Vonleh scores 12 points in D-League debut for Ft. Wayne #iubb

The Charlotte Hornets officially assigned Noah Vonleh to Ft. Wayne of the NBA Development League on Sunday, and the former Indiana star came off the bench to score 12 points in 16 minutes in a 106-93 loss to Austin.

Vonleh, the No. 9 overall pick in the 2014 NBA Draft, had appeared in only four games for the Hornets this season. He logged 32 minutes in the NBA, most recently scoring two points and grabbing three rebounds in Friday’s loss at Oklahoma City. Before that, Vonleh had made only one appearance since Nov. 17.

“We believe Noah would benefit greatly from additional game experience,” Hornets general manager Rich Cho said in a statement. “He will be able to get that playing time through this D-League assignment.”

Vonleh shot 5-of-7 from the field with two 3-pointers in Sunday’s game, while adding three rebounds, two blocks and a steal.

Hornets coach Steve Clifford told the Charlotte Observer on Saturday that the time Vonleh missed in September while recovering from sports hernia surgery has held him back from earning regular minutes.

“It’s the speed of the game: to play consistent, regular minutes you have to have a comfort level with how the NBA game is played,” Clifford said. “Unfortunately once the season starts you only have certain stretches of the year where you can practice a lot.”


  1. How you can be drafted at #9 and end up this quickly in D-League is a glaring example of some real lack of credibility in the entire evaluation/projection/draft process….Zeller could have also been easily D-Leagued….It would have been just too much of an embarrassment to Jordan.

    I find it amazing how millions can be thrown around for such wasted picks…..

  2. Alford (Bryce) lost this game for his father who would have otherwise reached 500 wins.

    Now they will win at Colorado on Jan 2nd and all will be forgotten. Hamilton and Looney are good!

  3. Well, it’s not the first time a lottery pick has spent time in the D League… The biggest issue is that he’s been dealing with a sports hernia. And I can tell you from very recent experience that those are difficult to rehab and make it almost impossible to make any athletic movements. I’m sure he is waaaaay behind the 8 ball.

  4. Geoff-

    Perfectly understand….Noah probably just needs time to get healthy and catch up to the game.

    For some, this D-League stuff is a product of injury…McGary looked really strong in a D-League game recently(put up 26 points and was very active)…He has been recovering from a broken foot that occurred just as the NBA season was about to begin…He’s also dealt with back surgery that sidelined him for the latter weeks of his final college stretch….

    But it’s my understanding the OK has called him back up and he’s enjoying spending time just being Mitch during the holidays…Is this not a great and wonderfully down to earth young man?

  5. Bob and Pat, For all the UCLA fans who are not in Steve’s corner , get used to it. Steve has a buyout clause that makes it almost certain that he’s not going anywhere for a very long time. Sound familiar ?

  6. The Mitch story, may have to change my mind about him. Good move on his part.

    Mixing threads here. I (and possibly only me) would have no interest in Alford coaching IU. See no upside for IU basketball. Personally, I like Mike Davis.

  7. 2.5 million to develop in the D – league or he could of done it at IU for free….what would you do?

  8. with all the “hypotheticals” ; I wonder how everyone feels about Jim Crews? Can he be gotten from St Louis?

  9. TJinTexas…I like Crews, a lot. Of course, what I like a lot about him is what a bunch of others will wail about, he’s a solid disciple of the Robert Montgomery Knight Martial Arts School. And, like Knight, he’s also very intelligent (you can’t be dumb and a good basketball coach…strategy is way too important an issue). I’d love to see us take a good look at Jim if it ever comes to that. Or, if it comes too that, pay Knight a hefty, hefty fee commissioning him to identify, interview and select our next basketball coach.

    Having said that, I believe we have to let Crean do his thing and be a lot quieter for now. A handful here are qualified to evaluate the IU job. It’s probably the toughest job in the country because of the men who occupied it. We need to make sure the IU AD and the President themselves are up to the task of identifying the 2-3 people who understand the job so they can do the selecting. That’s why I think Knight needs to be the lead consultant on it.

  10. Nothing wrong with the D-leagues. Basketball has finally awakened (remember the days when high school babies who couldn’t figure out which side of the j-strap pointed forward were being signed) and use the D’s as their version of baseball’s minors, including to gradually bring back players from injury…they’re made for a player like Noah. The only other option is to have him sit on a bench for the next three years and give him 32 minutes total time. Smart, smart, smart…a way to take care that you didn’t throw away 2.5 million. It also gives a kid (literally) a chance.

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