Defensive meltdown costs Indiana in 82-70 loss at Ohio State #iubb

COLUMBUS, Ohio — For all of Indiana’s offensive brilliance, the Hoosiers were reminded Sunday that there will be days like this if it cannot shore up its porous defense.

Indiana had enough firepower to hang around against a hungry Buckeyes outfit, but failed to string together enough stops in an 82-70 loss to Ohio State at Value City Arena.

The loss snaps a four-game winning streak for the Hoosiers, who travel to Purdue on Wednesday at 9.

Ohio State shot 62 percent from the field, led by 22 points from star freshman D’Angelo Russell and 20 points from Jae’Sean Tate. Indiana further compounded its problems on defense with one of its sloppiest games of the Big Ten season. The Hoosiers equalled their turnover total from their first meeting with the Buckeyes, when they committed 15 errors in Bloomington. The same total held true in Columbus, but many of Indiana’s turnovers were unforced.

Led by Yogi Ferrell’s 26 points, IU shot 52 percent from the field and connected on 12 of its 25 3-pointers. Collin Hartman added 12 points — all of which came on four 3-pointers.

Indiana had one of its best starts to the season, building a 12-4 run while connecting on each of its first eight shots. The Hoosiers didn’t miss until the 13-minute mark, at which point the game began to turn.

Ohio State answered with a 19-5 run that gave the Buckeyes a 25-19 advantage with eight minutes remaining in the half. Russell keyed the turnaround for Ohio State, hitting seven of his first 11 shots for 16 first-half points.

The Hoosiers reached their season average with 11 turnovers by the end of the first period. Making matters worse was an injury suffered by Robert Johnson that limited the Indiana guard to only eight first-half minutes. He returned with a black brace on his left knee and played in the second half.

Ohio State led by as many as 13 points five minutes into the second half, before Indiana cut its deficit to six on back-to-back possessions that produced a layup by Stan Robinson and a jumper from Ferrell. But Russell answered with two straight 3-pointers to extend Ohio State’s lead back to 12 midway through the half.

Indiana cut its deficit to single digits on four more occasions in the next seven minutes, but never got closer than seven points.

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  1. I’m sure I’m going to get raked over the coals for this, but I felt this game wasn’t nearly as bad as the ticker commentary would indicate. OSU came out with a lot to prove, had great defensive pressure, played mostly mistake free, and shot the ball extremely well (even when they weren’t layups and dunks…)

    I counted at least five completely unforced turnovers, almost all of which directly contributed 6-8 point OSU runs. We turn half of those into points, and we might be looking at a very different ball game. At the very least, we’d be looking at a 1-2 possession game down the stretch instead of 3-5. Like it or not, for as many rabid fans as we having screaming for the guillotine every chance they get, those style points matter.

    There’s certainly a lot to gripe about– inbounding (STILL?!?), turnovers, some really egregious defensive breakdowns. But to me, this mostly boils down to OSU’s execution on both ends, and our inability to stop it. (On a day where we couldn’t stop dribble penetration at all, it didn’t help that we had no rim protector. Motumbo he is not, but is this the first game where HMP’s absence down low might’ve impacted the outcome?) Plenty of blame to go around for this one. But how about instead of just slamming Crean and Co, you at least give OSU some credit? They simply played better today, and although we’ve been playing with more consistency lately, I think most would agree we were probably due for a letdown. That’s exactly what happened. Let’s just hope it’s not the start of a trend. Now on to Purdue.

  2. Good luck with that, Punjab. This site has more hypocrites on it than there are in Washington DC.

  3. IU passing and D was more than imperfect. Nick and Stan just don’t have “it” for primetime BB

  4. Indiana is a better team than OSU but it was not our day…hopefully the Hoosiers are ready to play Wednesday night…win that one and today doesn’t matter a bit! Anthony Lee is terrible…glad he ended up there!

  5. I thought OSU spacing and movement was really good. Overall, not terribly disappointed but our lack of size showed on help defense. I would like to see Yogi show better leadership when things aren’t going well. His body language tells it all on how he is playing

  6. HC, funny you say that. About half way through the second half I turned to my son and said about Nick and Stan “Looks like we have found to two that might not be here next year with the over signing.” I have always said that Stan doesn’t belong in this system. He needs to be on a team that likes more one on one offense and occasional defense.

  7. Can only hope Stan R Transfers. He brings nothing to this team accept problems. Turn overs, no offense no defense no energy. Nothing

  8. We had some good wins and now find out it’s tough on the road. It’s OK, we are in much better shape than expected. I like how Yogi is playing, but at the end we became one-dimensional (probably due to who we had on the court).

    It’s a great season and comes down to beating Purdue away.

    I like our team but wonder why Troy Williams was not a factor. It seemed like he had opportunities early but passed rather than attacked.

  9. OSU is not very good this year….Beating them on the road wouldn’t be anymore astounding than taking down Illinois or Nebraska on the road.. You guys are overselling this game and it’s level of difficulty. OSU barely escaped with a win at lowly Nothwesteern(and Northwester stinks this year)..This was just another case of bipolar basketball, lack of adjustments, too much dribbling, placid defense(thank you, Geoff), Sunday afternoon blues…. and crap on James Blackmon instead of the leadership source from the bench that is responsible for a balanced team and the preparation/energy of his team….Flat performance…Flat in terms of heart and energy.

    The only positive is that CBS brought the less than stellar broadcasting crew(other than Kellogg’s color without any excitement whatsoever) in a game that probably didn’t pull much ratings….

