1. watching the game; I’m convinced ( given the time of the year) that as long as CTC is coach NO IU team will ever be efficient on defense…the defense should be better than it is and CTC’s defense philosophy is that of a sieve. Kellogg called it bad defense all around

  2. The benefit of getting blown out vs Purdue and Wisconsin is not having to watch yet another withering in the last 3 min of a game.

    Yay, we won. I was not impressed with the overall effort today.

    More Chet……………….

  3. I just feel like we never get better as the year progresses. Even if you watch teams we beat like SMU, I just wander if we could beat them again. Every team seems to get better or have injuries (like Michigan) but we seem to stay about the same. We will now go on the road and get beat by 10 plus on the road. I am just tired of this because I just can’t see it ending. I am glad Assembly Hall is still rocking because it saves us so many times. Defense……. What defense. I guess it is optional. On a sad note, they just don’t make coaches like they used to. RIP Dean Smith. He was a true clas act.

  4. We’re 7-4 with a heavily weighted home schedule for the remaining….We’ve got ’em right where we want ’em.

    They’re not all going to be pretty..I didn’t expect it to be…I believe I said this game could very well go down to the final seconds…Michigan is just too well-coached to go away easily…I hate being right.

    Troy Williams is better than Oladipo.

  5. thank you Harvard for Hillbillies, i am so tried of all these naysayer….the overall theme is that we WON the game!!! every game is not going to be a blow-out….the kids are very competitive and they play hard!!! most of these naysayer are the people that where calling for Tom Crean job and wanting to put Steve Alford or Brad Stevens as a Coach!!! get over it naysayer!!! Coach Crean is our coach and overall he is doing a very fine job!!! By NCAA time this team will be AWESOME!!! i am just hoping that Hanna Perea gets healthy and develops a some more!!! then you have a starting lineup of Yogi, Blackman, Troy, Colin and Hanna a team with quickness and some heights perfect for the NCAA tournament!! so all you naysayers go back into to hibernation and lets enjoy this Indiana basketball season…….its time that all fans stop the criticism and enjoy the excellent Coaches we have in Crean and Wilsons!!!! the programs needs your backing!!!

  6. I agree with Iu79 on football. Very optimistic and coach Wilson building a good program. There, I won’t say anything else negative

  7. Not a literal MUST WIN. But a figurative MUST WIN. And we won. THis team is doing what it takes to get it done most of the time. And exceeding expectations. Likely 2nd place in the B1G at the end of the day.
    The downside? This game was a LOT like Eastern Washington. We had every opportunity to put ourselves 13-20 points ahead in the first half. And every opportunity to take a big enough lead in the second half to force Michigan to foul us early and often. Really happy we won and really happy we are 7-4. But, REALLY frustrated that we made terrible decisions and were very careless with the ball every time we could have put this game away. Yes, the officiating at the end was TERRIBLE and that made it closer than it should have been. But we were only in a position for it to matter because we lack focus when we get a lead. This will come back to bite us, likely in the B1G tournament or the NCAA.
    Can’t say that it is coaching, can’t say that it is not. CTC puts them in a position to put the game away with execution of his plan. That failure is on the players. On the other hand, I would like to see CTC pull three or four players out and really get into them when they make these egregious mental errors and lack of effort plays.

  8. Harvard… what if Troy leaves after this year for the NBA? That would put him in B’Town for only 2 years, not 3 like your other whipping boy who isn’t from Indiana. Stop with the bong hits… enough for today. Dipo was 5 times the defensive player and his jr year was so much better overall it’s just not even close.

  9. “Dipo was 5 times the defensive player….” Now there’s a major bong hit. Williams is a better team player…better without the ball. More active around the rim…..Probably even a better shooter. I simply think is more dynamic and impacts the game like lightning bolts of momentum surges…More fast voltage ….as opposed to Oladipo’s rather paced current …Overall, yeah…Dipo may have been more disciplined and stronger defensively(but certainly not around the rim)… Different strokes for different folks…I just like Troy’s game more…especially around the rim and his nose for finding the seams in the paint. Kellogg put it well…”He’s like a pogo stick.” And man does he get up quickly without needing the full running start. He does very nasty things to put-backs….He must have massive hands because he controls the ball off caroming missed shots above the rim and slams them home with almost shocking results…it’s quite spectacular…

