1. Good analysis; it was all said in the first 2-3 comments by Jeremy. Indiana had no will; played the game without any will which basically stated the place this team is at. Indiana can ‘will’ absolutely nothing on the floor; not its own movement or attack of opponents defense, nor its will to stand up against a team that has smelled the deadly absence of will in the Hoosiers;and, the overwhelming weakness in each of the players dressed in red. Yes, will or, in the case of the Hoosiers, its absence, that is one shameful, tough and deadly place to be in. MSU sensed it, looked at our four and five stars and the Spartans smelled it; ‘you’re mine!!’ Unless the Hoosiers think about the meaning of that word- will- and act on it; develop an intimate knowledge of the thought, ‘I will’ or, on defense, ‘you won’t’, there’s no point to even think about the rest of the 2015 campaign of the Hoosiers. That word doesn’t lie.

  2. Needed to separate what follows from my comment on the issue of ‘will’ above in this thread. There’s also an important point to be made in regards to how Hanner Perea is being played. As mentioned, Hanner should not start, not even touch the floor for the first four, five minutes of a game.

    Nothing about Hanner’s basketball is instinctive, absolutely nothing because of his history and the ages at which he learned to play the game for which he was physically blessed. When Hanner hits the floor he is pure anticipation and stress. The game becomes a cloud, sounds and blurs of other people’s movement because his system can not instinctively ‘feel’ what is around him.

    Hanner needs to sit on the bench and watch, preferably next to a coach with whom he can talk and describe and analyze and project himself into the energy that is a B1G game, especially one played against an MSU or a Brandon Dawson. Hanner needs to talk to himself (heard by a coach) and absorb what he will (there’s that damned word again) do in terms of his play and what he won’t do to avoid getting himself in a foul problem. Hanner, by himself and immediately, can not sense basketball, he needs to soak in it for a bit, and then understand how he will play. That’s where Holt comes in. In planning, the player Indiana needs to play near the basket is a fusion, Holt-Hanner. Holt needs to start, (in each half) and with the knowledge of his role, he and Hanner can become one, very effective weapon…otherwise, they each remain the silent H and will always under achieve.

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