Indiana holds off No. 22 Ohio State, 69-66 #iubb

He went coast-to-coast in a span of seven frenetic seconds midway through the second half, starting the sequence with a dunk on one end and finishing with a much-needed block on the other.

It was a quick stretch of action that served as a microcosm of Troy Williams’ Saturday afternoon, one that he spent atoning for an empty effort only five days earlier. Williams scored 15 points, while grabbing 12 rebounds to lead the Hoosiers to a 69-66 win over No. 22 Ohio State before an announced 15,563 at Assembly Hall.

Indiana withstood a late push from Ohio State, which cut the Hoosiers’ lead to one point with 32 seconds remaining in regulation before the Hoosiers put the game away with four free throws from Yogi Ferrell in the final 20 seconds.

After suffering an embarrassing 20-point loss at Michigan State on Monday, Indiana responded with a big effort on the glass. The Hoosiers outrebounded the Buckeyes 48-39, hustling for second and third opportunities on the offensive glass and outwilling Ohio State to build an advantage that swelled to as many as 11 points late in the first half.

James Blackmon Jr. snapped a recent shooting slump with a team-best 18 points for Indiana, which hosts Penn State at Assembly Hall on Tuesday.

Indiana shot 40 percent (22-for-55), including a 22 percent mark (4-of-18) from 3-point range.

For the third consecutive game, Hanner Mosquera-Perea picked up two fouls in the opening minutes, and this time it was Hartman who took his spot on the floor, giving Indiana the kind of valuable hustle minutes it needed to get back into the game after Ohio State started on a 9-2 run.

The Hoosiers committed five turnovers in the first five minutes, including three straight on their first three possessions. After trailing by seven at the first media timeout, Indiana outscored OSU 22-6 over the next 10 minutes.

Zeisloft keyed the run with back-to-back baskets, including a corner 3-pointer, while pulling down four first-half rebounds.

Indiana dominated the boards 30-15 through the first 20 minutes, while scoring 12 early second-chance points.

Williams hit the glass hard, while shooting 6-of-13 from the field.

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  1. Good win for IU … This games shows what they are capable of … The question is, Can they be consistent in bringing that kind of effort for every game from here on out? If so, maybe they will turn some heads and surprise few people who have already given up on them and the season.

  2. If only Troy Williams had a shot, he could average 25 points a game. Oladipo was a terrible shooter his freshman and sophomore seasons, then became a very good one. Hopefully, Troy can make this transition as well — he might even be more athletic than Vic.

  3. A win is a win in the Big Ten. We won in spite of ourselves, but on the bright side Williams played very, very well and I thought Holt did as well. Blackmon was good in the 2nd half. Yogi hit some very crucial FTs. Johnson & Holt need to play more in exchange for less Perea and Ziesloft.

    Now I will outline the “brilliance” that is Tom Crean;
    1) having Hartman not only inbound the ball, but bring it up the floor, in a key point in the game, (why not have Yogi, Johnson, Blackmon or damn near any single one of our 10 guards handle it!?!?) Result: Turnover & OSU 2 pts.
    2) the “play” drawn up to inbound the ball & get a shot with 3 sec. to go on our own end. If I recall Yogi inbounded it & threw a bad pass to Blackmon who was moving AWAY from our bucket (no screens or other action to move the ball closer to the rim for a shot) Result: 2 botched inbound attempts, no shot.
    3) having Ziesloft on the block during the critical FT by OSU late (why not Holt!?!? Or Williams?!?!?!) Result: Foul & a 4 pt. possession.

    Week upon week I see a gross mismanagement of the talent we have, 3 examples noted above. I’m sure there were many, many more.

  4. Looking forward (dumb), next up Penn State. KenPom numbers. IU #53, Penn State #114. At home, should be an easy win? Well, E Washington currently ranked #116. We’ve lost to #’s 8, 12 and 42. Won against #’s 31, 27, 20 and 92.

