Ohio State dominates IU, 103-49

The Hoosiers dug themselves into a 32-point hole at halftime, and that hole only deepened as Ohio State came away with a 103-49 victory Thursday night at Assembly Hall.

Ohio State’s backcourt of Ameryst Alston and Kelsey Mitchell, the highest-scoring duo in the country, combined for 52 points (25 for Mitchell and 27 for Alston). The Buckeyes shot 41-of-65 from the field, including 10-of-16 from 3-point range.

In the first half, the Buckeyes only hit 1-of-2 free throws. But they didn’t need “freebees” with how easily offense was coming to them in the first half as they built a 49-17 lead. Ohio State finished with 50 points in the paint, to 20 for Indiana.

Jess Walter led the Hoosiers with 14 points, hitting four 3-pointers in the second half. Amanda Cahill had 13 points and six rebounds.


  1. Coach Moren has lied to us from the start. She has no relationship with the kids. Cared more about her old team than her current one. It looks like her assistant is the real head coach. Worst of all she quickly abandoned the offense (which she said many times in the summer that she would not do) that made this team successful last year. She is lost and will use the excuse of how un-athletic and small the team is all year, if we let her, instead of accepting responsibility. Coach this will never be Rutgers.

    Well this is still the same team that had success last year and if you stop forcing them into a buying into a system that they do not have confidence in and stop playing kids at positions they have never played before you may be able to stop the bleeding.

    All you have done is destroy confidence. I hope its not to late to gain it back but you and your staff are so un-personable I doubt it.

    I guess it is really coach Millers fault for leaving or doing whatever he did.

    Let me help… go back and watch the game film from the begging of this year. TEAM BASKETBALL You need to make the extra pass, play unselfish, set screens and box out. I am tired of all the one on one with kids flashing across the lane and not getting the ball. Why are you playing all of the same type of players at once.

  2. Brad, OMG, where do I begin? “Cared more about her old team than her current one”, what does that even mean? “Lied to us from the start”, I have no idea what that means either, I do know that by watching them play every game this year but two, that they are still trying to implement the pick and roll offense that coach Miller put in two years ago. You saying that she will use the excuse of us being un-athletic and small is, basically a true statement! We are not nearly as athletic as most of the good teams in the conference and we will certainly be smaller than most teams we play this year in the conference, that can not be argued! Coach Moren is playing the players that coach Miller recruited, she currently has no players on this roster that she has recruited! She has no choice but to play who she inherited. Next year we will have size in the post position and added athleticism she and her staff recruited. That is a year away and now she has to play what we have. It is a simple fact that this team is not very athletic and lacking in size. It would be interesting to know why you think she has no relationship with the kids? And buy the way Brad, if you listened to her post game press conference she basically said from the start that she took responsibility for their performance tonight. Reasons for losing, 6 for 36 from beyond the arc, over all 28 % shooting from the field, outrebounded 46 to 26 and 18 turnovers. Our shots were again, as at Purdue not falling tonight, and the Buckeyes outstanding athleticism caused us real problems defensively, those are the facts. We beat Michigan St, because we shot the ball well (48%) and played well defensively but, the last 2 games we have shot the ball very poorly and it has really hurt us! We have to shoot well to compete in this league because of our lack of size and being less athletic than the better teams.

    Brad, you say that this is the same team as last year which is a bogus statement, we lost a tremendous amount of size from last year’s team through graduation (3 post players, 6’5′, 6’3″ and 6’0′). Last year we were 12-0 in pre-conference and 5-11 in the conference; 4-4 at home and 1-7 on the road. So far this year, 10-1 pre-conference and now 1-3 in the conference, last year we lost to Ohio St. in Bloomington 70-51 and lost to purdue over there 86-53, this year looks a lot like last year! Lets wait and see how we finish before you declare how much better we were last year? And when you say players are playing positions they have never played before, what in the world are you referring to? We are so hamstrung from our lack of size that we are forced to play guard sized athletes as forwards and forwards at center since there is only one true center on the roster. Lack of size is another reason the ” same type of players are playing at once”

    You making the statement that coach Moren and the coaching staff are so un-personable? What’s the problem, don’t they take the time to speak to you?

    Nobody was any more upset than I was at our performance last night but, games like this happen on occasion, especially against really good teams. By the way, Ohio St. beat Rutgers a week or so ago rather handily, just to give you an idea of how good this team is. Rutgers may be the most athletic team in the conference and the buckeyes put it to them.

    Coachv, could you sound any more like a chauvinist pig than that? Lets see, do the name’s; Pat Summitt (Tennessee) , C. Vivian Stringer( Cheny St., Iowa and Rutgers), Tara VanDerveer (Stanford), Sylvia Hatchell (North Carolina), Jody Conradt (Texas), Sandra Kay Yow (North Carolina St) ring a bell, all in the College Hall of Fame. You sir are embarrassing!

