1. Someone from HT ask CREAN why he wasn’t prepared for this years Penn State after last years debacle. Shouldn’t been a surprise but he sure didn’t prepare the team AGAIN this year.

  2. ANOTHER game ALMOST given away to Penn State…..Cheese and rice…whats it take for CTC to f**&%ing learn.He should be glad there wasn’t 5 secs on the clock instead 4,7.Disappointing coaching AGAIN from CTC.

  3. Just like last time, in the last 3 minutes, Indiana gives up a double digit lead, but eeks it out. They stopped moving the ball and had dumb turnovers.

    Also, I counted 6 inbounds plays where we had trouble getting the ball in. One where we had to call timeout after the media timeout. Our inbounders are telegraphing their passes. Check down and look for your 2nd and 3rd options, guys.

    Cue 1992 to come in and start saying we have lady parts for pointing this out.

  4. I just am amazed how we never seem to improve during the season and how TC just doesn’t understand that when he opens his overly tanned mouth it only makes it worse. I envision him in his home tanning booth thinking about this crap he is about to spew forth and his insipid grading system on each player and moronic subbing patterns. Oh well, as long as Chaz is happy, I guess that is all that matters. I started watching HGTV so I didn’t catch the end of the game. Sorry I missed it. Fixer Uppers is a really good show

  5. A win is a win is a win. I know some Hoosier fans and Crean-haters are disappointed that IU won this game, but the rest of Hoosier Nation will take it, imperfections and all. If Wisconsin can get beat by Rutgers and Arizona can get beat by Oregon State this week, I’m happy we can take the win and learn from the experience. There is only one major BB team that is undefeated, and they hung on for dear life in two overtime games. Maybe Benny can bring some new insight to the coaching staff and improve on our inbound plays.

  6. I’m not a Crean hater and “a win is a win” is a redundant statement whose sole purpose is to quell further debate. Saying that other teams lost in upsets does not address that for the better part of 4-5 years now, I’ve witnessed our teams routinely struggle to close out games after the final 3 minutes. Inbounding the ball also remains a problem.

    For those who want to talk about basketball and don’t want to play “Who’s on Tom Crean’s side and who isn’t,” I’d be happy to discuss further. Am I alone in my observations above? If not, why do you think we have these struggles? I am at a bit of a loss. My only thoughts are that it doesn’t seem like a tactical problem as much as we are generally turnover prone and when the heat gets turned up in final 3 minutes, we struggle under pressure.

  7. I’m not a big Crean supporter, but IU has had as good of stretch as any other team in the Big ten. IU has beat 3 ranked teams and the rest of the big ten has beat 4. I would say the team is meeting or exceeding expectations record-wise. I would say Troy Williams has improved immensely. I don’t feel Crean is the long term answer, but he is on his way into coaching the Hoosiers next year. @ Illinois….I expect a loss. Maryland @ IU I expect a win.
    Loosing Perea is a new obstacle Crean will have to face moving forward. The odds have been against Crean since Vonleh declared….but he is 13-4….and tied for 1st in the Big Ten. A win @ Illinois gets the Hoosiers in the top 25 and if they beat Maryland too they will earn that spot. Crean has a chance to really make a case for himself that is getting harder to be negative about. I won’t hold my breath though…

  8. Tied for first place in the big ten…13 and 4…rpi keeps improving…first game without Perea, our only big man…get a win and I read this bs…some of you probably want IU to lose so Crean will be gone…shame…go root for UK!

  9. DD, you raise a good point about the team playing under pressure. But you can go back and watch every game from Bob Knight’s 1976 undefeated National Championship season and find that team’s chronic mistakes. You could also find inferior teams that IU struggled to beat that season! Or how about his 87 Championship team? How many games did that team lose before they started their Championship run? Every team is a work in progress. Every team and every coach has strengths and weaknesses. I hate IU’s inbounding plays and find myself holding my breath or screaming at the TV when they have to inbound the ball during the last five minutes of every game. But I assume Crean is capable of teaching his players how to do something that I learned how to do in sixth grade, and therefore I assume he’s focused on teaching them other key skills at this stage of the season. As for their performance under pressure, keep in mind that this is a very young team, with no seniors to provide a calming influence on the underclassmen. I believe this team’s performance under pressure will improve with more wins like tonights. Lot’s of things to improve, but IU won another game and are one step closer to their goal of getting back to the tournament.. And for right now, nothing else really matters.

