Indiana lands former UAB running back Jordan Howard #iufb

Three days after losing Tevin Coleman to the NFL Draft, Indiana has found his replacement.

IU coach Kevin Wilson announced Thursday that former UAB running back Jordan Howard has signed a financial aid agreement with the school and will be immediately eligible to play during the 2015 season.

Howard, a true junior, finished seventh in the nation with 132.3 yards per game this past season, finishing with 1,587 yards and 13 touchdowns for the Blazers. In two seasons at UAB, Howard rushed for 2,468 yards.

“As our season ended, we thought it was likely Tevin Coleman was headed to the NFL,” Wilson said in a statement.”Jordan instantly became our top target. What happened at UAB is unfortunate for Jordan, his teammates and everyone involved with the program, but this is a perfect match for both sides. We recruited him very, very hard and we are excited he is joining us. The sign of a good program is finding good players to replace good players, and we have done just that.”

After UAB shuttered its football program at the end of the season, Howard visited Indiana in early December with teammate Marqui Hawkins, who announced he planned to transfer to IU days after visiting Bloomington. Howard took his time, weighing options that included Notre Dame and Vanderbilt.

A member of the 2013 Conference USA All-Freshman team, Howard set the school’s single-season freshman record with 881 yards. He tied for second in the NCAA for rushing yards by a freshman and averaged 6.1 yards per attempt. This year, he earned first team Conference USA honors after collecting eight 100-yard games, including five for 150 yards. In the season finale at Southern Miss, Howard rushed for a career-best 262 yards.

Howard posted a message to his Twitter account Thursday afternoon.

“With much prayer and thought, I have decided to continue my education and football career at Indiana University,” Howard wrote. “I would like to thank my mom for all of the support. A special thanks to UAB for even giving me a chance to live my dream, I will never forget the memories and thank you for all the love and support over the years. I would like to thanks my coaches and teammates for all of the support. I would also like to thank all of the schools who took the time out to recruit me. #UAB4Life #GoHoosiers”

Devine Redding and Tommy Mister are also expected to factor into the mix at running back in 2015. Indiana does not have a verbal commitment from a running back in its upcoming recruiting class.


  1. What a tremendous pick up for coach Wilson and the Hoosiers! This kid is a proven big time running back that will continue our strong rushing attack. With the return of a healthy Sudfeld, a strong retuning offensive line and hopefully improved receivers, our offense should be improved. If the defense improves next year by being a year older and better understanding coach Knorr’s defensive theroy’s, we should be in for a much improved and exciting season! Can’t wait!

  2. Been feeling this all the time since his visit. There has not been any of the amount of chatter about the other interested programs as there has been about IU. ????? about Vandy in the SEC, Wisky ?? and always stiff position competition @ ND made him recognize more playing time at IU. He will bring the very best out of Redding, Graham and Mister just as Houston did for Roberts and TC. This is a a quiver in the Wilson and McCullough recruiting hats. Damn fine job.

  3. Great get for Hoosier Nation. Welcome to Bloomington Mr. Howard. This young man is a proven producer who will raise the level of competition at the RB position. He has the nod in experience, but Redding showed some flashes this season. CKW, Coach McCullough and everyone else involved did a heck of a job.
    Go Hoosiers!!!

  4. Excellent pick up. Hopefully this young man can pick up where Coleman left off. Does he appear Big Ten ready HC?

  5. Great pick up. Coach Wilson is really getting things rolling. He’s doing fine at Indiana just going to take time for the talent to come full circle. He does not have an easy job.

  6. Ben, Have only looked at the easy, superficial info so only take what I say from that and he just finished his Sophomore season. Bigger than TC, 6’1″-228 lb., vs 6’1″-210 lb. By the stats I found he probably is not the burner Coleman is. In the season just completed longest runs were 55 & 54 yd., 1 for 33yd., 1 in the 20’s and the rest under 20 yd. He must be a force at the LOS to have gained 1500 yd. on the season. 9 rec. for a TD. Had 2 fumbles for the season in 306 carries. 13 total TD’s would say he has a fair nose for the EZ. Probably more of a bruiser than Tevin but in the video I watched he has quick feet which defenses will have to respect. I think from what I’ve digested he is the kind of RB needed to be involved in a ball control/time of possession/3rd down conversion/goal line scoring offense. Which adds viable options to Wilson’s wide open, spread em out, go like hell offense. Should turn into an every down RB. He makes great sense for IU and should batter B1G DL/LB/DB’s from the start.

  7. i don’t know why people keep saying he is a proven player. he is promising and we can be hopeful but he played against lousy competition. you didn’t see sec schools knocking down his door.

  8. Thanks HC. When it comes to football, you’re my first resource to ask. Harvard for the latest happenings in high school and Geoff for basketball. Thanks.

