No. 23 Indiana blows away No. 13 Maryland 89-70 #iubb

The chants of “overrated” fell from the rafters with three minutes left to play, a statement from a raucous Assembly Hall that this Indiana team is here to challenge for a spot atop a muddled Big Ten.

In closing its biggest — and perhaps most important — win of the season, the No. 23 Hoosiers hit 15 3-pointers to blow away No. 13 Maryland, 89-70, and clinch a share of first place in the conference.

Four Hoosiers scored in double figures, led by 24 from Yogi Ferrell. Collin Hartman set a new career best with 15 points, while James Blackmon Jr. added 22 points and Troy Williams had 16. Indiana travels to Ohio State on Sunday afternoon.

Prior to Thursday, Maryland had not allowed more than 77 points in a game this season. The Terrapins boasted the best defense in the Big Ten, but the Hoosiers torched them from the perimeter. IU shot 68 percent (15-for-22) from beyond the arc, while connecting on 60 percent of its shots from the field.

The Terps had been gashing opponents with an offensive attack that relied on getting to the free throw line, but the team shot only 6-for-12 at the stripe against IU. Maryland stars Melo Trimble and Dez Wells were mostly non-factors, combining for only 19 points. Jake Layman led Maryland with 13 points.

IU virtually controlled the entire game, but Maryland found a way to stay close at the break despite only seven combined points from Trimble and Wells. Indiana, which led 38-35 at halftime, came out of the locker room on a 6-0 run to start the second half and built a lead that swelled to as many as 22 points late in the period.

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  1. Beautiful, beautiful win tonight…..played as a team in total sync with one another. Congratulations on
    a stunning upset!

  2. Great game and CTC had a fantastic game plan and the team executed it to perfection!!. Substitutions were timely and IU’s starting 5 averaged well over 30 minutes each which gave us consistency and momentum!! Collin played like a ‘Big’ but versitle. Go Hossiers!!

  3. Wow. Great win. Not so much surprised to see the upset as how we closed it out. It’s getting a lot easier to be less cautious and more optimistic.

    Quite often, when it feels like we’ve dominated but are only up by a bucket at half, it’s a bad sign of things to come. Thankfully that didn’t happen. Being on fire from beyond he arc never hurts, but we played solidly all around. And MD hit a lot of tough shots and about 50% from deep, so it wasn’t like we just caught them on a cold night. Very convincing win. A lot yet to play– and OSU could blow us out this weekend if we let up in any way– but this team has demonstrated once again that it’s very dangerous. We maintain a little consistency, and we could be a lot more than just a tough out come tournament time.

  4. I’m not a basketball technician– and not to be a Debbie Downer– but it seems we’ve gotten a little lucky with perimeter-oriented teams with HMP out. What happens when he comes back? At some point he will likely be a necessity on defense. (Vs Purdue, maybe?) Can we maintain the spacing and fluidity with him in the middle on offense? Or does he go back to being a role player? Is this brand of basketball best suited for our current team– and what Coach Crean excels at?

    One thing’s for certain. It doesn’t have to be the Yogi show anymore. Anybody can step up. And at the very least, that makes us that much harder to gameplan for. Gonna be an exciting run down the stretch. Go Big Red!

  5. Podunker, for sure we have been hot with our shooting. Especially tonight. And when you have a stretch 5 in Hartman with is included now in four outside shooting threats and Williams, I would think it leads to some confusion on the defensive end for an opposing team.

    Geez, if Hartman were five inches taller and named Novak, this team would look a lot like Marquette from the mid 2000s. My take is that this type of play and make-up is so foreign to the B10, it is causing some confusion for the rest of the league. Enough tape may be out now that we will see if Matta adjusts in the forthcoming game. Regression to mean too for the shooting may happen.

    But regardless, what a fun team to watch….


  6. Wow is right! It was one of those nights for us. 15 3s & shot 15-22 there. They’re going to need new nets after that performance. When the shots are going down like this it is a beautiful masterpiece. When they don’t, it is more like a piece of dung.

    But I was shocked at our execution. It was ON tonight and we ran basically the same set every possession. This is not the same team that lost to EWash. They seem to be able to pull-off the plan of a quick, cutting 4 corners. I’m stunned by how many times we beat our man on a drive down the middle, and with that spacing there’s no help on D. They couldn’t help because the 3s were raining down.

