Indiana holds on for 72-64 win over Rutgers #iubb

The league’s least efficient offensive team made Indiana sweat one out, and while nothing came particularly easy in Saturday’s matinee with Rutgers, the Hoosiers refused to be embarrassed.

No. 22 Indiana used a big second-half run and 20 points from James Blackmon Jr. to turn away the Scarlet Knights in a 72-64 win at Assembly Hall, snapping a two-game losing streak ahead of Tuesday’s game at No. 5 Wisconsin.

Troy Williams posted a double-double of 14 points and 12 rebounds, while Yogi Ferrell added 14 points for the Hoosiers, who shot 47 percent (25-for-53) and hit eight 3-pointers. WIll

Rutgers entered play with an offensive efficiency rating of 89.3 in its first nine Big Ten games, but the Scarlet Knights shot 44 percent (24-for-54) from the field and connected on seven of their 17 3-pointers.

Myles Mack scored a game-high 24 points for Rutgers, while hitting four 3-pointers in the second half, including three in the first three minutes, to force Indiana to work a little harder.

IU coach Tom Crean switched his lineup for the first time since Hanner Mosquera-Perea’s injury and for only the fourth time all year, starting Stan Robinson over Robert Johnson and Nick Zeisloft over Williams. It was a short-lived change after Zeisloft picked up two early fouls and Williams entered three minutes into the game.

The game lacked flow as Rutgers outpaced Indiana in the first half. The Scarlet Knights used an 11-2 run midway through the first period to grab their largest lead of the day at eight points. Indiana gradually chipped away using a 14-3 run in the final five minutes of the half and clung to a 32-30 lead at halftime.

Mack got hot from the perimeter early in the second half and Indiana trailed 52-45 with 11:33 left in regulation. But the Hoosiers used a 19-5 run over the next eight minutes to go up by seven points at the final media timeout.

From there, Indiana went 10-for-10 at the free throw line to close it out.


  1. This team is showing a level of resilience that I personally didn’t see coming. Grinding out close games and coming out on top. (with the exception of the Georgetown game) They are fun to watch. I’m just glad I’m balding, so I don’t have to worry about going grey. Go Hoosiers!!!

  2. It’s always Good to win but the reality is that it’s “Rutgers” and IU was playing at home. Would there have been any reasonable excuse for ‘not’ winning?

  3. No excuse to lose. It was a must win. And we won. In fact we executed very well down the stretch and made every free throw. That is clutch.
    Would have been a bigger margin but Rutgers got a couple lucky rebounds off badly missed shots.
    Every team has games where they can’t knock down easy shots. Ask Wisconsin. They lost. And Rutgers hit a couple long range prayers. But we won anyway. That is a nice win.

  4. I believe I saw a successful inbounds play today so kudos on that, that alone will keep me happy. Beating Rutgers at home is to be expected so not much else to say except good job.

  5. 1976 NCAA Basketball Final Four


    Rutgers was once a pretty good program.

  6. A game iu could not lose because they will get destroyed at Wisconsin. We are still a bubble team but may slip in the tourney. At Wisconsin and at Maryland won’t be pretty.

  7. 1976 is the only time they made it to the final four. They also have a sweet sixteen in 1979 and that’s the extent of “pretty good program”. Six NCAA appearances: 1975, 1976, 1979, 1983, 1989, 1991. Looks to me much like a one and done, like… I don’t know… maybe the Washington Huskies: a lone final four in 1953, an elite eight in 1951, currently close to the bottom of PAC-12, much like Rutgers in B1G.

    But Indiana: losing big on the road, struggling to beat bottom feeders Penn State and Rutgers at home. It’s the new definition of “elite” program by Glass and Crean. Forget for a moment that IU never reached that elite stage in the NCAA under Crean the program is now ahem … “elite”.

  8. I suppose IU men’s basketball is the elite program in Southern Indiana. Make sure you don’t cross the state line to the south though, because they will no longer be elite.

  9. Just read IU’s own DE Bobby Richardson has been invited to the NFL Combine. Expect a commit from this weekends FB official visitors, maybe 2 or more.

  10. To crean and glass I think making the tourney now means your elite. Heck it probably will get crean another extension. Had to even watch iu anymore with much emotion. Hard to imagine we have to pay what we do though to be just average.