  5. How interesting. When IU BB loses, a large number of comments are posted in The Scoop with 24 hours of the game. Many, if not most, are critical of Crean. But when IU wins, only a smattering of comments are posted.

    Give AWinAZ credit for being consistent. He criticizes Crean even when IU defeats a top 25 team! You know, if The Scoop would have been available back in the 70 and early 80’s, I’m sure he could have found things to criticize Knight for after every game.

  6. JPat-

    Great post! Make sure you capitalize “Right” next time…He is soooooo Right, indeed….as in Wing…Conservative…Bush…Pat Robertson…Patriotic too! Don’t ever call him the ‘t’ word…..but I’ve heard a rumor or two that he’ll look for a crucifixion party faster than Crean at a Sampson marshmallow roast…A bit of a flag burner and Benedict Arnold when it comes to Hoosier Football….Blames fans for not being at games he’s busy watching at home….Has a lot of friends that didn’t realize IU had a football program…He’s snidely Right, indeed….Reminds me of that Lindsey Graham dude…The Right nasal is probably much more nasally than the left….If it was anymore Right it could probably whistle like Arnold alerting the British that the Colonists are coming….But always in the “Right” when it comes to supporting someone as square and conservative as Tom Crean…

    Did I tell you Wilson hits the bars around Bloomington now and then? Just a rumor, but I heard he hits the sauce and can be quite the jerk as he “terrorizes’ dorm rooms…someone Left such a rumor at my doorstep when they referred to Wilson as the ‘j’ word……But Crean….? He’s no jerk…He’s an angel and always Right….and tight…probably takes TC two weeks longer than one of his Apologist Apostles to pass a stool the size of a snidely Podunker pee-sized offering during Hoosier Football season….

  7. Congrats to IU for a good win. They played hard and deserved it. Crean deserves some kudos for getting the team in a better mindset after the Michigan State game. I do think the Big 10 is down this year and that Wisconsin and Michigan State will fight it out for the title. AwinAZ is right. I was stunned to see Ziesloft on the block for an important free throw. Why? Also, Hartman bringing the ball up court was foolish with the guards we have. Bad decisions… I would like to see Holt start. He has so many more basketball skills than Perea. If he gets in foul trouble, then bring in Perea. Indiana should make the tournament this year and then I think next year will be make or break for Crean. He can have a really good team next year if he can recruit a highly skilled big man. If he cannot, then IU needs someone who can. Expectations for IU every year should be to fight for the Big 10 title and go to at least the Sweet Sixteen. They need the right coach and the players to make that happen.

  8. Hopeful, there’s no more room on the roster for Crean to recruit a “really good big man.” Unless three players transfer, or one of the two recruits that have already committed don’t sign, which would be blamed on Crean too, IU does not have the scholarships to give to a really good big man. We’re already over next year’s scholarship limit right now and will need two players to transfer as it is. But as Crean has said in the past, these things tend to take care of themselves.

  9. Oh Harvard, you should know that flattery won’t get you anywhere with me. But I do appreciate the effort. Now, be a good boy and take your medication.

  10. Say what you want Podunker….anyone skilled in the art knows my 3 points are valid & that those situations are coachable. Fact is, I didn’t need to criticize Knight’s coaching trivial situations.

  11. Just trying to offer J Pat a little perspective..For all the conviction you have for CharlaTom ValvoCrean, you have equal desire to set into motion a sentence of doubt, a different sort of “conviction” you endlessly place upon Wilson and his staff.

    What’s equally odd is that all of measures of basketball success and failure is cast upon Crean….Doesn’t anyone think that stronger assistants can make for a stronger basketball team?

