Spartans shut down Hoosiers, 70-50 #iubb

EAST LANSING, Mich. — After his pass was intercepted near midcourt late in the first half, Yogi Ferrell could only trudge up the floor and watch as Michigan State’s Branden Dawson skied high above him and threw down a dunk that was as violent as it was encapsulating.

As Dawson shook the rim and sent the Breslin Center into a frenzy, Ferrell could only roll his eyes and sigh, pointing his stare high above him as if the rafters of this old haunt held the solution to Indiana’s worst start of the season.

Indiana coach Tom Crean warned his team in the days leading into Monday’s game that the Spartans will make them work and force them to adjust. In a 70-50 loss, the Hoosiers never figured that out.

The Spartans took away Indiana’s 3-point possibilities, stopping it cold and turning an efficient Hoosier offense into a unit that couldn’t overcome its early stagnancy.

IU (11-4, 1-1 Big Ten) shot only 17-for-60, including a 5-of-24 mark from beyond the arc. Through the first half, Michigan State had as many dunks (five) and Indiana had field goals. Ferrell led the Hoosiers with 17 points, while Robert Johnson added nine.

Dawson, playing only his second game back from a broken wrist, was the matchup problem Indiana expected. Dawson scored 14 points, while locking up Troy Williams on the other end. Indiana’s starting frontcourt was virtually non-existent, with Williams and Hanner Mosquera-Perea combining to shoot 0-for-3 with zero points.

Mosquera-Perea found himself in early foul trouble for the second consecutive game, picking up his second personal not even two minutes into the game.

Michigan State started the night on a 13-2 run and outscored IU 19-4 over the first 10 minutes.

IU coach Tom Crean was so incensed when he called the game’s first timeout at the 16:25 mark that he knocked a clipboard out of a graduate assistants hands.

The Spartans built their lead to as many as 30 points seven minutes into the second half to send the Hoosiers to their first conference loss.


  1. The only time IU looked good tonight was when the players were driving to the basket. Too many plays screening around the three point line and then never passing to the dropping screener to work the ball inside or pushing hard to the rim. If the three point shots and long twos aren’t falling, why not start attacking the basket, pick and roll, something. Frustrating.

  2. MSU has been playing like this, even when they’ve lost; tonight was no different. IU was totally unprepared
    for them. We deserved to lose.

  3. This game was a great example of why people feel we need a different coach at Indiana. This is not the greatest Michigan State team ever assembled and Indiana arguably has a more talented team. This game was winnable,and ,to really be in serious contention for a Big 10 title, it was a must win for this group. Instead…we show up with no heart…no defense…no game plan….no offense…and no chance of winning from the very tip. You don’twin the Big Ten with out a legit big. You don’t win the big ten when you don’t play defense. You don’t win the big ten when you have an offense that is only dictated by the amount of effort each individual player puts forth into creating for themselves. This game was a joke and clearly shows creans teams completely rely on talent rather than coaching and a game plan. How can anybody defend this? I just don’t get it. I guess we are supposed to party in the streets when we beat a down Pittsburgh team at home and Butler….and accept the fact we are nowhere near the program michigan state or Louisville is.

  4. Ben, you are spot-on but you need to lower your expectations. This team cannot contend for a Big 10 title. Just won’t happen. We are a program relegated to hope for a 9-9 record so that we can make the dance. That is what IU basketball has become.

    I had the misfortune of having to listen to this on Sirius with the MSU announcers (btw, the play-by-play guy is hideous & couldn’t keep up). It made a long drive from Yuma to Phoenix seem twice as long.

    Prior to my opinions, I will start with stats again;
    Both teams had 60 shots. They hit 28. We hit 17. A difference of 22 points.
    We both hit 5 3s. They took 15. We took 24.
    They had 21 assists. We had 8.

    Clearly just based upon the above, they took much better shots than we did. Any coincidence that Perea (10) & Williams (17) played 27 minutes? No resistance, at all, inside.

    They out rebounded us 50 – 28. It is incredible that we managed to take the same # of shots!!!
    They had 7 blocks, we had 1.

    Blackmon was 1-14 & played 32 minutes. Williams, the 2nd-coming of Olidipo so we’re told, was 0-2.

    We were out hustled and out smarted tonight. Stats don’t lie.

