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Former Indiana quarterback Tre Roberson has been super(man) at Illinois State, leading the Redbirds to the national championship game, Mike writes.

It was a night of pained expressions for the IU women’s basketball team, which absorbed the worst loss in program history to Ohio State, Jon writes.

The test for Tom Crean’s Hoosiers will be to see how they respond to Monday’s loss at Michigan State, Pete DiPrimio of the Fort Wayne News-Sentinel writes.

Video highlights of Indiana signee Juwan Morgan from a game earlier this week, via Inside the Hall.

An IU basketball mailbag, via Zach Osterman at the Indianapolis Star.

Former IU soccer player Tommy Thompson is among the key member of the U20 U.S. national team for the CONCACAF Championships, Jason Davis of ussoccerplayers.com writes.

For the man of steel in Normal, Ill., here’s Five For Fighting with “Superman (It’s Not Easy).”


  1. Tre Roberson’s success at Ill State is no surprise to those of us who appreciated his talent at IU. Good for him. Looks like he’s gotten the experience and exposure he was seeking and will have a better chance of getting drafted into the NFL as a result. The situation reminds me of Joe Flacco, who, by the way, was only a 3-star recruit coming out of High School and who was ranked as the 39th best QB prospect that year. Flacco transferred from Pitt to University of Delaware, a Division II school, because he was stuck behind Tyler Palko (who?) at Pitt. He wanted to play and showcase his talent. That worked out pretty well since Flacco lead Delaware to the DII National Championship game and was the 19th player drafted in the 2008 NFL draft.

    I would love to hear a reporter ask Wilson how he would have handled the QB situation differently last year, if he could have done anything differently, or if he has any regrets about how he managed the relationship with Tre. My guess is that he would not answer the question, instead stating that he is focused on the future of IU football, etc., etc. It was a tough loss for IU, but I’m delighted for Tre and hope he goes on to play in the NFL or Canada.

  2. Tre was quoted as saying, “These guys down here (DII), they just want to play the game. They’re not just satisfied having a football scholarship. Those guys in FBS are just happy to have a football scholarship or just happy to be out there and be part of a big university. They really don’t put forth the effort to actually work hard and try to win games. Guys here actually want to win and they want to be good.”


  3. Illinois State is not DII. They are Division I (FCS). Big, big difference.

    DI (FBS) schools do not play DII schools. Illinois State could end up on the Hoosiers schedule.

  4. Chet, you are right, of course. My mistake. Sorry for using the wrong term when referring to the lower division.

  5. As something of a coincidence, if I’m not mistaken, Delaware kicked off their football season at Pitt.

  6. Why aren’t we having updates and quotes from Luke Fischer as well…..? Why protect Crean from the scrutiny of the same opinions(used to undermine Wilson’s judgments on delegated minutes and his personable qualities to effectively manage talent desiring to stray) that allowed Fischer to go where the minutes and coaching would prove what a fine talent he could blossom?

    I haven’t been paying anymore attention to Fischer than I care about Roberson once departed Bloomington streets, but according to a recent post from Geoff, Luke Fischer has been tearing it up at Marquette.

    And Abell is starting for Xavier and playing very solid…Contained the same Georgetown guard that made Yogi into chopped liver in his attempts to defend him.

    And Division 1 Basketball(especially if Xavier and Marquette get into the Big Dance) will always generate more national audiences than any FCS bowl nobody cares about….(other than the schools involved)…

    “Ouch”…Give me a break…Wish him the best…Tre was a solid talent, but those are sour grapes because every kid lives to play for the “top” divisions of their sport and the largest national audiences on the ESPN box.

  7. Don’t care like most after having 40 bowl games bore the sport into irrelevancy…Inconsequential Nothing Nobody Cares Championship FCSCSPSNPR Radio game…Happy?

    OSU vs. Oregon …? Now there’s ratings, but I could care less as well…Our primary thoughts and desires should be bitch-slapping the Establishment that put the charlatan in our lap and bringing Indiana Basketball back from the hell of a Tom Crean podium that used us a storied program eternally full of local talent and promise as a one night stand for his Biblical blow.

  8. H4H, I think as fans we can all agree there are too many bowl games and most of them are insignificant from a fan standpoint. However, coaches love them. These insignificant bowl games give the coaches more reps, can see what the underclassman can do and just the extra practice that half the other teams aren’t getting can mean a lot for the following season. Also, it is a good recruiting tool. A bowl game is a bowl game after all when sitting in a young kids living room.

  9. Actually most of the bowl games(because there is no seeding process)are more interesting than some of the match ups in the NCAA and NIT BB tournaments. I’ve watched many clunkers because of seeding.

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