1. cant stop yelling at the TV… Crean is such a moron. How do we still not have a clue how to inbound the ball? It is mind-boggling. It’s 100% coaching… it has nothing to do with the players. We don’t even have a freaking outlet guy we can throw it in the backcourt to if all else fails. Crean is absolutely mentally handicapped.

  2. we’re going to lose this game by double-figures. We have a horrible defensive scheme. I have zero confidence that Crean can make an adjustment to get Russell off track. We were due for a poor performance, but it still sucks to watch.

  3. I’m not even sure if I’ve ever called Crean a moron….CharaTom ValvoCrean, but not moron.

    Crean got D-eepo and D-Wade,…but this D-Russell guy is pretty good….It ain’t over yet, Geoff.

  4. so many things wrong with our game plan. Crean has given the team no chance to win this game. The weave doesn’t work against a pressure match-up zone. Mix in a friggin backdoor cut. We just put ourselves in unnecessarily difficult positions by constantly doing dribble hand-offs against this defense. Crean won’t make any adjustments though… guaranteed. We are going to end up with 15+ turnovers and they’ll all be scheme-related and unforced.

  5. What’s the deal with the unnatural loyalties to Stan “The Man(at least according to Geoff when he came to Bloomington)” Robinson…He’s become a momentum killing force…for the Hoosiers. He chucks up airballs and is just sloppy with the ball…I’d prefer he’d shoot with no hands.

  6. CTC is the wild card, TW is the on-court Wild Card, CTC is the Wild Card on the sidelines. IMHO CTC has already destoried what started out as good momentum, by manic subsitituions unlike last game where he let the starters play (averaged over 30 mins for each starter. I agree with you Geoff this will be a double digit lost neither coach or team showed up.

  7. Why doesn’t anyone understand how to use the words fewer or less?

    The only way we have a chance to win this game is if Yogi takes over and bails Crean out.

  8. Would we have ever seen this much Hartman(especially since we have to give Ambi-Stan minutes), if Hanner never gets injured…Happenstance.

  9. destoried,, subsitituions,,, double digit lost,,?

    This is not helping the discredit Crean cause.

  10. Collin giving some lip back to Crean in the timeout after another breakdown on the attempted in-bounds play.

  11. Couple things about Stan… he was a better player last year. He looked like he was in way better shape as a freshman. I think he was very unfocused in the off-season. Last year’s culture was not positive or winning and I don’t think he took his improvement seriously enough. The pot thing was certainly an indicator, but his body and the slide backwards in his game are the real evidence. Secondly, our talent level, especially at the guard position is so much better this year which highlights Stan’s shortcomings in a way they didn’t show up last year.

    He no longer fits into our scheme. Not saying he has to go, just that he no longer can help us in any kind of consistent way during the games.

  12. Geoff(and any other participants)-

    Let’s just make this our own LiveChat since Jeremy and Miller took it away to do their Ticker Twitter Tickling of each other….

  13. Harvard, he is not a “far stronger talent”… neither of them are strong talents. That being said I’d rather have Remy sitting on our bench than Stan.

  14. How many TO’s for Stan this half? Even when he does something right like take the ball away from Russell he gives it right back and then gives up a 3 point play… Dreadful. Honestly, if Crean plays him even for a second in the 2nd half then it’s all the evidence anyone should need to assess his mental impairedness.

  15. Crean lacks the ability to get a player going. That would require scheme and adjustment. Crean only has philosophy… It’s not like Blackmon has the athleticism or ball-handling of Russell. He requires help from his teammates to get him going.

  16. We’ve had some sloppy play and poor execution from several players. Could of really don’t without that 3 point play to end the half, but down 6 with the ball to begin the 2nd half isn’tall that bad. Especially since we’ve been hammered every year in Columbus since 2008.

  17. He is a far stronger talent…I’d take him any day of the week guarding Russell over Ambi-Stan…Better athlete…better ball skills, bigger body.. and a better shooter(even with the funky form)…I give Stan the slight edge in getting to the rim and actually finding the bottom of the net…But Remy was a far better defender and handled ball pressure with more confidence/steadiness. Crean said he was his top athlete ..It’s one of the few things the man knows how to gauge. And Remy wouldn’t fall out of physical condition slip…The kid had heart and he was a better all-around example in leadership….Crean has obviously lost control with regard to off-court issues…You wouldn’t have to worry about Remy falling into the temptations of overly stupid crap…He’d value his scholarship.

