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By the numbers
Career double-double for Hanner Mosquera-Perea, who logged 12 points and 10 rebounds in just 22 minutes against Nebraska.

6 Offensive rebounds by the Cornhuskers on Wednesday, the fewest of any Indiana opponent this season.

45 Consecutive games with a 3-pointer made for Yogi Ferrell, extending his school record. He is 17 off the NCAA record of Travis Bader, whose streak ended against IU on Dec. 10, 2013.

Turnovers underwhelming
While Indiana is committing just 12.3 turnovers per game this season, including 11 in the Big Ten opener at Nebraska, the Hoosiers still rank among the nation’s worst teams in turnover margin.

IU ranked No. 222 nationally at minus-.6 due to the fact that it only forces 11.7 turnovers per game. Those are extraordinarily low numbers considering the schedule included five teams currently ranked 234 or lower in the RPI.

Fortunately for the Hoosiers, their next opponent, Michigan State, is only slightly better in that department, ranking No. 200 at minus-.1 in turnover margin. The Spartans are committing 12.7 turnovers per game and forcing 12.6.

IU women bounce back
After being dominated by Rutgers in the second half of the Big Ten opener last Sunday, the IU women’s basketball team delivered a record-setting performance of its own against No. 24 Michigan State Wednesday night.

The Hoosiers’ 70-51 win was the largest margin of victory over a ranked foe since an 82-54 win over No. 2 Iowa on Jan. 21, 1994, giving first-year coach Teri Moren her first win over a ranked opponent at IU and giving Indiana a victory over a ranked opponent at Assembly Hall for the second straight season.

Men’s recruit watch
Juwan Morgan, 6-7, F, Waynesville, Mo., 2015:
Voted to all-tournament team in Rolla Holiday Tournament. Scored 10 points in 60-39 win over Warrensburg in opener, chipped in nine points in a 39-36 win over Heritage in the semis and scored 21 in a 70-58 win over host Rolla in the title game.

O.G. Anunoby, 6-7, G/F, Jefferson City, Mo., 2015: Opened play in the Joe Machen Holiday Hoop Showcase with 24 points, eight rebounds and three blocks in a 54-53 loss to Raytown South, then had 26 points, nine rebounds and four blocks in a 55-54 overtime win over Louisville (Ky.) Western and finished up with 24 points and seven rebounds in a 59-57 win over Lausanne (Tenn.).

Women’s recruit watch
Danielle Williams, 6-5, C, North Crowley, Texas, 2015:
Had 14 points in a 78-32 win over Dallas Sunset in the Dallas Independent School District (DISD) Tournament Monday. Followed with seven points in a 49-42 win over Wilmer-Hutchins Tuesday. No stats available from a 48-27 loss to Dallas Skyline in the final on Wednesday.

Kym Royster, 6-2, F, Newark, Ohio, 2015: Became the school’s second all-time leading scorer in a 66-19 win over University Liggett with 1,222 career points.

Darby Foresman, 6-3, F, Heritage Christian, 2016: Scored 11 points in a 78-74 win over Gary West in the semifinals of the Hall of Fame Classic last Friday, then chipped in five points in a 49-27 win over Mooresville in the title game.

Bree Boles, 6-2, F, Lapel, 2018: Did not play. Opens play in Madison County Tournament Monday.


  1. I haven’t put much effort into researching the level of competition that Anunoby plays with, but it’s hard to get 20+ points against any level of competition consistantly. I really think he is a true “under the radar” player. Hate to be that guy, but Morgan and Anunoby replace Priller and April on next year’s roster. Early departures to the NBA don’t seem like a done deal at this juncture. I think JBJ will go after his sophmore season as a lottery pick. Williams continued improvement will continue into his junior season. Yogi hed already be gone if he was a few inches taller….I think he plays his senior year. That being said, this recruiting class isn’t done yet. I think the Hoosiers still add another post player and it may be a good one. If they do….and Hanner continues on his improvements….next year could be a really special team.

  2. a nebraska newspaper that ranked big ten teams said crean’s visit to nebraska solidified his standing as the least liked coach in the big ten. also referred to him as “his highness”. whoa. who knew? wonder what his highness refers to. i know he is the least liked coach in indiana but in all the big ten?

    although this picture is classic:

    perhaps he is just misunderstood. i can relate to that

  3. Classic & Priceless. That picture doesn’t do offer any flattery to Miles in the popularity contest unless you already dislike TC.

  4. hard to reconcile crean’s standing as least liked coach in the league with geoff’s assertion of his savvy and charismatic personality

  5. If the Hoosiers beat Michigan State AT Michigan State (Monday!) it won’t matter that Crean is the most disliked Coach (OR if he lies). Let’s see if Crean’s mentor rolls over…Izzo just might, he’s proven willing to destroy his team to make a point. Should be a Great Game!!!

