Crean sends message to Mosquera-Perea #iubb

EAST LANSING, Mich. — When his team reconvenes in Bloomington today, Indiana coach Tom Crean will be sending a message to Hanner Mosquera-Perea.

Or maybe that message was already delivered.

Crean did not waste time making excuses after Monday’s 70-50 loss to Michigan State at the Breslin Center, warning Mosquera-Perea that his current role could be in jeopardy after the junior fell into early foul trouble, scored zero points and grabbed only one rebound.

“I am just bewildered at the lack of purpose that we played with, with the cutting and the screening compared to the way we have been playing and compared to the way we have practiced,” Crean said. “I am not going to put that on youth either because we just didn’t do it. You know Hanner Perea was certainly not ready to play tonight and now he will be in for a dogfight at that position because Emmitt Holt was. He didn’t play well but he was a little more ready to play.”

Mosquera-Perea picked up his second foul only 1:24 into the game before heading to the bench and logging a mere total of six first-half minutes. He returned briefly in the second half, but did not play the final 13:49 of the game.

The 6-foot-9 forward virtually disappeared after his two early fouls, looking radically different and far removed from the version of himself that has steadily emerged since the Louisville game on Dec. 9.

Mosquera-Perea was coming off his first career double-double of 12 points and 10 rebounds last week and Nebraska, and had been averaging 9.2 points and seven rebounds over the six games dating back to the 94-74 loss to the Cardinals.

“He’s a work in progress. I guess I gotta start going with that line because that’s really what he is,” Crean said. “That’s why I don’t walk into our press conference before games and after games raving about the latest thing Hanner did because it’s still a new deal. For two years, he didn’t work very hard here. At all. He’s worked a lot harder.

“He’s gotta have that commitment level time and time again. He’s been pretty consistent for us all spring, summer and fall and going into the winter. I have to believe that he will. But there will be some guys champing at the bit to grab that spot (Tuesday).”


  1. Yep, Crean is making it clear that Hanner is in his dog house. When you make those comments in the press, you’re reinforcing the points you made to the player in person. Bob Knight used this tactic frequently, especially on his upperclassmen. In fact, if you sat within 20 rows behind IU’s bench, you could hear Knight giving players that “constructive criticism” during time-outs. Thousands of fans seated behind IU’s bench knew exactly how Knight felt about a player’s effort long before any press conference was held. The first time I experienced that, I was amazed at the ferocity Knight displayed and at the profanity involved. I remember thinking, ‘no children should be allowed to sit in this section of the stadium.’ I had a very tough in-your-face football coach in High School, but he was nothing compared to Knight when he Knight was angry.

  2. Crean is the guy in the doghouse…His mounting frustrations are the symptom of writing appearing on the inevitable wall…Crean’s window is closing on that same wall. This is big business and Crean just can’t afford many more of these absolute no-show games from his teams. Seth Davis said it best.)paraphrasing a bit)…”They call a timeout to stop the bleeding and they come out with that? Why call the timeout?”

    None of that is the fault of Hanner Perea.. Unless you’re a Hoosier fan using a walking stick, no words after a total embarrassment should deceive the eyes…MSU outplayed our Hoosiers in every facet….Tom Crean is no Digger Phelps….but he probably felt like Digger in a game against Knight early in his career….Crean’s is too old with too much charisma and savvy to experience this sorta bitch-slapping….

    Positive…? At least we’re becoming so second fiddle to the Big East and the big players of the Big 10 that this one was on the lowly Big 10 Network and not ESPN….

    And let’s be clear about Knight’s “doghouse.”: Knight’s teams could win by 30 and he’d still be riding a kid and teaching and coaching and using profanity….He didn’t make one kid the day after example when the entire team was on a funk.. The entire team not showing up is on the head coach…They should all be in the doghouse and we don’t need to be reminded or shown what that means…Let it show on the court for more than one bounce-back game…..We have eyes…We can see when our team is not prepared…We’ve seen the Jekyll/Hyde Hoosiers more than enough times with this coach….Accountability begins with the coach. Suddenly, Hanner, our only legit player with commanding size, is the goat…If our players didn’t think Crean was a pushover, they’d never had the off-court issues that sidelined one of our inside players(a very up-and-coming Devin Davis)for the season….They knew he was a pushover with the lenience given to curfew violations the night before a game(a game taken no more seriously than the implication made with a supsension handed out for said joke of a cupcake game), DWI, underage drinking, fake ID”S and arrests outside of bars,

    Crean puts on the drama act when we were getting our butts spanked….There was enough terrible playing to go around…He hands out the most disgust where he can most afford it. Sure can’t give any “doghouse” treatment to Luke Fischer….No more holding back that bone…No more teaching moments there.

  3. I wonder if Crean realizes Hanner is a power forward? He isn’t a center. Just like every team under Crean we have an athletic power forward playing center. I don’t understand how a coach can expect a player to play up to his potential when he plays out of position? Think how much better the 12-13 team and the 13-14 teams would of been had Vonleh and Zeller played power forward with a true Center. Think how much better this team would be with a true center. What does this coach have against the center position?

    Hanner probably did have a work ethic issue, but isn’t it up to Crean to correct that? Hanner should of seen more minutes in bunny games the last two years. The only reason he plays this year is because creans last minute scramble to find a quality big came up short. I do like Holt. He is a basketball player….but he’s not a center either. Is it Hanner fault that he didn’t take it upon himself to become a better basketball player? Does Creans system only depend on 18-22 year old kids doing everything thing themselves?

  4. It seems to me that Blackmon should be in the same dog house as Perea. This kid absolutely plays no defense. All he does is stand and watch the ball. Perhaps a seat a couple of rows up would be better for him to see whats happening.
    Harvard is right,, it is Crean who should find a spot in the dog house. It is his highly paid job to get these kids ready to play and have there heads in the game but it seems more times than not, he has failed at this.
    It’s sad really, how far our program has declined and even worse, how we have excepted a team that is mediocre at best. We are praying just to get into the tournament. It used to be unacceptible not to make it but now we just settle for an average tier two team. Very sad indeed.

  5. Too bad all of you critics don’t show the same disdain for our perennially under-achieving football program and head coach. How many times did Saint Knight win at the Breslin Center? And how often did he call out certain players for what he perceived was a poor performance? Why not just come out with it and state – no matter what happens – you critics just can’t stand Crean? Never mind that Hanner is a stiff, ignore the fact that Williams was MIA last night, that our prize freshman guard can’t hit the broad side of a barn. No, somehow this is all on Crean, even though winning at East Lansing has been all but impossible, no matter who the coach was, and no matter who was on the roster since Izzo took charge. This was one loss, one game people. Why can’t we let the season play out before we light the funeral pyre?

  6. ^ There we go again with football and misinformation. 😕

    Mike Davis (former Indiana coach) beat MSU at Breslin with Texas Southern three weeks ago.

    Mike Davis. Texas Southern. At Breslin Center. Three weeks ago. Got it dude?

    Also — leave football alone Chazzie. We’re talking high-performance Indiana sports here.

  7. I was reading these posts sort of absent-mindedly until I got to one that I thought, ‘wow! this is really well thought out and written. Crean would do well to read it and so some self-evaluating because this (the post) is absolutely right. And, I found myself rolling it back to see the writer and ….Lord, Harvard, amongst many good (I’ve always said you had a ‘feel’ for basketball), this was your absolute best analysis of a game and probably the best ‘calling to task for bad coaching I’ve read following the shameful performance last night. Wow, good, really outstanding stuff. And, I’ll leave it there…because when I listened to Ray Charles I made a point of listening to nothing else that night.

    Ben M…both of your points were very good and well taken. I agree.

  8. Here’s what Izzo had to say about their loss at home (the Breslin center) to Mike Davis’ Texas Southern:

    EAST LANSING — Michigan State coach Tom Izzo took to the postgame press conference podium and assumed full blame for his team’s stunning 71-64 home loss to Texas Southern on Saturday.

    “That loss falls strictly on me,” Izzo said. “My job is to get a team ready to play.

    When was the last time you heard Crean take full responsibility for a loss?

    MSU was up 50-20 eight minutes into the second half for God’s sake.

    Wasn’t Crean’s job to get the team ready to play? And did he?

  9. Ben,,,, i can answer your Q pretty easily. TC prefers his post players to be able to run with the wings on transition offense. That is a big part of the Crean offense. Most real centers would not run to that standard. Remember how successful CZ was when flying down the court leading many times the fast break. Much the same way he never has 2 bigs in at the same time, as he wants good floor spacing for all ball handlers so any of them can create a drive to the bucket and/or flip the ball to the open perimeter shooter. He likes lllooonnnggg PF’s, SF’s and SG’s for versatility and not wide bodies clogging up the post. Much like Jay Wright does at Villanova and some semblance to Izzo’s Spartans having no true center many seasons. That was longer winded than I planned.

  10. I guess you don’t remember the time early in Knights career that Kelly Tripuka, Orlando Woolridge, Bill Laimbeer kicked our ass with when we had virtually the same team that hung the banner in 1980.

    You guys are unhinged sometimes. 1 loss does not a season make. And I guess you didn’t see coach flipping out when the play he called wasn’t run out of that time out. He chewed out Yogi, JBJ and Troy and it was the first time I was able to see the “f” word uttered from his usually pretty buttoned down mouth. Izzo’s team almost always lose stupid games in pre-season and hit the BIG super strong. This isn’t his best team ever, and our team obviously is missing a real big – and you can’t blame Coach for the NBA scouts thinking Noah was ready for the NBA and you can’t blame Coach for Mr. Fisher’s ill-advised transfer part way through his freshman year. And on the “punishment” side of things – do you think Coach can recruit top players with a reputation for NEVER letting them have any sort of a life? Do you think Coach should put ankle bracelets on his players? I think this team can be pretty good by the tournament, but if you think that a team starting 2 freshmen, and with 3 more in regular rotation won’t have setbacks then you will also have a difficult time with all of reality. Clearly this game wasn’t our finest hour, but to suppose that Tom Crean likes losing and that he also coached his team to not set screens, to not show up on help if not to over help and coached them to miss most of their shots, contested or not, is the pinnacle of silliness and yet another indication of how short Hoosier Nation’s collective memories are.

