Hoosier Morning

A national ranking and looming showdown with Maryland doesn’t change anything for the Hoosiers, Mike writes.

James Blackmon Jr. did more than score vs. Illinois, making an impact on defense, I wrote.

Kevin Wilson and staff will continue to take aim at the best available players as the recruiting season winds down, Pete DiPrimio of the Fort Wayne News-Sentinel writes.

One recent mock draft has IU running back Tevin Coleman slipping to the Washington Redskins in the fourth round, according to drafttek.com.

Lost in the calls for Tom Crean’s job and the necessity for job-saving wins is a season and coaching job above expectations, Rick Bozich of WDRB.com writes.

Two of the Big Ten’s biggest surprises will meet at Assembly Hall Thursday in a first-place battle, Zach Osterman of the Indianapolis Star writes.

Indiana comes in at No. 8 in best hoops state for college basketball, according to Ryan Fagan of The Sporting News.

Maryland’s Dez Wells is getting closer to being fully healthy and realizing his role for the Terps, Roman Stubbs of the Washington Post writes.

The matchup issues Maryland presents is a big part of its success, according to Tom Crean, Don Markus of the Baltimore Sun writes.

Some video of IU signee Juwan Morgan in action, via Inside the Hall.

On behalf of the Hoosiers’ debut in the polls, “Ranking Full Stop” by The English Beat.


  1. “A coaching job above expectations.” One sub-par season (not even a losing season) following the first Big Ten Championship in many years, and a few teenagers who did some dumb stuff, and some people were (and still are) calling for his job. Hey, I know. Because all of Crean’s critics are perfect, and none of his predecessors ever had disappointing seasons or coached kids that made immature mistakes, let’s set our expectations of IU’s Basketball Coach so high, and make the job so undesirable, that no experienced coach will ever want to take the IU job in the future. Sanctimony at its finest!

  2. Coleman in the 4th round now? How disappointing! He could have stayed and been a Heisman candidate. That’s really too bad I hope he blows it away at the combine!

  3. of course last year was a losing season. take away the 9 cupcakes that iu wins if even podunk is coaching and we are 8-15. if you think iu beating the kennesaw states of the world is further testament to crean’s superior coaching, you are deluding yourself.

    as for coaching “above expectations”, i think many fans believe iu being picked to finish 10th in the conference should never be an expectation. appropriate expectation for indiana should always be top 3 in the big ten. you know, like wisconsin, michigan st, and ohio st. or are we to be content with being a perennial second tier big ten program.

    that being said, i say crean is coaching AT expectations.

  4. Not sure where you went to elementary school coach, but I was taught that win a team produces more wins than losses, that’s a winning season. But you go ahead and revise that history to fit your narrative, the record books record the 2013/2014 as a winning season.

  5. I don’t see Coleman lasting until the fourth round, but then again, the value of running backs has been diminished a lot in recent years. Coleman may be a special talent, but most NFL GMs consider running backs to be interchangeable or disposable, and are not willing to spend top draft picks on them anymore. If he combines well, my guess is he’ll go in the third round.

  6. ” I was taught that win a team “. you were obviously taught well. what’s the expression? you can take a horse to water but you can’t make him think. sorry, now that i know you are a chick i shouldn’t waste time arguing basketball. but then, you make analysis on football recruits you have never seen or heard of. that is what’s so confounding. are you sure you are a girl?

  7. Trending Now: 1 ball inflated + 11 balls deflated + 0 regulation balls of any firmness found in Podunker’s Scoop gym bag following a coachv inspection?.

  8. coachv, is that all you’ve got? Referring to me as a “chick?” Really? I guess you’ve thrown in the towel. That was easier than than I thought it would be.

    Applying your logic, “take away all the cupcakes” Duke has played over the last 34 years, and Krzyzewski only has about 600 victories instead of 999 (as of today). Lol!

  9. I knew someone would get to InflateGate before I did! Nice one Harvard. Here’s another one in tribute to Brady’s oh-so-grippable footballs!

  10. Between Wilson having a floodgate button for proving how macho 5-4″ football players can cry like a baby and Tom Brady’s personal requests for soft squeezable balls for his delicate hands….? a)These guys don’t need pocket protection……b) placing hands under center gives new meaning to fumbling and certain questionable out-of-bounds plays the fans are grateful replay will never review….C’MON MAN!

    Do I go with Smokey Robinson and “Tears of a (Wilson) Clown”….or Jerry Lee Lewis and “Great (deflated Brady) Balls of Fire”…? or….”Tears for Fears” of hard balls though acting on your best Bel-is-a- chick behavior…Yup..Will go with Tears for Fears…Because no matter the ball inflation level or the tears pouring out your narcissistic ducts too caught up in the beautiful life you’ve made for yourself,, win the Super Bowl and you do rule the world!

    Seahawk Tom- funny commercial…Great find…Loved the fact there was also a football within the squirt drink segments..

  11. Thanks, Harvard. There is always a sensation of validation I get in your acknowledgment.

    The football was a completely unintended surprise. I remembered the “Squeeze It” drinks from the 80s and looked up the commercial in relation to squeezing a football without the slightest memory that the commercial would be so thoroughly fitting.

  12. podunk

    no, i got more if you want.

    if you think going 8-15 against mid and high-level competition qualifies as a winning season, well that’s your indiana, not my indiana.

    and can you explain to us why you are giving your analysis of football recruits you’ve never heard of before or ever seen play? is this coming from all your years of experience strapping on the shoulder pads? the only reason you see women commenting about football on tv is because dudes want to check out their bodies. that’s it. don’t believe me? name a fat, ugly woman on any football show.

    is that enough?

  13. uh, ok. i guess that means my family and i don’t have to bother putting on our iu gear for tonight’s big game. can we still have the spicy, citrus tequila shots?

  14. coachv, witnessing people expose their stupidity and low character is usually unpleasant, but you, like so many nasty little trolls that relish attacking people or institutions on-line, seem determined to continue. You coach YMCA basketball? That explains a lot given that many of your comments suggest you’re a typical “wanna be.” You’re welcome to express your opinions about the tactics and style of Crean’s teams, but the character you and the other Crean-haters display in attacking Crean and trying to diminish him is disturbing, especially since you may be in a position to influence the attitude, behavior and character development of young boys.

    As for your insistence that last year’s IU team went 8 – 15, that’s just stupid. Last year’s team produced very disappointing results, and all Hoosier fans, including Tom Crean, agree on that point. Your ridiculous method of trying to emphasize that conclusion is unnecessary. IU fans came to that realization about last February, and your recent comments offer no additional insight or expand our understanding about why last year’s team produced such disappointing results. But your comments attacking Crean, especially in the face of the evidence suggesting that this year’s team is performing much better, do imply that you’ve become a troll on the Scoop.

  15. listen lady, just answer the football question.

    i don’t coach at the y. i was being facetious. but, yes, i am a nasty little troll. in fact, i grew up in a gumball machine

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