  11. shockingly, crean ran a play for one of our shooters. zeisloft, starting weakside block, picked up a down screen from troy and another from hartman around the elbow, curling to the ball for a quick release 3. weakside action, something i have been preaching for a long time here. so easy. why crean doesn’t run that every time we are in the half court is beyond me. yet, i am surprised to finally see it and it is a vital component on a team weak on size and strong on shooting. since it has taken 7 years to witness i have to wonder if martin or another assistant convinced crean.

  12. I think when you’re trailing with under 7 minutes to play on your home court – as 12-13 points favorites against the worst team in the conference – coming off consecutive double digit losses – a better game all around should have been expected. I think – for the sake of being brief – this game can be summed in 3 words.

    Expected – Uninspiring – Win.

  13. It was not an impressive win. We know it, the players know it, and Crean knows it. But it was a win. It brings us one step closer to the goal of returning to the tournament. Young teams have these types of struggling victories in games where they should win easily. And if you look back on some of IU’s truly elite teams, you’ll find they had similar types of unimpressive wins. Teams often play down to the level of competition.

    I appreciate the consistency of the Crean-haters, who take more pleasure from the opportunity to bash Crean and his team than they do from celebrating another IU victory. That’s the behavior of a miserable person. Others have such high expectations they can NEVER be satisfied. I wonder if any of these Crean-haters hold themselves, regarding any aspect of their lives, to the same standards and expectations they have applied to Tom Crean and his players?

  14. …and yet…they beat Wisconsin.

    So, I guess it’s safe to assume Wisky will be dropping their basketball program at this point. No sense carrying that charade on any longer. If you can’t beat Rutgers…

  15. coachv, good observation. I could not agree more about the design of that play, its effectiveness and the frequency it should be run with 2-4 sharpshooters always on the floor who can successfully execute its success. That and the successful of the out-of-bounds play were pleasing to see. Your remark about Martin was on my mind also. Kenny Johnson may have an edge on recruiting but I do believe Martin is a better teacher although probably not on the level of RMK.

  16. Yeah….Great observation, coachv….And I gave notice to the likely extra delegating to assistant coaches and influence of Chuck Martin nearly 3 weeks ago…..Great observation, indeed. You are on it….Far later than I was on it, but on it nonetheless…..You should really coach basketball…..and read a Harvard post occasionally(or acknowledge when you’re stealing previously made observations).

    Harvard for Hillbillies #19

    Monday, January 12, 2015 – 1:32 AM EST

    Seriously…Is it just me….? Are there more special assistants/managers/advisors on the bench this year? Just looks like a much more sizable entourage this season…Who’s the assistant that sorta looks like Kelvin Sampson? Did he replace Kenny Johnson? I think I noticed him sorta consoling Hanner in the OSU game right after Crean yanked him from the floor(after Hanner picked up a foul….possibly his second)…Hanner appeared upset and this particular assistant made a real effort to talk to him, put his arm around his shoulder, and do some coaching from the bench….

    This is all rather curious to me..Are other coaches getting involved despite of Crean or because Crean is easing up on the reins of total control? McClain seems to take over the timeout huddles once in awhile as well…I’m not sure how to interpret these developments….coachv noticed some minor improvements in tactical aspects on the floor against OSU on screens and in-bounds plays….Hurray for Crean if he’s finally taken down he barriers and is listening to the team of coaches around him…It’s never too late to ask for help….in a very subtle fashion. It mean a ton of good for the evolution of some young players…Maybe it’s even contributing to Holt gaining speed so quickly….More going on behind the scenes than we realize sometimes..Maybe there were some assistants that were dead weight? Cheaney….? Johnson…? You never know feelings and real motives…..and how they fit within the dynamics of expertise share

    Harvard for Hillbillies #20

    Monday, January 12, 2015 – 1:37 AM EST

    This guy.. First year guy….Chuck Martin…He’s the guy that reminds me a bit of Sampson….Something tells me that this gentleman is a very fine coach and it’s moving his knowledge through the ranks….

  17. ^That last paragraph was also supposed to be in blockquotes……It was from the same thread on Jan. 12 when I mentioned Martin..I’ll just put it back in blockquotes for formality..

    Harvard for Hillbillies #20

    Monday, January 12, 2015 – 1:37 AM EST

    This guy.. First year guy….Chuck Martin…He’s the guy that reminds me a bit of Sampson….Something tells me that this gentleman is a very fine coach and it’s moving his knowledge through the ranks…

    ……Martin does have that nice calm, self-assured look that Kelvin always possessed…..Doesn’t look like a hothead like Buckley….and even less wired than McClain.