    I shouldn’t comment here – I shouldn’t read these comments. I do. Gotta stop.

  11. Dear OldIUGymnast,
    1980 banner? We actually did that in 1981 to be accurate & “virtually the same team” was without a guy named Isiah Thomas and Landon Turner. And I may be mistaken, but I think Ray Tolbert had graduated as well, but I’d need to research that to be sure.

    The facts are these are Crean’s recruits and what is left of them. He is responsible for both sides of that. He recruits kids who leave, for whatever the reason, and he is the coach of those leftover. So if they are not executing, or even listening, whose fault is it???

  12. The solution to overcoming perennial mediocrity we’re mired in rests in recruiting good fundamentally sound student basketball players that can improve over a 3 – 4 yr. period and play their hearts out in practice and each game. You know the type, hard nosed kids who know what “Indiana” means on their chest and candy stripes on their pants. And a coach who can form them into a well-oiled, ever-improving team.

    Is there any of us who does not want the above???

    It is what Indiana basketball really is, or was, and it is still effective. It is called Wisconsin and Michigan State. The Big Ten is not won with underclassmen, never has been. It still takes effort, experience and execution from hardened upperclassmen.

    What we have now is largely a collection of clones; athletes who can fly up, down and all around. That said, in 2017 we’ll have Hartman, Davis (God-willing), Johnson, Hoetzel and maybe Holt & even Perea coming off the bench. Add a couple of shooting guards & some bulk, brawn, and size and we might have something. We just need Jrs. and Srs. who fit the mold year after year.

    Is there any of us who think this Calipari – UK thing is sustainable? Let’s build something with staying power for a change!

  13. Harvard well written analysis…should be in every newspaper in Bloomington ;even in Indy. IF Crean isn’t happy with Hanner’s work ethic…he should have noticed the lackadaisical attitude when he was a freshman. Problem is that Crean could only see Cody. I would not be surprised IF Blackmon transfers out (maybe to UK) he plays like an unhappy ballplayer. I have no clue what they are trying to achieve with Stan ( I don’t think Crean has a clue) If Crean isn’t happy with HMP then what is he doing to develop April??? Crean is IU’s worst enemy because all he can do is develop 1 player at a time and the results of his lack of leadership and coaching manifested itself at MSU

  14. I loved seeing Crean chew out a player – FINALLY! Also loved hearing Crean take the team and individual players to task – FINALLY some accountability! Now that doesn’t absolve Crean from a horrid effort on Monday, but at least he is starting to act like a coach I could stand behind… Too bad he can’t gameplan his way out of a paperbag…

  15. AWinZ – I enjoyed your comments… However, I don’t think we’ll have Hanner in ’17. unless you know something we don’t.

  16. Harvard is right . I think Crean’s frustrations are with himself as he realizes what his team looks like at this point in the season. To put the blame on Hanner is ridiculous. Hanner may be athletic, but he has very limited basketball skills. Crean has put Hanner in the position of being a dominant inside player, and he simply isn’t. Hanner would have trouble seeing any significant minutes for any other quality team. It will be interesting to see if Bryant picks IU over Syracuse, because if he does not, I do not see any of the other top power forwards/centers having IU as one of their top choices according to 247 Recruiting. So how does this situation get better? If IU could just recruit their top Indiana high school players, they would be a top 10 team every year. Who is the coach that can do it? Is it Tom Crean?

  17. Lots of great posts! CTC is clueless when it comes to game plan or management . I have to admit it’s been along time since we have looked that bad as a team . Perra has been a bust since day one, he doesn’t grasp the concept of the game and he is a power forward not a center ! CTC is a good person whom can’t coach or accept responsibility for his own mistakes . That’s why he tries to recruit 5 star players that require less coaching in most cases to mask his short comings. It’s not working ! You are not going to fool the Hoosier Nation ! His mind over matter is a joke . That’s why he won’t read blogs or e mails he knows but doesn’t want to see it in print. In HPM’S defense he has not gotten the p t to improve or experience game situations. CTC did the same thing to Davis until last year when he had to play him and guess what he could play. This year it’s Holt who is a better fit right now and he understands the game . Troy and Stan are turnover machines and play zero defense . HPM is even worse on defense and can’t shoot a lick . If we don’t get Bryant we are dead in the water for a true center. April, Priller , and Hoietzel will on the next bus out of Bloomington along with Stan because of off court issues and lack of improvement. CTC has over signed again and needs scholarships. Blackmon will be fine, hoping for 2 years. Johnson is the real deal . April,,Hoeitzel ,and Priller were panic recruits .When you don’t play these kids against the cupcakes with a 20 point lead that says it all. If we do not make the tournament CTC is gone , and no Brad Stevens is not coming to Indiana ! We have never been able to win at MSU but that’s no excuse for getting blown out by a average MSU team. They don’t have a true center ! CTC did not retain much from Tom Izzo a great coach when he was there . We were out coached and out hustled and the panic of the coach went through the whole team. No leadership ,on the bench or the floor. CTC better hire a good bench coach and quick or he will be on that out of town bus as well . It will cost I. U. a big buy out but these results are killing the program. Recruits will not come here. We have not had a out of bounds play since CTC has been here ! I am not saying we have to win every game by any means ! I just want to compete ! OUT !

  18. “Recruits will not come here.” Dumbest comment posted in the scoop in weeks! The problem is not Crean’s ability to recruit.

  19. oldiugym guy. the point isn’t we are up in arms after one game. the point is we are sick of being a non-relevant program when we were used to so much more. hoping to make the tournament is just not good enough.

    have you been paying attention since the temple game of zeller’s last year in the tournament (and even a few games earlier than that)? creans teams just seem like deer in headlights or something sometimes. im not sure if they are overcoached, undercoached or what but there seems to be a coaching flaw somewhere in their preparation. I think crean is a good guy and I wish him the best either here or somewhere else. this isn’t about hating on crean, its about our love affair with this program and not wanting to have our hearts broken year after year and trying to figure out how to get back to where we belong.

  20. Would Butler hire Tom Crean?

    Where does Tom Crean currently look like a hot commodity? NBA assistant?

    If Tom Crean loves recruiting East, where is the team that will hire him out East? Wouldn’t it cut down travel expenses for everyone involved? I fully understand that in the process of cutting down travel expenses we’ll miss all those cutting down net ceremonies, but if “gold” is East, I say “Go East, young man! Go East!.” You slather praise on MSG…? Why not set up shop near MSG!? You can take weekend fieldtrips with your phenoms that are “going to play at the next level.” If it’s all about the next level, how about giving us a chance to hire a coach that can do something at our inferior level of the game(Note to those slow to catch on to sarcasm: That was sarcasm). Unless Crean enjoys cheap Chinese takeout, I don’t know where “Because it’s MSG” fits into Hoosier traditions and fully recognizing Indiana as the central hub for what’s centrally important in the world of intercollegiate athletics before it’s corrupted by NBA CEO’s that turn the game into meat markets and numbers stamped on foreheads for solely their “athletic” worth and the mental longevity that can one day score more points than MJ with hotel maid and a walker).

    Lastly, to Mr. Crean directly….You have shown no public resistance to Indiana playing second fiddle to the Big East(forced to play a conference tournament the week before selection Sunday consequently taking Indiana and all other Midwest teams out of the limelight of the media attention leading up to Sunday games on Selection Sunday). You are not about “because”: it’s Indiana…You’re about everything you desire outside Indiana…You want the NBA for a mistress to inflate your coaching resume…You want to take a precise and early approach to recruiting the East, while cherry-picking the Indiana kids after other Midwest coaches have long ago beaten you to the punch for the 90% of the top talent simply within our own borders)…You had one exception when you blind Cody Zeller with the power of Twitter Bible sermons…Why should Indiana be the exception and not the rule? Why do you say that you love everything about Indiana(including the traditions of staying young and unselfish at the game wholly within the meaning found in those banners) but your actions speak otherwise? Why must we, Indiana, feel like the mistress in disguise and not where your true heart and love resides?

    For old Harvard….This isn’t just about shoving personal faith doctrines down my throat…This is far more…It’s not just about getting a ‘C+” on a coaching competency quiz rather than the 19 F’s Crean has already accumulated to his ever-increasing record of bombed nationally reviewed for his teams ill-prepared in final exam games on ESPN,,, This is simply a question of why? What did we do to Tom Izzo..What did we do to the East Establishment? What did we do to Marquette? What did we do to your belief system? Did we harm you in some way that you wanted to bring everything contrary to what Indiana has fought to keep in a humble game and turn it into a phrase or two? I really don’t care if you coach your ass off….I don’t care if you put five Hoosiers in the NBA in three years…I care about kids loving the game more than the riches in the mirror…or in your mirror. I care about Indiana’s legendary love for the game beyond your phrases that simply aren’t worthy of what those old dusty banners were in their heyday and can still transcend with honest belief and steadfast integrity.

  21. oops…

    ……19 F’s Crean has already accumulated to his ever-increasing record of bombed nationally reviewed teams ill-prepared in final exam games on ESPN,

  22. Tsao-

    Sorry it took me so long to respond you your favorable review and kind words….I do appreciate the honor in such compliments from a seasoned veteran…I am no Ray Charles in any respect or comparison….There are certain gifts and beauty found in timeless souls that keep faith alive in my heart….Ray Charles is not of only mortal DNA…..He is of the places our eyes and our labs we construct to map out every unique strand of man obliterated its attempts to hide under the evolutionary covers of time, shall never see. …

    Thanks to seneca and TJ too!

    Here’s Ray with a tear-dropper….It’s good!!!!!

  23. See what I did with those 19 F’s….? It’s a song… Maybe just a small smile upon a Ray Charles tear and big grin upon Ray Meyer’s chin…?