    And Colin Hartman, what can you say about this kid?!?! The heart of a champion this kid. I thought he should’ve played more last season. Hustle, smarts and instinct.

  7. For a “clown,” Crean sure had his team prepared to play tonight. Gosh, just think how good this IU team could be if it had a real coach! And either Crimson or coach v needs to call Seth Greenburg and tell him to stop praising Tom Crean on national television. I mean, here’s a college basketball expert, a man who coached college teams for many years, and a man who gets gets paid to evaluate college basketball teams on television, and he could not stop praising the job Tom Crean has done with this year’s team. Obviously, he’s not aware that Maryland was just another “cupcake” brought in to Assembly Hall for another easy victory. In fact, a victory over “cupcake” teams should not even count in the record books. It’s a darn shame, but more victories like the one tonight, which puts IU in a tie for first place in the Big Ten, will probably delay Crean’s termination as IU’s basketball coach. Crean wore that blue and white shirt again tonight. And was anything wrong with Crean’s post game handshake? How about his post game comments to the press. In spite of this big victory, I’m sure there’s something we can find to criticize Crean for!

  8. JPat, good to hear from you.
    Mostly the Silence on this blog right now is a beautiful thing.

    We had a great time in the Hall last night.

    Congratulations Coaches and team.

  9. BOOM…BOOM…BOOM!!! Where those sounds coming from the Student Section, or were they heard nearly every time IU put up a 3. Those kids were certainly ‘locked in’ last night. Huge win against a really good team. Keep working CTC and team. Go Hoosiers!!!

  10. May not beat Ohio st
    could be purdue
    should beat Rutgers
    7-2 at the halfway mark would be impressive for this team.

  11. You live by the three (Maryland) or you die by the three (Michigan State). It’s nice to see that Blackman and others have learned to put the ball on the floor and drive to the hoop.If Coach Crean gets this team into the Big Dance he will be here for the duration because things will probably only get better next season.

  12. These last couple games is what I’ve expected from this team all along. Really happy to see them make strides and execute the game plan. Defensively they are making far fewer errors. Offense wasn’t ever really the problem… they had some lulls that seem to have been absent the last couple games, but they could easily come back. As a team it seems that it took us a few games to get comfortable shooting against B1G calibre athletes… Now Blackmon, Z, Johnson, Colin, and Max all seem to be comfortable with game speed. Making a huge difference. Mainly I’m just happy to see us make fewer unforced TO’s and play intelligently on D. This team should believe it can beat anyone now… really just a matter of consistent effort and focus going forward.

  13. I think my favorite play was Max’s loose ball collection in traffic ending with the no-look scoop to Stan. That was a hell of a basketball play from a 6’8″ freshman.

  14. The thing I appreciated most about IU in last night’s game was that even when they had a dry spell on offense, they never got frustrated, never lost confidence, never stopped playing solid defense. They went through a period where they produced no points in five consecutive possessions, but they never relinquished control of the game. That sowed me their collective mental toughness, maturity and confidence has improved tremendously. Of course, it helps when you have that type of fan support on your home court, but they played through their “offensive dry spells” and never lost their cohesion or confidence. It was a very good win against a very talented opponent. If they can maintain the mental toughness and focus on the road, they will exceed most of the experts’ and their critics’ expectations.

  15. I watched the game with a buddy of mine last night and he opined that IU is playing much better since HP got injured? He thinks IU is a better team, especially on offense, without HP. I’m not so sure, especially when IU seemed vulnerable around the rim last night. It may be a coincidence, or it may be the result of HP’s teammates simply working and focusing that much harder to compensate for his absence. Anyone else have an opinion on that subject?

  16. Well, this is what one basketball writer thinks about my previous question. “But the Hoosiers are back, back with a string of recent results that suggest – no insist – Indiana is better without 6-9 center Hanner Mosquera-Perea.”

  17. Podunker: I said before that you’re hard to take seriously as you simply prefer to “argue for arguments sake”. That assessment is and was spot on. As opposed to commenting about the game itself – you chose to attempt to provoke something. You brought up the “clown” comment and all the other things. Much like your running feud with TTG when he called you a “terrorist” in a long post – a long time back. He referenced you to a “terrorist” in a long attempt to make his point ONCE. You have made reference to him doing so 250 times. Like I said accurately – you like to argue. That’s your thing. You would think you’d better at it.