  18. it’s about loyalties, Geoff….Don’t even begin to get into Crean’s head with how he determines his surrogate sons to get the minutes…We don’t win the last two games if those loyalties were playing into the equation…which is really not an equation. There is nothing “equal” about it in terms of all the “basketball” factors that should matter.

  19. At 3 years old my attention span was longer than Stan’s. His is about the length of the blink of an eye. He has to go. Butler, Evansville here comes another. Why can’t we inbound the ball under pressure? Why do we not have 3-4 set plays to get Jr. the ball for a good look to help get him going? I am going back to work on the bathroom. This kind of game is so damn not necessary.

  20. Wow I would like to think Crean saw that inbounds play and took some notes but he knows to much about basketball to do that :/ . Let’s just stick with what he does because we prefer throwing th ball away over easy dunks. IU is going to lose big 10 road games but I worry games like this will lead to the traditional last 1/3 of season slide we always see from Creans teams.

  21. Please don’t try to tell me Blackmon isn’t an athlete…with his latest exceptional drive to the rim.

  22. No one is saying that Blackmon isn’t an athlete… He just isn’t an athlete like Russell or Yogi or Troy or Thompson… He is smooth, but he doesn’t have the elite fast twitch change of speed or direction.

  23. Do you think Yogi’s attempting to prove he can shoot the ball with comparable success to JBJ? Is it creating a power struggle and disrupting chemistry? Will JBJ, even as a freshman, take well to not being the true go-to scorer(especially perimeter points) on this team? Will it eventually bleed a bit of the swagger out of Blackmon?


  24. That was terrible defense by Blackmon……This is the time of the game that you don’t worry about your fouls….Just stop the guy. Don’t let him get that shot off….No help as well..But no effort by JBJ.

  25. No. I don’t think there is even an inkling of truth to that. Chemistry is great. Yogi is about to break the NCAA record for consecutive games with a made 3. He doesn’t have to prove that aspect of his game to anyone. Blackmon’s “swagger”… he is Lake Placid. How would you ever know if he was feeling swaggy or not?

  26. Breaking News(from the CBS crew broadcasting today’s game)!!

    Calipari believes Tom Crean deserves ‘Coach of the Year’ consideration

  27. i don’t believe the chemistry is great….And if you ever consider the powers of Yogi’s very successful mother, the one and only “Doc Libby,” and her constant desire to be obnoxiously slathering admiration on her son’s behalf while meddling directly behind the bench at nearly every game…? Yeah, I think that could get to the point it creates an atmosphere of “just too much..” Not to mention(if you ever take the time to visit her tiwtter feeds), she’s a fellow gong banger of the Christian focus and the Bible quotes to drive home her powers of influence…..

    Not saying the Blackmon should be “big man on campus”…but I do believe there’s some politicking for perceptions and a bit of “oh no you don’t” push-back… You said it best…You gotta set Blackmon into schemes that get him the ball…Yogi is chucking it up at every opportunity he gets…They’ve been going in…But if Blackmon feels he’s not even being considered, or there’s delays and hesitancy in finding him looks, It could create chemistry issues. I think there’s a lot of effort to sell a team bonding…But it isn’t always indicative of underlying “true” chemistry and having your teammates back.

  28. Unfortunately JBJ has shown why he’s not a 1 and done.IF he had thoughts about the NBA any scout worth their salt would look at this game and make him a 3rd rounder…at least. Matta and Ohio State recognized the fact that JBJ has limited ball handling skills.(Hence that’s why RJ and Yogi are at point. I didn’t think CTC responded or made adjustments to OSU’s defense.It appeared they had targeted JBJ for his lack of ball handling skills by jumping out from screens and trapping. CTC seemed to have no clue how to combat the pressure defense .

  29. To Yogi’s credit, he obviously worked very hard during the off-season/summer to elevate his perimeter game….He is shooting lights out….It’s a wonderful compliment to his game that often finds way too much shot clock swallowed up while he excessively dribbles, gives it up once…gets it back..forces it in and out of exploring the middle…getting into the thickness of a quick double team….dribbling some more..passing to a standing Blackmon in position to do nothing, consequently, passing it back to Yogi again….Replay.