    Ray Meyer….? How in the hell did that name pop into my head? Now that was a coach. Integrity. No witch hunts with Ray Meyer…What a fine man…Loved his teams…Loved his son. Loved DePaul. It’s what we should want for Indiana.

    Long live Terry Cummings!!!

  24. AZ – Good point. But I think we lost to the Irish when Isaiah was a freshman. I am old. I can’t remember. I just was pointing out that we were not always better than ND when Coach Knight was “early” in his career. On your other comments – I think you need to look around the NCAA and see how completely routine it is for teams to lose 2-5 players each and every off-season to transfer or NBA among the top teams. I don’t know what Fisher’s deal was – but the word on the street is he is an odd kid and was actually pining a way for his mommy and girlfriend. Maybe not – but I am not sure how Crean is at fault for an adolescent making a rash decision over xmas break. I am not sure how Crean is at fault for the NBA courting an not-ready-for-prime-time Vonleh and giving him gajillions of dollars to lure him away (and he knew well he would get the $$$ if he jumped). I don’t think that is fair.

    And if you have ever coached young men that age as I have, you will know that there are all sorts of times kids get bull-headed, lazy, stupid, horney – whatever – in a way that impacts their performance. And it should be noted, there were two teams out there. One of them was playing out of their shoes and it wasn’t IU. Any, and I mean any, team can lose and lose big when that happens.

  25. Got my degree at IU in the 1950’s and have entered my 8th decade so my thoughts may be outdated with the many other comments here but my love of IU is not. One game does not matter oldiugymnast, but a bunch of them in a coaches 7th year do matter. His teams’ play is as frantic as Mr. Crean’s sideline demeanor and as his recruiting concepts of over signing. As has has been pointed out earlier by someone there are two players on this team now that are not going to be here next year whether they know it or not. Coach Crean tells us a player has not worked hard for two years and yet he has started every game this year(and I am not beating on young Hanner for while I just don’t think he has the instincts to play at this level I would like to be proven wrong). I don’t get upset about a player not doing well or selfish play in a given game but rather his being allowed to continue to play. I get upset when we score 8 straight points and show some cohesive play for the first time in a game and three new player come in to replace three who were part of the 8 straight points. I use to throw something at the TV when these things happen but I can’t hit it anymore which only depresses me even further.

    But what is the most disappointing to me is what so many of the previous comments are really expressing better than me and that is the likelihood that Mr. Crean will never re-establish IU as one of the top contenders year in and year out. And that begs the question of how many wins a season will be what the administration determine is a satisfactory level as Mr. Crean is certainly not incompetent and will likely continue to have winning seasons by recruiting enough decent players. But I can’t convince myself he will take us much further and that is the real hurt.

    And maybe Mr. Harvard is right about his real goal.

  26. Does Creans system only depend on 18-22 year old kids doing everything [by] themselves?

    You’ve put the finger right on the wound, Mr — and it hurts badly. Mr. Entropy is full of shibboleths and that’s the extent of his basketball acumen. Players must improve by themselves or else. When they do he takes them out in weird rotations during the game because he doesn’t understand what the heck he’s doing. Emmit Holt can’t play because the game is too fast for him. ?! Oh, wait, HMP is actually now the sole reason this team is under performing and Holt is now ready to play. Yo, what gives? I remember the days when Knight would bench all his starters and score 12 (twelve) in one half at Illinois playing only freshmen (plus Blab) just to teach players a lesson. Read it here, if you didn’t live it, as written by Mark Heisler (exactly 30 years today next month). But Crean is afraid to punish his druggies and his underage drinkers. Yeah, yeah — we know — it’s all Sampson’s fault!

  27. My only comment(or thought) is how many of these sentiments/comments are finding their way to the radio waves or newspapers. Until that happens CTC will continue to live in his delusional castle. Fred Glass will be his “Squire Rodney” whispering to the “Wizard of Id” Crean…..the fans are revolting!!! At which the Wizard of Id will replay: “They most certainly are”

  28. Hanner is the only big man they have – there is no leverage or he would play Jerry April or Tommy Priller.
    He has to want to play. The bench is so thin. Holt is a future Role player as a small power forward. Anyone see Mr. Luke Fisher other day vs Georgetown? We seem to chase a bunch of good players away with our mid major small ball TC loves. Think we need to recruit good players coach them and play them.

  29. It was the 81-82 Hoosier that got pounded by ND 69-55. The teams only played two other times in the five years prior and they were decided by a just a few points. While not a great Hoosier team there was certainly plenty of talent, including several future NBA players.

    They were eliminated from the Big Dance by UAB in the second round.

  30. If our players didn’t think Crean was a pushover, they’d never had the off-court issues that sidelined one of our inside players (a very up-and-coming Devin Davis) for the season….They knew he was a pushover with the lenience given to curfew violations […] (a suspension handed out for said joke of a cupcake game)

    Meanwhile, from the link above:

    [Knight k]icks Giomi off the team for failing to meet Knight’s eligibility requirements, although Giomi has met the NCAA’s.

    The difference between Knight and Crean is like the difference between day and night.

    In 2003 Knight returned a year’s worth of salary to Texas Tech because he “didn’t do a very good job coaching“. (“I’m just not at all satisfied with what transpired with our team in terms of our fundamental execution. I don’t think it’s anybody’s fault but mine,” Knight told The Dallas Morning News for Tuesday’s editions. “He has standards,” men’s basketball spokesman Randy Farley said Monday. “He just didn’t meet his [own] standards, and so he said, ‘I don’t think I should be paid for that.’ “) And it would have been so easy to blame it on the players instead (à la crème!).

  31. Sorry Chet I think Harvard actually refers to this:

    “It proved a perfect storm for an Indiana celebration. Indiana won 94-29, still the fewest points Notre Dame has scored in a game since 1942 and the only time in history a Notre Dame team has had as many turnovers as points. Indiana forward John Ritter outscored the entire Notre Dame team (31-29).”

    See the link for more details: “Phelps always scheduled the best and he played eight games against top-20 teams, including five against top-10 clubs, that first year. One of those games was against first-year Indiana coach Bob Knight, whose Hoosier team was ranked 10th in the nation by UPI. The Dec. 18, 1971 game also marked the dedication of Assembly Hall.”

  32. Harvard:

    I…like many others….share your point view. I would be interested in knowing who would be your top 3 choices for the next hoosier coach.

  33. “….lost to the Irish when Isaiah was a freshman”

    Tsao- Did you catch it? I-S-I-A-H…..Isiah Thomas…

    Oh, and my early in his career statement was intended to reference Digger’s early career(possibly his first or second year) at ND)…And if memory serves correct(I think I researched this long ago) the IU team that put a shellacking on ND in South Bend.did have John Ritter on the squad…I think Ritter had a career night and the final score was something like 93-35 Hoosiers(I may be exaggerating slightly but it was quite the spanking)….Digger never forgot about it and it was often the topic of discussion when Knight and Digger would appear together as commentators on pregames to March Madness, etc….

    My main point is that all young coaches experience those sorta beat downs from legendary coaches or early mentors…Crean’s mentor is Izzo…But Crean is no longer a novice wet behind the ears….It’s gotta be brutal on the confidence to have old mentors hand out embarrassments like the game on Monday night. The Syracuse Sweet 16 game had to brutal as well…Old certainly doesn’t appear to be X’s and O’s mold when it encounters the genius of Tom Crean(or the unmatched ability to recruit)….I thought the old beef on Knight was that the game had passed his methods by….? He was old…He was stagnant…Why aren’t guys like Izzo and Blenheim stagnant when they encounter the renaissance methods of athleticism and pace the realm of our new genius? Knight’s teams were nothing approaching the stagnancy I’ve seen in seven years of Crean’s weaves…..and dribble offense… And Knight’s teams wouldn’t be embarrassed in a track meet…Ask UNLV if Knight’s team could run with the best of them….Adapt…Teams under Crean can’t even give his own style an identity ..To adapt would be asking for a moon made out of cheese…..

    Crean always blames our issues on youth….? The issue with youth is correct…Our coach never left youth…He’s not evolved from the early days siting next to Tom Izzo….He’s slapped around like a rag doll on national TV against old wizards that now how to adapt to the competition….There’s a point where the student could prove some evolution and not feel like a young Digger against a Knight that was already being recognized as the mentor of many future coaches(Coach K, for example..including dozens upon dozens of others)….

  34. Rico put in the correct game while I was assembling my post…Thanks Rico…That’s the one…And my memory was correct…It was John Ritter…Same Ritter that was with Downing on Knight’s first surprise run to a Final Four….(where the Hoosiers were screwed over by refs paid to put Walton and UCLA into the championship).

    Steve Downing…He could play post and run with the best of them…He schooled Walton on turnaround jumpers and his confident kisses off the glass…

    My next coach…Hell, why not Steve Downing? But I don’t want a next coach…I want this team to be coached and to prove that Tom Crean is not the fraud their no-show games paint upon the perceptions of peers….and old mentors…and national TV audiences…and bitter blowhard like Dakich, etc..etc..etc. Don’t these kids like Tom Crean? Start playing the damn game with a sense of unity that honors your coach rather than makes him look like a pushover without a clue.

  35. Seems like the entire fan base – or at least a big chunk of it – has a severe case of manic depression or some other bipolar disorder. We win a game we shouldn’t and we are bound for the final four! Beat Nebraska and Breslin Center suddenly is not likely to snakebite the Hoosiers! Lose to a good team – the sky is falling. Kid makes a very normal kid mistake – mistakes that I have seen former Hoosier ball players make with my own two eyes – and the coach is suddenly an immoral person who doesn’t care about his players, no matter what Hulls, Olidipo, Wade, Zeller and countless others say. Am I happy MSU handed us our asses? No – obviously not. Am I surprised? No – and neither should anyone else be. We were reloading last year and lost a key player to the NBA.

