Hoosier Morning

Purdue secured a second consecutive win over a ranked team at the expense of No. 22 Indiana, Mike writes.

The Hoosiers got a reality check in West Lafayette, and the reality is they’re not a top 25 team, I wrote.

The IU women’s basketball team continued its struggles on the road with a loss at Michigan State, Jon wrote.

IU’s offensive struggles just fed its defensive struggles at Purdue, Zach Osterman of the Indianapolis Star writes.

Purdue put it all together in rousing performance against Indiana, Nathan Baird of the Lafayette Journal & Courier writes.

Five takeaways from IU-Purdue, including that the rivalry game still means something, Alex Bozich of Inside the Hall writes.

Purdue proved the notion that its big men couldn’t keep up with Indiana to be a myth, Pete DiPrimio of the Fort Wayne News-Sentinel writes.

The landscape of college athletics and expanding profile of the Big Ten are topics in Part 3 of the Fred Glass Q-and-A with Pete DiPrimio of the Fort Wayne News-Sentinel.

A fitting choice for the day after Purdue — Kenny Chesney with “Reality.”


  1. For any Hoosier fan who questions the importance of having a successful Football program, just read the following from Fred Glass:

    “Penn State, Ohio State, Michigan will make more money in one football game than we’ll make in an entire seven-game home schedule. We made the least amount of money on football last year, around $5 million. Michigan made the most at $145 million. That’s the environment we’ve been trying to compete in. I think we’ve been pretty effective. There are ways to leverage our size to our advantage, but having said all that, it’s still a challenge to compete in a conference where almost everybody has a lot more money.”

  2. Winning puts butts in the stands! I took the avg attendance and stadium capacity and figured out per ticket what IU was losing a few years ago…I looked online for the avg a family would spend at concessions and factored parking in…it was amazing…we are losing millions and millions. For what we lose dollar wise in 3-4 years , we could finally take a chance on someone like Harbaugh or Chucky and yes, it would be taking a risk but if we won…we would be up there with the bigger schools because we would pack the stadium. A “big name” would put thousands of extras in the stands anyway! IU continues to want to underpay their coaching staff and hope for the home run but that hasn’t worked through any coach since Mallory. I think we will do well next year but if not, spend a ton and hire a “big name” for GOD sakes!

  3. That sounds great JPat, I would love to see a big name coach come here but two problems. What kind of money are we talking to get a big name to come to IU? It would have to be way more than what Harbaugh is getting at Michigan or what Meyer is getting at OSU. Second, say you land this big name coach and due to IU’s lack of football tradition the recruits don’t follow. How long do you continue to pay the big name coach if all you get is mediocrity year after year? Just because you have a big name doesn’t mean the recruits will come. After all it is still IU.

  4. Let Crean try his hand at football(I’m sure he could identify the talent) and let’s find that “big name” for the most deserving storied basketball program in the Midwest…..Let’s stop watching ND grabbing the headlines for beating the Dukes of the college b-ball world… Let’s stop hearing of how that Butler school is the new destination for brainy coaches that can take teams to Final Fours…

    You’re wanting to spend an awful lot of money on plastic surgery for Memorial …..We have a program that could be dominant tomorrow if simply given a shower and a haircut…The talent is in our backyard..The fans and the tradition are always primed and packed in the seats because of a love for a game so tied to our statewide passions for hoops….The health of Indiana’s national relevance is in the probabilities of consistency in greatness….The time is fading fast and soon all the talent this fertile hoops land will simply choose Butler, ND, OSU, MSU, Michigan, etc…..

    Memorial will not bring Indiana back to national sports relevancy….It’s our turning our back on those treasured banners that makes an even greater joke of our lost ways and our football follies amongst a sea of high school basketball talent….

    Hire a basketball COACH!!! Respect what our forefathers of hoops dominance did to fill those Assembly seats…Why are you turning your back on the names that brought that tradition? We have a plenty adequate football coach. Where we have made the mistake is our throwing millions at inadequacy in selling image at Assembly over substance….Please don’t go wasting millions more for an even greater lost cause at your pleasurable Saturday fall afternoon football palace….