    Despite their own troubles, how does Blackmon get 32 min. & Williams & Perea get a combined 27 min. in a game like this??? I think Holt got 22 min. So our “big guys” played a grand total of 44 min., slightly over a game’s worth. What does this coaching staff see that I’m not, I often wonder. I pray to God that the perfect pro coach (Crean) will go do that & the perfect college coach (Stevens) will come back home and do that.

    This had all the makings of what it turned out to be. Calling it a forfeit would be a discredit to Yogi and Johnson, who both played hard all game & were the only dim lights in this game for us. Crean was hopefully setting up for the next game by giving the “big guys” some pine. Time will tell.

  5. I believe IU is more talented than MSU. Yogi, Blackmon, and Johnson are as good of a backcourt that you’ll see in a 1 and done environment. Williams can play we’ve seen that. Without Hanner we don’t beat nebraska. Hanner has talent it just hasn’t been developed over his first two years.There are a lot of coaches who could do a lot with this group.

  6. One game and the rats are jumping ship. I will say that this team looked intimidated from the first tip. They were in a hostile environment and looked overwhelmed. That is where leadership comes in. Yogi should have done more to get these young guys’ heads back in the game. I think he lacks that at times. I am not sure if Crean could have done anything to get them back. This was something the players needed to figure out themselves and they didn’t.

  7. When you live by the three you die by the three.Apparently IU has no plan B in their arsenal. No adjustments are ever made. If they are the players are not listening.Which one is it?

  8. Current status IU BB program: IU will be right in there competing against Northwestern, Penn State, Minnesota, Illinois, and others finishing somewhere in the middle or right below middle of big ten….maybe bubble tournament team, maybe NIT team. This team will be up and down this season, next season and in the near future (lack of talent, mainly forward and center position to compete on big ten and national level). Recruits coming in will provide more of the same. (MAC, Mo Valley, Mid Major talent level type players). By the way the near future has turned into approximately a fourth of a century now (25 years) with the exception of a couple years. IU basketball has lost its dominance on national scene many years ago which once had national relevance. Forget about game in and game out dominance with high expectations. Once in awhile you will be teased with a very good performance just to be let down and go back to the drawing board at this level of competition. Level of pre big ten competition pads win loss record with approximately 10 in the win column. It is ok to have 2 or 3 cupcake wins but 3 or 4 wins should be over solid programs, and another 3 or 4 wins (or at least being able to compete at that level and get share of wins) at highest level best teams nationally. This is besides having a competent coach who knows what he is doing with control of program (1. being able to recruit at a place like Indiana including best Indiana kids (besides Zeller) 2. X’s and O’s knowledge 3. Game by game plan strategies. Indiana will win 15 or more games this year and 20 or less. That is a mediocre program and currently that is the identify of Indiana University Hoosier BB.

  9. The game last night was clearly a message game to any recruits and will have lasting implications.

    Let’s see if our players appreciate Crean saying that “at the end of the game, the players on the court were the ones who competed better.” Looked awful white out there for the Hoooosiers.

    Bring OSU to Assembly Hall! Let’s see if they can play us when we get all the calls!!! THAT is IU Basketball now; homer calls at Assembly Hall.

    Still, it’s going to be fun to watch.

    This IU/MSU game was exquisite basketball. Total dominance by MSU, exposing all of IU’s many weaknesses, beginning with a total lack of team cohesion. It will be interesting to see if this team completely falls apart…..who wants to play with Yogi anyway?

  10. Like many I’ve given Crean criticism on here this year and silently last year. But re-watching the game allowed some things I did not focus on during the live telecast. The positives were only 6 turnovers and decent shooting at the foul line. So the offensive play was not sloppy but IU did not get to the line enough. Rebounding disparity is much to do with IU’s poor shooting. The Spartans early run got in theirs heads and as Crean said they never “pushed back”. With 3 more 3’s, 2 more FG’s(still would be sub par shooting for this bunch)and now 70 opponent points no longer looks insurmountable. MSU D was effective but a night of cold shooting is hard for a Coach to make adjustments to correct. Boy did Crean get in HP’s ass during a timeout or were my glasses smudged. I think at practice today I’d line all the players up even #’s on both foul lines set the ball at center court declare the winner will be the player who scores the most points over the next 10 minutes will be excused from practice which would commence 5 minutes later. Now blow the whistle and watch.