  10. For all those that want to move on beyond whatever greatness Knight brought to IU, they sure seem to find his name very convenient when somehow attempting to compare a totally different coach in a totally different era of college basketball under totally different circumstance as to why a kid may be picking IU to play a couple years of college basketball…Once you include those reduced to chopped liver and encouraged to leave under scholly crunches the “next best” phenom with wing spans galore to wink at Crean and those that just want the stage of a once storied basketball program that can still find their games televised on ESPN, there is absolutely nothing of similarity to define or discuss…

    Why must Knight cast such a long shadow that Crean should need it for comparison…..Does that help Crean? Yet, Crean encourages it himself by trying to bring the man back to Bloomington or chasing him after a game for a handshake camera moment… Al McQuire was quite the iconic coach at Marquette…Was Crean and his supporters hanging around his grave in hopes to get mentioned of trouncing near the same soil his great coaching day?

    Hmmm? Any great IU football coaches that won some national championships, dozens of BIG titles, and six Rose Bowls, but had the occasional rough sledding in between those monumental successes and national championships the Wilson supporters can find to compare to draw bogus similarities to the current head football coach…?

    Quit attaching Crean’s sorry ass to Knight……It’s the Crean apologists that just can’t seem to get enough of resurrecting the General….Bobby Knight could likely not survive the atmosphere and warped priorities of why young play for Crean….It has nothing to do with Indinaa….Crean could be used to sharpen pencils if a time machine took him back to an era that the main equalizer was knowledge of the chalkboard…

  11. Like I said I’m not a Crean suporter…but I will give credit where credit is do. Weather you like the way it’s getting done or not..it’s getting done. I’ve felt from day one this team could compete for a Big Ten title with the right inspiration and coaching.
    There was a time for oh about a decade Penn state didn’t beat iu, so to squeak out a close win isn’t exactly impressive. The next 2 games will tell the tale. IU blew it at msu and they are beatable this year. Now we head to illinois with the better team. To compete for a Big Ten title, Crean and the Hoosiers really need to leave with a W. Then come back home and beat a team that is a serious contender for the Big 10. I personally see us going 0-2 and finding a nice cozy spot around 5th place for most of the year. I hope I’m wrong. Crean has his chance to find his way into being a coach with a team that competes for big 10 title and not just a coach and a team in the big 10.

  12. I have to say it is really getting tiring to continue to watch these IU teams look so bad on inbounds plays year after year. It has lost and swung the momentum of many games.

    But amazingly this team has beat a good amount of ranked teams and definitely more fun to watch than last years team. Imagine if Hollowell were still on the team….

  13. No surprise to me….I said this team would “breeze” into the NCAA tournament…Said Lunardi was way off keeping IU on the outside looking in…Said the Scoop blogger named ‘t’ was asleep claiming IU would go 15-16…

    There is talent on this team….It’s just talent that isn’t coached by the head man in charge…They do come with some understanding of the game…(especially the kids that played h.s. ball in Indiana)….That, in itself, can always allow for some hope.

  14. Imagine if Cody was a senior and Fischer was still here….That’s a Final Four team.

  15. ….and Davis was healthy….and Vonleh was playing his sophomore season instead of counting fast food restaurants in Fort Wayne…? But it is the system that Crean encourages…It’s always about getting to the next level…IU is merely a place to find Indiana cornfed Hoosier farmer’s daughters babes in yoga pants on the way to basketball heaven…the NBA.

  16. The first rule of Scoop Club is don’t talk about Scoop Club…

    Jeff H – you’re right about Fixer Uppers… Went to HS with Chip. He was a pretty funny dude. Good baseball player. (Harve, how’s that for a name drop? hadn’t had one in a while and figured you’d be impressed with a big TV star like Chip Gaines!)

    As far as the game goes, it was hard to watch. I did take a couple positives away from it… We ran a few pretty good sets to get players the ball in areas they could attack from – the cross-screen for Stan for a post touch and the up-then-down-screen for JBJ to get an open 3 at the top of the key. I also thought our defense improved dramatically with Burton in the game (with Colin). He was always in the right help position to keep people out the lane and deny post entries. Also concentrated on not allowing his man to get an offensive rebound. I’m not sure that combo has any real potential for the long term, but I feel comfortable now with those two playing 5-10 minutes per game together. I no longer am mad at Troy. He has been playing really hard, and it’s too the point where I actually miss him when he’s not in the game. Even though he’s crazy with the ball, I just feel like his teammates feed off his energy and his presence is a big net-positive right now.

