IUWBB: No. 23 Minnesota edges IU, 65-61

Indiana had sole possession of the lead for the first 18 minutes of Sunday’s upset bid at No. 23 Minnesota, but the Hoosiers would eventually succumb to a late run by the Gophers in a 65-61 defeat.

With 2:52 remaining in the game, the Hoosiers (12-5, 2-4 Big Ten) held a 59-54 lead on the Gophers. But two unanswered 3-pointers by Carlie Wagner gave Minnesota (16-2, 5-1) a one-point lead with 1:18 remaining.

After falling behind for the first time on Wagner’s 3, the Hoosiers were able to respond. Jenn Anderson hit a basket with 55 seconds left to put IU up by one point. The two teams would trade turnovers, however, until Wagner hit another basket off of an in-bounds pass with 37 seconds left in the game.

On their next possession, the Hoosiers tried to respond by throwing the ball into Amanda Cahill in the post, but Alexis Gassion’s pass went too far and another turnover put the ball back into Minnesota’s hands. IU had no choice but to foul, and Amanda Zahui B. hit both of her free throws.

IU head coach Teri Moren said she thought there was a mix-up on that play, which was drawn-up on the sideline during a timeout.

“Our five and our three on the other side of that, I don’t know if they just had a moment where they all of a suddden forgot what they had to do,” Moren said. “We just didn’t execute. We had to make a pass that was errant.”

There was no dramatic moment to come for the Hoosiers, as Larryn Brooks missed a 3 and the rebound went to the Gophers’ Shae Kelley, who was fouled and hit one more free throw to make it a four-point game with a second remaining.

Cahill and Brooks finished with 12 points apiece, and Jenn Anderson added 10. Alexis Gassion, who came into this game with an expanded role, in hopes that her length could help defend Kelley, finished with nine points and eight rebounds in 35 minutes — playing time that was second only to Brooks (38 minutes).

Kelley, a graduate transfer from Old Dominion, proved tough to contain. She had a game-high 19 points and 13 rebounds, while Zahui B., who missed extended time in the second half after picking up her third foul, produced 11 points and seven boards.

“I’m glad she’s a post-grad kid and we don’t have to deal with her anymore,” Moren said, adding that she did believe Gassion did well guarding Kelley most of the afternoon.

For the most part, Moren was happy with the Hoosiers’ effort, especially how well they shot the ball early. In the first half, the Hoosiers jumped out to a 9-2 lead in the first two minutes. That increased to a 19-11 advantage with 13:34 remaining in the half after a jumper by Gassion.

The Hoosiers were never able to separate by a greater margin, though, and the Gophers actually tied the score up, 36-36, at halftime.

The Hoosiers carried their lead deep into the second half, thanks, in part, to 16 offensive rebounds. While they played to a 34-30 disadvantage on the boards overall, IU did finish with 13 turnovers to Minnesota’s 20. It was inevitably the Gophers’ efficiency beyond the arc, at 7-of-16, that provided an edge; the Hoosiers finished 7-of-23 from that range.

Moren, at the head of a young squad, came away impressed with the play of Wagner, the Gophers’ star freshman.

“She’s fearless,” Moren said. “We have a couple of those freshman that I think can be that, wth Tyra (Buss) and Jess (Walter) and Amanda Cahill — they are fearless. But I need them to have the aggression that Wagner has. I think she is a kid that thinks everything she puts up is going in.”


  1. The women played very well on the road in a tough environment winning almost every statistical edge except for free throws where we only had 2 oppritunities. We lead the entire game until the 1:18 mark of the second half. Although moral victories don’t count for anything, it was great to see us play so well on the road against the team that is second in the conference. This game was there for the taking but, our lack of size having to deal with the duo of 6’5″ Zahui B. and the 6’2″ Kelly was a bit much. They were able to score when the going was tough down low. Now it’s on to Penn St. For another road game. This could also be a game we may be able to steal since they are last in the conference although they are a very big team? Go Hoosiers!

  2. I might add T. Moren did an excellent job of coaching and you could tell when plays drawn up during timeouts were or were not executed by the team. I thought a foul though border line could have been called on Minnesota for a bump and knocking Buss out of the way on steal toward end of game. Of course I never think a game is decided on one call or no call.