    Does Yogi get as motivated to take his shot to the next level without JBJ joining this team? In some respects, ti’s not a stretch to say the mere successful recruitment of Blackmon created some extra real fire under what was previously a somewhat inconsistent outside game from Yogi. …It could also be argued that JBJ’s smooth as silk form is providing teaching moments through observation…and initiation.. A great natural shooter is going to be infectious and motivate all on the roster to emulate….

  30. I obviously like Blackmon…..I think there’s a lot of extra criticism on the freshman because he moved back and forth between UK and IU…(much like Crean and Calipari move back and forth on slathering compliments on each other and taking private plane trips with their sons back and forth from Chicago to watch D-Wade playing D-Rose.etc, etc)..We can hate on JBJ for even thinking of UK, but Crean and Calipari having their constant kissing-ass land kissing cousins game of propping each other up at every opportunity available in the meda(while denying the fans a storied rivalry game between the borders that existed for half a century until the elf-ed it up) is just fine.

  31. I can also assure that if Blackmon isn’t a one-and-done, he won’t be a Hoosier next year…He’ll go where there is some real post presence and a destination that can highlight his strengths rather than deny them…

    He committed to Indiana at a time he had to believe Fischer and Vonleh(at minimum) would be on this squad…If he knew it was going to be the Yogi Show demonstrating his herky-jerky quickness while putting on dribbling exhibitions…(albeit burying shots he will never refuse), he would have gone where there was a legit big man and a place where the stage of later rounds in March Madness was a reality…Should I hate on him for that…? No..Why? Because I don’t think Crean really values what Indiana can provide him…Crean is about finding his dark horses, his phenoms, his freakishly long wing spans, his leapers, his projects that he alone turns into NBA material, that can keep in relevant while abusing and making joke of what the term “coach” and “teacher” should ever encompass..

  32. There is nothing wrong with JBJ’s ball-handling skills…..Excessive dribbling is not a team skill. Usurping shot clock and excessive exploration while dribbling is not a skill.

  33. Lol@if JBJ doesn’t go pro he won’t be a hoosier next year….now that is by far the most ridiculous comment I’ve heard yet.

  34. Not to mention post presence. We will have Davis back. A more usable Hanner. Juan Morgan. A sophmore holt with minutes under his belt. Not to mention the class isn’t done yet.

  35. This entire thread is laughable…arm chair coaches…good stuff. Down 7 w three minutes to go…they hit a few big shots..that doesn’t happen, we win and there are 40 less posts under this thread…nature of the beast lol

  36. I think we were still up 2 points when I declared it would be a double-digit loss. There were some real issues with the game plan that were obvious early on. Regardless of how close we got at the end, Crean showed some real cracks in our armor today. My fear is that other coaches exploit them and Crean cannot adjust.

  37. Better to be an “arm chair coach” than to declare a football coach a “jerk” before he’s completed the coaching of 1/3 his first season…This isn’t about being denied pancakes at a family/fan football buffet, JPat..

  38. Every half-ass fan knows going into a road game against an OSU team in an almost must-win situation could foresee the likelihood of a game eroding into a double-digit loss. Unfortunately, I think our players approached it with the same exact mindset as Geoff…They were defeated before even getting off the bus…Flat. The Hoosiers weren’t 1-5…They were holding onto sweet short-term success with absolutely zero sense their own backs to the wall… Every game should be a must-win…In this age of being your own highlight reel, it’s a mentality your rarely find from a cohesive and well-coached team.. We dumb down heartless basketball to “RELAX”….it’s only one loss. Bring hostility to hostile environments…Otherwise, stay on the damn bus and sing happy songs with Ambi-Stan..Smoke some weed…Share some bourbon and Coke with Hanner…but just stay on the bus…Don’t drive the bus. Don’t jump into cars…But, please don’t bring that heartless attitude to candy-stripes..anywhere, anytime..

  39. The game was winnable….but I didn’t expect to win…I figured it would be 20 points…if we win and purdue and beat Rutgers we will be 7-2 1/2 way through the big ten. Considering transfer, injuries, and off court issues it is completely unrealistic not to be satisfied with that.