    On the oversigns – It is hardly like Kentucky, Louisville, MSU, OSU and all of the other top tier teams don’t have oversigns – they all do. And have each and every year for a while. Know why? Because the NCAA of 2015 is not the NCAA of 1981 or 1987 or 2001. Players go to NBA much more frequently. They transfer more frequently. And who on this board – Harvard, I am looking at you – complained last year that we oversigned, would have been really happy now if the oversign would have been a 300lb guy with a 9ft wingspan and who was 6’10? My guess is not one of you. Sure, we wouldn’t have Tim Priller.

    I also think most people in these comments are seeing history through some awfully rose tinted glasses. Coach Knight took a great program and made it greater. For a decade or so. He also threw chairs, slammed phones, showed kids his dirty toilet paper in the locker room, choked a lazy player, utterly destroyed several good players (again – does anyone remember what happened with Luke Recker? Not defending him because I think he turned out to be a cad – but he was not treated very well, and transferred to young Steve Alford’s team). It is easy – and I am guilty as anyone – to look at the past and think “wow, those were some good times.” But the fact is that they weren’t as good as you remember and they aren’t as bad as you think they are now. Coach Knight took over a great team. Coach Crean took over a team with 1 returning player who wasn’t good. Coach Crean suffered through 4 years with limited schollys. Coach Crean got us to back to back Sweet 16s. And on the Temple game – I drove across Island of Hawaii from Hilo to Kona so I could see the game. I watched it closely. Unlike many of you, I remember Jordan Hulls getting plowed over when he was already to the ball by a big player when we were on a run – separating his shoulder and no foul was called. Do you think that might have had a little to do with the performance there after? And ‘Cuse? Seriously? I have a screenshot right here on my computer of young Cody Zeller with three hands on his arms and 3 bodies against his as he went up for a dunk. You can see hand prints all over his arms. Do you think the fact that if the refs had called 1/2 of Cuse’s obvious fouls the disparity would have been 40 fouls to 7 might have had something to do with having trouble with that zone? I know its not kosher to bring this up. Do you think that Hulls being 25% hurt a little. Just maybe? Context and perspective matter. Crean should have at least 1 more year to make a run – and with the guys he has, he will.

  36. For the East..For the Establishment…For the no-show mentality….For apologists and gymnasts….For high voices like Tom Crean’s….For those that want to live in a valley of indifference and excuses….(valley…that’s the tie-in)…I give you my final clip of this thread.

  37. I would think with all your dislikes about Crean you’d at least offer a suggestion of who you think would be a realistic legitimate solution.

  38. If you were anyway satisfied with what this team brought out against MSU, you have far more severe mental issues than manic depressive or bipolar disease(which don’t show much class as mockery for those with differing opinions)….I’d say you’d enjoy watching zombies go five-on-five….Night of the Living Dead is not my idea of a hungry team….But that’s not on the coach…We should consider it a blessing anytime a Crean team comes out of deep zombie slumber and actually appears to have more than involuntary responses to opposing flesh on the court….I consider any sign of a focused team under Crean asi a week he probably didn’t watch Joyce on the church channel reruns…(Speaking of a way to spend a night with the living dead outside of watching Hoosiers against living heartbeats from MSU)…..I lied. Hoosiers in East Lansing? I’d say “She’s not there.”..Candy stripes is not there….She’s somewhere else

  39. Ben-

    My choices would not necessarily bring instant success…..I’d look to someone young….I’d start fresh….There are probably names few of us recognize that could take Indiana into a future that honors what basketball use to mean in this state…I don’t want Stevens and I don’t want Alford…

    We deserve someone that doesn’t need to play to the old emotions….of days long ago in the rearview mirror. We need someone to fall in love with Indiana.

  40. Yikes…coachv gonna love that one…Told ya that I was no Ray Charles..

    ….[used] to mean in this state.

  41. The critics are giving far too much credit to Knight when in fact he set the stage for what was to come with his bizarre antics over the last decade of his tenure, along with his subsequent vengeful antics after he was canned. Needless to say, the blind eye demonstrated by the administration leading up to the time he was ousted did not help the school’s reputation. This high-profile mess severely damaged IU’s status as an elite program. Davis should never have been retained – even he admitted that. Sampson was a horrendous choice and added an additional layer of tarnish. Now, no one is saying that Crean is a great coach as the results speak for themselves. He has unquestionably stabilized a chaotic situation, which although we agree is not enough to satisfy the faithful, has still taken the program to a better place than it was in. We can all whine about his coaching methods and his planning, but what we saw on Monday was nonetheless a collection of talented recruits who couldn’t bring themselves to execute some very simple fundamentals. That type of near total meltdown falls on them, period. IU basketball will survive and thrive simply because of its rich history – with or without Crean at the helm – but because of all that has transpired it is going to take time. Gymnast’s perspective is spot-on. Too bad that football apologists like Devotional can’t or won’t see the bigger picture.

  42. oIUg – I have failed to see any bipolarity… I don’t remember anyone proclaiming anything about Final Fours… I don’t remember any people who are dissing Tom now saying really positive things about him after the wins. That is in your imagination. Crean has his detractors and he has some folks who have accepted mediocrity that sorta kinda defend him. He has no more ardent supporters. The tide has officially turned and the good will that Crean garnered from turning the program back in the right direction has worn away.

    College basketball is a constant reloading and rebuilding job. It can’t be an excuse anymore. He knows when he recruits a player rated as highly as Noah was that they are only going to be there a max of 2 years. You have to be prepared for those things ahead of time… And I think he was. I think he is comfortable with his roster. It fits his style. He just can’t coach.

  43. Chet-

    Knight had his issues…But he knew the game of basketball. It was his command of that knowledge that put Indiana on the map with a proven consistency that became the envy of many that would have preferred to see the greatest basketball state in the nation be reduced to a Gene Hackman film and Hickory hicks throwing a stall at superior talent….Kngiht combined talent with chalkboard…They weren’t mutually exclusive…They hated the man because of his lifting Indiana from the stereotypes guys like Walton attempt to still perpetuate upon an Alford attempting to rebuild UCLA….Knight lifted us from the Dark Ages of the cornfed dorks of hoops and it disintegrated those that want to put us on equal ground with the bait and tackle shops you so often enjoy giving reminder in your own Kentucky bloodlines….He brought thinking to the hardwood…Yes, it came without squeaky clean oil and included arrogance with profanity in many an Establishment journalist’s face that he could turn to turd dust in two sentences.

    He won with grit and knowledge and he lost with zero excuses….nor a desire to whore Indiana out simply to appease the trends of turning basketball into a form of soulless obsession for “next level” phenoms rather than a game that values a higher purpose in collective achievement and unselfish goals in a vanishing team game….

    I do respect your opinion, but I have no respect for what little thinking and calm and adjustments and adaptation…and fiery tongue…and piss and vinegar…and sarcasm…and humanness……and comfort in own skin…and ability to put the Seth Davises of the world in whiny diapers with merely the glare from an eye of superior knowledge…that Tom Crean brings to the game of basketball….For a coach that puts so much emphasis on academics, it’s quite ironic that Crean appears to have used pop-up books to get himself to the “next level.” And we allow such pacification of our passions for what reason? Because he can sling around a Bible and make us feel guilty for the pleasures of knowledge and ample supply of eff-you words..? You can have that stuffy world…I’ll take imperfect with more difficult purpose in mind.

  44. *^^oops…That was supposed to be addressed to Chaz Pizazz…(ignore the Kentucky references….upon further examination without the glasses that I need, I realized the post was not from Chet).

  45. Geoff’s last two sentences are spot-on more than any other “spot-on” past, present, or future on this thread… in ‘X’ marks the spot….as in ex-coach will find happiness at Lipscomb developing photos of wing spans in locker room darkrooms….while praying that Sage Steele will join him….It will be covered live on ESPN just before the Live NBA Draft…and he’ll prove before the world and her cute eyes that he can develop players….and later put them in hardwood picture frames…hang them on walls in the D-Wade Den of D-sciples…….and master the art of seeing the world through only his lens….a very narrow lens….Damn…Sage Steele is cute. Crean is so lucky she shows up for our Hysteria events….and championship reunions when Alford comes to town to show off the petrified ageless brillo do…Because it’s Lipscomb….

  46. I always dug Coach Knight. I enjoyed that he gave zero craps about what anyone thought of him. Most of his teams carried that swagger, too. Funny how Knight got canned for zero tolerance, when one of the most critical cornerstones of his coaching style was to never let anyone EVER coast or lapse mentally. Knight had been enforcing zero tolerance for decades.

    Our current culture has turned so passive aggressive and the whining that comes with it is insufferable. I miss the old crusty bastards that tell you exactly what they demand of you and hold you accountable to it. Usually those demands are far out of your reach and they’ll yell in your face until you get there. You won’t get kudos when you get there because it what you were expected to do.

    If you do it every day, 4 years later you’ll sit at Memorial Stadium in the 90 & 90 heat, listening to the Ambassador to El Salvador tell you nothing that you haven’t already learned by busting your rump up and down that gym floor every day. Busting your ass not because it makes your higher ups happy, but because you need to do it for yourself AND your team. You’ll have your degree in your hand and you’ll be a real man. I think that is what all the kids that played for him and bought in to it would tell you.

    But on the Xs and Os side, I’ve loved listening to Knight on the mic these last few years. He’s just great to listen to. His passion for the game is still burning, as his desire to break it down into pieces and communicate it better than anyone. I’ll watch any game he’s calling.

    Personally, I don’t want to get into the past BS about Knight. History is what it is and now I prefer to remember what he was good for, not rehash his demons over and over and over again.

    PS – Harv, the visual about your comment on Tom Crean reading pop-up books on basketball caused me to spit out my drink. Well played, sir.

  47. Gotta shout out a thank you to Jeremy…Thanks for letting me roll, Rhinestones…I’ll now go back to the isolation chamber and wait for a cheese slider….

  48. “Knight had been enforcing zero tolerance for decades” …Couldn’t leave without acknowledging that brilliant statement.

