Indiana turns it over in 75-69 loss to Wildcats

Turnovers plagued the Hoosiers all night versus the Wildcats, making it difficult to close against the Wildcats Thursday in a 75-69 loss at Assembly Hall.

Indiana committed 20 errors in the contest, aiding a Northwestern squad that shot 35.3 percent in the first half. The Wildcats finished with 42 points in the paint, along with a 21-of-25 success rate from the free throw line.

Tyra Buss led the Hoosiers with 17 points. Alexis Gassion added 11 points and six rebounds.

Northwestern had four scorers in double figures, including Maggie Lyon (16 points) and Nia Coffey (14).

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  1. The headline on this post says all that needs to be said, turnovers! We had 20, they had 11. Our 20 lead to 14 points for Northwestern. Their 11 turnovers lead to us scoring 9 points. The score was a 6 point difference. On one IU possession we turned the ball over 3 times in a 15 second period of time and never got a shot, it was incredible. This is probably the best Northwestern team in the last 20 years and the game was there for the taking and we were not up to the task. Almost all of the game statistics were even between the two teams except for the turnover stat. Cahill and Anderson were in foul trouble the whole game with Cahill fouling out. Anderson only played about 4 or 5 minutes in the first half due to picking up 2 fouls. Brooks was basically taken out of the game by the Wildcats strong defense only scoring 7 points. Our next game is at Ohio St. which will be very tough considering we lost to them in Bloomington a while ago by the score of 102-49. It certainly doesn’t get any easier.

  2. Cheers to the girls last night for hanging with this team until the end, despite a horrendous amount of turnovers. Foul trouble has been a problem these last few games too. Things to work on. Still curious about agler sitting on the end of the bench?

    And I heard Moren on the radio last night blaming her players. Moren, a poor workman blames his tools. Remember that…it will help you in the future! I’m waiting for the day when we come out on top in one of these close games. Go Hoosiers!

  3. IU women should start consistently coming out on top of close games in 2 years. Next year should show some improvement.

  4. Hoosierfan, go to the postgame press conference on the IU athletic website and listen what Moren had to say about the game. Two different times she blamed herself and the coaching staff for not preparing the team as well as it should have been. I guess you only hear what you want to hear as long as it goes along with your criticism of the coach? One of her first statements in the presser was taking credit for the lack of preparation.

  5. MikeC, please reread my comment where i said RADIO interview. She was singing a totally different tune than she did in the press conference.

  6. MikeC, there was an interview with coach Moren on the radio after the game and prior to the post game press conference. In the radio interview coach Moren may have conveyed a different tone than she did in the press conference room.

  7. Your comment should be addressed. From Blau’s report: “It’s not completely shocking to see Agler’s minutes reduce, given her struggles this Big Ten season. She averaged 1.8 points per game on 17.9 percent shooting, including 20 percent from 3…”

    You’re right back at undermining coaches, aren’t you?

  8. I like Moren but no minutes vs PU is crazy…we have season tix and it makes no sense! I am a guy who undermines often lol…go and stop attacking me! Tsao loves to attack, gets off on it…sad man!

  9. Blogging can be so unhealthy…support mens basketball and get slaughtered…question why a girls starter from last year gets no minutes and get slaughtered…lol

  10. I don’t follow the women’s game….Why is there so much attacking of this coach? Seems very personal in nature…. Is she a liberal? Is she not a member of the right church…? I’ll have to start following this more and see if it follows the pattern of a Bloomington under siege…This just doesn’t feel like “passion” for basketball.. This feels more like an attacking of a coach because of not fitting the proper lifestyle choices in our new and improved village of the righteous….I’ll have to look into it…

    Prediction: Illinois(men’s team) will win the Big 10 tournament and earn their automatic bid into the NCAA torunament….I couldn’t stand Illinois during the whiny Weber years….Hard to feel that way with the backbone demonstrated by the Illini under Groce…The refs did everything possible to hand today’s game to the Spartans in East Lansing, but the Illini showed real resiliency and toughness…..Illini are currently the best team in the BIG…I like them more than Wisconsin to make noise in the dance.. Groce is a hell of a coach..

  11. A lot of “Women of Christ” retweets/entries on Moren’s twitter page…Also a lot of entries with “God” this and “God” that….i hope she’s not under attack because of her faith…

  12. Why you would think this has anything to do with religion is beyond me entirely. Its about basketball..people talk about crean and say thongs all the time but if someone doesn’t approve of coaching “strategies” that the women’s coach has been using and excuses she makes, suddenly i am attacking her religion? And i don’t follow her twitter and couldn’t tell you what church she goes to. Good for her. My God, everything is politics or religion. This is basketball country man…

  13. OMG Hoosierfan, a new low even for you. What was that about her thong again? Well it’s good to know that even hall of fame poster H4H is on you about attacking our coach in a personal nature. You are killing me 🙂 this just gets better and better 🙂

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