  3. Mike C., nice response.

    Couple of days ago I was walking around a flea market in central Florida, wearing my IU hat. Vendor had a booth selling Ohio State stuff. Hats, bumper stickers and any thing else that could have Ohio State printed on it. Looked at my hat and told me IU would be a big part of ‘the best Ohio State week-end ever’. They would smash the IU women’s team, smash the IU men’s team and finish up by winning the National Championship. Told him he needs to cut down on his coffee intake. But than again……..

  4. Let’s mix it up…(though I still prefer Tijan Dijon)

    Somethin’ appears to be lackin’

    For Lady Hoosiers, a storied McCracken….

    How long will a dime in Assembly they’ll pay

    without Men’s banners, Mascara, poor play?

  5. Time to shuddup! (I am positive Jeremy concurs)…

    It’s Friday night..Harv is obviously lonely….NoMendacity is where I shall stray into the shadows of black and the bosom her honesty..

    I must stay positive and retain the spirit of my favorite music clip…..I want to whip the Buckeyes.. I want Hanner to have a breakout season and Dance this March…Tom Crean is pretty difficult to tolerate, but The Maltese Matta turns my stomach more than any coach that rocketed across the Butler universe and robbed Indiana of recruits for his big NCAA deep run via Conley& Co…

    I shall stay out of NoMendacity total darkness in her quest for a distant light while bringing you Harvey Buckets version of Darkness and delight…

    Go Hoosiers!!

  6. Everything BRAD says is true. MikeC you have gotta be kidding yourself. The whole team is falling apart. Sad to watch. Leikem joins the players exiled to the end of the bench with no playing time. She seems to be trying to push them out of her program. Half of the talent is on the bench. Those 6-7 girls cant compete alone.

  7. Hosier fan, really, “6 or 7 can’t compete alone.” Did you notice that Ohio St. only dressed 7 players due to injuries. They seem to have no problems. As I stated, when their 7 players are bigger and much more athletic than ours, a problem will exist that is very hard to overcome! If you noticed the game sheet, we played 10 players in the game. Leikem had 12 minutes, Anderson had 14 minutes due to foul trouble and ineffectiveness, except for Mensterman, the other 7 players that played had over 17 minutes of playing time.

    So everyone wants to panic now that the team has played 2 bad games in a row, really. A team that is undersized and not as athletic than basically every team in the conference.

    As stated before, you are condemning the coach who is playing with another coaches players. Some of you supposed women’s fans are starting to sound like the men’s fans that are all over Crean. Pathetic when you think about it since our coach has coached roughly 15 games. She has to coach the players she inherited and the incredibly weak pre-conference schedule she inherited which hasn’t help prepare this team for conference play. Pretty sad when you think about it the way some so called fans have jumped on our coach. This team will continue to struggle this year against strong physical athletic teams this year due to their current make up. How anybody could expect much more last night when our 2 leading scorers were a combined 1 for 17 from the field is beyond me? And as far as Brad saying this team is comparable to last years, well, we lost to Ohio St. in Bloomington last year by 19 and at Purdue by over 30. So I guess the coach doesn’t make that much of a difference? And as I stated before, last year’s team had 4 other post players that stood; 6’5, 6’3″, 6’2″ and 6’0″. This year’s team can’t even come close to that.

    Everybody needs to chill a bit and let the coaching staff do their job with what they have to work with.

  8. mikec,

    these alleged “hall of fame ” coaches you speak about? i’ve never heard of them. who are they coaching against? other women. if they are so good why aren’t they coaching real basketball? you know, the game the men play?

    wasn’t the best women’s coach of all time that guy at uconn? a man.

  9. coachv, good God man, your ignorance of not recognizing these great coaches in the women’s game is just further proof that you possess very little knowledge of the afore mentioned women’s game. “Alleged Hall of Fame coaches”, really? Look it up my man, they are in the Hall of Fame! Last time I looked, there were more men coaching women’s basketball than women, so yes, they got to the hall by defeating teams coached by men. You know what they say, “Ignorance is no excuse!”. It is quite obvious by your statements that you do not follow the women’s game that much or you as a true basketball fan would be aware of these great coaches. Your previous comments are extremely narrow minded and sexist to say the least. I have followed your posts concerning IU football and men’s basketball and at times have agreed with some of your concerns when it comes to those areas of IU sports but sir, in this area (women’s basketball) you are way out of your league my friend which is exhibited by your earlier statements. You should stick to something you may know a little more about and quit embarrassing your self in this area. Oh, and one other thing, if “real basketball” is the men’s game, why would you even post anything about the women? It is obviously beneath you! I would be curious to know if you have ever attended an IU women’s game? Coachv, let it go and concentrate on things you may know something about 🙂