  49. You know coach knight lost to lipscolm once too. My mom went there. 4 cousins went there. My cuz who I bunked with in b-town got kicked out of there. He also lost in the first round of the tournament to lowly lipscolm’s Malibu sister in the first round of the ncaa which got him fired.

    Geoff – come on dude. You don’t actually believe all of that, right? Do you think coach is lying when he says he needs more bigs? Do you think there was a quality big to be found in the spring?

    I am not the commenter who is up and down on the team and coach. If you guys succeed in showing Crean the door, the total destruction of the legendary Hoosiers brand will be all on you, because no sane person with options would want the job at 10x the salary after that.

  50. Only a fool could not see that Knight was done in by his own hypocrisy. How’s that for prose, Harvard and Friends?

  51. whether or not I believe it is immaterial… it simply is the truth of today’s game. Crean can say after the fact all he wants that “he needs more bigs…” Here’s the thing about CBB, the coach is also the GM. He is the one making out the roster. He buys the groceries. Here’s the other thing – he did find a quality big late in the game… Emmitt Holt. And apparently we’ll be seeing more of him, which makes many of us happy. There’s no question in my mind that EH will be the most impactful big man at IU since DJ White… unless, like Luke, he smells something Fischy and leaves for icier waters.

    As far as being up and down on the coach, I just haven’t seen it. I’m not saying you are… I’m saying no one is… There’s no bipolarity…. by anyone on this site. The lines have been drawn.

    If Crean gets shown the door for being mediocre at IU that won’t be a deterrant for other coaches. IU is a premium brand for those in the know… and coaches are in the know. By definition, head coaches have egos, and the opportunity to take IU back to the promised land will be too much for many to pass up. Some might, but certainly not all. It won’t be like ’08 with a total rebuild. We aren’t rising from the ashes now. It will be much easier for the next guy. Crean set the ship back on course… He just can’t lead it to glory. There is someone out there that can though.

  52. I am “exhausted” by reading all of these posts but since I did, I’m going to comment simply because I read all of these posts.

    1. I was a Crean supporter until that Syracuse game (Temple made me uneasy but I still had hope) when neither he nor the team on the floor (the best team in the country, by the way) could figure out a 2-3 Zone defense (even though it is the Syracuse ‘goofy’ zone, it’s still a zone).

    2. Mr. Walker has become my favorite commentator.

    3. Notre Dame was always a challenge during the Knight years and I sat in Assembly Hall one night when Shumate and the Irish beat IU (December 1973) but that and other games were always competitive.

    4. Knight fired himself and his recruiting and coaching had dropped even before that.

    5. That being said, he did not walk into a situation where IU was a ‘premiere’ program. They had won the NCAA Championship in 1954. They won the Big Ten in 1967 to the surprise of everyone because they ‘stunk’ in 1966 and did so again in 1968. They were mediocre in 1970/1971 even though they had George McGinness, John Ritter, Steve Downing, et. al. Even without McGuinness, he recruited and coached them into the Final 4 in 1973 and they were a ‘phantom’ foul against Downing away from winning the National Championship. He may have restored IU to a Premiere Program but he didn’t inherit one.

    6. I keep hoping that IU will return to the position they held in concert with Kentucky, North Carolina, Duke, Kansas, etc. but I don’t see it happening with Crean. Too many ‘out-of-state’ players and too much ‘cluelessness’ in games.

    I think too much about this stuff but I’m sure there are those who believe I either don’t think enough or am faulty in my thinking.

    Ohio State is beatable. Go IU!

  53. As like many need to do, I must correct some things I said.

    It wasn’t a ‘phantom foul’ against Downing in 1973, it was a ‘charge’ that was not called against Walton and a blocking foul (phantom because Steve Downing never moved) that was charged against Downing. Also, that was a semi-final game but I believe IU would have won the NCAA Championship since they would have gone up against Memphis State (a team that UCLA beat handily) coached by Gene Bartow. Bartow never could (UCLA–UAB) beat a Knight team.

  54. Fire Crean. Give him his money. And bring back Cal Cheaney. The solutions is right in front of Glass, so do it
    before St. Louis locks him up.

  55. Chaz, there’s an element of Hoosier Pride that rises within me when I read the venom you spit out . It really helps me understand and assimilate the tremendous pride I take in the fact that Bob Knight was Our coach and his name will be forever linked to our Indiana Hoosiers. I don’t think, as much as I liked and respected him before, that I was as aware of that tremendous and deep pride he gives us in being a part of the program that still makes the world take notice of the Indiana Hoosiers. Once I was in a city in a major South American country and in a meeting with businessmen and leaders there the subject of US universities came up. I was asked what University I had attended and I said, “Indiana”. “Ohhh! said my interlocutor…Bob Knight!!! he coach there!”. For the next 45 minutes that was all these gentlemen wanted to talk about. This will really disappoint you, in complete and total admiration of the man, They simply wanted to know more about him. (Not one negative comment came out of that group).

    I know you’ll feel compelled to throw elephant dung on him Chaz, and I’ll even tell you why. Because Knight asked for, no!… demanded each individual push his own limits beyond their tolerance to find greatness and had little use for those who don’t even understand what that is; or, the strength it requires. It makes you tremendously uncomfortable because you recognize that in yourself. Therefore, you’d much rather follow a figure like Tom Crean who, much like you,(can twist inadequacies into hiding by twisting your anxieties into a sentence or crying about those, like Knight. who don’t give a……….

  56. Agree with lydiaf; and do it while there is still something called Indiana Basketball for Cheaney (or the next great Knight school Iu coach) to coach.

  57. I very much appreciate Geoff’s new position. Here’s a thread from three years ago (Geoff’s comment can be accessed here) in which he said: “Those of us on The Crean are experiencing something similar to the early American settlers. When you come ashore you have to acclimate to a new environment, you have to make friendly with and/or battle the natives, you have to cut through the forests and climb the hills to build a settlement and establish your fields. It isn’t easy going in the beginning. But after a while life starts to look great again, there are unlimited new resources, you have the first Thanksgiving feast with the natives, you send for your relatives and grow your family, you continue to forge ahead until you grow a dominant world power…” And more can be found on that thread that at face value could easily be characterized as BS. But maybe Geoff truly believed what he wrote then. To that someone replied (though not directly to Geoff, more to the Crean apologists en masse): “Those of you on The Crean should absolutely, positively seek medical help! Although I fear at least in your case it may be already too late — you’ve been hallucinating on this blog for more than three years now. How sad.” I am glad to see that, in fact, it wasn’t too late. Today’s Geoff’s position has positively lost the naïveté (if sincere) it displayed three years ago. Though it was already plenty clear then that Crean could not coach I am very happy that Geoff has finally seen the light and for that he has my admiration.

    As far as HfH, as I said before, his writing is exceptional as always. Two moments of brilliance from HfH on this thread, from many, first when he’s asked who should be the new coach:

    We deserve someone that doesn’t need to play to the old emotions… of days long ago in the rearview mirror… There are probably names few of us recognize that could take Indiana into a future that honors what basketball use to mean in this state… We need someone to fall in love with Indiana.

    And then the conclusion that shows far more tolerance and loyalty to the crean and crimson than many of us will ever be capable of:

    But I don’t want a next coach… […] Don’t these kids like Tom Crean? Start playing the damn game with a sense of unity that honors your coach rather than makes him look like a pushover without a clue.

  58. jesus… i really wrote that??!!!

    dying laughing at myself right now… I actually had to read through a lot of that thread. Very entertaining. Hard to believe that it’s now 2015 and I was posting on here in 2011. I think I was a fresh face at that point… maybe not. The Scoop is like a time warp. When did the interweb even start. Where am I?

  59. The revolving door of coaches in basketball and football and the mediocrity of play in both sports starts at the top. Coupled with outdated views and outdated facilities and you see the results.

  60. I was responding to the original ND post that referred to the 1980(81) roster losing getting crushed by the a prior year. It wasn’t a prior year, it was the following year.

    I’m not sure why Harvard felt the need to defend RMK to me. All I said was the team had several future pros and lost to UAB in the NCAA tournament.. I made no comment about Coach Knight or his coaching. Obviously, he knew basketball.

  61. To OldIU…finding another coach IF CTC gets shown the door for mediocrity will not be as difficult as you think. Having lived in Illinois for 20 yrs ( thanks uncle Sam) the perception, rumor, opinion whatever want to call it was reported by a journalist in the Champaign Newspaper …” Crean has had much talent at IU;he just hasn’t done much with it” and you can probably get THAT same sentiment from Dakich. There aren’t many “experts” in this country who look at IU and Crean and think or wonder ” how in the hell can a coach make a player worse.

  62. Geoff – Okay, I can’t disagree that a lot of Hoosier fans have soured on Coach Crean. I can read. My point is that it is completely unreasonable on every level. Everybody, or at least everybody who was in anyway reasonable, knew that we lost Hulls, Zeller and Olidipo and it was going to be a rebuilding year. I don’t think he expected Remy to transfer and expected to have two shooters. He had 2 bigs – one 2 year and one 4 year. the 4 year turned into a 1/2 year and the 2 into a 1 year. I just don’t understand how you lay that on his doorstep, and I don’t see how you get a new big in the spring, unless they are players that were not recruited a la Priller and April. I really don’t think that is fair. I don’t think the disappointing run in 2013 is on Crean either (and it wasn’t as disappointing as a lot of other teams that were ranked above or near IU that got knocked out earlier). We had one lights out shooter on that team who also could create from mid-range, and was a vital part of that offense, and a big part of the transition D. He got hurt – and will have my eternal respect for not only going back in, but shooting the ball okay with a separated right shoulder. I know that hurts enough to put most people out for 3-8 weeks. He even had a pretty good 3pt contest 3 weeks after. Couple that with the bad luck of getting two games in a row with “let ’em play – on one side” refs who were concerned about foul disparity, and you get the result you get.