    I’m not sure what hypocritical issue you have – but you have one. You take issue with anybody criticizing CTC. But – instead of you discussing a good win – your first choice was to seek out arguments with some who are not CTC fans. Keep in mind – again – the only thing I’ve said is I’m not a CTC fan for basketball reasons. Not being a fan means I would not stand up and applaud him. But I wouldn’t spit on him either.

    I guess the fact that you did not discuss the good win – but instead sought out an argument can only mean one thing. You are not a “real” IU fan. You can not be a “real” fan if you only want to seek out issues with other “true” fans.

    By the way – using Seth Greenberg as a reference in expertise is a far reach. He’s been to less NCAA tournament games than I have. Experts get hired more than they get fired. That aside – do you really see or hear announcers ripping coaches? Of course not. They all try to focus on the positives and ignore the negatives for the most part. Come on – you’ll always here “great offensive move” not “that kids defense is pathetic”. Their job is to be informative but also PC.

    That being said – I had the pleasure of going to my 6th straight home game yesterday. The atmosphere was by far the best of this season. Shooting lights outs makes it easy. And makes the drive home very enjoyable.

    The thing about this team I think that is unique is that reading the box score does not always tell you the normal story of their games. For instance – a season low 6 turnovers ( maybe a CTC era low ) against MSU translates into a blowout loss. But – allowing a Maryland team to shoot over 50% from the field for the game and hit (10-20) from the 3 pt. line translates into a blowout win. Yet – in watching the game live – IU’s defense would have appeared much better than the plus 50% Maryland shot stat line.

    I thought this team would win 24-25 games this season. Because – last years group should have won 22-23 games. This team is better than last years and the B1G is/was going to be a little weaker this year. With that said – IU has come from the unranked to the ranked and from the low B1G preseason expectations to the top. Here is where the cream (and hopefully crimson) rises. As you watch other B1G teams play and evaluate their rosters – IU should be in good shape for the long run if they stay focused.

  18. CRIMSON,
    Not only does he like to argue, he likes to declare himself winner of arguments like he is the ultimate authority on any given subject.

  19. I’m elated that this team is living up to my early season opinions of a far more dangerous team than last season’s squad. Maryland is a very solid team…Are they a deep NCAA tournament team? Is this a Louisville, Duke, UK team? We’ve beaten teams ranked far higher on many occasions within the stupendous and positive energy of Assembly Hall..

    Over a week ago I said this team would come together better when Crean had shorter rotations and didn’t have to force the “development” issue of a project center still a very raw work in progress.. It’ not that anyone wishes misfortune upon Hanner, but it’s more than clear that the flow and awareness on the floor went up exponentially when players with more basketball savvy and matured skills get on the court….

    When VJIII went out for a couple weeks of his senior season, the Hoosiers and Crean also saw a surge in quality wins and team chemistry…Remy Abell was the reason…Crean would not have made the hard decision to bench VJ and change roles on the team without the happenstance of VJ’s injury….I honestly don’t believe we’d be seeing this new “dangerous” Hoosier team emerging if Crean had to balance his loyalty to Hanner against putting a, possibly, much better group of five on the floor.

    Because of the total lack of dominant inside play or legit 6-9 + post players on our bench, there is a bit more complexity based on the opponent’s inside strength and the balance between puttiing more talented forwards on the floor against a developing project that can simply be a disrupting body/board vacuum/shot-blocker in the middle..

    Bottom Line: If Hanner would have been available, does anyone believe Crean would have not inserted him into the game in various sequences? Does anyone here honestly believe our coach could make that hard decision at this point in Hanner’s career? Does anyone here believe(outside of yours truly, H4H, predicting such happenstance of an improved team, a prediction of a win at Illinois, and “walloping” of Maryland) that we dominated in same fashion last night with far more rotations in the line-up and Hanner popping in and out of the game every second or third revolving door of substitutions? Does anyone believe Colin Hartman would play as inspired and free with the usual in-and-out momentum killing exhaustive substitutions that hamper flow and confidence? Does anyone believe Stan Robinson helped last night(other than simply giving someone a chance at a breather)? But were there better options than Stan Robinson on the bench even when Robinson was Crean’s option?