    Credit to Crean for finding another rising NBA stud from the East in Williams, Lobster breath….But thanks also for noticing more of the Indiana kids…Michigan would have been completely embarrassed without Zak Irvin….But why talk about Michigan….? We’ve seen what Indiana kids can do to carry a team when they had Mitch and Robinson….Colin Hartman, Yogi, and Blackmon…. aren’t too shabby either. Yogi played a really good floor game…Less dribbling in the first half …Playing very well without the ball. Close as you’ll see him letting a game come to him…And then there was the “banana cut” in the second half where Blackmon delivered a beautiful bounce pass to the cutting Yogi amongst the taller timber..And the play out of the timeout before the end of the first half was marvelously designed and executed….I believe we got a wide open layup out of it…A lot of good things happened in the game today..Sorta surprised by the negativity and your rather mean attitude…

    Those of you that jumped ship on Crean are disappointed that this team is going to the dance….That’s the bottom line of your small behavior….

  10. And Williams wouldn’t be so unwise to go to the NBA…Actually, more wise…He’d be just as ready..He’d get drafted lower, but still late first round or early second….He’d likely play on a much better team than the lowly Magic. ..or the blasé Charlotte Hornets.. it’s almost a curse to get drafted onto the bottom-feeders of the NBA….Nobody cares. Nobody watches.. Anthony Davis getting a little more attention, but it’s getting to the playoffs that turns the lights on the stage forever dreamed…

    How ’bout Hayward putting up 30 last night for Utah..? ..and Butler in 2nd place in the Big East..I thought it was Stevens that made them so special? Anyone listen to Doyle on the radio today..? Good stuff about Butler…

  11. wow Harvard… total revisionist history… you feel so spurned that he and Zeller didn’t stick around that you’ve lost any ability to look objectively at their careers.

    Dipo as a junior was the most dominant player in the country… Your memory is warped, so I’ll give you a couple excerpts of his bio…

    At the end of the regular season Oladipo ranked fourth in the country in field-goal percentage (61.4), on pace to have the highest field-goal percentage by any guard since the 1996-97 season.[15] He ranked third in the nation in true shooting percentage (68.4), which measures shooting efficiency that takes into account field goals, 3-point field goals and free throws. And he averaged 1.39 points per play and shot 73.9% on offensive rebound put-backs, both of which ranked among the top five in the country.[15]

    On defense Oladipo was arguably even more dominating. In a game that season against #1 Michigan, he guarded four different players in 45 possessions, but only gave up 4 points.[16] Among Wooden Award finalists, he had the best net rating—which is the difference between points produced and points allowed per 100 possessions. Oladipo produced 42 more points than he allowed per 100 possessions.[15] Each game he drew the opponent’s top perimeter player, and his 5 percent steal rate (2.2 per game) ranked 15th in the country. His 69 steals in the season is second all-time at Indiana to Isiah Thomas who had 74 during the 1980-81 national championship season.

    At the conclusion of his junior year Oladipo racked up numerous awards. He was named the Sporting News Men’s College Basketball Player of the Year, the National Co-Defensive Player of the Year, and a First Team 2013 All-American by the USBWA and Sporting News. In conference honors he was named a unanimous pick to the First Team All-Big Ten by both the coaches and media, and was named Big Ten Defensive Player of the year.

    Do you think Williams will sniff any of those accomplishments this year? Listen, he’s improved and improving… I’m glad he’s on our team. But you need to come back to earth dude.

  12. And by the way, just cause you don’t keep up with stuff don’t assume that the rest of the world is so unaware… Hayward was a lottery pick, is averaging 20 ppg and has had several 30 point games this year.

  13. We still make too many stupid/careless mistakes and turnovers (I love Williams, but he should not be allowed to take the ball down the court). And we are not where we want to be. But this was a good win today, regardless of the “naysayers” and Crean-haters. Michigan is a team with nothing to lose, but they had the lead for about 10 seconds, and that was in the first minute of the game. IU controlled the second half and survived a terrible call by the baseline official with less than three minutes left in the game.