  11. I thought Crean’s presser was pretty good. His assessment of the game and team was accurate for a change and calling out Hanner and his regression to “work in progress” was telling. Sounds like Emmitt could get a serious starting look going forward.

    This game was just straight up flat for IU. I am too a silent critic of Crean, but this one was on the players. They got punched and never got back up and fought back.

    Agree with you Clarion, hard to coach cold shooting.

    Jeremy had a good point too, let’s see how this team responds to this type of loss. Last years team would have snowballed into a few more of these. This year, could be different. Well I hope it is.


  12. Remember when Indiana, Kentucky, Kansas, North Carolina, Duke and UCLA were considered the best college basketball programs in the country. Shouldn’t the expectations be to get Indiana to that status once again? The program needs another reboot, and that starts with the head coach. I watched that game last night and Indiana had no idea how to successfully attack the Michigan State defense. It reminded me of the game against Syracuse. Indiana has to recruit better interior players and if they cannot for next season, then a change needs to be made.

  13. PB, I mimic your thoughts on the presser. That is the clearest thoughts he has ever expressed after a W or and L. I am disappointed in Hanner but I hope he is not confused so as to seriously set him back. I do know this for him it all starts with D and rebounding both ends. That should not be confusing him. But Crean going after him like I’ve never seen him do before could be a negative to his psych. I emphasis ‘could be”.

  14. Ben I agree with your perspective. Crean is no dummy; yet he HAD to know that Izzo thought this was a “must win” game. MSU didn’t want to go 0-2 in Big10,a home loss ,AND IU would have been 2-0. This team played with NO intensity! The report of “arrogance” by CTC does NOT translate into intensity. It just translates into self absorption by CTC. Anyone that thinks Blackmon is a 1 and done is crazy. He has lost ability to shoot, cant play defense.Zeisloft,”The super transfer” is colder than a “well-diggers butt” in January. Troy can only shoot “dunks”, Poor Stan is hopelessly “lost”,changing shooting hands hasn’t helped his game. This team is starting to resemble last years team in as much CTC doesn’t get them prepared. They play as if they have no trust in CTC, no faith in his “doctrines” no belief in his X’s and O’s. They are a mish-mash of individuals playing the game of Basketball; and the Captain of the IU Ship is asleep at the wheel. This team plays as if CTC is clueless what to do but spout motivational cliché’s.

  15. IM a BIG fan of Mitch Albom and his writings; especially “Tuesdays with Morrie” I would like to pass these thoughts on to CTC and the IU Basketball team. “You see, you closed your eyes. That was the difference. Sometimes you cannot believe what you see, you have to believe what you feel. And if you are ever going to have other people trust you, you must feel that you can trust them, too–even when you’re in the dark. Even when you’re falling.”
    ― Mitch Albom, Tuesdays with Morrie

  16. Well HC, if Crean’s behavior in going after Hanner last night is a negative to his psych, then, as a Junior, Hanner is simply not mentally tough enough to play at this level. If he folds up and withdraws from this point on because he got his butt chewed out, then it’s time to replace him in the starting line-up and start developing other big men. If a player withdraws, or pouts or quits when he gets chewed out by his coach, that’s a choice the player is making, and there must be consequences. Otherwise, that behavior becomes a cancer on the team. It looks to me as if Crean has been employing Hanner to do certain things and that he’s really fed up. Last night, the kit gloves came off.

  17. crean is no dummy, tj? that’s a good one!

    really looking forward to hanner playing in the nba, as crean assured us he would only 6 weeks ago.

    stan made his first jumper in 3 years. the thing is, he shot it left-handed and seemed to make that choice instinctively after he left his feet. so where does he go from here?

    as tj said, blackmon ain’t bringin’ it. what does he have to do to get the same bench whipping hanner and troy got? he can no longer shoot. he is a huge liability on defense, and worse, his effort is embarassing. just watch his half-ass effort chasing his man through screens. pathetic. can’t dribble, can’t pass. so if he isn’t hitting 3’s then why is he out there? same for zeisloft who should now be at the very end of the bench.

    on the plus side for blackmon, he leads the team in blocked shots…his own. seems every time he drives his shot is swatted or he throws it in the general direction of the rim with little regard to actually making the shot. his 3 pt % against teams not considered cupcakes is around 30%.

    worst shooting % on the team? robinson (no surprise there), then zeisloft, then blackmon.

    biggest part of the problem is offense does nothing to get our shooters open looks. msu last night effectively used screens away from the ball to get shooters open. not that complicated.

    those of you blaming the players have no idea what you are talking about. if it is on the players to “figure it out” then why are we paying our “coach” 3 million a year?