    We have a very talented team…It’s unfortunate that we see only glimpses of what they can truly become when Crean’s hand is more forced. It’s unfortunate that he cannot manage roles and that it takes the happenstance of injuries to make realities come crushing down. But to some that have watched closely, it’s been more than obvious for years that certain sacrifices hindering the overall ascent of chemistry and strength a team is made for raw athleticism and stubborn desires to keep “wing spans” and the cherished long term “upside” plans for certain coddled “projects”(Crean resume builders) relevant only because the vision is extending far beyond college out in front of the eyes of NBA scouts, ..Until “happenstance” provides a a brief window/look through the darkness, the excessive substitution and chemistry killers are always part of a conflicting vision of what’s best for the team as it plays in stark contrast to what’s best for a kid with NBA body and middle school basketball savvy…It’s why we witness such bipolar basketball under Tom Crean….He simply builds his name to find “upside” NBA talent within his limited X’s and O’s mind rather than putting the strongest product on the floor in a much tighter and simpler package of Hoosier potency.

    The conflicts of Crean’s visions are only being saved(much like Zeller’s boost to winning in spite of bipolar basketball) because he balanced this year’s roster out by landing some very solid shooters, and a true Hoosier baller that knew he’d see the floor much more at IU than UK, to smooth over the dysfunction of using Indiana candy-stripes as the School of D-Wade Longshot’s and Project :Loyalties….

  20. That’s the way life is, bub. If you say something really asinine you’d better plan on hearing about it for quite some time.

    Great win by the Hoosiers and, like it or not, CTC had a solid game plan and the team did a great job of implementing it. Way to go. Looked good out there. Time will tell.

  21. Chet-

    Was your “bub” comment aimed in my direction? Please explain what I must be prepared to hear about for a very long time. Crean’s short term success or what you call a coach with a “solid game plan” is given a shot-in-the-arm by way of happenstance events….And although those events can be the sad misfortune of short term injury to a “chosen one” option he will not bend, he simply manages minutes better with shorter rotations and is forced to play stronger options on the bench that he’s not willing to accept otherwise.

    The examples are more than obvious…It also explains why some players that could benefit from a “solid” team-first oriented coach leave IU for the NBA experiment often far too early(Vonleh) and why some transfer while they witness long term NBA “upside” getting minutes replacing their own(Remy, Fischer) when they’re ready to impact the team in the immediate…

    And if you’re attempting to stand on some podium absent a mirror, would you like me to go back to posts from a few ears ago where you made comments also suggesting that VJ III’s “chosen one” status was hurting the development of players far less prone to mistakes? Again, rather than Crean making the necessary role/PT changes, it was an injury to VJ III(short term)that provided the brief glimpse of a stronger product that Crean was forced to play….If you want to call that “solid game planning,” then let that be your realm of shared brilliance with the Master of Happenstance.

    Crean is actually a pretty strong coach when the decisions are narrower in the pantry and the strongest talent(essential spices/ingredients to full, distinctive, memorable balanced flavor) is a must to put on the floor….Simply because you have a lot of spices in the cabinet(plus some instant NBA Soup-Helper in Packet?)doesn’t mean dumping them in and filtering them back out every 5 minutes of simmer is going to make your pot of “asinine” soup taste better.

    I expect success to continue until Crean is back to broader choices and the obvious confusion of substitution mishmash that is brought to the forefront when he must deal with conflicts of an NBA vision of what’s most beautiful to his eyes in plucking from a field the individual’s potential for the highest level of the game vs. the immediacy of a concisely defined and tighter product on the floor fit for chemistry and March Madness success..

  22. Crean is a clown because:

    1. Wants to play with Perea, thinks he needs to play with him

    2. When Perea underperforms he benches him, says Perea needs to re-earn the right to play

    3. Perea immediately injures knee. Suddenly “the entire team feels the emotional shock”. For what? A benched player?

    4. Now he can’t play Perea, laments not having him, but the team starts playing far, far better.

    Crean is King Happenstance — right up there with Peter Sellers.

    But this has a feeling of deja vu: right before they fired Sampson the team was on fire like now.