  14. I love reading these comments…Tsao, you made me smile! 17 wins is equal to last years total! How many times did Michigan lead?

  15. I went to the game today. Michigan looks like a highschool team in person. IU should of handled this team with ease, but instead they let leads disappear and squeaked out a win.
    The big ten is awful this year. I honestly don’t think they deserve to have 4 teams in the NCAA. Hype for teams 2nd to 6th are just results of spurts in their schedules.
    Wisconsin is the clear leader and that will
    not be challenged. IU should slide into the
    brackets and should be the heir to the next
    whirlwind of hype due to a favorable
    ending schedule after the Maryland game.
    Get used to lack of defense and Tom Crean because he isn’t going anywhere anytime soon.

  16. There are some serious malcontents and pessimists in The Hoosier Nation. Their expectations are so over the top that they’re unable to recognize the growth and improvement in these young athletes and the team. And some of these folks seem to forget the history, or maybe they’re just stuck living in the past. Strangely, they seem to enjoy posting their negative thoughts after a good and important win! Is it impatience? Is it that they’re just miserable and incapable of celebrating something good? Are they too dependent on IU basketball to fill the vacancies in their lives? Can they ever be satisfied? IU will probably get 21 or 22 regular season wins this year, finish third or fourth in the conference and make it into the tourney, but to some of these “fans,” this season will be a total disappointment.

    I wonder if Michigan and MSU fans express similar thoughts about their respective basketball teams this year? I wonder if Arizona fans are despondent after the Wildcats got beat by a lowly ASU team this weekend? Life is short. Enjoy the days when victory is achieved and then hope the results are duplicated in the future. Otherwise, you’re going to be miserable for a long time. “A positive attitude is a force multiplier.”

  17. Who needs to play good defense. It’s hard work and it’s boring.Just let the other team score,grab the ball and run up the court and spot up for a three. Better yet kick it to a teammate for a spectacular dunk worthy of the highlight reel on Sports Center.It’s all good when the prevailing philosophy is that the best defense is a good offense.

  18. Po – I used to wonder some of the same things you are, but then I caught a glimpse of what it really is and I’m forever changed. While I don’t consider myself to be a malcontent or pessimist (certainly that is the opposite of me in non-basketball life), and my variety of posts here would prove that out, I do understand now why the malcontents and pessimists are the way they are. It’s simple, and you can choose to ignore it if you wish, but it’s very simple… They don’t care about the progress, or if there is progress, with the team… the battles that are won are shallow victories… it isn’t about impatience or satisfaction… It is simply that they believe that as long as Crean is at the helm there is no hope for glory. No many how many small battles are won there is no way to win the war with him as general.

    Once that belief is cemented the only thing that can undo it is glory…

    I know what it is to have confidence in a team and in a coach… to have hope… to know that your team, ergo you yourself, will feel the glory of the ultimate victory… I have that confidence and hope every year with FSU and Patriots football… I’ve felt the glory many times in the past 15 years… I’ve had that hope with the Rangers, and been crushed when they were an out/strike away from ultimate glory…

    I no longer have that hope or confidence in IU basketball… I had it right up until this year, but now it’s gone. It’s really quite easy to diagnose when you’re lucky enough to live both sides of the coin so often.

  19. the Defense SHOULD be better than at the start of the season; its not, in fact a case could be made its worse. CTC is always talking cuts and movement yet at the 2 minute mark in 2nd half… I think it was Yogi driving along the baseline, and STANDING in the far corner facing Yogi was Ziesloft..STANDING! if he had made a baseline cut to backdoor defenders closing on Yogi he could have had a layup or even a Troy Williams move. STANDING silent in a corner like a stone guardian does not reverberate against what CTC keeps preaching in his post game speeches. Just think ,what you saw against Michigan is what you get next year. NO big men coming,2 more “freshmen” to teach but essentially the same team …AGAIN

