1. IU shot free throws better than Michigan State. Wow, if Michigan State had made a higher percentage of their free throws it would not have been as close as it was.

  2. JV, Understand your statement and that is the direction most would agree to take. But MSU is who they are. They are not a good shooting team at the FT line, the field or 3 point land. IU is but for last night after a successful road game at Lincoln it was not expected. In fact MSU shooting % was not good last night even with all the success underneath. A cold shooting night did IU in. Whomever could figure out how to keep that from happening can write his own check.

  3. HC, Thank you for your comment! I respectfully disagree on the ‘one night cold shooting’ analysis. I think the Hoosiers were UNABLE to shoot because they were taking out of their comfort zone in an extreme manner (through great defense by bigger, stronger, older, better, players united together).

    It is true that Yogi got his points, but his percentage was low and he made crucial turnovers, the worst when he have up when down 20 and casually threw a bad pass (and then initially did not run back on ‘defense’).

    It remains to be seen whether “defense” can be played by an opposing team at Assembly Hall. Usually, any sort of defense by an opponent results in (phantom) fouls being called, and then IU can ‘run it’s offense’ (which is basically, “my turn”).

    For the past several years (beginning most notably at the home miracle win against Kentucky, which featured some of the worst refereeing I have ever seen) that the only true way to watch IU is when they are playing away.

    Then, you get to see exquisite basketball, which last night truly was. IF IU can get a big man to stick around and become a Junior or Senior (I’m NOT talking about Hanner, who is more of a soccer player than basketball player) IU might be able to compete with top tier Big Ten teams. Until then, we, in the parlance of the kids at college, suck.

  4. MSU D was good but only 6 IU turnovers(MSU had 11)(maybe our D was better, 70 points is not offensive dominance, remember they do not shoot high %’s)says it was not stellar,. IU missed a lot of shots, many badly and poorly selected but some were good shots, inside, from the wing and some from 3. No, cold shooting and poor rebounding collided together on the same night. IU shot themselves in the both feet, in both halves.

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