    Are there a bunch of new assistants on the IU Basketball bench or is it that I’m just starting to notice their increasing involvement? I just seem to be noticing what appears to be much more of a “team” approach at timeouts and pulling players aside for instruction…? This could finally be a very smart move by Crean…The greatest leaders seek input from their “cabinet” ….I hope Crean now has appointed his Secretary of Zone Defense….an Ambassador of In-Bound Plays…a Secretary of State Recruiting….Secretary of the Interior Post Play…Secretary of Energy at Road Games….Secretary of Education the X’s and O’s….Secretary of Homeland Security…Attorney “General” Handshake Negotiator…

    Anyway, Ive noticed a much wider approach and the team of advisers is a welcome sight….No different than football…New appointments can bring fresh ideas …I hope Crean is finally becoming a leader that understands it’s not always firing back at criticism often taken too personally, but seeking new advice and a committee of ideas you’ve often overlooked that was only one chair or two down the aisle of seats next to his own.

    But for most fans not very sophisticated always looking for scapegoats…? It has to have a label of official position easy to target(defensive coordinator, backs coach, offensive coordinator) to take much notice…But every sport has more than meets the eye serving to make a team stronger or weaker beyond the head coach or the easy figurehead our targeted venom….Crean could survive on mostly charisma and recruiting if he can evolve into a true president, CEO, head coach by utilizing the expertise around him….

    Some are not capable of noticing such positive signs beginning to manifest in a changed coaching style from Crean…..But Harvard…? Yes, I notice.

    Now you be a good boy, Podunker…and start bringing some original perspectives and hope rather than only the drastic extremes of only “hire” or “fire” without examining the true dynamics of the job a leader. But I shouldn’t pick on just you…There are very few original thinkers here…Just a lot of throwing beers and jeers at easy targets without the need to have true vision the entire court…

  12. Sometimes I surprise myself….That was sorta fun…Secretary of the Interior Post Play…Where do I come up with this stuff…..? Medication, indeed…Lots of medication. (green smiley face here).

  13. zeisloft “fouled” that tool of a freshman point guard for osu on that play who kept snapping his head back anytime an iu player got near him. he did that 4 time in the last couple minutes of the game and managed to fool the refs twice. what a wussy. he looked like some euro-trash flopping around in a soccer match. pathetic. man up

  14. HoosierDaddy- I don’t think Williams is as good an athlete as Oladipo, and I know he (Williams) doesn’t have half the basketball intellect and and a third of the heart and leadership command Dipo had and put on the floor every time he played (and probably at each and every practice. Don’t get so carried away you lose consciousness. There’s a reason ‘Dipo was such a high draft choice and it wasn’t just about speed or jumping ability. I’m actually surprised anyone can even make the comparison. When Williams has a puff of the career at IU that Oladipo did and leaves behind him the magnificent legacy ‘Dipo left…then we can begin a conversation. That will never happen.

  15. HfH- Good #13. I do believe you are right (maybe you should call them Harvie’s Laws, like #1, #2…). This one would be #X- Every great coach hires assistants better than he is (at something critical).

  16. Seriously…Is it just me….? Are there more special assistants/managers/advisors on the bench this year? Just looks like a much more sizable entourage this season…Who’s the assistant that sorta looks like Kelvin Sampson? Did he replace Kenny Johnson? I think I noticed him sorta consoling Hanner in the OSU game right after Crean yanked him from the floor(after Hanner picked up a foul….possibly his second)…Hanner appeared upset and this particular assistant made a real effort to talk to him, put his arm around his shoulder, and do some coaching from the bench….

    This is all rather curious to me..Are other coaches getting involved despite of Crean or because Crean is easing up on the reins of total control? McClain seems to take over the timeout huddles once in awhile as well…I’m not sure how to interpret these developments….coachv noticed some minor improvements in tactical aspects on the floor against OSU on screens and in-bounds plays….Hurray for Crean if he’s finally taken down he barriers and is listening to the team of coaches around him…It’s never too late to ask for help….in a very subtle fashion. It mean a ton of good for the evolution of some young players…Maybe it’s even contributing to Holt gaining speed so quickly….More going on behind the scenes than we realize sometimes..Maybe there were some assistants that were dead weight? Cheaney….? Johnson…? You never know feelings and real motives…..and how they fit within the dynamics of expertise shared.