    Does this mean I am okay with lackluster play? No – that is just silly and Harvard, frankly, you can get bent for going so far out of your way to read that into my posts over and over again. Excuses and reasons are not the same thing – you don’t have to search for reasons. They are as plain as the nose on my face. As you all know, I used to coach. I was a good coach. I was insanely intense (and still am – I freak some people out at work because I am so intense and my personal expectations are so high). But that doesn’t mean you get to ignore reality. And there is a reality here. How many articles on this very site have said over and over again that this team will go through some growing pains because it relies so much on freshman guards to score? Who honestly thought that there was no chance in the world that MSU would blow us out on their own floor? I went into this game thinking it will either be a game where IU plays out of their shoes, or a game MSU will play out of their shoes. It wasn’t going to be both.

    And regardless of what you think, I know the coaches at a few D1-D2 schools here in CA – and while they wouldn’t be candidates for the job at IU, they are very good coaches. I played pickup all the time with a Cal-Poly point guard until he moved to Japan last year – he says the same thing as the coaches. Our unreasonable, unhinged fans are going to create problems for both recruiting players and finding a great coach if Crean is shown the door. When you call players thugs (which frankly reads to me as the n-word), throw out all sorts of unfair criticism of the coach and a number of other things that I read on this and the Inside the Hall boards, I think you hurt rather than help the program.

    Okay – on a different topic. And I bring this up, because I wish we talked about the game more and pontificated less about discipline and player attitudes (about which nobody on this site actually has any idea what happens) and the vaunted history of the program. I rewatched Gtown because I have insomina. I think the turning point was when Yogi caught the ball with about 4 minutes left in the game – it was a close IU lead at the time, I think. And he got that beast off the ground, and instead of stepping into him and throwing the ball up near the rim, he drove around him. If he had drawn the foul instead of driving (and missing), I think that monster freak of genetics sits until 2 mins and IU wins. Thoughts?

  63. When myles brand majorly helped ruin IU bb along with predecessors for the next quarter of century; when BK was fired he had his kind of team to be a national contender and domination. I do credit Davis for helping recruit some of those players, but Knight and IU bb was getting ready to return to national dominance for one last time period. The only question I have would be if Jeffries would have played for him full freshman year.

  64. When you call players thugs (which frankly reads to me as the n-word), throw out all sorts of unfair criticism of the coach and a number of other things that I read on this and the Inside the Hall boards, I think you hurt rather than help the program.

    You need to have some perspective, Gymnast….The blanket statements that Crean sent Sampson kids away on the bus was far more rooted in hatred and ugly labels that implied absolutely zero room for reform or a defense and chance to be truly heard and offered the same understanding that he’s now granting his own recruits finding troubles off the court…It is Tom Crean that publicly formulated a stance of disgust over and over again rather than a chance at any new door of discipline under a new watchful attitude of guidance, example, and a chance at trust under new and mature leadership(there is nothing more rooted in discrimination and ugly stereotypes fueling an already over-the-top fan base blanket statements attitudes that “certain people” from “certain streets” are beyond fixing or helping . Tom Crean used “wrecking program” and “decimation” and “19 F’s!” and every sort of shotgun approach possible to implicate anyone that brushed up against Sampson would now fit easily in a world of throw away people forever misfits with zero redeemable qualities)….How can you not examine this man’s actions when he took the job(especially when juxtaposing such labels within his own relentless sanctimonious BS and feeding of Bible quotes and the purity his own skin and the new and improved choir boy recruits he hand selected as if Moses came down from the mountain with the purist of a recruiting list),and not see the racism and bigotry and hypocrisy now unfolding as he continues to remain in denial that his world is not the perfect world? No, it’s not Tom Crean’s fault that Devin Davis nearly had his brains scattered on pavement in front of Assembly Hall…And maybe it’s not every young man’s fault that never had the guidance to take academics seriously though begged and treated as superstars for putting a ball in a round cylinder…Why is that so worthy of a crucifixion, but other mistakes of gross immaturity and often irreversible consequences under Crean are not?

    I will never believe the man to have any perspective or bone of real compassion in his body….You are in denial as he if you cannot see how the wrong in blanket statements and the fueling of even more hatred in a fan base already rocked by a frivolous NCAA investigation is not the reason karma comes knocking on the door when your own heavenly and righteous attitudes can’t build walls high enough for any compound of bigotry.

    Thug was invented by Tom Crean…..And many an ugly fan on these boards took his blanket hatred like school children at a playground fight…Cancer, thug, flunkie, drugie, loser, stupid, wasted, ….Do those sound like labels that don’t condemn someone to a life sentence of degeneracy for the same mistakes of youth that we see in the mirror and, now, in many of Tom Crean’s own chosen flawless examples stumbling without such need our vile?

    Give it a rest…It’s bad enough the man can’t coach…But he is the King of Hypocrisy and Bigotry. Indiana has never been flawless and nor is he.. I have never claimed it to be flawless under Knight…Crean also went great strides to perpetuated that “godlike” image upon Knight with putting pictures all over Cook Hall, reunions, numerous of quotes on this Twitter mentioning Knight, and attempting to chase the “General” down for a handshake..The handshake moment just another one of Crean’s public bozo acts he is becoming very well known(add chasing Jeff Meyer,, praying in locker room disclosures at a March Madness game, Miles, etc, etc)…This coach doesn’t need to coach. He’s pure entertainment just for being Tom Crean….Validation….We all need validation to remedy pure ugliness and villain chasing ..What sad attempts many make to look the part when they are light-years away and not the part.

    Get some damn perspective and balance…Balance..? .Isn’t that a pretty necessary quality of a gymnast? Make a note…It’s also a human quality…The man you put on a pedestal(and also the one you paint as yourself) has created a flawless image of you flying off the same trampolines after first bounce on your sanctimonious Olympic Cloud Games..

  65. OldIU..the reason for the disappointment in 2013-2014 were the continuing amount of turnovers that never decreased from the start of the season to the end. The losses to Penn State , inability AGAIN to play against the Syracuse Zone…not like he didn’t see it a year earlier and yet showed no game plan to attack that zone. HE had to know that Vonleh was a “1 and done” yet did very little to develop HMP knowing he would need something from him this year. Like I said in a earlier op-ed….I wouldn’t be surprised if Blackmon transfers out hes playing like an unhappy player.

  66. Remora-

    I know you’re on this thread…Just painted it for you…Now give me a doctored image of Crean flying off the “Trampoline of Sanctimony”….:Please? Maybe add in one of those speech bubbles with CharlaTom ValvoCrean yelling…”I’ve got BALANCE! You WRECKED the trampoline…You WRECKED the trampoline!”

  67. I will support this team for now. I was pissed and embarrassed a few nights ago but that was one game. If it happens continually and no simple adjustment is made from a dribble drive pass off offense…I will become slowly negative I am sure. I like the way these kids play together and the fight in them, I really do. I will support them as long as I can and the coach as well…as long as I can. Now when I speak for friends, family, and co workers…even though this team has won a couple of games they shouldn’t have, they are all done. We are in the Bloomington area and the high majority of people here have given up on Crean and want a change. I am not in that boat…yet! I would compare it very much to the last year Davis was here…that is the feel I get in Bloomington and I find that sad. I think the reason I find that sad is because Crean has done two things Davis didn’t…1. Crean embraced the culture and 2. He took the job when many wouldn’t and took it happily! To be continued. Harvard, have at me but be gentle lol

  68. I always knew Geoff was a fabulous writer….Scoop does not lack imaginative minds with ample ink…

    Double Down had some lovely creative examples..

    Tsao is the professor of rolling wind….a true master.

    Chet is also an excellent writer…with exceptional descriptive skills…I’ll never forget Chet’s beautiful tale of seeing the “Join the Air Force” billboard that changed his life….And his many other tales of vacations, etc…All marvelously written.

    Punjab….Old IU Gymnast….coachv….

    Writing is never to viewed as perfection attainable…All have their own gifts and ability to touch a heart…Forgive me for not mentioning all that make Scoop more than just a place to vegetate over scores, stats, X’s and O’s….Scoop is so, so, much more.

    Jeremy ….and Mike Miller…and Kartje….and Andy Graham…and Dustin….and Korman….Unbelievable talents at writing and their profession…They all make me proud of IU.

    I’m intoxicated and mesmerized by this place…..But I still can’t cease to mention the best of the best…..His name is Husky Tom…And why do my eyes well up in merely typing his name…? The power in creative thought and taking my mind away from the troubles this often ugly world….The power in friendship and forgiveness….That’s what it’s all about…..

  69. And I should have mentioned Clarion…by name…Never a better fan…Never a more cutting hand of wit.. He too often doesn’t credit himself for such explosive dynamite in a sentence he packs….We all fear Clarion…What a great mind.

    And Podunker…..on and on the list that I thankfully get to dine on words. All part of Indiana…All with passion that we rarely see in such jello pudding fed to us on network TV and the black and white of a time we want to take mystery out of humanity..

    Thanks to all of you for allowing me to stay here,…and speak here…It is more than an honor.

  70. And JPat too! An unmatched soul straight out of a Dickens tale….

    Scoop is of heavy heart if JPat is not an integral part…..

  71. …and NoMendacity…

    Hurray for NoMendacity! We need more like her….We need women thinkers in sports and not just models to make the old ugly male toads appear as the brilliance behind the eye candy. Inspiring to have NoMendacity join in the Scoop ring and bring hard-hitting fresh perspectives that kick the crap out of many an egotistical and chauvinistic dinosaur(including yours truly)……Would she have a chance to speak in the grossly sexist culture of sports if there was a camera rolling? It’s changing…but it’s taking far too long and those that live in the world of stereotypes dig there shoes in even deeper when the old hierarchies get threatened…..

    We need more like her on Scoop and she stands as leader to open minds to have more like her in the offices of HT….Age is not necessarily the only thing that condemns organization to stagnancy and “dinosaur’ perceptions….MikeC breaks down those barriers….And there’s no damn reason that more female reporters shouldn’t get equal shot at a male dominated print world in many a sports journalism office.

