1. Is this good news? Isn’t he a guard/small forward…? Don’t we need size and competent post play? That being said, I hate losing a strong Indiana talent to snidely Matta….Didn’t the kid have academic issues? Do we need that anyway? Don’t we have a bus waiting somewhere with a “thug” label for kids with academic problems?

  2. Just a fact posted without editorial.

    But yes to all your questions. Thug Life all day.

  3. My bad….I thought everything posted on blogs was with the intent of some form of undercutting innuendo or editorial…..(even when most concise form your blurt).

    I was sorta thinking you were going with these quite whispers into our imagination ears: a) Crean is no longer beating out the competition for strong in-state talent… b)The local talent wants to play relatively close to home but for a coach that brings enough X’s and O’s to the table to realistically make deep tournament runs…..c) Crean must be on the hot seat and uncertainty IU’s future leadership is playing into these “thugs” decisions…d) Matta is capable of dealing with ‘trouble” if it comes down the road.. He is confident enough in his own ability to know that the occasional thug can’t bring his entire program down based on some flawless image he is trying to protect…..(because it’s all he really got, bro thug)…

  4. Harv,

    I’m not smart enough to attempt, let alone execute such subterfuge.

    But while we’re on the subject, seeing the talent in the state leaving for other programs is a huge bummer. It would be nice if we had a coach that came in, locked down the borders and pimped slapped any coach from the outside who dares come in. Straight up, Thug Life style.

  5. Don’t call on me to doubt your intelligence….Straight up, indeed. No deflate-gate in this crib, bro.

  6. Y’all keep messin’ with bro’ speak, I pull yo’ lungs out threw y’alls nostrils…BRO’!

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