  5. First, I’m hoping that this discussion become moot within the next year. I want Wilson to succeed and remain as IU’s coach until he retires. Nothing would please me more. Having said that, if we need to replace him in the next two years, IU does not need a “big name” coach who commands $5 million a year plus. But we at least need to hire a man with previous successful head-coaching experience. Coach Hep was a great hire and future hires should be modeled after his pedigree. Hep was a successful head coach prior to arriving at IU. He wanted to be at IU and considered the IU job a major advancement in his career progression. He even said at the time that the IU job was his dream job. And yet, his salary did not bankrupt IU’s athletic budget.

    I really hope Wilson succeeds and stays on. But if he does not, I hope Fred Glass will refrain from hiring another coach without successful head coaching experience. “The best indication of future performance is past performance.”

  6. I agree with Harvard. IU can refocus back on football once we get basketball straightened out. Look at what Stevens did with butler. Look at what Smart is doing with VCU. Look at Bennett at Virginia. Look at what Marshall is doing at Witchita st. What Crean did at Marquette is laughable compared to what those coaches have done with those schools. Creans success at Marquette is similar to that of Alford at UCLA…and they are 12-9.
    I’m the last generation that knows Bob Knight. Even people 2-3 years younger than me Identify IU with Dane Fife and 2002. I has a brand, but if they don’t invest in that brand what IU basketball is will slowly turn into mediocrity. It’s really sad. I know Bob Knight would of returned his salary after last season. Crean needs to do IU basketball and his career a favor and take an NBA job. Do what Stevens did and cut ties classy and on a high note…..if he can.

  7. I want basketball straightened out as well so I get that Harvard. I want to be great in basketball but will accept mediocrity in football and have never thought that too much to ask lol.

    I want Wilson to win 7 or 8 this year…I have grown to like this guy, like his fire. I do think this should be the year and if we win 4 or 5 games IU should look another direction. That is just my opinion and I share that with everyone around me in my section in the stadium.

    1992, I understand what you are saying but a “big name” will be attractive to recruits and put butts in the stands. Those are two things we have struggled with for 20 years at IU football. This class coming in is awesome I must say. My thing is the passion was there from a couple coaches but 5 coaches since Mallory and none have done it so why not take a shot…nothing else has worked. I don’t agree you would need to pay more than Harbaugh or Meyer if you found the right guy but you would have to pony up some cash.

  8. i would love for podunk to explain how iu has been “pretty effective” in football and what are the “ways to leverage our size to our advantage”. this is the brilliant analysis you get when women try to discuss football

    1. coachv,
      You’re welcome to disagree and debate Podunker all you want and vice versa, but constantly making it personal with the junior high and sexist approach of calling somebody a “woman” is not acceptable. This is your warning before the Scoop vacation police make an arrest.

  9. Jeremy, don’t be too hard on coach v. He can’t win the debate, so childish insults are all he’s got. But you might also advise coach v, so as to minimize his humiliation, to put more effort and pay closer attention to the way he digs up and uses old quotes from previous discussion threads written in different contexts. I don’t remember when “pretty effective” or “ways to leverage our size to our advantage” were written, but as anyone following this discussion can see, they’re not from any comment I’ve made on this thread.

  10. Can I place a song dedication to coachv? Why? Not because I care if Podunker is a woman Only simply because it’s one bad-ass great tune.

    Lord..that picture was hilarious….I can’t stop laughing over coachv in the hoveround…And I don’t know if Jeremy is ever going to live down the mall cop persona….very, very funny stuff…I can’t compete…I try, but I really can’t.

  11. Oh, and forgot to mention….Great post!, Ben_M….

    IU has a brand, but if they don’t invest in that brand what IU basketball is will slowly turn into mediocrity.

    Couldn’t agree more…And those that want to detour from that “brand” do so for many varying ulterior and self-righteous motives that will eventually undermine Indiana sports into total irrelevancy. And it is most definitely sad to use a great public institution in a basketball rich state to a level of selfish motives protected…..

  12. The only reason that IU is not relevant in either of the big two sports is that current and previous administrations have let it happen. It is they who have been willing to accept TV revenue for playing the patsy, and it is the fans who turned a blind eye while the basketball program was unraveling while adopting a loser’s mentality regarding football. Glass is blowing smoke with his numbers. Don’t buy it.

  13. Agree…Glass is all about the smoke and fireworks.. and flag poles…and glowing crosses…and witch hunts validated.. Would you expect otherwise..? He was hired by the basketball coach(Mr. Substance, himself), an attorney to make it all “kosher’ that he had previous dealings with in Indy, and the rest a pretend “caddyshack” committee that included consultations from an IU golfer. .Yes, an IU golfer to represent the concerns of Indiana students tied to their beloved sports programs….At least the final member of such prestigious committee actually carried a bag to hold some balls. To change basketball coaches without the other dismantling the entire smoking members of the backroom committee that took us here would be pretty useless….