  18. Also, ran one out of bounds play that resulted in an easy basket… a 5 second count on the next in-bounds play. Rutgers is not a good team and when Assembly Hall (finally) got loud it really shook them.

    Still, a win is a win.

    On to Wisconsin! Have to admit the Hoosiers are going to over-achieve the 14-15 wins routinely predicted earlier on this site.

  19. As I said from the beginning of the season, I felt this was a plenty capable team to be part of Selection Sunday…And as i mentioned a couple days ago, the back half of our schedule is one of the most favorable set-ups we’ve had in years(more home games, only one game against Wisconsin, and no road games against Michigan, Iowa, or Minnesota)….

    All that being said, it is by no means a stretch in truth to acknowledge just how bad that Rutgers team is….I don’t care what happened against Wisconsin, they are not deep and not very talented….The Big 10 is down his year….Wisconsin is way overrated(per usual)…..Kaminski is where all their hopes rest….Not much different than when we had Cody. But there is no team with overwhelming talent in the basketball BIG this year….There is nothing that can stand analogous to something like an OSU’s level of talent in football….

    i highly doubt any Big 10 team will get past the Sweet 16 this year…..IU has nearly as much shot as any(and that would take a lot of right things to happen in terms of right match-ups and consistent hot shooting)….Big 10 is weak and Rutgers is more like the level of an Illinois St. team…

    That’s why I knew we would breeze into the tournament….It was obvious at the onset the season that there was far more parity in the BIG with no group of conference teams possessing a big leap in talent approaching the truly “elite”(UK, KU, Duke, Louisville, etc)….Hell, look what Northern Iowa did to Wichita State…I doubt any BIG team could fare any better against a Northern Iowa….

    Also…Just look at the Indiana talent that we have missed…Zack Irvin and Branden Dawson putting it on full display on CBS today…Previous seasons….Glen Robinson…McGary…Gary Harris…….AJ Hammons….We might as well be Northern Iowa because most of the top talent from this state simply aren’t looking at IU in any fashion as years past…We’re not even in the consideration..And what is the overall effect the exodus of top in-state talent? .It’s our Indiana talent spreading around outside our borders(often offering the key top components to conference foes) that has brought IU down considerable notches while providing more balance/parity to the league…

    Notre Dame is the team from Indiana with the best chance to make any noise in the tournament….They are basically an East Coast team(also losing out to Mich, MSU, OSU for top Indiana recruits over the last few years)….They are also beating IU at capturing the best from NY,, Brooklyn, etc…Grant is one hell of a talent.

    1. For what it’s worth, Notre Dame has five Indiana kids on the roster compared to IU’s six. That includes V.J. Beachem, who played AAU with Devin Davis and Collin Hartman, and McDonald’s All-American Demetrius Jackson. To my knowledge, IU showed steady interest but never actually offered either player.

  20. I guess ND is more weighted in top talent from Massachusetts and Maryland ….For some reason I thought it was more NY…..East Coast nonetheless….Some really good talent from the East…Makes Robinson, Williams, and Holt look rather average….(Maybe not so much Troy….)…

    Guys like Priilar and April shouldn’t be on a Hoosier roster….Look around at the talent…ND, Purdue(7-2 that monster that got from down South?)….Why are we even calling Crean a great recruiter…? He misses on the overwhelming share of top in-state talent…(outside of Cody he’s landed very few power forwards or BIGs from our borders)…He doesn’t land the best from the East(more like cherry-picking for possible phenoms than landing already developed talent in terms of overall numbers or consistency)and then he is forced to round out his rosters with very raw projects(Tijan, Perea,Priller, April) or grad transfers that just want the Indiana stage to finish out their college careers….

    When you put one or two guys into the NBA as lottery picks during down draft years….it looks really good…But it’s basically a mirage in front of very mediocre levels of recruiting compared to our neighbors in the conference(or even compared to ND’s ability to land more than just one very talented player from the East)….C+ overall recruiting…D+ in terms of landing the full array of top in-state talent….D- in terms of X’s and O’s coaching ability(at least from the head coach). Tom Crean is a C- coach at best…He will not win on his recruiting ability…It simply isn’t any stronger within the state or any stronger reaching to the East…

    Branden Dawson was the type of player Crean could get at Marquette….He’s yet to land one player at IU that fits that same inside prototype to compliment talented(heavily weighted) guard-oriented teams.

