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The Boilermakers’ big men could be big trouble for the Hoosiers, Mike writes.

Teri Moren hopes to see some desperation from her IU women’s basketball team tonight at Michigan State, Jon writes.

IU has to play its way, not Purdue’s, to win in West Lafayette, Jordan Littman of Inside the Hall writes.

In a game of extremes, whichever team adjusts better to the matchups will win, Nathan Baird of the Lafayette Journal & Courier and Zach Osterman of the Indianapolis Star write.

Indiana is ready for a rivalry road game against the bruising Boilers, Pete DiPrimio of the Fort Wayne News-Sentinel writes.

Matt Painter says Purdue has to outwork Indiana to win and to get better this season, Pete DiPrimio of the Fort Wayne News-Sentinel writes.

Turning around IU football requires patience in the second part of a Q-and-A with Indiana athletic director Fred Glass, Pete DiPrimio of the Fort Wayne News-Sentinel writes.

OG Anunoby and Jeff City got the best of fellow IU recruit Juwan Morgan and Waynesville on Tuesday night, Tony Hawley of the Jefferson City News Tribune writes.

Former Hoosier Victor Oladipo was confirmed as a participant in the NBA All-Star Slam Dunk Contest on Tuesday, Carson Ingle of OrlandoMagicDaily.com reports.

We’ll honor the IU-Purdue rivalry with a throwback to the time “Purdue Jack” made an appearance on Bobby Knight’s coach’s show in 1981.


  1. “Purdue Jack” still one of the funniest bits ever. With the passage of time, however it’s pretty clear that there were two “jack…..s” on the set that day. Other than the horse relative, the other one wasn’t Chuck or the guy in the plaid shirt. Hard to believe, but at one time Bob and Lee Corso both had shows as IU coaches at the same time. Show biz gold. Let’s make “Assembly Hall North” loud tonight as the black and yellow-clad losing attendees shuffle out during the second half.

  2. I kind of had to stop myself and just look up towards the ceiling a few minutes ago. I was watching a youtube video of Knight talking about the mascot and it was uploaded to youtube in Dec 2006 from aruss. I sure hope we win this game tonight. Go Hoosiers!

  3. Fine DePrimo(he asks the hard Q’s)article of Glass speaking the basics of building the IU FB program using some interesting facts I’ve never thought about. Glass has the right perspective of an AD relevant to supporting the program at IU. He demonstrates his calm steady hand of leadership vs. the spontaneous knee jerking by jerks outside the program who don’t have a clue.

  4. The DePrimo article: Good questions and good answers. Also respected the AD perspective referenced by Mr. Clarion, but I have to think the comment by Mr. Glass was a mistake about the power conference states unless I did not understand something here. Michigan/MSU, Iowa/ISU, Kansas/K-State, are only a few of many states with two or more power conference teams. The most glaring of all states with one team is Ohio with only OSU. Maybe I am missing something.

  5. Glass made some valid points about Indiana Basket. His assessment of the IU program as “Elite” is stretching reality. Indiana has not won a national championship in 28 years or been to a final four in well over a decade. Indiana is a storied program for sure, but “Elite” ? Not any longer.

  6. The comment was states with more than 2 power conference programs. Fl., Tex., Cal., N.C. all larger, more populous than Indiana and with milder climates. Advantage to the “4” with the big chore to Glass and Wilson.

  7. Historically, the NC schools do not recruit that heavily in North Carolina. There is simply not an abundance of talent. I remember Duke making a big deal about the Plumlee’s being ‘home grown’ because they’d had a cup of coffee at Christ School in Asheville.

  8. Was it Chuck Hillery? Struggling to remember his last name….

    Bobby sure had reason to be Bobby in 1981…..Isiah Thomas on your roster allows for a lot of rubbing ass in
    your opponent’s face. Lord, did the Establishment despise Bobby. By 1981, they(the Establishment)fully knew we had the best young coach in the country..And they fully knew he had come to where basketball at the high school level had long been the inspirations for a tournament that everything March Madness would grow into. College basketball was soon to explode in popularity and Indiana was poised to be front and center.

    I wonder if Knight and Coach K have had a falling out of their very long friendship….I expect to never hear every blabbering and slathering Establishment ESPN media blowbag from East and West to never mention Knight’s influence and teachings upon the great ‘K,’ but I was surprised to not hear Krzyzewski give one mention of the man he used to never fail to talk about as he hit milestones….

    Then again, to some degree, Indiana still hangs from the Knight nipple….And as we see college basketball invaded by my more “show” than “know,” it’s fun to see that old video of Knight in the YouTube clip….The “show” and the snidely jabs Knight could regularly offer up in the face of any outmatched journalist in a press room interview, and all the baiting antics of anyone in his sights, was so much more enjoyable when it wasn’t based on something outside of basketball…He didn’t need his arrogance because of anything he believed spiritually was superior…He shoved his arrogance in your face because he believed in his own mastery at the game.