  17. This guy.. First year guy….Chuck Martin…He’s the guy that reminds me a bit of Sampson….Something tells me that this gentleman is a very fine coach and it’s moving his knowledge through the ranks….

  18. TsaoTsuG — Did you actually read what I wrote, or just decide to commence with your usual snarkiness? I wrote that if Williams actually could shoot the ball, he could average 25 points a game. I never mentioned heart or effort or intellect — none of those words was used. I compared the two only in that Victor couldn’t hit the broad side of a barn in his first two years, but when he came back for his junior year, he was a good shooter. Then I essentially wrote that I’d love to see Williams make a similar transition. And I do think that Williams is a better athlete than Oladipo. I think perhaps you’re the one getting carried away in your rush to climb to your lofty perch and dispense your vast wisdom from on high. (By the way, make sure to close your parentheses).

  19. hmmmm…. in a strictly athletic debate… who comes out on top???

    I’d say Williams is potentially faster from end to end. He may be able to touch a higher place on a backboard. He is actually fairly fluid… Most of his advantages come from his height and length over Dipo.

    On the other hand, Dipo owns power, quickness, cordination, timing, hand-eye coordination, and sticktoitiveness…

    Luckily for us (IU fans) they both work well on the court.

  20. You are right…it has long been a failure on my part and I frequently do not close my parenthesis and, since I seldom edit my posts, miss it. Sometimes, I get ahead of myself. Rereading your original post, I think it will be a long time until we see another Victor Oladipo, whose athleticism I believed was off the charts in several ways (basketball intelligence, drive, discipline, focus. will to improve, etc. and still consider him clearly ahead of Williams. On a second reading, I don’t think the issue as you raised it was as dramatic as I thought it or described it; my apologies.

  21. I truly get the admiration for Dipo….Great young man…Very talented….Extreme work ethic…super defender…Highlight reel dunks.
    But as a smooth jump shooter and confident stroke from perimeter..? A truly multifaceted player that will eventually be a known “scorer” and clutch performer on a regular basis…(as in anything approaching the guys the greats of the game past and present)? I don’t see it…He still lays a lot of eggs. See his last stat line on his most recent game…Something like 0-6 on 3-pointers and 25% from the rest of the field….Same thing at IU…At times he was on..At other times he was horribly off(though he did impact games on the defensive end and with the up-and-down speed/motor). I just don’t put him in the same league of NBA greats that conjure up my version/vision of the best in the game(instinctively and artfully)…..Bird, Dr. J, Magic…The Big 0…Maravich….Jordan…Iverson…Earl Monroe…Clyde Frazier…How about a guy like Scottie Pippen..? If you could take each and place in same era, who do you take…? Pippen or Dipo? .More recent names: Russell Westbrook…Irving….Wall…Curry…

    Does Dipo have the staying power to be as relevantthe level he was drafted? Same with Cody? And, I guess, who really cares…? Can’t championships at the college level be won without the truly storied/memorable talents of the next level…? Is it not the talents Dipo possesses that could even be more vital at the college level…? His leadership..his tenacity..his unique versatility that made him far more difficult to contain on a balanced college team than amongst a sea of superb athletes and scorers moving at a faster pace with shorter shot clock at the NBA level..? Dipo was built for college championships…It’s sort of a shame that he didn’t value what that could mean to his own set of memories so suited for his personal traits and his drive. Same with Zeller…These were not going to be the super-memorable stars of the NBA…They had such a wonderful shot at living in eternal memory the last years of youth and true innocence a love uncorrupted by dollar signs surrounding and suffocating the game.

    On a different note…Just took a glance at a list of NBA top scorers…Who would have thunked it? Gordon Hayward is currently tied at #20 averaging 18.9 ppg… Isaiah Thomas is at #59(14.8 ppg) hovering right above Dipo at #56(15 ppg)…How many people think of Isaiah Thomas as an NBA player that will be remembered for decades….(as opposed to the Isiah Thomas that led his Hoosiers to a banner and played in !2 NBA All-Star games, won two NBA championships, countless MVP awards, and named to NBA 50th Anniversary All-Time Team).?