  21. Cool…Rhinestone’s is bored again.

    But ND’s three top scorers are from the East….(MD)…I do like Demetrius Jackson though…Proof, once again, that Crean does miss on the top Indiana talent(Dawson, Robinson, Hammons, Jackson, Harris, Irvin, etc, etc, etc.etc etc…….). But we’ll go deep once Prillar and April become the next Mitch McGary and Zack Irvin..

  22. Rutgers beating Wisconsin was an accident much like a creancoached team hanging on to not lose to Penn State or Rutgers at home. Meanwhile the truth of the matter remains that Mallory was/is a far better coach (in practically any sport) than the preacherclown (also known as the walkoncoach).

  23. And three of those Indiana kids on our Hoosier roster are far from impact players…I didn’t even mention Spike Albrecht above….Would you take Albrecht over Ritchie or Burton…or even Stan Robinson? Hell, most on this blog thought Hartman was a wasted scholarship when we were riding the “We’re Back!” BS…

    How thankful are we to merely have that wasted scholarship Indiana kid that will never sniff the NBA?

    Crean is a C+ recruiter at best…(D+ for landing in state talent….Only a couple savior recruits he landed in the NBA is his equivalent to one ‘A’ in a class while flunking on most his other core classes…It brings the average up in terms of perceptions, but it doesn’t really unveil just how uninspiring the overall work in ALL other areas…No strong post players since Cody and no power forwards approaching anything near a player like Dawson….Weak in getting the best within the borders…and schools like ND proving greater ability in pulling in more developed players from the East to compliment their Indiana players)…

  24. bubba is right…We ran a better assistant football coach out of town than the head coach we’ve allowed to represent a storied basketball program in a talent-rich basketball state.

    Hell, Bill Lynch looks prestigious in comparison to settling for Tom Crean’s pop-up book world of what is blasphemously referred to as “coaching.”

  25. harv

    i never claimed martin is responsible for iu finally running a play for a shooter. maybe you should try “reading” my post.

    as i have not been invited to attend practice lately, how could i possibly know who is drawing up the plays? because martin is the only new addition to the staff that seemingly could not draw up plays a jr high coach could, i said “i wonder if….”

    since you apparently get to go to practices regularly, maybe you could get me a guest pass because i would like to give a piece of my mind to crean and a few of the players. the last piece.

  26. Interviewer: Pete…? How do you make that call? How do you not hand that ball off to Marshawn?

    Carroll: I’m just here so I won’t get fined…..I’m just here so I won’t get fined….I’m just here so I won’t get fined…..I’m just here so I won’t get fined….I’m just here so I won’t get fined….I’m just here so I won’t get fined….I’m just here so I won’t get fined….I’m just here so I won’t get fined….

  27. This Super Bowl was like Ali(Patriots) vs. Frazier(Seahawks)…

    Patriots just kept jabbing away and dancing…..Patriots, much like Ali, getting a bit too cute at the beginning….Suddenly, it’s all in balance….One team is the surgeon fighting from behind and the other is the brawler attempting to land that one final big blow….Seahawks kept throwing the big blows, stunning the Patriots(Ali) and shaking the confidence of the old champ with big home run punches(throws downfield), while trying to hang in against a far more natrually artful and smooth opponent…It was Frazier’s fight to win. Fearless, bad-ass brawler was right there at the end…Ready to throw the final knockout punch that should have defeated the pretty boy precision with toughness…Sometimes fate just plays a different hand…It’s my understanding that Ali never had his nose broken… Pete Carroll’s looks rather mangled in the closeup shots during the postgame locker room interview… …

    But it sure was a great Super Bowl…One of the best I can remember…A true classic in the style of Ali vs. Frazier…..

  28. Wow–
    H4H going off the deep end again with a bunch of nonsense based in sheer speculation and repressed anger. And a bunch of quotes of his own posts. Umm, OK.
    This is an IU team that is having a VERY good season. Does not mean it will end that way. But it is set up for a strong ending.
    This team is having a good season. Coach Crean is having a good year. His recruiting has not always produced a fully rounded team, but he has been a strong recruiter. Better, on balance, than we have had in at least 20 years.
    It is OK to celebrate the positive results, even if you expect more.
    Go IU!

  29. You should try going off the deep end instead of playing in the kiddie shallow pool….Ummm, o.k.? I was just having some fun with THE coachv…Ummm, o.k. bro?

