Hoosier Morning

Indiana made a statement that it was a contender, not pretender, with Thursday’s demolition of Maryland, Mike writes.

Hoosier fans have wanted a reason to believe in this IU team, and they got one on Thursday night, I wrote.

Penn State was too tall and too much for the IU women’s basketball team, we reported.

IU’s 3-point hysteria and floor-spreading style was too much for Maryland, Rick Bozich of WDRB.com writes.

Indiana believes, and it made a believe out of Maryland, Gregg Doyel of the Indianapolis Star writes.

Indiana has gone from no hope to can’t miss in a wide-open Big Ten season, Pat Forde of YahooSports.com writes.

The Hoosiers are riding their offense to the top of the Big Ten, C.L. Brown of ESPN.com writes.

The “Fire Crean” campaign is being wrecked by the Hoosiers’ emergence this season, Mike DeCourcy of The Sporting News writes.

Indiana’s five-out offensive scheme has the Hoosiers a dangerous team every time out, Sam Vecenzie of CBSsports.com writes.

Maryland took its worst beating of the season at the hands of the Hoosiers, Don Markus of the Baltimore Sun writes.

Maryland was prepared for a rowdy crowd but not Indiana’s hot shooting, Roman Stubbs of the Washington Post writes.

Yogi Ferrell roughed up Maryland big man Jon Graham, as the Hoosiers did the same to the Terps, Pete DiPrimio of the Fort Wayne News-Sentinel writes.

Indiana was “terrific all night” against Maryland, Jordan Littman of Inside the Hall writes.

Relive the Hoosiers’ win with this highlight video, via IU Athletics.

Believe seems a popular word after Thursday night, so here’ R.Kelly with “I Believe I Can Fly.”


  1. “So maybe now all the nonsense will just stop. Maybe Crean will get the credit he deserves for the remarkable job he’s doing with these Hoosiers and the “hot-seaters” will move on to other targets, or perhaps give up the pursuit altogether.”

    The Crean-haters need to read the article written by Mike DeCourcy of The Sporting News. He gets it and he nailed it in the article presented above.

  2. I’m still grinning with not just the W, but how we won last night. What an incredible night for the Hoosiers.

    The key to the Hoosiers recent success has been Troy Williams. Some nights the shots are falling (like last night), but sometimes they aren’t (OSU & ILL). We can still pull out victories as Troy gives our offense diversity. Troy is the guy that can collapse opposing defenses, attract double-teams and open not just shooters, but cutting lanes. His improvement in seeing the game–knowing when to pass and when to create his shot–has been the key component into making this small ball lineup work. Hartman’s first three was a perfect example of this. Troy is just a matchup nightmare.

    Is there anything more fun than watching this team of shooters get hot? I couldn’t stop smiling watching our guys make it rain last night. The moment they pulled up, the entire crowd just waited for splash only to erupt in a frenzy. Sorry rest of the NCAA, you just can’t beat Assembly Hall.

    Hard to find anything to pick on last night, but I have one. Stan, Stan, Stan. I’m surprised he even saw 11 min last night. When he came in with us up 9 or 7 (can’t remember exactly) with 3 min to go in the half, he turned the ball over twice and threw up two horrible misses. I counted a 5 point swing off of Stan’s mistakes. With this team, I just don’t see how Stan fits in. I know he is one of our better perimeter defenders, but his dumb play on offense is such a net negative.

    On to Columbus!

  3. Podunker, I think you are forgetting you have a long history on this blog. You had better go back and read some of your posts from a few years back before you start blasting other people. After you have done that you might want to grab a dictionary and look up the word “hypocrite” It’s one thing to change your opinion of the coach.It’s a whole different story when you start throwing punches and pretending you have been a Crean supporter all along.

  4. The shots fall….Crean is a hero.
    The shots don’t fall….Crean can’t coach.
    I prefer to look at the overall body of work. I Have high standards for Indiana basketball. UNC, Duke, Kentucky, Kansas are consistantly top 15 teams. IU basketball and UCLA seems to just have issues staying legitimately relevant on a regular basis. I didn’t jump off the Crean band wagon for loosing a few games in a row….and I’m certainly not going to jump back on it for winning a few games 8n a row. Crean supporters fail to understand that non-supporters of Crean would be fine with him as a coach…..as long as he can produce the results on a regular basis. If we loose jbj, yogi, and Troy IU will be a mess once again for the next year or two. I don’t see many recruits on radar that can fill those shoes.

  5. RAM, knock yourself out. Go ahead and retrieve those posts that you refer to.

    What you fail to differentiate RAM, is that I’ve said all along that it is fair game to criticize a coach for the style of play he coaches, or the tactics his teams utilize, his substitution patterns, etc. But it is not appropriate to make personal attacks on the man. Yes, I’ve criticized IU coaches on this blog before. Most notably, IU’s former football defensive coordinator, Mallory. But they were not personal attacks. In fact, I went out of my way to say that Mallory was a good and decent man, etc. He just was not getting the job done. I’ve criticized Crean too. But I’ve never attacked Crean on a personal level, for his expressions of his faith in public, or his post-game handshake, his energy on the sidelines, the shirt he wares, etc. I’ve never called him a “clown.” I certainly hope you can make that distinction, RAM.

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