    I think of all these guys built for college championships and they get sucked into believing they’ll be the next Wade, MJ, Isiah,……Sports medicine is evolving so unbelievably fast…You see guys coming back from torn ACL’s in 9 months…There’s rarely an injury that is career ending….Guys are bouncing back from injuries that used to take a couple years to recover at 50% full strength and often coming back stronger than before injury with 1/3 the recovery time in the present, almost revolutionary day, of sports medicine..

    There is far less risk of throwing an NBA career away because of injury by staying in college…Stay and play for the memories and the cheers from fans that will never again be matched…Play for banners instead of being part of a revolving door of phenoms where 95% are forever forgotten. The memories of what you do for that college program, coach, teammates, fans will have far more lasting power for yourself and for the game becoming so warped of its true beauty in collective achievement for those that will never sniff the sad and uneven emphasis we put on the NBA model/athlete.

  22. Harv – so in other words Dipo is like Blackmon (6-12 on 3’s against G’Town, but 3-15 in the 3 games since…). Dipo shot 44% his last year at IU and is shooting 37% this year from NBA range… both are above average. His advanced stats profile projects him to have a career similar to Andre Iguadala… While that isn’t HOF material, it also is a pretty darn good career – AI has played on Team USA in the Olympics as a solid contributor on a gold medal winning team. So to answer you question, yes he has and will deserve to be drafted where he was. Especially considering the draft he was part of. In fact, you could make a case he deserved to go one spot higher.

  23. Nah….Take the cash. College is overrated. 64+ teams entering every March Madness…? Outside of those few truly “elite” programs that always seem to be knocking on the Final Four door(Syracuse, NC, Duke, Kansas, Florida, Louisville)..or those lovely Cinderellas many get so infatuated with puppy love Final Four runs(Butler, Dayton, UK), what’s the odds you’re ever going to get there? Yeah..Take the cash. Indiana is a great town to eat gyros and pizzas…Relatively safe place…Beautiful campus…Absolutely stunning Hoosier coeds….Be big man on campus for a couple years…Cut some uninspiring farts at a Sweet 16 and then get the hell out…Hotter babes await…Hotter with no need to develop any kind of savvy to a dating game…You’ll score no matter if you’re an uninteresting complete bore…Take the cash…Big home on a coastal property and Ferrari in the driveway is only a signature on a dotted line from happening…Hotel maids suddenly won’t look or act like those you knew from childhood vacations at the Motel 6…Everything goes next level…Gorgeous people following you through every door…IU was cute, but you’re an adult now….Time to get on with life…Babes…Time to take care of the family back home…Babes…Time to reward Crean with another NBA approved stamp on his coaching resume…Babes…Time to think about your future and putting some pennies aside for that rainy day you blow out the ACL…Babes….Time to be interesting to the opposite sex…Babes….Time make papa proud…Babes….Time to be a guest on First Take…Babes. Time to be the CEO of a round leather ball…Babes. Take the cash, babe…Take the cash. What’s more important..? Your elite status or some hick college finding elite status because you’re willing to waste your time at Final Four odds that simply aren’t possible? Babes.

  24. Well, Blackmon is a freshman only 1/3 into a college season….Gotta give him a bit of time to find the rims in the settings of all those different gyms….And gotta get him the ball at the opportune times..Babes….Blackmon will be gone as well…Babes.

    I’m not the expert….You’re the expert…Babes.

  25. “There are very few original thinkers here,….” You flatter yourself, Harvard, and you’re mask of humility slipped a little bit. You’re not an original thinker, you’re someone who has too much time on his hands. You’re the guy at the party who is the only one laughing at his own jokes, and then mocking the other guests for not having an advanced sense of humor. I’ll bet you crack yourself up on a regular basis.

