IUWBB: Moren wants more road games in future years

As with plenty of first-year head coaches, there were inevitably going to be differences between what Teri Moren wanted and what she inherited.

She wishes she had a little more height on the roster – and that is in the process of being fixed, because IU has signed two post players for next year. But, at the same time, she said after a loss Sunday to Purdue that the Hoosiers’ lack of height can’t be used as an excuse.

After the game, there was something, however, that she wished for her team: a little more experience in opposing arenas.

While it may have not been the main cause of the loss – Mackey Arena can’t be solely to blame for 17 turnovers and 7-of-30 shooting from beyond the arc — the trip to West Lafayette was only the Hoosiers fourth away game of the year thus far.

“That is something, moving forward, we have to do a better job with our schedule,” Moren said. “One, it has to be more difficult. Two, we have to have a nice mix of being on the road and being road-tested and being in the confines of Assembly Hall. We will fix that. That will be fixed.”

Looking back at a non-conference schedule that had eight home games and three road games, Moren isn’t satisfied with the mix of games she inherited, especially considering the caliber of opponents the Hoosiers faced.

Take, for instance, Incarnate Word. IU beat the Cardinals, 85-49, a few days before Thanksgiving. Since then, Incarnate Word has lost seven out of its last eight games, including contests to Texas Lutheran, Our Lady of the Lake and their Southland Conference opener against Sam Houston State.

Take IPFW, a team IU beat 80-37 on Dec. 10. The Mastodons have since lost four out of their last six games. One of those wins came against Milwaukee – another team on the Hoosiers’ non-conference schedule in 2014 – and Division III Trine.

Working against that level of competition couldn’t have helped the Hoosiers as they stepped into a pressure-cooker: on the road, versus an in-state rival, falling behind early.

“It is what it is right now and it hasn’t helped us for situations like this where you are on the road and you meet some adversity,” Moren said. “We got down, our backs are against the wall and we are trying to figure out how to respond to that.

“We will. … In all of our losses we have learned something from them. Each time, this group has been ready to bounce back. So that is what we will stay encouraged about, we will watch film with them and we will learn something from this game. Hopefully we will be better because of it on Thursday night.”


  1. Exactly what I have been saying in more than one post this year. Our non conference schedule has done us no favors this year. Playing a host of division 3 teams and lower mid majors does not give us the competition that we need entering conference play. Hopefully next year coach Moren can put together a more demanding schedule? If we would happen to lose a couple of games against stiffer competition, so be it. At least we would be better prepared for conference play.

  2. Division 1 teams don’t play Division 3 teams. Even mid majors are Division 1. Division 3 teams don’t even have athletic scholarships.

  3. The previous women’s coach needed the wins to offset the Big Ten Conference losses to have a chance at a winning record for post season play. The same practice is occurring in the I U men’s program. Terri Moren is correct in her approach in wanting to play better teams and have your team battle tested for the conference.

  4. There’s not a single Div III opponent on IU’s regular season schedule.

    I think if you look at the schedule you’ll see we played nearly all (maybe all?) of these teams last year when we had a new coach and were starting from square one. I would guess these were all 2-year contracts, especially given that we’ve played MIlwaukee, IPFW and IUPUI in home-home series the past two years.

    Coach Moren is correct that the schedule needs to get tougher…..but it was designed the way that it was because of our youth and inexperience. I have no issues with it now, but would like to see it get tougher down the line as well.

  5. Well Chet, the point I was trying to make is basically , most of the teams on our schedule are lower mid majors and not near the kind of competition we néed to prepare us for the conference. Simply by looking at the scoring margin in these games and then looking at the conference results should show you that our pre-conference schedule is terribly inadequate. I am sure that coach Moren will present us with a much tougher schedule next year.

  6. Couldn’t agree more with you MikeC. This team is close but needs better competition to fine tune and get these young players ready for Big Ten play. It’s no surprise to me that some of the players seem to disappear when in Big Ten play. Hope to see you at the game Thursday. I have a good story from the Purdue game for you.

  7. i can’t believe all the men commenting on women’s basketball. are you really watching chick hoops when there is perfectly good real basketball on tv?

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