  17. Fixer Uppers…? Is that the show with the cute girl that looks sort of Native American and most of the show is filmed in Waco? She is hot…And if it’s the show I’m thinking, the husband/co-host fixer upper is very funny….They make a nice team. Certainly enjoy it more than Property Brothers….Love it or List it can be sorta fun…..Hoosier Football? Love it or List It? I used to really enjoy This Old House when it had the original host…..Can’t think of his name..

    I fixed up a 100 year old farm house…..Worked my butt off…Moved a kitchen and ripped out a horrible 1950’s kitchen to bring back an original dining room…Also restored numerous painted shut double hung windows and actually made them function again with their original weight and pulley system…Most stll had the original wavy glass of the late 1800’s…Refinished hardwood floors….Found a couple old wooden nickels while restoring the original kitchen pantry/cupboard…Found a couple things under attic floor boards as well(an old playbill and a Victorian era metal dollhouse chair with an actual seat cushion filled with sawdust still intact..). Did a ton of other work by I won’t bore you guys….Home restoration was something I really enjoyed….Fell in love with a home in Yarmouth Maine that I would have loved to restore….many years ago….

  18. Chip Gaines is a damn good name drop…..Yup..that is the show. My daughter likes the wife and thinks she’s very natural on camera…Very beautiful and probably one of the better designers on HGTV….Nice flare for rustic mix….and doesn’t go to far to strip homes of their original/distinctive character..

    I met Bob Love once when I was a kid…and Billy Crystal at a book signing a few years ago in Chicago…Sat a few booths away from Robert Goulet in a downtown Indy restaurant…..My wife once stumbled into Antonio Banderas in an elevator at the Davenport Hotel in Spokane, Washington… I went to high school with Mitch McGary’s dad….

  19. oops…[too] far

    Worked with a guy that has played hoops with Gordon Hayward….Has invited me to come to a gym in Brownsburg and shoot around with Hayward’s old man….Declined.

    Do I have anymore names I can drop…? Stood next to Myles Brand at a pep rally before the IU vs. Duke game at Rupp Arena(the Sweet 16 game we beat #1 Duke and went onto the Final Four/Championship) ….

    Still feel very lucky…My father was a more unique man than just about any I could ever imagine meeting.

  20. 2 main points basketball related:
    1). Defense is about hustle and effort. I don’t think anyone would say Dane Fife was the greatest athlete on the court but he turned into a defensive stopper and that is what helped him stay on the court.
    2). Movement without the ball. On some camera angles during the game watch everything but the ball and that is when I get in trouble for screaming at the tv. Just not a lot of movement. Sometimes none. Just for fun, watch Virginia or Duke or Witchita State or Wiscy and there is a huge difference and I long for that type of play. I guess I am old school now because MOST teams play like IU but that just makes us non elite.

    I don’t dislike TC but I don’t feel like he earns his pay check but I don’t feel like I could give a name that would be guaranteed to come to IU and do better. I wish he would prove us haters wrong so we could just talk about basketball but like has been mentioned in above posts, we have trouble getting the ball inbounds at times (a lot of times) actually.

  21. Yes, Chip has done very well for himself. Hopefully one of these episodes she’ll wear the obligatory yoga pants (you know she has a few pair). I’ll even forgive her if she wears fuzzy slippers with them. That episode shall never be deleted from the DVR.

  22. geoff

    you forgot yogi’s backscreen for your boy troy for that scary but somehow effective running hook shot

  23. Hopefully Chip won’t set a backscreen in the Yogi pants episode…..or I’ll simply go Waco mad…

    Dane Fife….? He nearly cost Indiana a victory in what is arguably the greatest come-from-behind NCAA tournament victory in the history of candy stripes…committing a “Freytag” foul at the peak of foolhardy proportions on a 3-point shot with only seconds to go while the Hoosiers were up 4 ….He didn’t even have to play defense…stay five feet away How horribly heartbreaking to have lost after a 17-point deficit erased against #1 Duke…? It would have taken my heart of joy and thrown in off a cliff of despair steeper than the Eiger….

    “Freytag foul” is now the copyright property of Harvard for Hillbillies….

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