  10. mikec

    if these coaches are so good why aren’t they coaching in the nba or college men? where are the women’s coaches in the nba hall of fame? the pro football hall of fame? the major league baseball hall of fame?

    i didn’t even know there was a women’s team when i went to iu? was there?

    and “yourself” is one word, dude

  11. As my father once told me when I was a very young man, “when you argue with an idiot, it makes two idiots!” So, at that I will say again what I mentioned previously, stick to something you know about and leave the women’s game alone and thank you for not answering my question of you ever attending a women’s game. It is quit apparent you have absolutely no knowledge of women’s basketball. Continuing to exchange with you is at this point absolutely beneath me. Speak of what you know. Leave it alone dude 🙂

  12. it stands to reason that if i was unaware of the existence of a women’s team then i would not have attended a game. nor do i have any intention of flying to bloomington for one when there is perfectly good real basketball on tv. for free.

    nor did you answer my question of where are all these hall of fame coaches in other leagues.

    and quite has an “e” on the end of it. obviously, you are not an alumnus of our grrreat(!) institution of higher learning. sorry, having frosted flakes for breakfast

  13. Mike C you either no nothing of whats going on in this women’s program or you must be part of this absolutely blind coaching staff. She forces things that just wont work. Buss has had 2 absolutely horrible games in a row and she’s still in the starting lineup. In fact, the worse she does, the more they fawn over her. Lets focus on playing with the girls we have…and speaking of Muensterman, why does she have the all time indiana assist leader and the best three point shooter on the team at the end of the bench with the walk on? Hard to complain about lack of size and talent when its on your bench. Same with Gassion, she needs to be in the game much more, she is a leader. MikeC, you clearly see what you want to see when you watch this team. I’m gonna start calling you coach moren haha!

  14. Hoosierfan, Gassion played 24 minutes against Ohio St., only Cahill, Buss & Brooks played more minutes. Where is this size on the bench you are referring to? Although she has struggled the last 2 games, Buss is the team’s leading scorer, do you bench your leading scorer if she struggles 2 games in a row, never seen that before at any level?

    I think I do know something about what’s going on in the program since being a women’s season ticket holder for over 20 years. No, not a member of the coaching staff, have only coached at the high school level.

    Addressing the Mensterman issue, great high school stats have nothing to do with how you will adapt to the college game. We have not seen enough of her to know just how good she is, that is up to the coaching staff since they see her in practice every day. Apparently they don’t think she is ready to compete at this level yet? Once again, as a very famous quarterback once said, R E L A X, this league is brutal as the RPI index has it rated as # 1 in the country. We are not nearly as big nor as athletic as most teams in the league. To give you an idea of how strong this league is, Nebraska, Penn St. and Michigan St, which all three shared conference championships last year are all 3 at the bottom of the conference in the early part of the year so far. This conference is brutal!

    And Chet, thanks for the advice 😉

  15. How just one year removed from Coach Miller, have we regressed to this level? I want our old coach back? I am not a brain surgeon but it is obvious to me something is dreadfully wrong! And it is plain to me it has to be coaching, or the lack there of? We had things going in the right direction last year, and we returned all of that team plus added some excellent talent including one of the best players in the nation? And this is the result? Better do so re-examining or beg Coach Miller for some tips? Something about this whole deal doesn’t add up, and the University is very tight lipped about the former coach? Something is wrong, that’s for sure?

  16. As I previously stated in an earlier post, our record at this time in the season is very comparable to last years. 21-13 last year overall, 5-11 in the conference at the end of the season. Last year’s team had very good size with 4 senior centers that were; 6’5″, 6’3″, 6’2″ and 6’0″ which made us very competitive inside which, now absent of those 4 players made us drastically undersized. When Anderson goes to the bench we are very small. Why is this so hard to understand? No Randy, we did not return “all” of that talent! We lost “all” of that size. Along with that we are not nearly as athletic as most of the teams we play. What is wrong Randy is that lack of size is hurting us and on nights where we don’t shoot well, we are in trouble. Our last 3 games are a perfect indication of this; 48 % from the field against Michigan St. ( win), 35 % against Purdue (loss), 28% against Ohio St. and another loss. We will be playing a team tomorrow that is not as athletic as the last 3 we have played and other than 6’4″ Cassie Rochel does not have a lot of size. If we stink up the place against them then, just maybe we do have something wrong? I still say the lack of last year’s size and a deficiency in athleticism is the big problem that can’t be overlooked.

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