  20. Please everyone – jump for joy at the reality that the fairly heavily favored IU team held on ( as the last second wide open shot missed to avoid overtime ) – to defeat an injury plagued – 13-11 – offensively challenged – UM team that lost to the New Jersey Institute of Technology ( before they suffered injuries to their best players ) in Assembly Hall. Forget the deja vu of blowing leads ( are we improving in that area? ) as we go to the CTC prevent offense for the last 5 minutes of the game. A thank you to YF who ( probably ignored instructions ) and chose to properly attack the overplaying/trapping defense as TW back cut to the wide open rim for a dunk in a 2 point game. Which by the way was the only basket IU scored in the last 5:41 of the game. Which is when CTC had the team go to his prevent offense. This is when a ball handler waits until he’s double or triple teamed than either attempts to dribble through the traffic or apparently is supposed to throw a high soft lob pass ( I think CTC likes the ball to hang in the air for a least 3-4 seconds ) across the court to another player who stands stationary.

    Most coaches would simply go with the no jump shot rule and take advantage of the forced ( based on score ) undisciplined – overplaying – frantic defense of the trailing team and burn them with back cuts and dives to the rim for a series of dunks and layups. Therefore – turning the 8-9 point game into the feel good 16-20 point romp. Crowd goes crazy – players are happy – some bench warmers get some time on the court and the fans leave feeling good. Or – you could play the CTC prevent offense – go totally passive – stand perfectly still – pray fouls are called and really pray that the opponents last shot does not go in.

    Of course we won. So the fact that we allowed a very shorthanded weak team to have a shot at beating us on our home court – blew a lead once again and basically repeated a negative pattern that has really become synonymous with the CTC era – should be ignored. I guess failing to recognizing glaring issues and never correcting them is okay. Some coaches actually make an attempt to improve and get better throughout the course of a season.

    Now – if anybody at all is not completely satisfied and thrilled with this remarkable victory. Obviously – according to Podunker – you are simply a unsatisfied “miserable” human being.

    Yet another brilliant Podunker observation and psychological analysis. LOL. Tom Crean knows more about attacking 2-3 zones and making in game adjustments than Podunker does about analyzing people.

  21. That was too easy! Love to smoke the little varmints out of their holes.

    CRIMSON, thanks for #28. It made me laugh. And you are absolutely right. Crean knows a lot more about attacking 2-3 zones than I do about analyzing people. And he knows a lot more about it than you do, too! As if you know more about basketball than Tom Crean does. That was funny.

    Geoff, you’d think with all the teams you root for having so much success (FSU, Patriots, etc), you’d be a pretty happy guy. But instead of some of your teams’ success compensating for IU Basketball, you sound depressed. I sincerely feel bad for you man because you’re going to be unhappy until Crean moves on, which won’t be for many more years. And then I suspect you’re going to go through the same cycle again. Gosh, can you imagine if Brad Stevens took the job and IU didn’t win a championship for five years? People would be jumping off the Memorial Union’s tower. That’s really too bad, but you didn’t explain why you lost hope at the beginning of this year? What was it about this year that caused you to lose hope in Crean? I felt the way you do after Knight was fired. But low and behold, I learned a valuable lesson that following season when IU went to the National Championship. Never thought that a relatively young, inexperienced Assistant Coach could step in and lead that team to such a level of success. But he did, and like MOST Hoosier fans, I was thrilled that they made it as far as they did. So I guess it’s all relative to expectations.

    How long has IU been playing basketball? How many National Championships have we won? Five! How many years has Coach K been coaching at Duke? How many National Championships has he won? So, I’m sincerely curious; at what frequency did you previously “hope” IU would win NCAA Championships? Would one every ten years satisfy you? How about one every generation? I’m a Cubs fan, but I don’t expect them to ever win a World Series again. I “hope” I’ll witness them do it before I die, but I don’t “expect” it to happen.

  22. The point isn’t the frequency. It’s the realistic hope. I had hope up until this year that Crean “could” do it.

    Above all, I’m a Hoosier basketball fan. I’ve been since I was 3. I have vivid memories of being 5 with a poster of the team on the dining-room-turned-playroom wall and picking a player (usually Zeke) to play 1-on-1 against my dad on the little 2′ plastic hoop. My love of FSU wasn’t until about ’85… The Rangers allegiance began when we got season tix in ’90… The Pats came into the picture in ’94… The point is, no matter how overjoyed I am (and I’m still walking around like I’m in a Cialis commercial) about the Pats victory, nothing in sports will make me happier than an IU title.