  40. In my humble opinion, it appears that OSU did a better job of assessing the weaknesses of TW’s game and JBJ’s game. OSU took both out of the game : JBJ with high pressure, in your face defense that at times morphed into traps. TW didn’t know what to do with the body checks. CTC and staff didn’t respond to Matta’s evaluation and defensive game plan at all. on offense IU played like freshmen and for most part they are. Defense is another thing.IU appeared like they didn’t have a defense to stop OSU.OSU played to that old adage “a good defense is the best offense”. I don’t think JBJ leaves next year….Holt will possibly grow another 1-2 inches, Devin Davis returns. Unfortunately ,I don’t think Stan returns. He’s not contributing anything to team effort.

  41. “They were defeated before even getting off the bus…Flat.”

    Wait…what? They came out on fire. They had to work their way to flat.

    “I can also assure that if Blackmon isn’t a one-and-done, he won’t be a Hoosier next year”

    Let’s just leave that one out in the sunshine for a while. I’m pretty sure that comment is going to have a really, really long half life…like a quote from Casablanca.

    Sloppy game we didn’t deserve to win. As was mentioned, it was a must win for OSU. They played like it. We didn’t. Plenty of blame to go around…except for Hartman. WTF?

    Stan…keep in touch. Wish you the best of luck in your future endeavors.

    There is no third round in the NBA draft.

  42. Harvard…he is a jerk but I have grown to like him.. I called a spade a spade…anyone close to the program knows this to be true and I apologize for nothing I said…nothing…Geoff, maybe you should coach Indiana, you seem to have all the answers..quiet when Indiana wins! Question to you that bitch and moan…do you have season tickets to men’s or women’s bball…or soccer or baseball…do you take your family and travel to games…do you donate to the varsity club or give back to youth on campus in any way???

  43. J Pat, what is this nonsense you allow yourself to believe about me being quiet after wins? It’s been offered up on at least a couple of occasions that I be the coach of IU, however to do that I’d have move away from Maine, which at this point in my life I have no desire to do. Thanks for thinking of me though.

    Harvard, that game had nothing to do with effort and everything to do with gameplan and (lack of) adjustments… coaching.

  44. Geoff-

    It did have to do with effort, as well…The early shooting was hot, but the defensive effort and help defense was pathetic…Guys were letting their men get to the middle with very little resistance and the awareness and effort to block those drives was nonexistent in all examples…Did anyone take a charge tonight….If so, I honestly don’t remember one…And if there was one, it was likely Hartman…And I thought RJ”s game was very flat.

    This is your one season of Blackmon, Hoosier fans. Leave it in the sunshine as long as you like….

    JPat- Settle down…You started the attacking with the “arm chair” QB comments…Keep in mind that most of Wilson’s QB’s were forced to be arm chair guys…..Also, what in the hell is the point of a blog if it isn’t to express honest feelings whether right or wrong…? Was there really anything so injurious stated? Geoff nor I were making attacks at fellow bloggers..Geoff believes in what his experience from years of coaching lobsters to a Final Four is telling him…It doesn’t mean he’s universally correct in his full assessment…He’s supported Crean in many other areas…He buys into all the “brought us back from decimation” malarkey that the rest of you want to hand Crean 10 more years of contract extensions worth 20 more million while holding him in some flawish image barely a notch below Jesus H, himself……He’s given Crean a chance(in his mind)that Crean can evolve as an X’s and O’s coach, He feels it’s not happening and he’s expressing frustration…I think he’s also a bit frustrated because he blabbered an awful lot about Stan bringing a ton to this team(back in the days of recruitment)…and it just ain’t proving out. We all miss…even the geniuses hiding out amongst the lobster traps in that mecca of hoops paradise known as Maine….Because it’s Maine…

  45. hey geoff,

    if your lobster runs around the screen does he get caught in a trap? does your team claw its way to victory?

  46. Harvard….you really have to get over the early departures for the NBA. It’s just a played out conversation. The rule is what it is at the moment and that’s the way it is.Its about money. They can always use the millions of dollars to go back to school if they get injured. You need to fill the void of enjoying a 4 year player that hustles and over achieves…then watch Hartman. Or video tapes of Jordan Hulls. No Coach in
    their right mind is going to pass on a one and done talent in this era of college basketball.
    Also leave players families out of it please. It’s just tacky and uncalled for. There is nothing that brings out the worst in people like religion and youth sports. I’m sure if there is a parent issue it isn’t the first time these players have had to deal with an over bearing parent of a Johnny Jump shot that feel there kid is and will always be #1.