  9. Good analysis by PO that Howard piled up lots of yards with very few long gainers; tough inside indeed he must be. But I have to echo coachv. If he’s such a hot prospect, what was he doing playing in Conf. USA? According to a web site apparently devoted to all things Alabama, he had offers from Louisville, Kansas, Marshall, Nevada, Southern Miss., Western Kentucky and Middle Tennessee State. Fine institutions all, I’m sure, but still . . . .

  10. Thanks Ben, or, you could listen to the forlorn, depressed opinions pop up in a monotonous tempo. Make no mistake about it Howard will work out fine. McCullough and Wilson know a good talent with skills.

  11. Wow…if Nate Sudfeld stays healthy, 2015 could be a break-through year for Indiana Football!

  12. He wasn’t playing NAIA ball for God’s sake. He’s a really good back. Guys slip through the cracks. This time around, he had most of the south after him, and Notre Dame. But nope, not good enough for the Scoop. Pass!

  13. After watching the bowl games , maybe the SEC has been overrated from top to bottom.

  14. Most of his runs and especially his long runs come as he bounces out following a lead back out of the I. This is a luxury he won’t have at Indiana unless the scheme is changed for him. He runs well, is big and finds the gap…takes his time. He has a burst, not like Coleman but he is fast! Nice pickup!

  15. More negativity from San Francisco’s coachv. Chill out and have a plate of rice a roni dude!

  16. Welcome Howard to IU football. We look forward to your work in helping our team go to a bowl game next year.

    Congrats to Coach Wilson and staff for their steady, faithful and excellent work in resurrecting IU football. It takes a lot of tenacity, courage and spine to stay with it in the face of IUs football experts who know what it’s like to raise a program out of ashes. Well done!

    And to all those folks who think the Big 10 was weak this year, think again. The performance by the Big Ten in bowl games to date indicates the Big 10 isn’t or wasn’t weak. It was just that the SEC, once again, was overrated.

  17. is pragmatic and negative the same thing? i seem to have lost my thesaurus. for those of you who don’t know what that is, it it was a great winged dinosaur from way, way back. like when iu had its last great football team.

    howard was rated a 2 or no star recruit out of high school, depending on which rating service you check. my point is nobody here has ever seen him play or even heard of him until last month so keep your candy striped britches on.

    hey, i’m excited to have him. if coach thinks he can help that’s good enough for me.

  18. Don’t fret about my candy striped britches nor their location. I don’t care what his HS rating was I believe my eyes. I watched JH play 2 games last year as a true Freshman. To a good FB eye it was easy to see then he was a legit D-1 RB running for over 800 yd. Even though he is relatively trim there is no doubt Coach Wilson and Mark Hill will transform his body over the next 8 months to increase quickness and fitness for the B1G season. He still will play in the 224 lb. neighborhood. But you blow and go all you want about him but don’t expect any of us to pretend you know much about FB.

  19. Going to be a tough season to go to a bowl next year. Almost have to win the non conference schedule and beat illinois and purdue. IU hasn’t beat purdue 3 years in a row since 1947. Not going to be east but If IU can stay healthy we may be recruiting our way into a few suprise wins.

  20. This is very good pick-up for IU! And he’s already signed. Don’t slander the level of competition UAB played against last year, IU would have had a hard time going 6 – 6 if we’d played the same competition. Those southern schools, even those not in the SEC, play very good football. As for his rating coming out of High School, obviously that means very little given his performance at UAB over the last two seasons. Remember, Coleman was recruited by MSU to be a defensive back! I have total confidence that Wilson knows good offensive players, especially running backs, when he sees them. He has signed another good one. Let’s hope he stays healthy and adapts quickly to Wilson’s offense, allowing him to pick up where he left off at UAB.

  21. Ben, I am sure Wilson would not comment on the toughness of the 2015 schedule but it is most challenging for sure. 7 home games will be of emphasis in the mind of the staff. The 2 bugger-boos are PUke and Wake Forest both away.

  22. Even OSU coach makes a couple questionable bone head coaching play calls but OSU has the ability to win anyway. Therefore questionable play calls a few times from IU staff and KW do not seem or look so bad after all.

  23. If Wilson keeps up this pace….Miami of Ohio is going to start having a dominant football team. Lol.

  24. oh, the ranker, hc. i never claimed to know anything about football. also said i was excited to have howard. are you as challenged reading as you are spelling?

  25. coachv, are you as challenged in football as you are at typing and punctuation? Better start proof reading your posts before you start calling out others’ mistakes.

  26. i admit i am the worst typist who ever disgraced a keyboard. i don’t see this mistake you are referring to. i am game and fair game. it is ironic that you would put an apostrophe after others. check it out genius ^^^ lol

  27. Boys, boys, boys! Pipe down! coachv (I assume part of your screen name not being capitalized is on purpose; thus, no capital ‘c’ should start the paragraph, correct? (Jeremy, some HT Manual style help, please!)