    And that’s where I’ll leave it……

    I want IU to succeed under Tom Crean…But the man must also open his own world and attempt to have balance rather than constant condemnation……You must seek to improve yourself and not just exaggerate the flaws of the world around you. IU was not perfection before Kelvin Sampson….And grant the man at least some recognition that his players were brothers on the court and did not embarrass IU with lack of effort or a bullying mentality on the hardwood…They were just the opposite. They weren’t perfect….They were young and foolish….But they were often very fun to watch on a basketball court and there was real beauty in the art many of those kids brought to a natural and instinctive game that seemed to breathe out the only world the meant much to them….They were not the bad people painted upon their chests and stamped upon their IU history…They fought hard in games and they loved their coach because he understood the world is not so black and white.

  72. jesus harvard, put the pipe down for a minute. we fear clarion for his great mind? oh, the ranker. while i/m at it, jpat, what are these games we won we should have lost. i’ve read that now from a few different people including a guy working for the indy star, and just can;t let it go. which games exactly? anyone?

  73. Your boy, Alford, won his 500th NCAAB game tonight, Harvard. Most wins among coaches 50 or younger. Double overtime win at home over Trees. Bryce Alford hit the go ahead three then fouled out. See he bounced back. Sure enough the Hoosiers will bounce back tomorrow. The key is for HMP to channel his inner Adam Ahfeld, if you ask me.

    Not sure what you’re asking regarding the trampoline of sanctimony. Can’t visualize it period.

  74. **Not the real Husky Tom…

    “Put the pipe down….” That’s funny. Never did the pipe..Just rolled some homegrown in high school…Pretty much quit and hardly toked at all at college. I was more pure than a Tom Crean recruit….Locked myself in the dorm room most nights..Consumed a lot of Mother Bear’s pizza….Went to a few keg parties. I had most of my rebellion and experimentation in boozing and reefers out of my system by the 11th grade..

    Have been a bit wired lately…I’ll cut back the caffeine and candy bars….

  75. Oh…and Alford has never been my “boy.” Not a big Alford fan…That being said, I think it’s very dirty of Bill Walton to undermine the new coach simply because he has such jealous hatred of Alford’s college coach…Walton and ESPN research team spent the entire night slathering Coach K’s “coaching tree” with never mentioning where Coach K learned every trick in the book that followed along all those branches…..

    Walton will never accept Alford and you don’t have to be a genius to understand why…There are some blowhard frauds even more exaggerated in theatrics and BS than Tom Crean…Walton couldn’t find truth if it bit him in the ass…..The man has so much agenda that it’s suffocating to the ears.. Downing spanked his butt and Coach K drank from the Knight nipple….Get your facts straight, Walton…The “tree” didn’t begin at Duke…no more than Wooden’s roots came from Venice Beach…

  76. Absolutely fabulous….I didn’t pick up on it at first…”Can’t visualize it period.” Fantastic picture…..Hilarious.. Dustin looks so unbelievably perfect as talk show host….Funny as hell.

  77. ^ Clearly not the real Husky Tom. My attempt to see if he’s still around, he usually can’t stand seeing his “brand” misrepresented. I kinda miss him too (but not too much especially when Podunker is around). His Huskies lost the Cactus Bowl, the BB team caught two bumps the first two conference games and are now dead last. Maybe he’ll show up tomorrow after the game (his Seahawks play the Panthers). Glad you liked the pic. I miss Dustin too. (Mike Miller is really good though and Price is always awesome.)

  78. “Oh give me a home
    Where the Harvards do roam
    and the Chets and the Podunkers play,

    “Where seldom is heard
    A Remora word,
    and the Tsaos are not mouthy all day.”

  79. mmm. mother bear’s pizza. i once passed out there sitting in a booth and someone balanced a beer on my head….which became a bit of a problem when i woke up

  80. Coachv, did you have to get your dress dry cleaned yourself or did Bill Cosby pay for it?

  81. On Scoop, poems are for the lonely and the weak……If you want hard-hitting sports visuals, take a look at this…I have exclusive footage of Tom Crean disseminating the game plan for MSU with a couple assistants

  82. v, t, Po, Husky poem.
    I smell the blood of a Seahawk bum,
    Be he living(in Ottawa), or be he dead(in Cleveland),
    I’ll grind his cowardly apple Scoop scones to mix my thread….

  83. When I saw the Hoosier Scoop headline last night that stated “Ohio State Dominates IU 103-49, my first thought was that I’d mistakenly missed the IU men’s BB game which I’d been anticipating for this Saturday.

    My first reaction was one of excitement and happiness, believing that this surely would be another, this time HUGE, nail in Tom Crean’s COFFIN. Yes, a sad but true reaction. My second reaction was real disappointment that the headline was about the women’s bb team instead of about the men’s team.

    Try as I might to get up my support for this men’s team, my ever growing disdain for Crean stands mightily in the way. I root for the opposing team every time, not because I don’t love IU basketball, nor because I don’t want to develop an interest in the current players, but because I know that any victory will just prolong the agony of watching IU basketball become ever more increasingly mediocre, undisciplined, even bizarre, with Crean at the helm. I know that every blowout another team heaps on us is actually a VICTORY for the future of IU Basketball.

    The end of “Coach” Crean at IU cannot come quick enough, and even very moderate success will just prolong the agony he has heaped on all us IU fans. If they didn’t win another game all year I would be most delighted !

    Very confusing, even sad, to feel this way. But to me, it is much better than trying to support the team while despising their coach for his incompetence, hypocracy, his incomprehensible blathering before and after games, his excuse making, his lack of loyalty to “unneeded” players when his Crean-created scholarship crunches occur. I could go on and on about everything that is wrong with having a clown like Crean pretending and faking that he has any idea how to coach a Division I team. His sudden “throwing Perrea under the bus” in a lengthy press conference after the last loss just added one more disgust-point against Crean.

    I just cannot wait for him to be gone, therefore every loss is actually a VICTORY for the restoration of IU basketball to it’s rightful ELITE status.

  84. Thanks, HFH, for adding me to your list of active Scoop-Group members, and mentioning “hard hitting fresh perspectives” in the same sentence. I’m flattered to be included in such an interesting, well spoken group, although I’m about as much over my head here as is “Coach” Crean during most games.

    My above comment was inspired not only by your compliment, but also by CHAZ’s statement in #8, where he wrote:
    “Why not just come out with it and state – no matter what happens – you critics just can’t stand Crean?”

    OK, Chaz, I just can’t stand the guy. Didn’t always feel that way, but like a love gone wrong, the last 7 years with him have brought me to this point. If only it was in my power to divorce him, he’d be gone in the mandatory 60 days. No more excuses, no more apologies, NOTHING can change my mind at this point. Not that I think anything this season will happen to cause me to withdraw that divorce petition……

  85. Wow….

    Brutal…Honest…Fresh…Visionary…Hopeful….Naked…Truth. Where have you been all my Hoosier blogging life…? Only wish I could be so eloquent and free….Then again, I’m always tiptoeing through the Pollyanna tulips in fear they shall once again censor me. But in no means do I intend to diminish your profound and excellent post that dug deep into the spirit I have betrayed my own heart to taste….

    Fantastic stuff, NoMendacity.

  86. good for you, nomendacity. i couldn’t agree more. i see you are borrowing my use of quotation marks around the title coach. plenty of room on the bandwagon. i will also point out that i was the first here to try to point out to everyone that crean was a lousy tactician and coach about 4-5 years ago. that was met with whole-hearted resistance. now i sit here in gloating glory saying a big, fat “i told you so” to everyone jumping on board

  87. Husky-

    You know me from how many years ago? Bssketblog…The Island…The early days of Korman and “Huge” Kellenberger….and being sent to a censorship boudoir…? I why was I censored? I never jumped on the bandwagon of a fraud….Have I wavered on Crean…? Was I talking of the man’s great “coaching” ability when his ass was saved by “everything hinges?” You might want to set “coach” small ‘v; Big ‘D’ straight…..before his fat gloat turns his ego into gout .

  88. Not to mention, it took Korman 8 years to wake the hell up..Now he’s finally defending the Sampson :”thugs” for being treated like a blanket of dirt and for the karma beset upon CharlaTom….And Dustin jumping on board…And even the biggest Pollyanna of the them all…Kellenberger.

    Did any have the gloat and guts when I was talking of what no good Hoosier Christian wanted to hear? Was I tearing up my tickets like Kent Benson to burn Sampson and his thugs at the stake?

    Nobody is on a bandwagon, you damn fools…Nobody will tear up their tickets to get rid of the pious king.
    They will die a thousand banner deaths to defend him ’til the end…He carries the Book.
    There is only Harvard and the dusty tumbleweeds of worthless stances when it wasn’t hot to be so cool on the a time it wasn’t, oh, so too late the now setting sun upon the dessert of dreams for Indiana lore restored.

    I smoke tumbleweed….

  89. oops…[desert]…

    But dessert works as well…Sweet 16’s with cherries on top.

  90. But I will not put Crean before Indiana..

    I will cheer an honest cheer for Indiana despite mistakes and misguided leaders that brought “talking down” and witch-hunts to town rather than honest love for the candy stripes….I can see beyond Tom Crean without wishing failure upon the young men that carry more in their hearts than what the failings of a coach cannot fill in the way of basketball to their brains….Those kids learn to love Indiana and love their fans…They play for their coach the colors and they are imperfect as all…I will not condemn them of a belief they cannot succeed(that would be doing the same as was done to Sampson kids put on the bus)…

    To wish failure is to let a bitterness win….I shall not…I will wish success and hope their is a god…If Tom Crean coaches a Hoosier team to something to admire, then I shall attest the true existence of powers beyond…because there is no other way it can happen…It’s a win-win….We win, there’s a god…Forgive me, for I have sinned…We lose, there’s a god…Forgive me, for I have sinned..