  6. Give Geoff a break…He lives in Maine…where definitions for “charismatic” have the latitude of long hibernation under an endless winter’s blanket and the unique solitude found in the joys of counting lobster trap crates built into lawn furniture still peeking out of snowdrifts in the backyard… ..

  7. I wouldn’t assert that… I am suggesting, however, that there has to be some reason that he has hired to lead a national brand… and I don’t believe it is intelligence or technical coaching ability. Those were my two guesses. Thanks for coming to my defense so strongly Harve.

    On another note, I scored the last 3 3-on-3 games, but have to type up the results still. Gramps is working me to the bone… Maybe tomorrow. Until then, goodnight.

  8. Ron Popeil also has charisma….I think we have the Ron Popeil of basketball coaches… Think about it…?

    In some games, it appears he’s playing with a “Pocket Fisherman”…
    When questioned at press conferences, It’s more “Mr. Microphone” than any real explanations…

    Coaching against a zone? it’s like watching the “Veg-O-Matic” in action….We slice it to pieces!!..

    NCAA tournament time is “Showtime!” charisma time!…No coach can “Set it, and forget it!” and walk away like Tom Crean in his substitution rotisserie oven …..

    Don’t think we schedule enough tough opponents early in the season(ing)? No problem..Tom “Charisma” Crean now introduces the “Liquid Flavor Injector” so all Hoosier fans can enjoy tasteless bland responses to Joyce tweets miraculously turn into slow roasted liquid “savvy.” Watch twitter juices penetrate deep into the toughest opponents on a basketball court.. The meaty center of March Madness losses should never again be tough for Hoosiers to chew
    Though no invention can ever replace divine intervention(or juicy Biblical flavor-filled injections via Mr. Charisma), 2015 brings more than prayers to the hardwood headaches of Hoosier households…..This year, nothing gets clogged in the paint and paint shall not clog our drain because everything hinges on the “Drain Buster!” from Fort Wayne and some big time solid flushes off Yogi assists….

    And if our shooters get colder than Joyce Meyer’s deviled eggs at a Christmas party for Planned Parenthood? No worries: Tommy Charisma can still puff the magic dragon..Who needs to snuff out an opponent when we have the coach that brought his own hardwood experiences to our “Smokeless Ash-trey!” ..Our charismatic butts shall never rest just “Because it’s Indiana.”…

    Tim Miles learned the hard way…He attempted to get all slimy with Mr. Charisma….He won’t try that again…Within only seconds of a stare-down, Miles was introduced to how the inventor of charisma can quietly mix it up…Tommy Charisma went all “Inside-The-Shell Egg Scrambler!” on a Tim Miles egghead brain!

    In closing, Bill Raftery said it best when describing the charismatic Tom Crean…..””Ladies and gentlemen, I’m going to show you the greatest coaching appliance ever made … All your Dickie V-dalia UN-yuns! chopped to Sweet 16 perfection without shedding a single Final Four tear.”

  9. you said crean has savvy and charisma, geoff. yout words, not mine. i was so stunned to hear him described that way, especially by you, that i can never for get it. now what are you trying to do, ruin harv’s “popiel spiel”?

  10. no, my quote was that I could be persuaded to think he was stupid if you could make an argument that he was savvy and charismatic… His name wasn’t drawn at random from a lottery of 6,385,539 coaches to receive this job.

    Popeil speil WAS savvy though…

  11. Geoff-

    I do remember you saying that you met Crean at a game out East while he was on the recruiting trail….I do seem to also remember something about “charisma” and your explanations of a very charming man in person.

    It would take some time to find the old post….It’s gotta be at least 2-3 years old. Not saying there wasn’t some qualifiers wrapped around it, And I do seem to remember the usual name-dropping of some other coaches you admired that were also at the game….(unless I’m clumping a couple of your charismatic basketball friends together)…I could be totally wrong…but usually the memory is spot-on.

    Wait, there’s more!!…..

  12. no, geoff, you said you could be persuaded crean is stupid but claimed he was savvy and charismatic. why would i, of all people, argue crean is savvy? i would cut and paste your statement if you could go back and look at posts from half a week ago like you used to on here. now if you would like to retract your statement and admit crean is neither, i will take that. if he wins his next 2 games i will rave about the preacher’s savvy AND charisma

  13. I am not insinuating that you thought he was savvy or would argue that… just that I could be persuaded to think he was stupid IF someone (not you necessarily) could argue his savviness and charisma… there HAS to be a reason he was hired… If he is stupid, unsavvy, lacks charisma, and doesn’t have basketball acumen… well then how did he get the job? There has to be a reason. I have no need to retract anything… I’m looking for answers, not giving them…

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