    But how ironic that you (and a few others) defend Wilson, who has not yet proved he can lead a team to a winning season, and who has not really improved IU Football’s record relative to his predecessor, but yet you/they continuously trash Crean, who has long since proven he can build and lead a team to winning seasons, lead them to the final four, lead them to win a Big Ten Championship, recruit and develop numerous NBA lottery picks (3 in the last two years) and rebuild a program totally destroyed by a decade of mismanagement. Now, in your superior and highly imaginative mind, you will interpret the preceding sentences as a veiled attack on Wilson. It is not. Or you will interpret those words as another example of a Crean apologist coming to his defense. I am not. I’m just pointing out the hypocrisy and/or inconsistency of those Hoosier “fans” who give the benefit of the doubt and total support to a head coach who has never won anything, relative to a head coach that has produced numerous highly successful teams. IU Basketball has been returned to a winning program under Crean. IU Football is still a losing program after four years under Wilson. Obviously, Wilson needs and deserves more time, but it just seems to me that some fans are irrational in the establishing the criteria by which both coaches’ performance should be evaluated. Maybe you can use all that spare time you have and your superior intellect to explain why that is to the rest of us.

  26. geoff,

    sticktoitiveness??? really? what language would that be? and if you are inclined to further the stupidity of people with that “word” that was coined as a joke by a certain espn announcer, what purpose does the “ive” have?

  27. I’m not a fan of made up words either but its use predates ESPN by the better part of a century.

    “The three great essentials to achieve anything worthwhile are, first, hard work; second, stick-to-itiveness; third, common sense.”
    ― Thomas A. Edison

    Geoff is in pretty good company.

  28. In answer to your question, words are composed of grammatical morphemes. There are core morphemes (also called the ‘root word’ in elementary school). The core morpheme conveys the basic concept of the word.
    The other morphemes are affixes, a category divided into prefixes, which come before the core morpheme, and suffixes (for example /ive/) which follow the core morpheme. Prefixes and suffixes are, by definition, bound morphemes, i.e. they cannot be found on their own, they must accompany a core morpheme. They do not possess meaning in isolation (such as /ive/ in the word ‘cooperatively’).
    It is a common suffix and Geoff (as well as Thomas Edison, though he hyphenated the word as was common for the time) used it appropriately.

  29. of course ive has no meaning on its own but it has meaning as a suffix and it doesn’t work in this made up word. if you want to give credence to this made up word, sticktoitness would convey the intended meaning. ive being a commonly used suffix is entirely irrelevant.

    people actually justifying the usage of this garbage wants me to imbibe in some of this grammatical morphine you speak of.

    and thanks for ruining thomas edison for me

  30. as i get drinkier, allow me to simplify for you, chet.

    he is sticktuitive

    he has sticktoitness

  31. Coachv, persist on your continuiveness while demostratively elongatine the qualitatively immensive sticktouitiveness of your epic drinkiveness!

  32. coachv becoming the House Scold has been one of the more unsavory developments of late. It is a shame, as when our esteemed coach actually has something to say, it is pretty good. But this constant nagging has caused me to seek remedy. I’m sure his nemesis Tom Crean would instruct me to “hate the sin, but love the sinner.” I’m not religious and Coach Crean’s disciplinary tactics have been wanton lately. But I also like coachv, so I took to the internets to figure out a solution.

    According to common law in England back in the 18th century, a woman convicted of being a common scold was sentenced to be placed in a “a certain engine of correction.” One engine of correction was called a ducking stool. This is a stool that would be hoisted up, exposing the offender’s buttocks to those who were below. Now, being that coachv and myself live in San Francisco, I’ll argue for the defense that the exposure of his posterior to random onlookers would constitute cruel and unusual punishment. Especially if we don’t do pat downs before the viewing.

    The other instrument of correction of was the scold’s bridle. It was a metal mask or a head cage with a bit that goes into the mouth to inhibit talking. 18th Century litigators didn’t anticipate the advent of the internet troll back then, so their prescriptions would fail to provide countermeasures against the keyboard. Although, I’m sure there are quite a few cable TV talking heads that could use this device.

    Maybe we should just buy him a pair of Hello Kitty mittens to wear for a week?

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