  3. Gary1959, Really, another Moren detractor? Lets review this, her team is smaller at almost every position than any other team in the conference and less athletic than most conference teams and yet, I guess some think they should win like the men are who also put a small team on the floor? One thing about that comparison is, the men are so athletic that it makes a huge difference! This team plays incredibly hard and are well coached but are all sophomores and freshmen. I would assume their roster is the youngest in the conference? No seniors or juniors on the roster that play basically at all. The only senior that dresses is a walk on. And all of the juniors are injured and don’t dress as of yet. Teams this young don’t win consistently in a league this strong. For Gods sake people, let it go.

  4. Did Chris Korman move on from the Baltimore Sun? Somehow I missed that. I was hoping he’d be in charge of writing the Maryland perspective on the game.

    Fantastic game; nice to have everything work and dispense with a quality opponent without last second drama. I hope Crean saves some of his giant killer magic for the tournament.

  5. MikeC, you use the same tired excuse moren uses. i agree that we don’t have the size that we need for this team. Moren uses that excuse yet still tries to play like a team that has size. That’s not how the game works. She needs to rely on the speed advantage her team does have. She also has excellent shooters, but none of them seem to be shooting.. She blames the team for her shortcomings as a coach. She will be gone in 2 or 3 years and you will see how bad her recruiting classes are. They will be starting over next year as she’s told pretty much the whole team she wants them gone. Say goodbye to the sophomores. They will have size and no skill, so you will get your wish. Its all downhill from here. You think they’re struggling now, i cant wait til moren only has her own awful recruits to blame and stops blaming coach miller for her absolute failure with this team. NO decent coach blames the players for their failure. You’ll have your size next year mikec, but they will be worse than this year i would bet just about anything. Players will know not to commit to iu once they witness the whol team.leaving. what does this say about her program. Isu players have stated that when moren left it was one of the best days for their program EVER. Not excited to wait for Fred Glass to hire a new coach, maybe not the 4th choice this time, buddy!

  6. Hoosierfan041931, so we are to assume you have ears in the locker room and in practices? You seem to know somehow that she has told all these players she doesn’t want them back next year, really? I just wonder where you get your information? And really, speed advantage? I have seen every game they have played in the conference this year but two. The only team IU had a speed advantage against was Wisconsin. Every other conference team we played was more athletic than us so, there was no speed advantage my friend. At no time this year have I heard coach Moren blame Miller for her team’s problems. I don’t know where you get this unless you are simply conjuring this up in your mind as an excuse that satisfies you? CoachV was spouting on about IU’s and coach Moren’s failings a couple of weeks ago after the Ohio St. Loss. After a few exchanges with him I discovered that he has never seen the team play but, seemed to know exactly what was wrong with them and the coach, my God! Please tell me that you have seen them play or have been a fly on the wall in order to attain all of your inside information? Again, this team is made up of sophomores and freshmen, give them a bit of a chance. And I am sure you will have much more to say after they play the best test in the conference Sunday? Fans like you are really not needed in the women’s program.

  7. T. Moren took this job very late and she needs 2 or 3 years of full-time seasons to get her recruiting feet on the ground. 3 years after this season, then evaluate T. Moren and lady Hoosiers. Personally, I do not know where it will be though I think it will be good. IU women’s BB is kind of comparable to where FB program was at. Hopefully fb will get the corner turned and 3 years from now IU women basketball will turn the corner for the good also. T. Moren deserves a fair chance.