  47. No scissors required in cutting down net ceremonies….?

    The Hurryin’ Lobsters are now in the Elite Crate?

    Coach Geoff will be running their tails off and hopefully they’ll soon be on a roll..?

  48. Where did I say I have a problem with guys going to the NBA? Crean can’t coach which makes his few NBA-ready guys rather a waste of college talent. He doesn’t have the coaching pedigree to get the best one-and-done’s on a consistent basis…Nothing in his skill set gets him deep into tournaments…Not anything near the level of an elite coach’s ability to bring in numerous guys on the same teams that can play at the next level…Not nearly the mind for the game to blend a couple shot-in-the-dark NBA finds…or a once every decade like Zeller…with solid upperclassman to blend into true contenders(e.g. what Stevens did at Butler)…

    Knight brought in NBA talent…There wasn’t tons…But it was enough to make it interesting with the knowledge of X’s and O’s that got teams to play far above their individual components….You don[‘t win without NBA talent…Nor do you win without great minds for the game and knowing how to utilize your specialty/role players…and defend.. Crean is simply a basketball babysitter for a few NBA “upside” guys he can identify….I don’t think that’s worth the millions he’s paid no mater how angelic his undershorts.

  49. NBA Basketball Babysitter….That’s it in a nutshell….or in a lobster shell…Sometimes I even surprise myself…

    CharlaTom ValvoCrean: World’s Most Famous NBA Basketball Babysitter

    McCracken Playpen ..Our banners are finally being put to use as “Because Brand” washable cloth, tweet absorbent diapers, holding the soiled mess of Crean’s teams below…

  50. It takes a decent and humble soul to say “I don’t know.”…..In a sea of arrogance, you remain true to yourself, JPat. Sorry for taking the cheap shots with the old “Wison is a jerk” stuff…That wasn’t fair and has nothing to do with the present.

    You know plenty. My daughter has had some bad luck in her personal life of late…I take those things to my heart and the ugly stuff comes out here….She is far away and I feel rather helpless because I can’t give her a comforting smile and hug of reassurance….Anyway…Let’s go get Purdon’t ….

    My childhood hero died over the weekend….

    Rest in peace, Mr. Cub.. You brought so much joy through that television…You reached right through my black and white small TV nearly every summer afternoon with your eternal smile and love for people…You played with gratefulness to the fans for every single cheer….Forever positive in your spirit..No vengeful bone in your body…A superb baseball player and an endless example of what it means to be humble, classy, and decent…There will never be another like Ernie Banks..

  51. http://www.chicagotribune.com/news/opinion/commentary/ct-bob-sirott-ernie-banks-perspec-0126-20150124-story.html

    We’d wait patiently after games hoping to see Ernie walking to his car in the players’ lot. He always had time to sign his name for everyone crowding around him pushing scorecards, baseballs and autograph books in his face. He never seemed to be in a hurry when he was doing that. I still have the first autograph he ever gave me when I was an excited 10-year-old. I can see the signature in my mind right now as I’m writing this(courtesy: Bob Scott, Chicago Tribune)

  52. Harv…sorry about your daughter, that must be rough. Hope it all works out. This Indiana team has exceeded expectations by a mile so it is hard for me to read negativity…especially when most had yesterday penciled as a loss even after Thursday’s big win…have a good Monday!

  53. Thanks, JPat…Just some struggles and heartache part of life when it wants to kick you around.. She’s very resilient and gets herself pointed in the right direction quickly…

    I’m not sensing anymore negativity than I’ve seen during football seasons….I know the “where’s the anti-Crean crowd when we win a game” is the drumbeat pounded right now, …. Some regulars on here like Geoff and coachv have just begun to finally voice there disappointment more vigorously than past years…Do you respect Clarion’s opinion…? Does he jump off the ledge and abandon his positive core simply based on the observations of one game? Did you read his post #24? Here, I’ll give you another look at an excerpt:

    Why can’t we inbound the ball under pressure? Why do we not have 3-4 set plays to get Jr. the ball for a good look to help get him going? I am going back to work on the bathroom. This kind of game is so damn not necessary.