  91. Harvard,

    Ugh. The day (long ago) when we decided on the Basketblog that the top anagram for Matt Dollinger (now at Sports Illustrated, or ESPN, who cares) was Almond Glitter (the name you said his mother wanted for him) that’s the day I asked you: Is Sampson a better coach than Crean? This was during the first few months when Crean was pacing furiously the sidelines and Danny Moore was diving fearlessly on the floor for loose balls and everyone, even me, thought Crean was a monster of a coach. And you answered quickly (in French): “Sampson is a better coach than Crean every day of the week (except Sunday).” Did not understand right away why you gave Sunday to Crean but to be honest I did not believe you at all (at first). It was the time Foghat, and Kip “Your Mouth” Schutz, recall how you said “if we [were] any thinner in the paint we’d be turpentine” a phrase which you later belligerently copyrighted on the blog :mrgreen: and of the never ending Eric Gordon arguments. Crean had everyone believing he was Messiah, Prometheus plus Sisyphus, all in one tight, atomic package. Later when Crean started claiming Eric Arnett’s Big Ten co-Pitcher of the Year (since Arnett had practiced with the BB team) it became clearer who we were dealing with. But to your point I can vouch. It is exactly as you say: you never faltered, in your opinion of Crean (you said from the beginning he’s a “walk-on coach” and “[himself] a work in progress” more than Tijan Jobe) nor in your support of the players (like you say above) from Finkelmeyer, Story (who’d never score more points than his shoe size) and Pritchard to the modern days of Roth, Remy and Frankencody. (But you did get 4guards wrong, and you admitted it, later on. He was far more critical of Crean than you, at that time, he was kinda like you are now. Now you’re clearly fed up, then you were more moderate, Crean had not met Joyce and did not have a Twitter account yet…)

    Speaking of flashbacks, how about the picture of Clarion shown as the “hostage of his own convictions“.

  92. Wow…It’s good to have fans and good to have your keen memory on my side…I had completely forgotten the “thinner than turpentine”….statement.

    But your sorta missed on the 4guards thing…I shouldn’t get into this because I promised that I had finished the night with my Darkness vid….4guards and I differed greatly on how Crean was constructing what could bring him the greatest chance at success for his style of ball….I’ll explain later, but it had a lot to do with Crean’s pandering to the fan base and recruiting within a stone’s throw of Bloomington(Hulls and Zeller) to real in the old square crowd that wanted :angelic homeys and “white is right” even though it wasn’t really Knight…I didn’t see Zeller as a savior of anything(not in terms of Crean finding his true stride early ….though I do know it temporarily saved his ass)..

    I wanted Dawson….I thought Dawson would give Crean a grit and edge that lacks in many of his choir boys…I also thought Dawson was about as close to anything in the near future a D-Wade that Crean could build a backcourt around…Not the offensive skills, but just a force and a motor that felt closer to what Crean’s game was all about….And staying power…Someone that wouldn’t jump to the NBA after one or two years….Ironic that he’s now playing for Izzo…And for all the success of back-to-back Sweet 16’s, I’ll still take Dawson. And who knows….Without all the “eggs in one basket” and “everything hinges” around Cody in candy stripes rooted in the real efforts of a 4gurard bandwagon(his true bandwagon…The Crean disgust was a sideshow because he didn’t think Cody was coming), maybe more post players and other centers(e.g. Mitch McGary) would have taken more than a casual interest in the righteous compound Crean was building…The Indiana fan base wanted nothing to do with players not in the immediate vicinity.. 4guards was in that same camp…

    There’s more that we differed…How much time do you have? I gotta bake some cookies…Later…Maybe?

  93. ….[reel] the fan base

    Don’t know how that happened…Real brain fart.

  94. TTG? There’s no bigger apologist on this site, constantly tossing rose pedals at the feet of Wilson the Goof, polishes his statue of BK the Oaf, all the while seeking to charm us with his nonsensical yogi-isms. Then there’s HFH, who apparently has nothing better to do than make one bizarre post after another, day after day. The both of you must have been regular visitors at the “Fire Mike Davis” hate forum. Neither you nor your pals are willing to see that even I readily acknowledge Crean is not the answer to our needs. However, to not give him credit for what he has done to rescue the program from a humiliating mess is flat out disrespectful, callous, and perverts the facts behind what led the program to where it now finds itself.

  95. I was never in the hate Davis camp…Gave him more credit than anyone on this site…Gladly put 10 pages of cut-and-paste from all the past Scoop and Basketblog posts that I came to Davis’s defense when others kept talking of how the job was “too big” for him….I knew who the job was too big for…The guy that witch hunts, throws kids under the bus while protecting those sharing his own doctrines, and crafts cheap slogans for gullible homeys rather than just quietly proving he is competent…

    Do you want the ten pages? Jeremy- Do you want me to provide the 10 pages of all the times I spoke highly of Davis? Davis got out of a Sweet 16 against a #1 Duke team….I’ll see BK sucking on Joyce’s toes in a leather garter belt the day I see Crean do anything close to the equivalent on the big stage against a proven winner/iconic coach.

  96. Well, you succeeded in taking down a good tune…But have it your way..

    Hold the pickle, hold the lettuce, special censorship won’t upset us, all we ask is that you let us, moderate it your way….

    I prefer RMK…When people say “BK,” I’m always visualizing a Whopper of a Coach…..Crean is more like a White Castle slider….He boxed us into his tiny tasty puritanical white castle but the diarrhea is the only thing flame broiled in the exiting evidence his coaching ability…..He may like to look East, but the coaching is going South…(if you now what I mean)…It ain’t Hoosier Rising…? We’re Back? Already? That’s not rising that I feel in my lower intestine..but it is heading toward the back.. Throw under the bus? Don’t you dare… I don’t have time to get on a bus? Colin Hartman….Calling Colin Hartman. Now we know why Jeremy no longer live streams the games….White Castle already owns that stream…If you know what I mean..ScoopTalk? Well, it rhymes with Scoop..and, at times, the sliders do like to talk….Always wondered why Jeremy looked so unsettled with the live camera…..Sliders don’t stay hiders for long…..and a ScoopTalk goes a full 10 minutes!!…which is easily five minutes longer than The Sisterhood of the Traveling White Castle Pants…Something I’m not trustin’ is now the ONIONS! heading right for Dustin…And then we have the Chronic exit interview…It’s the circle of life.

  97. ***If that didn’t generate a laugh out of you, then steam my buns, hire the first Asian HT sports journalist that can clap and sing with Yogi a Pharell happy song to Crean, and open a Wow Boa on Walnut.. I;m out of material.

    Still want those 10 pages?

  98. chaz,

    i want you to name all of the college coaches who could NOT have “rescued” the program and brought it back to mediocrity in 7 years

  99. Harvard:

    You have never wavered on Crean. You deserve credit for that.

    That’s not to say that people who bought into Crean were wrong. Many of us supported Crean as a person who could restore credibility to a damaged program…a stabilizer during a time when the quality of of names willing to take control of the wobbling ship was not as impressive as it would be now. He ultimately did that, even though he took his sweet time. But it clear to me that his ceiling has been reached now.

    Go Hawks!

  100. Coach v, do you not believe that the program was in disarray when Crean arrived? One last time, I have stated repeatedly here that I am not a fan of his coaching methods, and I do not like the style of play he attempts to teach. I also agree that after such a long period of time IU basketball should be in a much better place. That does not diminish what he has done to repair much of the damage that occurred prior to his arrival. There is no doubt that the university will have to find someone else to take the program to the next level, but to not give Crean any credit and to bash him on such a personal level – as many enjoy doing – reminds me of the Mike Davis lynch mob. We fans of IU should quit being so destructive and immature in our discussions. We are better than that, myself included.

  101. but you give crean special credit for “rescuing” the program. my contention is every single coach hired for the job could have done that much. how hard is it to jettison the riff-raff and recruit to the great name of indiana? you have not named one single college coach you believe would be incapable of bringing the program to this current level in 7 years

  102. This is where I jump ship…..Crean didn’t restore anything….He took credibility away from Indiana…He taught people to not forgive…He brought backward ass thinking to a liberal and progressive institution that should strive to embrace all rather than narrowly define what makes a “good” person or a “smart” person…He has brought comedy to the candy stripes for far more his attitudes, his sanctimonious spiel, his hyperactivity that pretends to offer a sign of actual engagement in anything, and his excuses(99% aimed at the same raw “upside” talent he places more emphasis in recruiting than basketball instincts and proven savvy as a result of solid early coaching and growing into the game from a very young age) ….Everything he does is a constant contradiction to save his own incompetent skin….

    He destabilized the program and turned the broad and varied level of teaching a game into his version of phenom silly putty….He has formulated a hoax that allows his own ability to simply be measured by placing one or two kids into the NBA… You don’t stabilize anything defined so narrow within the game and within the narrow personal doctrines adding more restraint and pullback from what Indiana has striven for decades to evolve, transform, and foster(on the court and culturally)….He has turned Bloomington into Tom Crean’s Salem…..Took the perceptions of Indiana residents and their institution sharing the state name back to the age of not looking someone with an honest eye and questioning their value as a human being based on placing the power of labeling ‘good’ vs. ‘evil’ in his own hands of power.over a body of our school so reflective of its history in the game so loved from infancy our beginnings.

    He has ruined traditions of teaching the game…He put the culture of Bloomington into rewind…He is perceived as a clown(we don’t have to cast the labels…He was perceived that way before he came to the village with his doctrines and buses to cart away the “wrong kind of people.”

    He brought seven years of disintegration to the reputation of Indiana University as a progressive place to live and learn….I’m not even sure how you restore that sorta damage going far beyond his incompetency at evolving within the sport he is fully and widely known a stagnant mind. Those that come knowing and loving the game leave with stripped of those years under solid high school teachers while forced to reformulate grotesque adulation for Crean’s chosen NBA high fliers all must drool and be beyond patient his guiding love for leap frogs into the NBA swamp.

    Sampson couldn’t destroy Indiana with 20 years of “thugs” and “3-way’ in comparison to Crean’s first day screaming 19 F’s in judgment leading to now…..

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