  14. Never mind…You’ve obviously employed some form of delay/review system…Do you ever leave your post? I do admire such dedication.

  15. Every so often JPat appears, tries to move the rug out from under the football coach and dress it up a being supportive of IU. He is not! His business is being the same erosive, anti-IU, treacherous to the long-term hopes of those of us who sustain our hopes and remain faithful to the idea that the Cream and Crimson can become a winning program through this slow, patient cultivation of a foundation that insures a stabilized, long-term winning program that can compete at the higher levels of the BiG, under and with Wilson’s vision.

    And JPat disappears when he senses that it might just happen with the approach; re-appearing- unpredictably- only occasionally to share the virus of defeatism he spreads.

    We don’t buy it Jpat; we know some of yours comes from your disappointment to be an ‘insider’ fell through as Wilson gives us three excellent recruiting classes back to back and puts the Hoosiers at the gate of a truly competitive football program …; for you? …back to serving tables and spreading your ‘backfence gossip’ while emptying your table at the IU football pancake breakfast!

  16. Jeremy, I’ve now read the coachv post four times and do not see where he called anyone a ‘woman’. Perhaps the statement did not speak glowingly of [a group of] women discussing football; but, using the term perjoratively was not evident in my reading of it.

  17. Wow….Heard on the news tonight that thousands of black crows have descended upon Boomington. Sounds a bit scary…I was down their a few weeks ago(Trojan Horse trip)and I saw the same thing….All over the downtown square were crows atop the dark trees and on all the decorative architectural ledges and edges of gables of the Monroe County Courthouse…..It was right out of a George Romero movie…Too dark for Hitchcock…Very spooky stuff…Unbelievable numbers of crows…I thought that it was just something out of the weird and bizarre to only that night….But to hear this has been going on for weeks and now there are health concerns…? Too bad we don’t have those Sampson thugs that used to drive up and down the streets with their boomboxes blaring….? Surely that would scare the hell out of them…Am I right, Husky Tom?

  18. Time for a Scoop Rollback….Can’t access the old Basketblog stuff(Sampson ‘thugs” and their boomboxes…or the nautical tales of old men fighting dark demons their innermost fears at sea, Tom Jones in leather pants, cobblestone streets and trips to Annecy, and the wonderful aromas of freshly baked crusty breads from French bakers named Pierre), but sometimes Scoop can provide some real classics….

    HuskyTom #2

    Saturday, July 11, 2009 – 7:46 AM EST

    I’m not convinced that these Zellers and Plumlees are worth the trouble. They act like they are elite prospects, as they turn up their nose at the Hoosiers every chance they get. In the end they turn out to be just a bunch of mormonish skinny white kids who average 4 points a game and flail around a lot. Do we really need to waste scholarships on glorified Kyle Tabers and Ben Allens?

  19. Never noticed earlier that the back half our schedule is really setting up in our favor…We have no @ Michigan, @ Iowa, and @ Minnesota games this year…Those are some of the toughest road environments in all the Big 10…Meatchicken(thanks Clarion), Hawkeyes, and Gophers all home games this year…Other than Wisconsin and Maryland on the road, the other pair of BIG teams on the road are of lowest tier and very winnable(Rutgers and Northwestern)…

    If we could steal the game at Maryland(or pull a shocker in Madison), it’s very conceivable we could go the rest of the way through this back half at 9-1….Hard to imagine we’d go any worse than 7-3.. Needless to say, we’re very difficult to defeat at home…..With 6 out of the next 10 at home, and the high probability of taking a minimum of two BIGs on the road, an overall BIG record somewhere between 12-6 to as high as 14-4……And it’s almost impossible to imagine something as low as 11-7..

    I’m going with only 2 more losses and a prediction of 13-5…I honestly think we can sweep the home games and split 2 of the 4 remaining on the road…or stumble once at home and take 3 of the 4 on the road…

    Before entering the BIG tournament, I’m thinking an overall record of 23-8.

  20. ….and though it’s on the road, only one game against Wisconsin…

    This may be one of our easiest BIG schedules/set-ups in years…..(I’m sure many of you already knew this).

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