    Why do you want to protect from any criticism the repetitive mistakes that just don’t go away on Tom Crean teams? He’s had nothing but fans willing to bite their tongues for years when it was likely pretty obvious to their heart of hearts his shortcomings as a basketball tactician….What is it that we were protecting if it wasn’t good sound basketball? Should we just build a temple in his honor and deny all voices of dissent because he took a job at lowly Indiana after a frivolous NCAA witch hunt? In all honesty, JPat..I’m so damn sick of all this garbage that he loved us when no one else would….It truly is garbage. I would hope to never place such viewpoints on any my own children….You don’t degrade yourself as unworthy of a quality relationship because of mistakes and thus happily settle for someone that steals the money you’ve tucked under the mattress for 20 years while possessing only the skills to remind you of your past mistakes…..From the date Tom Crean was brought to this institution, I felt this man was more about taking higher ground rather than equal ground….It is only feelings of one’s own insecurities and lack of skills that forces such shame upon our own few mistakes rather than simply moving forward and unconditionally loving the opportunity to be part of such a storied place as Indiana…..We had one affair with sexy basketball and it turned out bad…..Damn us to hell and proclaim Tom Crean as forever a knight in shining incompetent armor because we were the Sampson whore he could forever remind our looseness with the family name…Give me an elf-ing break….. It was only our years of class and expertise that allows such carnival salesman to spear something as if it were Satan’s pig at first opportunity to point out a hideous diversion of rolling in the joyous mud like the rest of the world. Tom Crean’s character could never shake at stick at he examples Indiana set for decades….The greatest shame to our institution is to believe what this man wanted us to stuff into our closets of shame…..The real shame is in his incompetence that he evades by making selling some malarkey that his purity could save our poor character flaws when we went to bed with “thug” basketball….Thank you, Tom Crean…Thank you for putting the pureness your chastity belt of wholesome good back on our cheating house of handsome Sampson we sneaked in the back door every night…We can now walk with our heads high down the sidewalk with your oily hand sweating on our pure again palms because you could love us despite the sins….and the decimation…Thank you Lord for Sweet 16’s and someone that could truly love us beyond our cheating(just “because” Kelvin looked hot) on Bobby and those banners once streaming from our chastity belt of heavenly purity…Amen.

  54. I know it was wrong, Basketball Jesus of Virgin Pureness and Son of Bobby God…….but sexy Sampson basketball was strutting his stuff down the boring Bloomington streets and I fell into the temptations of sin for some unprotected hoops…..I was lonely!..It was wrong! The banner children had long left home and started their own careers…Hadn’t seen a handsome tournament run for years..Oh, and the naturalness of the effortless nights of passion something other than Milan Mercenary….Bobby Knight grew into Bobby Plump..I felt unappreciated and my old Assembly body wasn’t going to keep its shape forever…Kelvin was always calling me….I had never even considered 3-ways before…Those sorta things just don’t happen behind Bloomington doors….But Kelvin hoops made the loneliness go away…..What once felt like something I should never share from the playbook felt as natural a city playground….I loved basketball for its most basic elements of desire without the fear of doing things the “right way.” Is it so wrong that Kelvin made me realize I was more than the perfect unassuming housewife of Milan Hickory that would always be the nothing behind the plaid jacket? Can you ever forgive me? Kelvin was only about the hoops..It wasn’t really love…It was something I had to feel again….I needed eyes that didn’t care about my history or my image…Nobody loves an image…I know I could have just turned on a Kentucky movie on the adult hoops channel…but it wasn’t that…He knew I was classy…I never felt used…Don’t make me feel as if I were used…You don’t know how lonely living with only the memories our daring days when perfection was never around to tarnish…Can you love me again? It was your innocence I saw in Kelvin hoops….It was your eyes that looked at me once without such storied elegance….Can’t you understand that?

  55. I take personal exception every time I hear that this team is “exceeding expectations”… I hear it on here, in various articles, and on the TV. I’m just trying to figure out why people had such low expectations for them. What I saw at the beginning of the year was a team loaded with guard/wing talent, a ton of shooting, that matched up with the style that Crean played at Marquette. So here are the reasons I guess:

    1. Too young – everyone in college basketball is young. We have an all-conference junior PG leading the way, which is more than a lot of team’s can say. NOT AN EXCUSE.