  23. I mean…wasn’t it Geoff that screamed to the heavens that “VJ SUCKS.” And upon Crean’s happenstance pantry that was narrowed when VJ was sidelined, we witnessed a team suddenly come together(and, if I recall, a much more confident Hulls to serve as leader), battle on the road, and just look more together…

    Do we really want to believe 100% of what we witnessed at Illinois and against Maryland at home was because of great game-planning? I saw it as fewer option combined with the strongest players getting minutes they have been dieing in long anticipation to finally see…That builds a more positive vibe throughout and a hope that blossoms into hunger on the floor…Guys play far more together when they know loyalties aren’t sabotaging the “little things” efforts…Yes, Colin is now doing the little things…Brilliant observation…The little things(for Holt and Hartman)were far too long the “little” tying of shoelaces and the “little” napping on the bench until the “chosen ambidextrous Stan” just got too ugly to keep the blinders on the fans and an injury forced some far more optimal and obvious “solid game plans” absent of a normal runny Crean mess….

    VJ SUCKS!..Anyone else care to be so flawless as Chet and Geoff in concluding some other stubborn loyalties of Crean in the present year also SUCK!? And of those that SUCK, were they available to Crean in this recent resurgence and mighty signs of shooting with synergy? Gosh,…I remember how many were simply bashing the ____(rhymes with spit) out of Colin Hartman when he was first signed….Does anyone care to see my opinions regarding Hartman at that time…I sure remember a lot of Scoop participants talking of how Colin wasn’t the type of talent worthy of IU(iI assume that meant he didn’t have the jaw-dropping early athleticism worthy an NBA level talent) and just how much he “SUCKED.” How about you, Chet…Care to see the asinine comments damning a kid to mediocrity before he even took to our Hoosier hardwood….Care to look into that old mirror?

  24. That was directed at Crimson’s whining to Po. I am rather unlikely to respond to one of your soliloquies.

    No offense intended.

  25. Harvard for Hillbillies
    Saturday, June 16, 2012 – 4:28 PM UTC

    I’m by no means a passionate follower of recruits, but after viewing a mix tape of some Hartman highlights on YouTube, this kid looks pretty damn skilled to me.

    Really nice looking jump shot..very smooth release and nice arc/follow-through. We could be looking at the next Steve Green. I wouldn’t call this kid a mistake. You just don’t know how kids are going to blossom. He has good size…solid looking frame(by no means a long twig), fluid movement, and one sweet looking stroke. I don’t see this kid as a flushed away scholarship.

    Now, do you want me to place all posts of those that thought Hartman SUCKED and believed him to be a “wasted scholarship?” Man, he sure looked wasted against Maryland…How many minutes of such wasted “little things” minutes would have been wasted with his butt on the bench without The Happenstance Genius showing the world he knows talent when he rests it? Great game plan!

  26. No Chet, …it’s not. It’s about you showing up straddling Haley’s Comet to talk down to the earthlings misbehaving on Scoop…..

    Sorry..You weren’t specific and the fear of your “solid” judgments from the celestial heavens of a deep and dark Colorado sky atop your personal mountain view shared with only highest clouds prompted my foolish and narcissistic overreaction…Can you ever forgive me for making it all about me on tiny Planet Scoop while the brightly glowing Chet of Mystery does his judgmental fly-by every 100 years? Next time you buzz by, I suggest we build a Chet Pyramid and worship in hopes of your return your godly fire….Maybe even a sacrifice of some common Scoop idiots would serve as rightful offering your light of hope.

    Oh well….We’ll always have that Redford and Streisand moment…Scattered Scoop pictures …of he comet dust we left behind…Thoughts to painful to remember….the comet of a blur….the way we were.

  27. i want to live in colorado. i also like misbehaving.

    if iu could only win one national championship in your lifetime, would you want it to be football or basketball? the caveat would be the other sport would wallow in mediocrity.

  28. Geoff #24

    Wednesday, January 14, 2015 – 7:55 AM EST

    Yes, Chip has done very well for himself. Hopefully one of these episodes she’ll wear the obligatory yoga pants (you know she has a few pair). I’ll even forgive her if she wears fuzzy slippers with them. That episode shall never be deleted from the DVR.