    Podunker, others’ is wrong, It should be ‘other’s’. So, write 500 times: other’s, other’s, other’s, other’s, other’s, other’s,other’s, other’s, other’s,other’s, other’s, other’s,other’s, other’s, other’s,….?

    “Can’t we all just get along????” (Rodney King; Los Angeles, CA; May 1, 1992)

  28. Who cares what his rating out of high school was? He’s run for 2300+ yards in two years in FBS football. He’s good.

  29. Nobody cares about punctuation and grammar in a blog. Regardless of competition at UAB….the kid is a starter at a D1 school that has put up decent numbers nationallly and good stats against tough schools UAB played. Would Coleman of got the carries he needed had we had a better passing game?There is an argument
    to be made that Coleman wouldnt be
    entering the draft had we not had the
    injuries. Regardless of padded stats or
    competition both kids made the absolute
    best of their given situation. According to the history of IU recruits choices we basically put out a non power conference team on the field on an annual basis. This is an upgrade. I can see demand for success of the basketball team. There is a lot of passion and tradition there. With the right guy basketball can be fixed in a year or two. Football takes probably 8 years minimum at IU and that’s with some luck. Wilson has had an all american, beat an sec champ at their place, and kept the bucket 2 years in a row… he’s sending kids to the NFL. We are not Michigan…we are not Penn State those teams will rebound quickly. They have built a brand much like hoosier basketball. This staff came in trying to win with Indiana state and Miami of Ohio players. There basic sell to decent talent is you can sit the bench at Minnesota or start every game in the same league at IU. They are just now in that phase. Great defensive players don’t come to IU…yet. Building a high powered offense is an absolute great move. Great offensive players are easier to get because they don’t want to ride the pine. I just don’t see how iu football fans can’t be happy with wilson. His job is not easy. He’s done a lot of good things at IU…..and when the talent catches up he will do more.

  30. Yes Jimmy, you are correct. No one should care about spelling, punctuation and typing in a blog post.

    Ben, while I believe Wilson is doing a good job and should be supported, I can also understand those fans who won’t be satisfied with Wilson until he produces a winning season. While we have seen improvement in some areas and have reason to be optimistic, we have yet to see Wilson lead IU to a winning season. And in each of his seasons at IU, the team has lost games it should not have lost (i.e., Bowling Green, North Texas State, etc.) Until he proves he can do it, doubts about his ability will persist. IU’s lack of success may not be all his fault, but it is his responsibility. Yes, he inherited a program ripe with significant obstacles, but a good leader must find ways to overcome obstacles and lead his/her organization to success, regardless. I believe he can do it and hope he does it in 2015. But beyond Wilson, IU fans should also hold key IU administrators (i.e., Glass, McRobie) and the Board of Trustees accountable. And to some extent, we, as Hoosier fans, need to look in the mirror and admit that we, collectively speaking, have not supported IU’s football program to the best of our ability. It’s a “community” effort, and fan support for IU football has been severely lacking in recent years. Just look at the number of people that were inside Memorial Stadium for the Old Oaken Bucket game. That was pathetic, no matter what the team’s record was. So to a large extent, The Hoosier Nation will get the football program it deserves. What worries me most is that not enough people express their displeasure about IU’s lack of success in football.

  31. Approaching 30 years since the basketball team has claimed a championship….As much as I love a plethora of bowl games of zero memory or consequence, IU Basketball is where Indiana needs to revisit its relevancy. The Establishment would love nothing more than for Indiana to play second fiddle to the Big East as it remains increasingly complacent to the mediocrity found in coaches that don’t bring anywhere near the reputation of knowledge and lore that once defined the respect when candy stripes took the hardwood…

    I support Wilson wholeheartedly, but I will not pretend to believe the issues of attendance at Memorial or the political correctness in making football an equal in shared standing of uninspiring and forgetful common ground world of the push for more dollars that makes sense, is where my commonsense resides in putting IU back on the map of sports relevancy.

    To accept Tom Crean’s ceiling of Sweet 16’s and watching underutilized talent worthy of NBA draft nights confused by coaches that actually coach, is far more the crime upon Indiana’s name than any failed pipe dreams Wilson turns IU football into OSU in four years.

    If Wilson had anywhere near the football talent and high school traditions of excellence in football in his backyard that this state commands in basketball, I’m more than confident the disparities of intellect between the mundane and limited found at Assembly, shadowed by the visionary and original found at Memorial, would prove where the dark clouds of stagnancy truly hover at Indiana….And that cloud is exactly where the Establishment can hardly conceal the smile from ear to ear: where 30 years of banner dust and a basketball stadium in dire need of replacement tosses its old face plates of neglect down upon the over-sized egos where carnival salesman, fireworks, and buckets of millions in contract extensions suffice in place of knowledge.