  10. Just a couple of thoughts! For starters, who didn’t see the possibility for a let down in this game after the big win Thursday night? Point number 2, how many games are you going to win on the road when you give up 26 points on turnovers? Answer, not too many! A couple of points to ponder, first, why doesn’t Coach Tom Crean ever work the referees? I thought we got mugged on several occasions, and I think if the players ever seen him come to their defense it would be a positive? Also I have seen many coaches, such as Izzo , and Matta, work the refs a little bit and change the way the game is being called? I don’t know of any great coach, not one, that doesn’t work the refs once in a while? Yet I don’t ever see Tom Crean do it? I think it is something he needs to consider? I am not saying to be a jerk about it, but sometimes you have to let the refs know your displeasure with the way the game is being played? Also why the number of minutes for Stan and Nick? Nothing Personal, but I did not see a whole lot out of either of them, And on the same line, why the lack of minutes for Max H. and Emmit Holt, both players I feel need more minutes? Just wondered if any one else feels the same way! I know life is tough on the road in the conference, but this was a game we could have won! Well I hope we play better Wednesday at Mackey? Good luck Hoosiers!

  11. Losing on the road in the big ten is going to happen. I can live with it.

    However, here is my fear. This team lucked out by having HMP get hurt. It forced Crean to deviate from the norm and change things up and IU got quite a few solid wins in a row with teams not ready for this new style. Yet this style will continue to be exposed over time by the good teams and coaches of the BIG if it will not change or adapt on both sides of the court.

    The fact that IU still struggles so bad to inbound a basketball is a sign of this.

    As the BIG goes on IU runs the risk of getting exposed more and more as other teams have more tape and time to prepare for this new style. This is why IU has always struggled under Crean during the latter parts of the BIG season. Other teams adjust while IU just stays the same.

    Crean was forced to make a big change due to an injury and it worked out in spades only to run the risk of getting stale over time just like every year. i hope coach Crean truly earns coach of the year and realizes that adjustments and surprise are his friend.

    OSU made IU look uncomfortable out there especially after weathering the storm of that hot IU start. As always one game does not make a season but it will be interesting to see where things go from hear. I can only imagine the cfsllout if IU loses the next game to that other team in Indiana.

  12. We lost on the road to OSU. Not surprising his year. Not surprising any year.
    We got flustered and turned the ball over WAY too many times to win. Yes, we did not play our best defense but even with the TOs we were still in it with 5 minutes to go.

    The tale of this season is not told in any one game. We are primed to finish the first half of the B1G either 6-3 or 7-2. Thats a great start. And everyone said at the beginning of the year that our schedule is front-loaded.

    This team IS improving. Last year (or this year in November, we would have let the game get out of hand. Today, we were in it to the 3 minute mark. And this despite the FACT that the refs were calling two different games out there. OSU was bumping and holding our players every possession. And when they saw that they were not getting called for it, they escalated. It threw our players off. They did not respond well and adjust. (Probably because they were upset at tic-tac fouls at the other end.) Stuff happens. I saw improvement in this game. Our regression was less than it has been in the past.

    If we win at Mackey, its a strong win. Many posters here want to denigrate every win we’ve had. “Its a down year…the students were on vacation…etc.” It is tough to win on the road in the B1G. Always has been. Always will be. IU is something like 18-25 at Columbus since 1970. 8-17 at Mackey in the Knight era.

  13. Did anybody see Clark Kellogg’s post-game chat yesterday with D’Angelo Russell on CBS? Russell said Kellogg came to their team dinner Saturday and delivered a speech that fired them up. So essentially, Kellogg goes to the OSU team meal Saturday, gives a rousing talk, telling the team to go out and kick some butt the next day … and then calls the game Sunday afternoon. I’m sure I was still peeved at the result and the way we performed, but that honked me off. Sure seemed like a conflict of interest to me. I didn’t think Kellogg necessarily was biased toward OSU, but why leave yourself open to the possibility of that criticism? I don’t think Kellogg should be allowed to call OSU games.

  14. We’ll always have ESPN’s Dan Dakich on our side…Maybe someday Dan will get to shoot hoops with the Prez on the eve of a Championship Monday…..when Hillary is in office. Hopefully he’ll catch Hillary off her game and shut her down in a game of MONICA(a.k.a. Horse)

  15. This was the classic “trap game”; after a nearly flawless win and the biggest rivalry game next. But, this was clearly a game that we could’ve won. Throughout the game I was thinking “we are better than them and we should prevail.”

    But Motta is a better coach, clearly studied the film of the Md game and just dropped back into a zone, preventing the dribble penetration. That was it, we couldn’t do anything else. Crean made no adjustments. We will kill teams that man to man us because we can spread the floor so much. Motta loaded up an extended match-up style zone and we fainted.

    I don’t know what the point totals are for out of bounds plays this season, so Im just going to start keeping that stat each game now. That must be a stat CTC doesn’t keep. Our inbounding sucks.

    We will go as TrOy Williams goes. TO capitalized for emphasis. He was awful. He brings energy, scoring, an occasion dunk & block, and a lot of TOs. He plays well, we seem to feed off of his energy and win. Opponents have to account for him on those games. Yesterday, he was a ghost, again, just like MSU.

    Hoetzel needs more minutes, which means Stan needs less. Ziesloft can shoot 3s & that’s about it. Need Holt for more minutes.

    Another pretty good outing for Hartman & Yogi.

    Onto Purdue….game we should win.

  16. The game against Purdue is key. Ohio State did drop into a match-up zone which cut off dribble penetration. You can bet other opponents will take notice and do likewise. Then it will be a factor of less turnovers, shoot a high percentage and rebound. Indiana’s defense at times is tough to watch. Teams seem to score at will without a presence in the middle. We know the formula that does work with this team, so it is a matter of coaching and execution. I sure hope Johnson can play.

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