    Just so we're clear…It was snidely name-dropper that brought up the show and the "yoga pants" visual…..Rather than paste 100 "Colin is a wasted scholarship:" and HARTMAN SUCKS! posts(many from the Christian Right of Scoop that used to go by Reggie..a.k.a. Puke is the Worst), I figured one more post of his yoga pants name-drop/reference would be adequate for Geoff as replacement.

  29. Speaking of a carpenter that did pretty well for himself….Didn’t Harrison Ford start out in the carpentry/fixer upper trade…? Never mind….He was hoping to find a nice Leia via the forces of a pair of nonexistent Yoda pants,,,..

  30. coachv-

    I can hear the chants of most Hoosier fans now….


    This also just in…Kentucky results have just been tabulated for coachv’s mind-bender….They have resoundingly voted in favor of John Wallowpari.

    This also breaking! The Windy City has voted in favor of one more football Super Bowl for the Chick-wallow Bears that may just occur 8 years from tomorrow some more wallow …..The road to the big game will begin in 2023 when the main “Monster of the Midway” is done posing as a QB….Wallow don’t really know this is true, I can dream.

  31. “John Wallowpari” is now official copyright material associated with a H4HIPIP(Harvard for Hillbillies intellectual Property of sole Internet Protocol address)… ..

    .Any use of “John Wallowpari” should include donations of $1.00 per use to my daughter’s $100,000.00 in college loans…Without such donation, you may be subject to a Scoop fine and numerous wallow jinks upon your favorite sports team/teams(e.g. Hoosiers and Huskies and Seahawks could all fall under the same singular jinks if you are a fan of all three)…These payments will be allowed on a “goodwill” and “good wallow” basis to a soon to be opened PayPal account under the name Rhinestones to Riches(R2R)……

  32. a couple more episodes of Fixer Upper tonight…. no yp’s, but did get a back flip, some jean shorts, and a short skirt… all new statements. As I’m waiting to close on my first flip I’m finding this show even more useful. It’s as much about making sure the family is involved and in the loop as anything. Great example of how to be successful.

    (if there are any fellow flippers in here I’d be happy to hear your very best advice – I’ve done a lot of studying, am in a relevant career, have great contacts, and a great mentor, but still enjoy hearing tricks of the trade and/or a secret tidbit)

  33. Look at posts #28 and #29. Someone hit a nerve, Heavyweight Harvard reduces Chet to one-liners that have to be delivered in separate posts. Too heavy for you, Chet? Priceless.

    I think another coach of the half-season award is due for Crean. Quick. Before the second half starts.

  34. Much like yoga pants……Location..Location…Location.

    For, what it’s worth, I used to watch a show that featured a flipper that lived near the California coast…..

  35. “Flip or Flop” has the hot blond that does herself up a bit heavy on he makeup and lip gloss…..Hair bleached and perfectly combed…Not the natural beauty of Gaines, but she does have the cute factor….Hubby could pass for West Virgina Baptist preacher…He looks much more square than Chip from Fixer Upper…

    Geoff is confusing me by going with the flip talk while discussing “Fixer Upper.” I thought that “Fixer Upper” was more about placing families in homes to renovate and making something of a dream home….rather than flip for cash/profit motive….Are you sure you’re watching these shows, Geoff?

  36. Harve – No they aren’t flipping, but the premise is similar. They are building immediate equity that could be turned for a profit if the new owners wanted. They make a point at the end of each show to show you the numbers. If we had been talking about another show that was more exact to my purpose I would have referenced that. Sorry for not being precise enough.

  37. geoff,

    maybe you can help me with a toilet installation problem. i have 2″ thick concrete floors on which i installed porcelain tile. i have a fancy euro style toilet which bolts in the back co your typical closet bolt flange installation won’t work also using a fernco 3″ wax-free toilet seal instead of a wax ring. the big problem for me is how to get bolts into concrete thread side up. downstairs i drilled them up through the basement but that is a wood floor. any ideas?

  38. How should I begin…? .If I needed to fix coachv’s toilet mouth issues…..? Is this a problem with a weak stool bolt or a problem with too much bolting due to weak stools? A toilet mounted to a wall? Is this an idea that came from Tom Crean best seller: More Flushes in the Paint? C’MODE, MAN!