    That being said, you’re more than welcome to come to Maine and have a visit… I’ll show you all around our beautiful state. You can play some pick-up ball at my local haunts… Enjoy the “Foodiest City in America”… You can see first hand just how depressed I am. It sucks living exactly where you want to live, doing exactly what it is you love for work, having enough time to enjoy your passion 5 or 6 times a week, and hang out with your little boy while he’s experiencing everything in the world for the first time. AWFUL!

  23. Chester… people love to hate what they don’t understand… I love jokes, so I’d welcome them. In all reality, I definitely believe that some shady shtuff has been going on in Tallahassee for decades, but hey, it is what it is… I grew up on the campus and going to the games. I will enjoy it when they win. As for the Pats, I’m a stern believer that they are an honest and professional organization. Maybe the most honest and well-run organization in all of sports. There has been only one incident, and most people don’t understand what actually happened or the details of the punishment… They just regurgitate opinions from jealous ex-rivals. We have a track-record of success that is un-matched in the league most set up for parity. The players here work hard, keep their mouths shut, and do great work in the community. The faces of the franchise never say a bad word about the opponents and always speak about the other team with respect. The players love their owner and love their coach.

    Lots of people love to hate, and it’s understandable because we dominate year after year… But it’s just that… hate… jealousy… envy… None of it is real. I challenge anyone who disagrees to give actual facts or evidence that what I’ve said is false… can’t be done.

    By the way Chet, I know you’re not one of those people… you’re fair-minded and have a sense of humor… we’ll see if we can give you anything to quench your need for amusement….

    aaaannnnnddddd GO!

  24. “The players here work hard, keep their mouths shut, and do great work in the community”

    …and commit serial murders.

    Just messing with you…except for the serial killer part.

  25. Chipper just made himself radioactive and rightfully so. He couldn’t get a gig endorsing manure at this point. He deserves it, the moron.

  26. I know you’re just messing with me, but its a fair point… Here’s the difference between the Pats and other teams – when their guys do something outside of the acceptable (be it football or criminal) Kraft and/or Belichick dumps them in a snap. We don’t let them linger like Lewis or Hardy or Rice or Peterson… We may give guys 2nd chances, but Kraft doesn’t stand for it on his watch.

    Hernandez is a dispicable psychopath who deserves the harshest penalty that the law allows. He will forever be a stain on the organization, and they should’ve dug deeper than they did… but they did do their due diligence and no psychopathic tendencies came up prior to the draft, just the normal stuff like he has some questionable acquaintance and likes the weed… Imagine who would be available to be drafted if those things disqualified players… Like a true sociopath, he looked Kraft in the eyes and did the “I’m going to be a better person” speech with some real skill… Kraft will probably never be more embarassed or hurt by a situation in his entire life.

  27. coachv – I know you live in CA now, so this doesn’t necessarily apply to you, but Maine isn’t that different temp-wise than Indiana… there is about a 3-5 degree difference in average monthly temps between Portland and Indy. And more to your point, I don’t really like snow, but the cold doesn’t bother me much… I just don’t stay outside for long in the winter unless I have a long sleeve shirt on. Sometimes I wear a hat… for special occasions.

    The rest of great things about Maine more than make up for it being a little chilly at times. I’ve lived in several states and there is no place I’d rather live than here.

  28. even more to the point, I don’t know how much it would take to get me to move to CA… I’ve turned down a lot to live in other places. If you gave me $10M tax free, I’d probably consider moving to Northern Cali… somewhere north of wine country… I wouldn’t do Southern CA for a dime under a Bil.

  29. At 12.4 %, Maine has the 2nd highest divorce rate in the nation(only 2nd to Nevada….Maybe a lot of Vegas marriages that end the next day?)…Maine’s divorce rate for women is 14.6%
    California has the 4th lowest divorce rate in the nation(8%).

    Maine is also right at the top of the charts as the most “white” state in the nation(hovering white around 95%)….With the high divorce rates and the lack of diversity, there may be an argument for Maine having more pronounced recessive traits and evidence of inbreeding than a state like Kentucky.