  18. I think Crean is morphing into Clint Eastwood this year….

    -Dean Smith & Wesson Oil and me. Go ahead make my play……
    -I know what you’re thinking. “Did he fire in six subs or only five? Do you feel lucky? Well, do ya, clipboard!?
    -I know what you’re thinkin’….Did he fire in five substitutions..? Or, in all the excitement, did he actually send in six….?
    -A Hanner has got to know his limitations….
    -It’s a hell of a thing, killin’ a tweet. You take away everything twits got, and all twits ever gonna have.”
    -In this world there’s two kinds of people, my friend. Those with loaded contract extensions, and those who dig being buried face down… You dig?
    -Ever notice how you come across somebody once in a while you shouldn’t have messed with? That’s me, Hoosier faithful….,

  19. Po, There is no need do go that extreme. I did not say 1 damn thing relative to #18, not even in my thoughts. How many times have you seen TC go off on someone like last night? I do not have memory of 1. I suspect the whole team was surprised except possibly NZ. I do not know if Crean was right or wrong in doing so only I was surprised at what I saw and I suspect HP was more so. The message if received correctly may help for improvement. If not 1 or more of the assistants has been doing babysitting duty starting when they entered the locker room and continuing until the shock wears off.

  20. There did have to be a shock value….And Hanner certainly looked shocked.

    I do feel there’s some real contradictions present….When you give players soft supsension(exhibition games, etc)for off-court issues(and we’ve had plenty in the last 9 or so months), I’m not sure if the messages get taken seriously when things aren’t going to plan on the court….

    Some players should have been kicked off the team….Crean set a standard and he set a bar very, very high with the continual witch-hunts and labels attached to kids he had no desire to deal with when taking over the program…All current players know those standards….But what happened when they did not live up to being complete model citizens of purity and perfection? Suddenly, Crean brought out a different playbook and gave kids in trouble multiple chances and soft penalties for some pretty serious problems that could have easily resulted in serious harm to players, the loss of life, and the involvement of innocent bystanders…

    You can’t send mixed messages…You can’t expect to keep control of discipline and purpose on the court when you ignore discipline for sake of convenience and necessity off the court….I sorta feel for kids when they don’t have proper guidance but only sanctimonious rhetoric and temper outbursts…

    We all know why Crean’s frustrations are growing….This wasn’t just about Hanner’s progression as a competitive and focused college basketball player.. This is difficult time for Crean….It’s difficult to so adamantly sell something for seven years and then become the recipient of a reality based on your own forced hand growing in the gut of a hypocrisy. knowing you have failed to live up to the image you were willing to die by own sword.

    Gosh…Am I feeling a bit sad for Tom Crean? It does almost appear as something of a Shakespearean tragedy unfolding.. And. Lord almighty….Who could live around those Harbaughs? I highly doubt Crean has any chance to win loud and obnoxious contests during a holiday get-together with the in-laws….He’s probably the quiet guy siting in a corner in Grandma Harbaugh’s least favorite chair having to stomach more pompous arrogance than he could ever deliver at a Hoosier podium….Can’t be easy being Tom Crean….Probably faces a lot of jokes and subtle bullying from the highly successful brother-in-laws….Jim getting all that Michigan love while Tom gets more and more doubt from Hoosier fans..

  21. “Duplicate comment detected” but my comment isn’t posting…? What a surprise…What’s the deal, JP?

  22. After watching this game, I now know what Bill Murray must have felt like in Ghostbusters after getting slimed by that green spud. Yuck. This might be one of the worst performances I’ve witnessed from top to bottom. If this was Kentucky, we’d have lost the game by 60.

    I don’t have much substantive to add that hasn’t been said. I knew we’d have some cold nights where the shots weren’t falling, but I never expected that we’d show little heart in doing so. That was my biggest concern with this performance.

    Yet, I’m not ready to throw in the towel on the season. It is only the second game of the B1G season and we have a lot of basketball left to play.