  8. MikeC, its pretty arrogant of you to assume that you know more of the innerworkings of this basketball program than anyone else who could ever comment. I know more than one person that was and is in the locker room every time they play. “T. Moren” told the sophomores to get their release papers ready and that is a FACT. So who is it not giving these girls a chance? Me? Or coach moren? Maybe you shouldn’t believe everything the coach says in her interviews. Also why do you think hulls left? You don’t have to believe me, you’ll see it next year! And the year after. Recruits are going to run from a program where the players are jumping ship! Sad cause i really thought the program was going up

  9. Hoosierfan041931. Hulls is hurt, you idiot!!!!! Obviously you don’t know as much as you think you do about the inner workings of IU womens basketball. Have you played basketball in the Big Ten? Have you won a big ten championship as a player or coach? Do you know what it takes to be competitive in the Big Ten? Do you have a winning record as a Divsion 1 basketball coach? My bet is the answer is “no” to all the questions above and that is why you say say the stupid things you say. Moren is tough- if you think the hurtful, non productive things you say about her will rattle her in some way, you are sadly mistaken. She is a proven winner, on and off the court. She will get the job done, in spite of “fans” like yourself. Go Hoosiers.

  10. We knew hulls was hurt before the year even started. That’s not the issue you Numbskull. The team knew she was never going to play again. She was going to remain on the team til the end of the year but the team has gone to hell. Like i said enjoy watching these girls cause its going to be a new team next year. You probably wont even get to use Stratman next year. Everything i say is absolutely true and you all know nothing to dispute my claims with so now you have reverted to insulting me. Have fun next year guys.

  11. OK Hoosierfan, I’m arrogant and IUfan1966 is a numbskull, aren’t you a pleasure to deal with? You know, if you could stop name calling long enough to simply state your opinion like most other reasonable people on this website, maybe people would give you a little respect? You must lead a miserable life down in your mother’s basement while spewing insults to anyone who disagrees with you. Your spewing venom at other posters is really tiring. Anyone who takes the time to post on this website is simply stating their opinion and really not seeking being degraded by a name calling know-it-all. Excuse us for disagreeing with you. Anything I say on this website is simply my opinion in what I see on the court. And being a basketball fan for 58 of my 68 years and a player until the age of 49 and having a background of coaching for several years dealing with girls and women, I think I have a reasonable idea of women’s basketball. Oh yes, I have also been a women’s season ticket holder for over 20 years but, who am I to disagree with you? You obviously have been hurt deeply by coach Moren in the past of which we have no knowledge? Why else would you castigate her at every instance? Oh well, I will let it go and not degrade you like you seem to get off doing to the rest of us 🙂

  12. I said your assumption that i knew less about this specific women’s program than you was arrogant not you as a person MikeC! I dont even know you. And iufan1966 called me an idiot, so who’s calling names?? Also I live in my grandma’s basement, not my mothers! Another assumption MikeC! Like i said, call me a liar and an idiot…wont keep players in this program! Moren knows how to win and i need to get with the program!

  13. Hoosierfan, at no time did I claim to know more about the program than you, I simply asked you how you attained your so called inside information? You need to reread my post. And one other thing, you claim coach Moren consistently blames the players for the team’s losses, apparently you missed her statements following the Minnesota loss where she stated that her and the coaching staff were relatively instrumental in the loss by not calling time outs the last 2 minutes of the game when they lost the lead to help the girls fight through the end of the game? At no time did she call out individual players other than speaking of the team’s 3 turnovers in the last minute and a half.

    And again at Penn St. at no time did she refer to an individual player about the loss other than speak about the rebounding edge that Penn St. inflicted on our ladies. As a matter of fact I can only remember one game this year where she criticized an individual player and that was Cahill after a terrible performance a couple of games ago.

    One other thing that you have stated, just wondering if she flushes all 6 of the sophomores out the door heading into next year and you don’t think Stratman is there, how will she have enough players to play? That leaves the 4 freshmen that came aboard this year (if they stay?) and the 2 new recruits and Jakubicek. I would think if things are as bad as you portray that some of these freshmen that she did not recruit would leave to? If all of this is true we may have to shut down the program for lack of players? I really don’t see her adding 7 or 8 new players to next year’s team but, maybe I am wrong, I have been before. Anyway, I hope your grandmother still cooks for you so you can sustain your strength in order to continue your ranting and raving about our program. As an older dude, I do remember the old cliché of “Lose lips sinck ships” its something that remains true, think about it. Be a real fan and support your team instead of slowly trying to tear it down. These ladies could use some positive support!

  14. Does anyone of importance read posts on the scoop wether it be wbb, mbb, fb or is it merely unimportant conversation or chat among those posting there irrelevant comments on here.

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