  30. I told myself that I wasn’t going to post for at least a week…But then I made the mistake of reading some of these recent entries and I began to feel very nauseous …. Sorry for breaking my word again, Jeremy. It was almost 24 hours….I’ll do better this next round.

  31. Maine is the only state that shares a border with only one other state and also provides 98% of the countries blueberries… with the state-border-ratio combined with the blueberry-export-algorithm, there is probably an argument to can be made that Maine men produce 3x’s more testosterone than men from northwestern Indiana. Only reasonable conclusion.

  32. I’ve learned a lot about Maine in the last few posts. Is the state flag a picture of a white man and women giving each other the finger – with a paper at their feet reading “DIVORCE” on it – as they reach out to their new partners/lovers/cousins – all taking place in a field of blueberries as it begins to snow outside? Don’t even want to know what would be on the license plates.

  33. I have been all over the good old USA and I would not trade Bloomington Indiana for any town or any state elsewhere!

  34. very close Crimson… you must have googled it.

    my license plate reads IU ***** (blanked out because I just found out you can reverse look up peoples license plates, and I don’t want Crean stalking me)… although very few people knows what it means.

  35. alas, geoff, but i no longer live in san francisco. now my little urchins are stuck inside 5 months out of the year and i can’t help but think what a disservice this is to them. if i could move to florida they could be outside playing everyday. don’t you ever think how much better it would be to get your kid running around in the sun everyday? i have got to get some canal frontage in florida soon.

  36. Geoff, Maine is a great and beautiful state. Been there several times and always enjoyed its beauty. The winters are a bit too cold and too long for me now, but glad to know you love where you live and what you do. Don’t let your disappointment in IU BB ruin one minute of your happiness. Things change, and with change comes opportunity. Maybe you’ll have to wait until Crean leaves IU. Maybe he’ll recruit a couple of players that will elevate IU’s level of performance, and return them to a top five program. Maybe the NBA will eliminate the “one and done” policy and college basketball will be returned to a game played by student-athletes.

  37. Yearly statistical comparisons conclude that the only people who shovel more snow than the average Maine resident are Kelvin Sampson recruits…

    Popular events during the long winters nclude the multi-class “You Can Ball” festival played around many quaint Maine towns during the month of March….Residents participate in the making of monster-sized snowman sculptures that must resemble a 7-ft.stack of white basketballs(the final top ball including a “baler” face, of course..Faces allow freedom of expression with the only requirement that eyes be made of orange nerf balls…)….All other carving details(seams, eyebrows, nostrils buttons, etc must be restricted to feathers, soft foam, or snow)is where honesty and concerns for safety is assumed(explained below). The festival organizers encourage carving to be done by hand so that sharp objects not be accidentally left near or within snowmen……

    Once winners are determined, the real fun begins!….Mostly male snow blower pushers (and a spattering of a few female “happily married to my snowblower”: participants ) known as “ballers” arrive in favorite local league basketball jerseys worn over color-coordinated hooded wool flannel shirts from L.L. Bean….They soon approach with monster-sized, souped-up, snow blowers sporting custom hoods over obnoxiously noisy revolving blades…The hoods resemble giant noses and invade the sidewalks to quickly crush the giant b-ball snowmen …Onlookers repeat a spiritual chant to the “white flake gods” in hopes of all snow blowers finally giving way to blossoming blueberry bushes, springtime, and the corner spot in the garage just in front the Mini Cooper currently occupied by a rollaway basketball goal…The chant ensues: “Revolving blade, the men of snow, we shall invade!…Snort! Blow! Snort! Blow! You got no game, it’s time to go!…Poof! There it is….Poof! There it is!”

  38. now you’re just trolling coachv… no reasonable person under the age of 70 would “choose” to move to FL. Whenever I hear a person talking about moving there my opinion of them immediately changes…

  39. The chant ensues: “Revolving blade, the men of snow, we shall invade!…Snort! Blow! Snort! Blow! You got no game, it’s time to go!…Poof! There it is….Poof! There it is!”

    …and just like that, the opening lines of the Gay 50 Shades of Grey were written.

  40. south – I’m all for visiting FL… or Cali… or just about anywhere. My wife will be spending next week with the kid down at her parents winter place. A week of that kind of crazy is more than enough though.

