1. Great, convincing win. I liked the fact that Crean planned it so that it ended with everybody (including Fred Glass) having to wait for a lengthy and mostly unnecessary review. Having to wait around that long must have helped the feeling sink in: we’re back! I bet Fred Glass regrets now not letting Crean play CBT last season (as Crean wanted) and I hope Glass apologizes to Crean publicly soon for that.

    Crean is an awesome coach: top of the league again. You Crean haters: suck it. We’re back!

  2. I do not want the absence of Perea to be used as an excuse for IU only winning somewhere between 15 and 20 this year because that is where they were going to be with or with out Perea and with or without Davis. I actually raised the wins up from my prediction at the beginning of the season which was 15. Maybe bubble team for tournament, maybe NIT, maybe no tournament except big ten tournament.

  3. t – a bump-up? 15 to 20 instead of ’15’? Good news I guess.

    Looking at the box score, looks as if free throws was the main difference. Nick, 9 minutes and nothing but a foul?

    Illinois will be #56 vs #57 per KenPom.

    Every game, I think this is the game will show where IU is. So ok, maybe the next 3 games?

    The games have not been pretty but has to be good sign that they are at least winning them?

    $2000 a month to rent a place in Florida for the winter and no B1G channel. Sucks

  4. oh, and maybe no tournament and maybe all the way to the final 4. somewhere in there. that is my prediction

  5. One thing is for sure, IU’s guards just don’t hesitate to feed the post (maybe don’t know how). I counted at least 8 times EM had good post position w/ball handler’s attention and they didn’t feed him. Don’t they realize if they get the ball to him he can pass it back to them for an open ‘cornner’ three? I think EM could make some good ‘post’ moves as well. In the late 2nd half, Troy cut to the top of the key, got the pass and drove to the basket, EM was a little out of position but could be taught to move to the short court in that situation. The top of the key was open all night but there were only a few occasions when EM, CH or TW flashed to that position. When the opposing team is playing tight on the 3 point shooters, why not try a little high/low attack especially with TW on the base line and EM/CH in the high position? The weave just doesn’t work any longer for IU, the opponents are blanketing the shooters, with out some type of post action to distract them IMHO. Lastly, CTC is always bemoaning the lack of effort when his manic substition pattern is enough to make even a great player hesitant becuse, as we all know, for IU if you make 2 or 3 shots in a row your butt’s on the bench. I’m not a CTC hater, I want him to suceed but I would like to see him be a little more spontaneous in his in game adjustments, and stop killing momentum!! There, I got it all off my chest!! Go Hoosiers, a win is a win!!

  6. Whatever happened to david kenney on the football team. 4 star recruit no longer on the roster

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