    I was more than optimistic about this team, bro…..Said they’d breeze into the NCAA tournament while many other posters were predicting around a .500 season and hopeful for an NIT, bro… I said that my bracket bro, Lunardi, having us on the outside(March Madness)looking in(his initial Toupee-atology prediction) was basically ludicrous….But you also have to notice the obvious, my Spanky bro…..Here’s some of the obvious:

    a. Rutgers Sucks, bro.
    b.Down year for the conference. bro.
    c. Crean is oversold as a great recruiter…I see a lot of great talent from Indiana that doesn’t even put us into consideration…I mentioned many of those names above, bro.
    d. But to Crean’s credit, he is a phenomenal coach at in-game clapping and pacing adjustments, extraordinarily skilled at teaching how to inbound a tweet, and is more than capable at understanding all the necessary X’s and O’s in a game of ticktacktoe, bro……
    e. Without Blackmon we wouldn’t be that exciting to watch…He’s teaching many of the ballers from the East how to shoot, my bro. Probably gave Yogi some lessons too…, bro.

    How ’bout them Patriots..? Was it just me or did the championship trophy look slightly under-inflated….? Any thoughts, my hanky panky Spanky bro?

  30. That’s what called my attention to it. This individual named Harvard writes very long statements, sometimes good, sometimes very bad and then comments on his own comments, sometimes even a third time. Sir, I ask, is there a reason or are you aware you have this problem? It’s too bad because it often nullifies the good you contribute and becomes boring.

  31. Did I miss something..? Did a post get removed…? I was watching the ESPN 30 for 30 special on “The Boz.” I had forgotten all about Boz….I felt really bad for his son during that special….When they were in that storage garage and searching through all his old college junk and relics, it was as if his son was being ignored for his own inner beauty…It seemed as if it was exactly what the Boz claimed left him a wondering and searching soul….Always about the father and pleasing the father….And there’s his son attempting to shed a tear for his poor old dad that couldn’t be loved by his father…..Just get the hell over yourself…Burn all the old crap in the storage garage or auction it off and look at that wonderful son you have standing before you….Wow…been down that same road…. Sometimes a man just can’t look at his son without making his son feel as if his life is less important …..The past will die with you in those boxes if you let it….and you’ll never know your son or allow yourself to see your son the way that will set him free of your own regrets…..The ESPN special made me feel very down….because I spent so much of my own life trying to get my father to just see me for me….I don’t think we ever got there…All any son or daughter wishes is for a parent to get out of their own glorious and self-centered world…to not live in the fast lane or the past lane…to see the father or the mother shut everything off for the one that looks with such pride and admiration…I was so hoping that Boz was going to just give his son a hug…There was his boy just ready to soak in a father’s simple and honest love and it still had to be about the Boz….

    Unforgiven…..? So much easier to get to forgiveness if you can recognize just how much beauty God(if you believe in one…it not, that’s fine too) has placed right before your very eyes…Look at your son, Boz…Look at what he is rather than what you believe you couldn’t be for your father….

  32. Haha, Geoff, and Harvard. Ok, so I think I’ve popped enough anti-depressants to be able to say a few words about the game.

    To start, Geoff, let me say “you’re welcome” for that 4th Super Bowl ring. You likely won’t ever see a more poorly-managed last minute of a game by the team with all the momentum. It was right there for the taking, and yet the magic ran out; the coach’s attempt to defy conventional wisdom and out-genius another genius backfired in the worst way possible….that was Bill Buckner bad.

    HOWEVER, in fairness, Brady was amazing, dicing apart our vaunted D with his surgical dink-and-dunk in the 4th quarter; he simply couldn’t be stopped in the clutch, especially on third-and-longs. The Seahawks look like they had total control and then he flipped a switch and put them in the hole and made them scratch to find a way to win it. You gotta hand it to him.

  33. No doubt, H4H did predict this season (so far) with accuracy. I thought it was crazy to state that we would be ranked mid-December ….but we were. And the future looks rosy, looks like we’re going to NCAA and get to play on a non-home court versus some mid-major. A fascinating season. We are not elite anymore, we have to take what we’ve got. Home wins, steal some away games….hey! Wasn’t that Mike Davis’s goal? Wasn’t he run out of town for not believing that we could win EVERY game? We are who we are. (and we play a ‘pro offense’ just like Davis was installing). Only difference is skin tone, military obsequiousness with a right-wing Christian grounding. and a little more green outlay.