  23. No there is nothing a coach can do about poor shooting. He can however tell them not to be so quick to settle for the three point shot which they did about 25 times, only hitting 4 or 5.

  24. Coach…I mentioned Crean not being a dummy because he KNOWS and KNEW MSU and Izzo didn’t want to go 0-2 AND a home loss in conference. Crean knows he wouldn’t want to start conference play 0-2 and a home loss. That’s supposedly giving away a win. For whatever reason, CTC can’t translate his “preachings” into purpose with intensity.

  25. Hoosiers shot poorly because they were being guarded really well. Tough defense has a way of making teams shot poorly. And when a team is being totally out-played, it is up to the COACH to make some adjustments that the team can follow to right the situation. Crean had nothing. My favorite time of the game was when we were down somewhat big (but I don’t think by 20 yet) and our team couldn ot figure out a play to run. A time-out was called and an even worse performance followed, resulting in a stop for MSU and quick bucket by them.

    Then the adjustment was made! We started doing that asinine weave …..

  26. This team should compete for a big ten title. Bo ryan has been at wisconson since 2001 and his teams have competed for a big ten title every year. Does Indiana not deserve that?

  27. Sorry HC, I didn’t mean to put words in your mouth. Obviously I misunderstood what you meant when you wrote “could be a negative to his (Hanner’s) psych.” I guess I don’t know what other outcomes could result from having that experience as a negative to his psych. Since I wrote my original post, Crean’s most recent comments makes it clear that his “going negative” on Hanner last night has been building for some time. I doubt that Crean’s reaction last night was the first time Hanner has experienced his coach’s displeasure. So my point, while based on a misinterpretation of your comment, is still on target. Hanner has a choice to make. If he makes the wrong choice, he’ll effectively put an end to his role as a starter. Lack of effort and/or a lack of focus is an unpardonable offense to most coaches.

  28. Is it wrong for a brotha to secretly wish for these losses? At night when I lay my head down I dream of senior nights feeling like I’m sending a family member away. Emotional tearful and heartfelt. I dream of Purdue and Indiana battling for state pride and the hate in the players eyes.. with blood and sweat dripping on the court. I dream of being a child and filling out my brackets and packing the Hoosiers to go all the way and standing by it no matter what the seeding says. I dream of glory the old Indiana janitor lady whistling through an empty assembly hall.

    You see … all I want is the glory days back. And this coach bred mediocrity disrespecting our tradition and hanging big ten banners on our sacred rafters. I secretly wish for the end of this. The beginning of a rebirth. An Indiana guy restoring us. I feel dirty. But I’m glad they lost.

  29. Po, That I agree with for sure. I do suspect the HP maturing with focus began last night. Also not bad for everyone else to witness, especially a young 1 like Holt.

  30. If the Hoosiers only had six TO’S that means they were handling the ball well. They could have made a concerted effort to to make the defense work harder and longer before jacking up a bunch of threes and missing 20 out of 25 of them.

  31. If you think IU played horrid last night, the University of Texas, ranked #10, lost to Oklahoma, ranked #16, 70-59. And just a few weeks ago Kansas made 11 out of 52 field goals against Kentucky. Neither game was pretty any more than IU’s game with MS. We may not like it. Nor do I. But sometimes things happen even to the best of teams. What counts is whether they learn from their experience and right the ship.

  32. This thread is masterful and it proves you can’t b.s. Hoosiers when basketball is involved. Just can’t. Tom Crean should have thought about what Hoosier basketball involved and who it’s following involved. Hoosiers, born, raised and educated in Indiana understand what they see; and, they know when their team is well coached or abandoned to mediocrity. Hoosiers fans simply know too much.

  33. I think WaltD’s point is well taken: let’s look at other teams.

    If you think Indiana Hoosiers (five banners: two McCracken, three Bob Knight) were doomed from the start going into Breslin (two banners: one Magic, one Izzo) then how do you think Ole Miss (9-5, no banners, one lone sweet sixteen in 2001, currently unranked) felt going into Rupp to play Kentucky (14-0, eight banners, and current major behemoth). Answer: they took the Wildcats to OT and lost by 2.

    Conclusion: Impossible is nothing (wasn’t Crean parading a t-shirt like that a few years ago?).

    Stop defending mediocrity especially when it’s paid for at US$3,000,000/year.

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