  41. yeah, year-tound sunshine, blue, warm gulf waters, palm trees, fishing, jet-ski, tennis, golf, swimming pool. who could get with that? although harvard’s maine sounds pretty good

  42. a bunch of red neck whack jobs, inifinitely higher crime rate, terrible drivers, cock roaches galore, brutally over-crowded, most sex-offenders in the country… you’re right… sounds like paradise.

    Why are you so soft that you need golf and tennis year round? How about having 4 seasons and enjoying different activities during different times of the year…

  43. here’s a weird fact you weren’t counting on coachv…. ME and FL both average 101 “clear days” per year… sorry to burst your bubble.

  44. GEOFF,
    I lived in Cocoa Beach and I would move back in a heartbeat if I could talk my wife into it. Yes Florida has a underbelly that most tourists never see(most states do even Indiana) but I never had any trouble steering clear of that. After living in California and Texas I can tell you that crime is everywhere ,but I would not single Florida out as being any worse than anyplace else.

  45. not buying your equal amount of sunny days. those 3pm bursts that last for five minutes and the sun is still shining, does that count as a cloudy day? maybe the gulf coast is different. look out your window right now and what colors do you see? gray and brown. never ending gray and brown. outside the window in florida right now? deep blues and greens. guess i am getting soft but life is too short not to own palm trees. plus, have you ever had open water fishing in your back yard?

  46. no, actually it’s a bright blue sky with a few very faint wispy clouds. Gorgeous. However, it is 16 degrees out. Sunshine is not the issue here – we get plenty – it’s just a harsher climate… If Maine were warmer year round this place would be unlivable because everyone and their mother would move here next week.

    yeah, lived in TX for 4 years and spent plenty of time visiting relatives in CA… wouldn’t move there either… As far as crime goes Maine is almost always the state with the lowest crime rate. If we aren’t #1 in a given year then we’re #2. FL is always in the top 5 worst states for violent crime.

    Chet got it right with Colorado… parts of The Carolinas are nice… Utah… Indiana…. Upper Michigan… Oregon…. Washington… New Hampshire and Vermont are nice, but they are basically just Maine without all the ocean and beautiful coastline…

  47. what good is sunshine if you can’t go outside? i have learned to avoid crime while living near projects a good part of my life. now is the time for big softy to be the pillsbury doughboy of florida.

  48. sun is good for growing things
    sun is good for reducing heating bills
    sun is good for feeling optimistic
    sun is good for melting icy driveways
    sun is good for spelling Sunday
    sun is good for the cat sitting in the window
    sun is good for keeping orbital consistency
    sun is good for those with solar panels

  49. The humidity in Florida can be worse than any winter I’ve known…..And I do love the change of seasons…What’s Halloween without the fall leaves piled up and the wonderful sound they make as you kick your way through piles on front yards while the kids dash for the glowing pumpkins calling from front porches? I also like the idea that Santa has a chimney and a smooth snowy landing strip on a rooftop…I don’t want a fat drunk dressed as Kringle breaking through the back screen door thinking my bungalow is where his mistress lives to get on his jingle…

    You better bring you inside game to Florida.because most the mainland air is not Florida Keys…It comes off the Gulf and it’s thick…It hovers over the swamps and moves less than huge numbers of seniors seeking utopia in the land of golf carts, Mickey Mouse t-shirts, Sea World goldfish bowls for Killer Whales requiring treatment for bipolar boredom disorder, meets giant retirement home in a sweat box while needing to visit the toilet every 10 minutes ….You have to go live in these places when you’re young….Otherwise you just blend into the seniors locked in AC to finish out their final stimulating days of staring out at palm trees through a locked window.. Nobody wants to see a old guy on the beach gazing at college girls on spring break while his newly designed Depends peek out the Speedo …

    I do love the Vinoy Renaissance Hotel in St. Petersburg…Beautiful historic hotel near homes I can only dream of living…Compared to the truly and grotesquely rich along many of the private neighborhoods you never get access to coastline, St. Pete is rather fit to my needs…Nice streets to walk and gaze at sailboats coming in an out…A nice selection of fine dining..Only 20 minutes to some pretty nice beaches and state parks….Easy access to waters and the bay….I could watch the Cubs when they come down to visit the Rays……

    But I’m getting too old too quickly…If I’m going to be having to pee every 10 minutes, I’ll just put a nice oil painting of palm trees in the john..