  39. coachv, The answer may be to drill into the concrete(if it is thick enough to be strong enough)(which means you’ll have to drill into it to find out how thick it is anyway) simulating the exact bolt pattern needed. Then installing a Tapcon anchor fastener, the size to fit your need. Tapcon is a quality product used in concrete construction worldwide. A damn good family run franchised hardware store(not a big box store)would be where I would start. As they would have the needed products and knowledge to advise on the install of your new throne. Good luck.

  40. Crimson, psychology is not your strong suit, so give it up. I hope that’s not how you make your living. The latter part of post #19 sounds like you’re jumping back on the IU basketball bandwagon. I can’t improve on Chet’s response to you in post #22, so I’ll just leave it at that.

  41. Billy Bob down at the family hardware store will be familiar with “euro” toilets? If you tell him you have a euro toilet, he’ll probably ask how you happened upon his old toilet.

    “I’ve got…. uh..your old toilet(a euro toilet)…and it’s broken.”

    Have you tried YouTube…?

    .I used a YouTube search support my efforts in fixing a 6-year old water heater(change blown/nearly blown heating elements, thermostat, and vacuum out tons of lime sediment with a homemade small plastic clear hose extension attached to a shop vac, etc)…The heating & plumbing specialist wanted over $400.00…Everything I need for the repair was probably around $50.00…..I may have added a couple years to the thing..I was very thorough in cleaning out the bottom…I used a bent over coat hanger inserted into the plastic hose(secured with electrical tape) and also poked around with a small 1/2″ wood dowel rod through the lower small element opening to dislodge and vacuum out nearly all the white lime gunk…..Used a high intensity pen light that I purchase for $6.00 at Home Depot to peer into the dark tank…It looked like Carlsbad Caverns in there.. .Our hot water supply now lasts much longer…Anyway, try YouTube…and ask Billy Bob…Most of the help at the mega hardware/home stores are clueless…

  42. H4H, Hot Damn! I did nearly the same exercise years ago stretching the same $. Only thing I did different was after dislodging some of the easily to dislodge deposits with a stiff cable I dumped about a half gallon of CLR into the tank and left it there for 2-3 hours. Then I added 6-8 gallons of water and left it over night. Early next AM I opened the drain at the bottom of the water heater and used a wet dry vac to remove what few particles did not dissolve. It was a piece of cake. Still working 6 years later when we sold and built a new home. Beginning next week will be doing a total redo of our master bathroom. Tear out all and install new just as the Bride says she wants. I’ll never retire as she can spend more $ faster than a sailor with 3 arms. Try to keep them in check or they will get you into all kinds of projects of the DIY type. Oh well, she knows how to humble me.

  43. It’s a nice feeling to beat the plumbing Establishment now and then…The plumbing outfit that wanted to charge me $400.00(he called it a ‘rebuild” on this trip…It was basically going to be one element replaced and some cleaning out of the sediment) was one that I had used three time previous for blown elements…On all he past occasions they wanted around $160.00 …They attempted to get me to bite on a $400.00 repair on the last visit due to fact the elements and thermostats were no longer under warranty(just past six years)…I knew the elements weren’t that pricey and they were just attempting to clobber me with labor and the time to drain and clean the tank…What they were really attempting to do was to put me into a panic and buy a brand new heater of the same manufacturer that they could install for $1300.00..
    Long story short…(never possible with Harvard)….This plumbing outfit wasn’t going to get $400.00 bucks for the same job they did a couple years ago for $160.00 ..I bought the two elements for around $25.00…Even if they were no longer under warranty, it did not justify the extra $240.00…..I learned that i could fix something that I had never tackled before…Saved a good hunk of change…and I got off this damn blog for a day…
    I enjoy fixing things ….My dad was quite the handyman and home builder….I never learned the details of electrical and plumbing that he was also very knowledgeable, but I learned a ton from him…I sure miss him…I know he would have been proud of my tackling that old water heater…

    Take care, Clarion…Good luck on the bedroom renovations. CLR was a great idea…I’m not even sure if my water heater had a bottom drain hole. ..i drained all the water out of the lower valve and then cleaned by going through the opening where the lower element threads in (same method I had seen it done the only other time by the “outfit” discussed earlier)… ..

