, spoke with a game official and stared down Miles.

It’s the second time in the last week that Crean has exchanged words with an opposing coach during a game after he and New Orleans coach Mark Slessinger traded words on Dec. 22.

“I’m really at place in life right now when it comes to conference basketball where I’ll just talk about the game,” Crean said. “I’m not gonna talk about any other team. I’m not going to talk about any of those other things and I’m going to keep it right at that.”

Miles refused to discuss what led to the incident and what was said between he and Crean.

“We just talked about the weather,” Miles said. “Tulips. Flowers. I have no comment.”


  1. If you watch the video as soon as it cuts from Perea to Crean, you can see that Crean is CLEARLY telling someone on the Nebraska end of the court to “SHUT UP”. Read his lips.

    Crean is lying about that to cover his butt. Even Stevie Wonder could see that.

  2. What exactly would TC be covering his butt from? Even if he said shut up. What would be the but covering need. The “rude” police would arrest him. This is heat of battle “no story”. Who cares. As not a TC fan – would actually like t see more passion from him regularly.


  3. You are right Crimson in that there is nothing to cover.
    AZ posted unrelentingly negative comments about Crean during the game and now that we won I guess this is the next road to take.
    I am not a Crean apologist but the attention to how long his handshakes are, do the coaches “like” him, etc are nuts.

  4. That was great. Loved it. “Shut Up”? Who cares. Can’t say CTC was ‘not into the game’.

    By the way, nice road win, but should have been by 20+ points. Whatever they fed HMP pre game, get more of it. But don’t let Yogi & Blackmon have any more of whatever the pre game meal was.

  5. He is afraid TC will do harm to the IU tradition of well loved, soft spoken basketball coaches.

  6. South….i would disagree. Keep feeding Yogi that stuff that leads to smart point guard basketball that facilitates for the team to the tune of 8/1 assist/turnover margin. Especially with those lobs to Hanner…..loving that from our Yogi. Now James….i agree with you. And someone tell him he’s not too good to play defense. He will need to improve there big to impress pro scouts.

  7. Richie B, I was wrong with the Yogi concern. I did not look past the shots taken/made and point total. Did not see the game but when I finished looking at the box score, Yogi had a heck of a positive game.

  8. AZHoosier, are you kidding? Yeah what he mouthed looked like shut up, but we could be lip reading wrong. And who knows who he was talking to? Wasn’t necessarily Miles. To accuse a man of lying and question his character over something this unclear is wrong and a low character move on your part. Please just enjoy the win and have a happy New Year’s Day. And give credit where due – Crean is coaching lights out on this team and we’re in great tourney position. Just ease up and enjoy the ride.

  9. Whether he said ‘Shut Up’ or anything else, the fact remains that he was fighting for his team. Hanner got hammered. Shields couldn’t really play the ball when Hanner was nearly 18 inches higher in the air, but whatever. This all started when CTC began drinking diet Coke or Coke zero this season, in favor of what ever he had mixed in those Dasani bottles in previous years. I like it, cheers CTC. Great road win. Go Hoosiers!!!

  10. You could clearly read Miles lips several minutes later still egging Crean on. Miles being held back by two people going after Crean should have been tossed or at least given a technical…great win!!!

  11. michael – wow… I’ve seen some apologists for Crean before… heck, I’ve been one for years. but I don’t think I’ve ever seen “Crean” and “coaching lights out” in the same sentence. that was was awesome. love your enthusiasm, no matter how misplaced it is.

    I enjoyed the little tiff at half court. Crean is super annoying on the sidelines, so I can understand why other coaches are getting into it with him. Crean definitely said, “Shut up”… no big deal… Miles definitely kept repeating, “All game”, which I took to mean that Crean never shuts up on the sideline, which is certainly true… no big deal. I’ve heard more than once this year from outside commentary that “Crean makes coffee nervous”… this is just a by-product of that energy.

  12. Hey Mike, any chance we can get you to post the box score on here as an asset to your game news column???

  13. Even though the Corn shuckers made several runs, the Hoosiers didn’t falter. Great game. Miles was upset because he began to realize that he probably wasn’t going to win this time. You could see it on his face.

  14. The issue is not whether Crean would be convicted by the ‘rude police’ or similar sentiment, the issue is that Crean denied saying “Shut Up.”

    Yes, it was a nice win, yes it was a win away from home, and yes Crean out-coached his opponent on the sideline and yes Crean made adjustments during this game and those adjustments resulted in a win.

    It is also a fact that Crean’s stand-off was a victory.

    Why does Crean feel compelled to lie about what he said; he could have simply said “no comment”.

    One more example of sport revealing character.

  15. Only a guess, but some of the reports noted the Nebraska players were mouthing off to the IU bench. So maybe Crean was telling what’s-his-name to ask his players to shut up. Or maybe he was telling what’s-his-name to shut up. Don’t care. Kinda proud of him.

  16. Crean said he didn’t tell MILES to shut up.He may have been talking to someone else. Who cares. Calling the man a liar is over the top.

  17. ^ Absolutely. Crean was probably yelling “Shut up!” at himself, trying to regain self-control. I think Tim Miles is however a liar because they clearly did not talk about tulips, flowers and such.

  18. Got to love the picture of Crean standing there, facing Miles with his hands on his hips. Otherwise, much ado about nothing. Miles being held back by two other men? Give me a break. Come to Bloomington and have your team play that “physical” style of ball. They will foul out half way through the second half and you won’t be able to hear anything Crean yells. And yes, I’d love to see Crean become a lot more passionate on the sideline and fight for his players, even if he get’s a technical once in a while.

  19. When I look at TC and TM square off – I can’t help but put them both in a time machine back to middle school. You’d have Tommy “VP of the chess club” Crean vs. Timmy “The hall monitor” Miles. The fight starting over who gets to pass out the teachers extra credit homework assignment to the class.

    As they both remove their respective retainers and suspenders to prepare for the epic battle – the hallway fills with anticipation. Timmy throws the first (thumb wrapped by the other four fingers) punch to Tommy’s head -but reels back in pain – as the Just for Men cowlick holder backer has created a hair helmet for Tommy. Tommy takes his opening and kicks Timmy square in the groin – shockingly Timmy just smiles as he’s testicles have not come close to descending yet. He reaches for his flute from his backpack and throws it at Tommy hitting him square in the chest. Again -no damage is done as Tommy’s pocket protector absorbed the blow. The two our soon pulled apart and restrained by the 90 year old lunch lady and the two kids in wheel chairs. But not before the bully Harbough brothers pull both Tommy and Timmy’s Green Lantern underwear bands over their ears. “I’ll see you after my piano lesson” yells Timmy at Tommy. Tommy simply tells him to “shut up”.

    Ali / Frasier – Hagler / Hearns- Crean / Miles.

  20. Ali/Frazier…Frazier with a ‘z.’

    I actually think Miles vs. Crean would look something like this….

  21. oops….Noticed “Hillbillies” was lacking an ‘l’ in my screen name…Just wanted to reset it.

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