    2. Too small – ok, but if you use the correct defensive tactics you can get away with it. The other team has to match up with you as well, so as long as your guards/wings can shoot and have talent then you create some real problems for the opponent. (wasn’t former HS All-American Amir Williams a healthy scratch yesterday?) Villanova is small every year… are their expectations always low? Nope they are often ranked in the top 10 with a similar style. Also, this is exactly what Crean has been trying to get towards since he left Marquette. NOT AN EXCUSE.

    3. Crean can’t coach – Ok, if you were in this camp prior to the season starting then obviously you had low expectations. I was in wait and see mode with this year being my ultimatum… Because I paid attention to how Crean coached and was successful at Marquette I was actually optimistic about this year because the roster actually fit that style of play. I figured he would actually know what to do with a talented, yet undersized roster of shooters and slashers. At this point I’m on the fence. I have seen so many tactical errors during games that I question his understanding. On the other hand his overall philosophy of spreading the floor, playing fast, being aggressive, and playing freely has worked overall. I just wonder that he will be able to make any adjustments the second time through the conference. OSU was prepared to play us the second time, and we were very obviously not prepared. It was a game-planning thing. We stuck to our philosophy while OSU made adjustments from the first game and we didn’t have the bag of specific tools to adjust. You can only rely on talent and philosophy for so long… then you actually have to get into the nitty-gritty of X’s and O’s and game-planning for specific opponents and individual players. So if you had low expectations for the season because you didn’t think Crean could manage that then it IS A VALID EXCUSE.

    Personally, I had/have positive expectations from this team. We are more talented than almost everyone we play. We shoot better than everyone we play. We are quicker than everyone we play. Unfortunately we are not better coached than everyone we play. If Crean can reel this sucker in and keep them a tight defensive unit, then actually make up some specific game plans for each opponent then we have a chance to win the conference and make a serious run in the tourney. Not sure he can pull that off.

  56. Crean takes this bunch of wings and sharpshooters without a dominant force in the middle , along with his “Marquette style,” up to Madison and come away victorious, then we can hand him his Coach of the Year big boy pants, I don’t think one Final Four trip with D-Wade proved much of anything….Mike Davis took the Hoosiers to a championship game and got there by going through #1 Duke…..I don’t hear a lot of talk about Davis’s style points….

    I don’t care if we had a clone of Lew Alcindor inserted into the lineup tomorrow….I still think this coach gets bogged down in his strange loyalties, his senseless roster juggling, and the overall blur of confusion of a pace he can’t play…He will be out-maneuvered 9 out of 10 games when facing more brains than style. In all honesty, I don’t think it’s lack of brains…i just don’t think he can slow it down and manage it in his mind…Too much pressure to prove something or just not the proper wiring for how the game moves…Not every smart person can manage a hectic kitchen in a fast-paced, top notch, restaurant….Somehow, within all the fast pace and “style” and speed of the game, you have to move outside yourself and slow it down…And then you have to reel in the confidence your team to do the same….We get glimpses, but in general, I just don’t think Tom Crean can get to that type of comfort level and confidence in his knowledge to slow it down and do the adjustments.

  57. Coaching basketball at the highest levels isn’t about Sampson home Fixer Upper and imparting just your “style” …It’s more like winning at Chef Wanted with Anne Burrell….If we only had Geoff to be our Anne Burell back when we hired Crean….He could put Crean the kitchen…..Yell at him….Watch how he reacts while getting severely behind on his tickets…and see if he can still deliver, make the adjustments, in the pressures an entire kitchen breaking down..

  58. One final off-topic blurt…

    Wow….Did you see Richard Sherman’s comments and insinuations concerning Deflate-gate? And I thought that I was into conspiracy theories…Sherman really slammed the schmoozing that goes on between the NFL Commissioner and the Patriots owner……I’m starting to like Richard Sherman. He talks the trash, but he also identifies it.

  59. There is not one single shred of evidence that comes remotely close to proving the Patriots did anything wrong. Until a even a single shred exists it seems silly to continue to talk about. The only thing we know(?) is that when the refs checked the balls at half time they were inflated less than the league minimum. Thats it.

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