Devin Davis starting to practice, travel with team #iubb

While Devin Davis spent the last two months in Indianapolis recovering from his accident, his teammates went into his locker, removed his practice jersey and shorts and draped them on a chair on the court so that he was with them in spirit.

Now Davis is back with the team in Bloomington, and he’s finally able to wear that pair of jersey and shorts.

Indiana coach Tom Crean offered an encouraging update Saturday on Davis’ recovery from a traumatic brain injury suffered on Nov. 1, saying that the sophomore forward has progressed to the point where he’s casually working out with the team in practice. Davis is far from a full-go, but he’s doing some light passing and shooting to get active.

“I give him assignments in practice and give him certain things that I want him to watch in practice — certain areas that he does it from,” Crean said. “Today he was casually passing the ball to remind him of game-like passes. He’s shot a little bit in some of our drills, but it hasn’t been very much. I think it’s a situation where his attitude is great. He feels he’s doing really well and he feels he’s recovered at a really high rate, but we have to keep trusting the plan and keep trusting the doctors constantly on what that means. I like the fact that he’s hungry.”

Davis, who was seriously injured when he jumped in front of a vehicle driven by Emmitt Holt in the early-morning hours of Nov. 1, returned to classes at the Bloomington campus for the start of the spring semester on Jan. 12. He made occasional trips to Assembly Hall for select home games during the non-conference season, while sitting in the first row of bleachers behind the team bench. Within the last few weeks, Davis started sitting with his teammates at the end of Indiana’s bench.

He’ll make his first road trip of the season on Sunday, accompanying the Hoosiers to their 1 p.m. game at Illinois. That news — and Davis’ return to campus — comes much to the delight of his teammates.

“Everyone knows that me, Stan (Robinson) and Devin were always together,” IU sophomore forward Troy Williams said. “Now that he’s back, I feel like the Three Musketeers are back.”


  1. Looking at where IU stands at 13-4 and 3-1 it is hard not to wonder where IU would be with Davis. I really think we could of beat both Georgetown and Eastern Washington with him on the roster. At 15-2 3-1 we would defiantly be ranked and 5 or 6 wins away from the NCAA tournament. Rotating Davis, Holt, and Hanner would of been a much better rotation than many
    Hanner ‘ s injury is a major blow to this team. Without Hanner we don’t beat Nebraska. We’ve lost at MSU withbetter teams. Holt and Hanner wereenough to get past OSU a game that could potentially gone either way. Now with Hanner out we become slightly better than a decent Penn and without Burton we probably don’t win that one. Now it has become a true test for both IU and Tom Crean to find a way to win.
    I would hope the staff would just redshirt Davis. Although we could really use him, I don’t see it appropriate to burn a year of eligibility at this point. I honestly don’t understand why it hasn’t been announced already. I would guess it’s still a lingering possibilities. If Holt suffers an injury do they bring Davis back? Is that plan B?

  2. Why would CTC publicly announce the plan for Devin and put all his cards on the table? So, some high school sophomore that we are trying to recruit would know he’d be competing with a 5th year senior for playing time?

    What possible reason, that would work to the benefit of the Indiana Hoosiers basketball team, could there be for announcing a red shirt in January?

    I think you meant ‘definitely’ although, to be honest, I kinda liked your use of ‘defiantly’. It adds a little bit of much needed hubris to this team.

  3. We’re actually doing a lot better than I had thought we would…we’ve won away from home; that’s huge. I watched Northwestern and Michigan last night and think we can play with and possibly beat both.

    IF we can win at Illinois it’s going to have to be stated that this year is going quite well.

    Will Egdu settle for jump shots as he has done in the past? Will the Hoosiers hit their 3’s?

    Great game coming up!

  4. Has Crean had one true senior ? Most are pushed off the team because of scholly crunches as Crean signs the next best thing, or the rising talents are off to the NBA or Europe…I

    If Crena’s oversigning was detrimental, we’re already long into those trends and symptoms of a coach that’s shown very little loyalty….He often pushes players out to get at 5th year players through graduate transfer rules….Hell, he wasn’t even willing to bring back Matt Roth…Yet,, he brought in Gordon as a grad transfer and recently Zeisloft ,…Remy and Etherington. and Fischer and Creek and Hollowell…and Nick Willaims…and Story…and Bawa…and Marlin.(and others I’m surely forgetting)

    Crean has shown he can find equal talent or upgrade if pressed …And he’s shown zero loyalty to the types of guys that could have been strong role players(or eventually starters/super-subs)that would have benefited greatly in stability and the right tutelage under a patient and loyal leader/assistants to the leader.

    He’s only really landed one dominant and gifted inside player that saved him from a much faster growing impatience with his obvious shortcomings at the chalkboard challenges and maintaining interest from quality post players outside that one savior post player from Southern Indiana’s Washington High School.

    Glad to hear Devin is making strides and traveling with the team…

    I think we’re a much better team and a better coached team with Hanner less involved…Shorter rotations and more experience for Holt and Hartman is another “happenstance” positive for Tom Crean. He does much better without having to concern himself(his ego) that he can move huge projects along…He’ll manage the moments that can swing a game to a stronger Hoosier advantage with a shorter bench…Maybe if you hit a shot or two and start to get on a role, you won’t get pulled seconds after…? Who knows..?


  5. I dreamed Blackmon was going to have a breakout game….

    I’m going with 27 points from JBJ….and Hoosier win..

    Hoosiers 82
    Illinois 79

  6. Ben_M-

    May I just call you ‘BM’ for short?

    Where’s Geoff? No more 3-on-3 contests? Must have got tired of Price and Harvey Buckets kicking so much butt. It was sort of a lame guessing game….Has nothing whatsoever to do with having your finger on the real pulse of a team…Speaking of which, where’s the other genius….? (screen name “t‘?) that predicted IU would go 15-16? And how about that genius name Lunardi with his Toupee-atology where he rubs his fingers under the Moe Howard bowl of head mink that determined he Hoosiers to be on the outside looking in come Selection Sunday? Pulse…It’s all about the pulse…Some have it. Some don’t. Price has pulse…

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