    I’m pumped for Wisconsin!!!!

  34. considering how our last 2 Super Bowls ended, I was in deep depression when that ball magically dropped in Kearse’s lap. How many times can a play like that that happen… seriously… 3 one-in-a-million type receptions on final drives to take the lead and rip out the hearts of the Pats… it was just as shocking from a fan perspective as The Call and The Interception. The range of emotions was so wild in that last minute… I went from happy nervousness, to disbelief, to shock, grief, to acceptance, back to shock and disbelief, to pure elation… jumping around and hugging strangers… I know exactly how you feel Tom… we felt it after Tyree in ’08 and Manningham in ’11, and again briefly last night. it doesn’t go away… even after last night’s win, I still have ugly feelings associated with 18-1… and you will with having Back-to-Back Champ ripped away from you.

    Hopefully we’ll see you again in the big game again next year… (although if I were Lynch I think I’d be giving Clappy the Sideline Paint Destroying Chewing Gum like a Horse Chews Cud Clown the ol middle finger and hit the road)

  35. Well-said Geoff, except for the Carroll-bashing. Brady’s parting lesson to us should be that true champs live through these Super Bowl heartbreaks and make it back to the big game again. To me that’s really the true test…not just to be 2 or 3 in a row team that gets hot with one group of players, but a decade-long dynasty that comes and goes frequently to the big game.

    Seahawks have been to the big game 3 times now in last 9 years…time to win another.

  36. You’ll just have to forgive the Carrol-bashing… I usually wouldn’t say anything like that, but we had to put up with him in NE for a few years before BB. I couldn’t stand him then, so that’s what drives it.

  37. I enjoyed the game until a Metta World Peace moment broke out ….Both these teams represent very little of the few remaining vestiges of classy left in the NFL.

    Domestic violence cover-ups, petty cheating, guys that seek attention by pretending to not seek it….superficiality to the extremes….and a NFL commissioner that schmoozes with his owners in the backdrop of one of the ugliest seasons unveiling the true inner workings of a corrupt league full of bullies, protected wife-beaters, and institutionalized cheating. Fitting example of how not to evolve and stay the spoiled brats of money that easily tainted their very weak constitutions before ever becoming “idols” we must accept as idols of our beloved games.. Such a crime that a Walter Payton award is handed out before kickoff with such stellar examples for decency and sportsmanship as we watch the final moments of the big game end with a thug brawl…They looked like the cowards and clowns living up to the league’s toilet reputation of grown men forever locked in a boyhood club of window dressing ….Throwing their fists and spewing obscenities out their mouths…. Unable to win with dignity or lose with holding onto an ounce of class. I’ve seen less boobs on a Pete Rose girlfriend…..Speaking of which…Loved the Pete Rose commercial where he’s wearing his Sketchers shoes in the “hall.” I flashed forward to a vision of how Tom Brady and one of his many trophies will look in about thirty years

    It doesn’t really do much good to “bash” any of these boys living their dreams of fake boobs and pushing their spouses around like taking trash out to the curb….The NFL has its identity and these teams fulfill it just fine…It is Mike Tyson meets Ron Artest meets Donald Trump’s hair implants on steroids…..One giant money club of boyhood perversions forever stuck in bullying fratrathood……Rich thugs…Manufactured thugs…Elevator thugs….Deflated thugs….Evasive thugs…Protected thugs….The New American Sports Thug.

  38. Gordon…28 points against Clippers last Friday(Jan 30)

    Tonight: EJ has 20 against the Hawks as Pelicans stop Hawks streak at 19.

    “He’s a different player lately….completely.”

    Funny how Price Establishment put his link to an piece in today’s Hoosier Morning and failed to mention the big game from EJ that was also reported on by Quinn Saturday. Gordon lighting it up and we hear about the weak junk from Cody and Vonleh as they play on the most boring team in all of the NBA?

    Eric Gordon was having a slow week and then all of a sudden BOOM! Gordon faced his old team, the Los Angeles Clippers, and put on a show to help the New Orleans Pelicans beat the Clippers without All-star Anthony Davis. Not only did Gordon score a season-high 28 points, but he continued to be a great distributor by dishing out 7 assists. He was also hot from deep, hitting 5 of 7 from behind the arc.(courtesy: Quinn Saturday,

    Eric Gordon!!!!!

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