  44. Oh…forgot…They did clobber me $90.00 for the trip charge to “diagnose’ the heater’s issues…That took about 10 minutes. Isn’t that nice to do to a customer that has already used you on three previous visits..? .I never shopped around before..I trusted them.. They were the plumbers that had the name of their business slapped on the brand new water heater when we purchased our home… I had to eat the cost of trip charge….but still saved a couple hundred…In actuality, it wasn’t about the savings..i did a lot of running around …Bought the wrong elements at first because I was guessing on the length instead of just taking the old one with me…At the end of the day,, it was about feeling like i was appreciated for calling and trusting the same company over and over…They didn’t care…It sucks when businesses make you feel like they just don’t care if you’ve been a loyal customer…

    I still had the upper element working….I paid him his 90 bucks ….$90.00 is still a lot of money to me…It’s very odd..Sometimes it’s just about who they send out to the job…I didn’t care for the guy they sent…i just felt he wasn’t being straight.. i realize they all have to make a living, but this was different…

    There’s also some more funny chapters …Couldn’t get hot water to flow in an upstairs tub and a lower level 1/2 bath sink after I’d finished my repairs…You’d crack up knowing the panic I was going through…Thought i had some type of air trap in the system…i actually re-drained the water heater…Still no pressure…The following day, I was right back at it…Suddenly, it hit me..I think my wife had mentioned some foolish thing about clogs the night before…(at least she claimed she did)….But was I paying any attention to her? After all that work of draining the heater again, if finally did hear her words echoing in my brain….Could the spouts just be clogged? Lo and behold…I unscrewed the lcap off the lower level bathroom faucet and it was…Only those two faucets…Both filters under the screw-in end caps of the bathtub faucet upstairs and the lower level bathroom sink faucet had been clogged by tiny amounts of powdery nasty lime crap must have still found a couple lines during the initial blowing out the pressure on refill of the tank…..No funky air trap in the system that I thought was occurring because the problems were on a third level and lower level….Hilarious. Lord, I felt stupid….I fixed the water heater but my wife has all the commonsense…

  45. Hope the Hoosiers bring the sharpshooting to OSU….Would be quite the shocker for this team could come out of Columbus and have three road wins under their belt this early in the season…These games can often feel like the middle rounds a heavyweight fight…They can be brutal…lBattle..battle..battle.. Just try to get to the final round and catch them for a couple big plays to their chin when they get careless and confident. You usually gotta steal these fights……

  46. They aren’t really filters. They’re called aerators. The purpose is to add air to the water stream to prevent splashing when the water stream hits the sink.

    I figured out a long time ago that I could read a service manual just as easily as the guy from the repair department that probably worked at a quick lube a month before. My wife assumes I can fix or build anything at this point.

    That stuff is clearly outlined in the man card requirements.

  47. Indeed lots of little and eventually bigger jobs a guy can do and has to do before he has 2 dimes to rub together. Readily admit I F’d up some being in a hurry before making them right. Chet is right, service manuals are printed in American, read them. Makes for a more harmonious outcome.

    …”man card” that’s good Chet…I may borrow it for future use if I may?…like today…

    Started that bathroom at 6:39 this AM, Have everything needed and ordered in the garage, I thought, at 7:21 AM it became apparent I need more saws-all blades. Oh well errands are good for the Bride. She needs a little skin in the game. HA!! 1 break for the game and that is it as I’m now committed. Will have to break ice in the pond tomorrow morn to bath.

  48. geoff and hc,

    concrete is too thick to worry about what is underneath. don’t see how a tapcom bolt will work because ti needs to have the threads facing up. should probably try a diy forum for this

    1. Eastern Washington is currently 15-5 overall, 6-1 in the Big Sky. EWU ranks sixth nationally in points per game and ninth in field goal percentage.

  49. coachv, Correct, the Tapcon provides the female threaded portion of your need. The threaded bolt needed to complete the installation is readily available. But 1st you have to have threads to screw that bolt(threaded rod)into, presto Tapcon. Piece a cake. Easier than shooting free throws behind your back.

  50. Yeah, Chet…Thanks for the correction…I’ve cleaned them out before, but for the life of me, just didn’t think about them on this occasion…The aviator with the aerator put-back! It’s good!

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