1. Spot on fellas. No toughness.

    My bet is that Crean flexes his authority & goes defense over offense on Sat., which means Blackmon sits a lot. Yogi, Holt, Hartman, & then who knows??? Maybe Stan???

  2. Why did we not play April? What did we have to lose? If nothing else, he could have made it tough on their bigs to score so easily in the paint.

  3. Going down into Mackey Arena (the court is below the surface of the earth, the top floors are surface of earth) is like going into hell. It’s the best basketball arena I have ever been in. It would have been wonderful to have been there yesterday’s game, which was exquisite viewing on T.V. Exposed all our weaknesses, as basketball should do. Basketball still needs a ‘big man’…or some toughness.

    Bring on Rutgers! Like Maryland, they do not know how to play basketball.

    But Rutgers IS athletic and has a big man…should be wonderful to watch (and at Assembly we can hold, grab, push, walk, etc).

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