Crean expects Mosquera-Perea to return in mid-February

Appearing Friday on the Jim Rome Show, Indiana coach Tom Crean said forward Hanner Mosquera-Perea is expected to return to action in mid-February.

“We’re gonna get healthy with Hanner Perea probably in the middle of the month somewhere, which will help us around the basket and bringing that presence that we have to have on the defensive end and the offensive end,” Crean said.

Mosquera-Perea suffered a knee injury in practice on Jan. 12. He started each of No. 23 Indiana’s 16 games up to that point, averaging 7.4 points and 5.0 rebounds.

The junior was not on the bench for Thursday’s win over No. 13 Maryland. An Indiana spokesman said Mosquera-Perea was watching the game on television in the locker room to gain a different perspective.

UPDATE: Saturday, 1:40 p.m.

Followed up with Crean during his Saturday availability about Perea staying in the locker room. His response:

“I think he gains the perspective of seeing it on film and things of that nature, seeing the game from that vantage point,” Crean said. “I don’t think there’s anything wrong with that. We may do it again.”

Asked if Perea is charting or doing any kind of active learning, Crean said:

“We did that earlier with the guys when they weren’t playing, but it’s just a different vantage point. The bottom line is that you continue to work really hard on what you can control, so you gotta control your rehab and you gotta control your strength training and stuff like that, well let’s see if there’s another way to learn something. That’s really what it does. Those are decisions that I make and I’ll continue to make them.”


  1. Yeah, that sounds bizarre…Really? Really? Reeeeeeeeeaaaaalllllllllly? We are supposed to buy that hunk of garbage? You were supposed to buy that hunk of garbage? Did you press for further explanation? What coach or program could get away with such a vague answer concerning a kid removed from the bench a highly promoted and anticipated contest? What kid would not be completely pissed to not be on the bench cheering on his teammates in the great atmosphere of Assembly Hall as the team fights for a share of first place? I sure hope you gave the mysterious “spokesperson” the big Dopirak smirk. Maybe his uniform was lost at the dry cleaners? Maybe he has a big pimple on his chin and he was self-conscious that the cameras could roll in for a closeup…? Maybe he was passed out…..from lack of sleep due to 10 straight hours of crashing for an early semester quiz in SOC 302: Sociological Implications of an ESPN World without Men Named Seth …?
    What a lousy thing to do to the young man…..What is even lousier is that I never noticed he wasn’t on the bench….I hope that’s not indicative of anything other than my own tuning out of the camera shots in timeouts, etc.. They often go quickly to commercials and you don’t get those shots from the camera that truly make games more enjoyable….But for his coach and teammates to not value his presence on the bench because he requires new perspectives from the locker room?: Cold…Was he alone? Did he have the remote and the opportunity to switch over to Fixer Upper on HGTV? Maybe he could have gained some perspective on yoga pants and flipping homes…….?

    All I know is I don’t know how you can be in your profession and settle for that answer….Weak sauce. It confirms why I’m more than confident Crean is the most walled in coach in the history of college basketball…Obviously, the most feared….And to think people and journalists actually pretended to fear Bobby Knight… Why is Tom Crean so feared? Or maybe it’s not fear..? Maybe it’s just members of the same congregation of protected arrogance sold on a plate of stupid to braindead fans.

  2. Walled in…Wallow. There you go, coachv. There’s your answer from Hoosier Nation.

  3. I am assuming that this was a coaching decision rather than a Hanner Perea choice but either way places it in the bizarre category as suggested by someone else. I suppose there could be a logical side of this “stay in the locker room” and we don’t know the whole story, but it would seem Mr. Miller could have asked a few more questions. Was this some sort of punishment, or, some type of strange motivational step? I can’t imagine what he could learn listening to those two announcers instead of watching game film later with a coach.

    Mine is not to reason why ……………………………………

  4. BS update…No coach would put a kid in a locker room for such a big game and claim it was to gain TV perspective. Guy-Marc Michel sat on the bench for an entire season…Jobe never went to the locker room…Creek was always on the bench while injured…Etherington..Elston…Suddenly we have a kid that needs perspective. If there is one ounce of seriousness to such claims, he’s a bigger farce than many instinctively knew from the date he blabbered his decimation speeches… You guys need to work harder at smirking this man in the same fashion your predecessor….His answer is a joke and you should feel severely insulted by his arrogance mocking your spine and intelligence..

  5. Locker room fight? Dissension in the ranks? Give us a straight answer, CharlaTom….Your tongue is too used to slapping about with the fellow clowns in the church basements…

    Somebody started a conversation on the blog today concerning the fixing of a toilet opening….How fitting to be talking of greasy flanges and hearing this latest from the master plumber pumping his BS so hard that no bolts into the most wood-brained of fan, or secured by concrete journalism, could withstand the weight of his words…

  6. Why must we know the reason he sat in the locker room? If it’s a disciplinary act from CTC then just leave it alone. Why must everything be a conspiracy? Not everything is based on religion. Remy would be sitting the bench like Robinson is if he were still here. Mitch was a flash in the pan…….and so on!

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