  32. oops..

    ….its old [faceplates]

    Personally, I think its far more insulting to fill every seat at Assembly’s Castle of Banners in the acceptance of an oily mediocre basketball coach that will never be anything approaching the handsomeness brought to the game by a Knight in shining plaid armor, than to fail to get Cinderella to fall in gushingly in ove with what she must be deceived to believe is not the same old ugly prince at Memorial’s Puppy Palace of Punch Bowls…

  33. Harvard, thank you for the effort at good American grammar and the corrections. Do people understand that correct grammar is an effort at pride in our American traditions? While I can be forgiving of those who are not accustomed to the thrill of love of country and culture in writing in full, logical, stylistic form, I am much less so (forgiving) of those who encourage others to write without observing rules of proper written etiquette, rejecting that which is as American as Tom Sawyer and Sam Clements himself, or the great story teller and former sports writer Paul Gallico.

    Yes, I want a great football team and a good basketball team and a dominating soccer team and a baseball team that reflects the skills of middle America. But, I want their (by the way- there is a difference between their, there and they’re and it matters) written emotions and thoughts to be written with proper, and most importantly, reflected pride in who we are…Hoosiers.

    I shudder when I read that we should be oblivious of, and shamelessly ignore the pride in our American cultural exceptionalism and its achievements; while not being held accountable for spelling, punctuation and typing in a blog post for the entire world to see and use as an excuse to point a finger at us, while accusing us of being cultural barbarians. Why…it’s almost un-American.

    Go Hoosiers!

  34. Happy with Wilson? No. Content with Wilson? Yes. The recruiting has definitely improved, and that’s a huge one. But KW doesn’t seem to have made the adjustment from asst. coach to head coach in four years. The kicking third of the game needs a lot of attention.

  35. Davis – I’m sorry I meant Rutgers.

    It’s annoying to have people try to put others grammar and spelling down. Text messaging has ruined the written English language. Anyway there is no need turn every comment into a Shakespearean soliloquy.

  36. Does anyone know(HT guys too)why college FB transfers do not count in the scholarship count for the present year on the recruiting websites? Of course I am referring specifically to IU with Hawkins and Howard. IU is listed with 17 commits but it is actually 19 when considering the UAB transfers. I can’t cypher the reason why.

  37. lets get something straight here IU basketball is no longer a powerhouse or top five program….the IU basketball program has taken a major slid…our program no longer compares to Kentucky, Kansas, Duke, Michigan State, Florida or North Carolina…this is no reflection on Tom Crean he has done an exceptional job of rebuilding this program from the ashes of Kevin Sampson…can he take us to the next level? that remains to be send, but i believe he can!! he has a way of developing players, to the players potential…no not every IU basketball player is NBA caliber at any school…All Coach Crean has to do is keep getting high quality and high caliber recruits and the program will maintain and success. all you have to do is look at the SMU program, they probably have one of the greatest coaches in college and NBA history and yet that program continues to struggles (getting recruits and getting recognized)….We as fan need to start backing the IU basketball and IU football program…not undermining the coaches and the staff!

  38. Seven years…and the ashes of Kelvin are still smoldering. If it takes that long to rid bitter bones, maybe it’s time to just blame “zero tolerance” for all of our issues in regaining “elite” status.

    Did somebody forget about the “We’re Back!” t-shirts when one of the most highly regarded centers in the country decided to come to Indiana? I thought “we’re back” meant we were done with the bitter bones….I thought all was well when we had preseason #1 rankings and were expected to be dominant for a couple years straight….?

    Now it’s just back to the Creanatorium and those stubborn Sampson bones that never stop producing ashes….

    Nobody is asking for “elite”….We’re just asking for competency in a coaching profession beyond selling “savior” recruits on the heritage of Indiana Basketball..There has to be more than witch-hunting, Joyce, Jesus, and ashes attached to the bonds formed on the commonalities of a Christian faith a necessity to play in candy stripes….There is no reason that Indiana isn’t worthy a coach not a charlatan…It’s time to stop chasing Kelvin and his thugs now approaching age thirty….It’s time to stop blaming the confusion against simple zone defenses on 3-way phone calls and some irresponsible classroom habits…And it’s not like Tom Crean’s recruits are living up to the choir boy image of late…They’ve sorta found some trouble outside the classroom…A young man nearly died. What would you have chosen to do with his ashes…Would you have allowed them to smolder for another seven years?

  39. somebody is asking for elite status.

    and iu79? wow. i don’t know where to start. so i won’t. cue uproarious applause

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