    Does Maine have any professional sports teams? None come to mind…How long is the drive to Boston? And that traffic around Boston…? I’ve heard that it’s some of the most congested in the nation….. More congested than an old man’s sinus cavities getting one of those thousand strains of colds that always seem to arrive on the streets faster than Mexican waves of drive-thru attendants at my neighborhood McDonald’s …..

    Hoosiers 79
    Maryland 75

  50. Stayed at Key Islamorada when I was about 20-years-old…Went on a private deep sea fishing charter…I remember staying in a motel on the island…Was with the cute girl that would eventually become the unfortunate soul to spend most a lifetime with me….We had an absolute blast…The huge cockroaches in the room kept us up all night…Suckers had to be bigger than calzone….They made footstep noises while they partied in the dark….We made the mistake of eating a rather large lunch before going on the fishing charter…The waters were some of the roughest the captain would dare for a charter trip…We hurled over the side….and laughed…How can so many events that would bend me so out of shape these anal days of getting intolerant as a crabby dinosaur on a diet, now seem the memories that I summon to wake up my heart? Weird…. Go to these places when the places are young….Go when you are young and don’t know any better. Borrow the funds…Take a couple weeks before careers and corporate imprisonment take away carefree days of escape that don’t require electronic gadgets taken as pacifiers….Life is exceedingly short……Oh, the fishing trip….? Caught 2 Barracudas, a dolphinfish(mahimahi)…, and a 50+ pound Amberjack….We were only out for about 2-hours…The seasickness won out…..But what a damn blast we still had…The captain was nice enough to charge us only 1/2 the regular private charter price..We let them keep the dolphinfish for supper..The rest returned to the sea…The Amberjack nearly took my arms off…It was like reeling in a tractor tire against a waterfall…

    Wow….I’m rambling. Sorry. Winter in Indiana does that….

  51. like your sun list but mostly it just makes the case for living somewhere like florida. and what kind of man has a cat?

  52. Got stat-stuffing?:

    coachv- Could you analyze the form of Ambi-Chen on the left? Good rotation, but I’d say the release is sorta lo mein…Stick with the vid until the end….The guy in the center with truly impeccable charity stripe form gives a look that is just priceless.

  53. the kind that married a girl who came with a cat… but after we tied the knot I got my boxer.

    Depends what you call “professional”… Portland has the Maine Red Claws (starting Christian Watford), the D-League affiliate of the Celtics… The Seadogs, the AA club for the Red Sox, which has seen a plethora of major league stars come through… and the Portland Pirates hockey team, which is the AHL team for the Coyotes. All 3 are well supported.

    Portland is only about 90 minutes from Boston, so it’s not bad at all to get to the “big city” if you want to see something Portland can’t give you. And yes, Boston traffic, mainly because of the narrow streets and multitude of one-ways, is awful.

  54. I would have went with Maine Beacons instead of “Red Claws”…Lighthouses serving as a beacon of safety during the nighttime hours a rocky shoreline.. Logo including the top of lighthouse with bright light beams shooting off the jersey name….Just seems more legit than a jersey looking like something offered as a bib at a lobster shack…

    Maybe “Beacons” can be used if Portland ever gets a real professional team(NBA, NHL, MLB, etc)… Probably not the population to support such a gamble.

    Last post…Promise.

  55. Harvard, you should read “The man who invented Florida” by Randy Wayne White and some of his other books. That will help you get by on those cold Indiana nights.

  56. Another plus is that the name sounds a lot like “bacon”…Who doesn’t think a lot about bacon when shut in during the sunny days of cold and winter white…? You do a lot of thinking about your Maine bacon….(which by no means is a disparaging remark for a spouse) …Hoops and Beacons…and bacon….Battered bacon on a stick with grilled lobster could be a concessions stand featured item….Maybe served with aoli and garlic dipping sauce…Paper cups holding dipping sauce could look like miniature baskets for highlight reel dunks placed on the Jumbotron…..

    Last post….Promise.

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