    I sorta despise any form of extreme arrogance, but when you have credibility based on results (results never in the form of excuses, qualifiers, a need to make your own image shine brighter by way of those that sat in the chair before you were given the honor, or by truly and viciously tearing down those that have cheated themselves of opportunity or failed somehow), it’s sure nice to have the hated “bastard” on your side. Knight was a despised bastard and his genuine qualities were as secretive his practices… He understood the world of cheats and frauds…He understood early that there was always going to be an effort to make all of Indiana into an image not of his own design….I always thought the shield of arrogance was to protect his true love for Indiana more than to protect his own deep insecurities….He loved Indiana like a second son…And because his arrogant spit came with a full dose of love for Indiana, proven success, and sharp wit rooted in intelligence, his eyes could penetrate any challenger and quickly identify the frauds that simply carried arrogance as a layer of makeup to prop false love, hide fear while spreading fear, and use it not as a jest or jab, but to act the coward atop a false podium without the knowledge, passion, and less advertised compassion to want more of yourself and those you can quietly influence when cameras weren’t rolling. .

    I truly do miss having Bobby Knight on our side….I miss having more than clown spit.

  9. Harvard – not sure what you were watching, but I definitely heard Coach K talk about Knight directly after the game. A couple of his quotes were, “He’s always in my thoughts…” and “He will always be the best (coach ever). I just happened to coach longer.”

  10. Then my apologies,….I heard a handful of interviews leading up to 1000….But I also heard numerous broadcasters talking of the “milestone”…talking of his success at Army, while finding not on breath of recognition his most important mentor……It was obvious to me the real jealousy and hatred of the old “bastard” with the brains….Nothing should be taken away from Coach K, but to mention his days at Army and not mention The General….Not only did he play under Knight, but he spent a year at Indiana as assistant under Knight before returning to West Point(’74-’75 right after Indiana’s unexpected glorious Cinderella run to the Final Four).. Sad, that most these small people that get to own the microphone can’t give one sentence of evidence for the father figure of a man and the philosophy in everything Coach K took to Duke…I listened to Walton a couple weeks ago blabber for 10 minutes(while doing his regular undermining of Alford)on Coach K without one mention of Knight…. ..Jealousy is so small…Walton has always been small…Never once have I heard him give one ounce of credit to Knight or the great center from Indiana that outplayed him at a Final Four(yes, that same ’73 Final Four mentioned above)….It such a wonderful sign of confidence when even the greatest of the game take the time to recognize those that gave them unexpected challenges and remained outside the limelight….Such a great gift to be as verbally skilled and then use that skill in front of millions to simply beat your own drum..or the drum of any angle a story that perpetuates your own constant agenda to only recognize those from your own circle….

  11. All credit for Coach K……And all credit to those that own the microphone…But at the end of the day(and the end of the nipple)is the Big Daddy ‘K once feeding the genius to a little ‘k.’

  12. Oh, and I found the interview….Kudos to Gus Johnson for prompting Coach K to say a few words about Knight…..in the courtside postgame interview(@1:45 mark) after #1000. But I did see other interviews heading up to the milestone without mention of Knight when there was no necessary “prompting.” And the “if he’s(Knight) watching” comment from Coach K in the Gus Johnson interview makes me wonder if Coach K and Knight sill talk and stay in contact…Doesn’t sound like it.

    I do hope we get through this Crean era before the “bastard” kicks the bucket….I don’t care if he gets buried face up or face down….I would just love to see Assembly Hall be a true resting place for his broken heart.

  13. H4H — Re: post #9, I am honored to relieve your worried mind, if it still needs it. If my memory serves, the “journalist’s” name was Chuck Marlow. Ted Hillary was a referee.

  14. Marlow….Thanks. I am honored you took the time…Was Chuck Hillary a game show host?

  15. I could be highly cynical about the answers that Glass in his interview with Pet DePrimio, but I appreciate the questions asked and most of the answers Glass responded with. However, in making reference to three former coaches that inherited struggling Big Ten college Football programs, Glass may need to do his homework a little better in the future. Glass said, “If you look at Hayden Fry at Iowa, or Barry Alvarez at Wisconsin or Gary Barnett at Northwestern, they took long-suffering programs and turned them around, but it took a while.” Sorry Fred, but the three coaches you referenced achieved winning seasons within the fourth season at each of their respective Big Ten Schools. Alvarez went 1-10, 5-6, 5-6, and then 10-1-1 in his fourth season at Wisconsin. Barnett went 3-8, 2-9, 3-7-1, and then 10-2 in his fourth year. Hayden Fry went 5-6, 4-7, and then 8-4 in his third season at Iowa. And Glass needs to realize that each of those schools had worse records the year before those coaches were hired than IU had the year before Wilson was hired.

    I agree with Glass that IU was two plays away from going to a Bowl game in 2013. The loss to Minnesota was a debacle. But since we didn’t, and even attributing the 2014 record to some really bad luck, Glass may want to re-consider how important the 2015 season will be to the future of IU Football. Anybody think IU will get eight to ten wins in 2015? Neither do I. I’ll be delighted with six or seven.

  16. Demographics and population are legitimate issues in recruiting for football, but that’s all the more reason IU should be investing money to expand/increase recruiting across the country instead of spending lots of money on tall flag poles, large American flags and paved parking lots. The money Glass foolishly wasted on that stuff could have been spent to expand recruiting across the country. IU is a great school and a great place to go to school, but you need to spread the word and market the program in areas where most teenagers and parents are not familiar with the benefits of attending Indiana University. Heck, if IU had two full-time scouts in California, or one in Texas and one in California, the demographics and number of Major Conference Football programs in the state would be irrelevant.

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