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By the numbers
wins for Indiana over Northwestern in 12 games during the Tom Crean era.
5 made 3-pointers away from tying the school record for most 3s in a single-season (276) set in 2005-06.
14 times this season Indiana has made 10 or more 3-pointers in a game.

Yogi tracker
In the past week, Yogi Ferrell has surged into 28th place on the all-time scoring list at Indiana with 1,288 points. He is now just 11 behind Tom Bolyard for 27th and 30 points away from tying Jordan Hulls for 26th.

Ferrell remains seventh on the all-time assists list with 418 and is now just 14 behind Randy Wittman for sixth.

The past three games have also seen Ferrell extend his national-best streak of consecutive games with a made 3-pointer to 60.

He also needs just seven rebounds to join Tom Coverdale, Damon Bailey, Randy Wittman and A.J. Guyton as the only players in IU history with 1,000 points, 400 assist and 300 rebounds in a career.

Marlin off the hook
Former Hoosier Jonny Marlin was honored this past week as the Newcomer of the Year in the Crossroads League after his first year at Indiana Wesleyan, which is now 29-2 and has been ranked No. 1 in every NAIA Division II Coaches’ Top 25 poll this season.

Marlin, who averaged 13.4 points in the regular season and 7.4 assists per game, good for second nationally in NAIA Division II. Marlin is now just four assists shy of breaking the Indiana Wesleyan single-season assist record of 192 set last year by Jordan Weidner.

In addition, Marlin was named a member of the All-Newcomer Team and first team All-Crossroads League.

Men’s recruit watch
Juwan Morgan, 6-7, F, Waynesville, Mo., 2015:
Followed up 23 points on Saturday in 76-67 loss to Kickapoo with a double-double of 22 points and 11 rebounds in a 58-51 loss to Hillcrest on Tuesday.

O.G. Anunoby, 6-7, G/F, Jefferson City, Mo., 2015: After a 12-day layoff, came back with 23 points and six rebounds on Senior Night in a 65-45 win over Lebanon Wednesday.

Women’s recruit watch
Kym Royster, 6-2, F, Newark, Ohio, 2015:
Scored 16 points in the weather-delayed postseason opener, an 89-12 win over Delaware Hayes on Tuesday.

Darby Foresman, 6-3, F, Heritage Christian, 2016: Chipped in 14 points in a 58-38 win over Monrovia in the regional semifinals last Saturday and added 14 more in a 56-38 win over Cardinal Ritter in the regional final. Plays in the 2A semistate at Jeffersonville this Saturday.


  1. I stand corrected, Crean is 4-8 iso 4-9 vs. NW, at our previously “elite” program. And if I’m not mistaken, 1-12 vs. Wisc? At least 1-11 at best.

    By my math, that is 5-19 combined. Suppose we throw out the rebuilding years 1 & 2, & say he lost all 4 those 2 yrs. He’d still be 5-15.

    That record against ANYONE at IU should not be accepted or tolerated.

  2. I watched the UNI vs WSU game and was amazed at how great both those teams were. I guarantee our players have more stars behind their names but then you look at coaching. That seems to be the theme lately. I still believe all of this goes back to when the administration let the players choose Coach Davis. Davis and Crean are similar in style but Davis was a nice man. Crean is not even a top 50 coach but is paid like an elite coach. The Sampson debacle was caused by Greenspan so here we are with Crean. I don’t believe he will ever get better than this. I just don’t think this will get better. I still think we can get a great coach but I think we should look at the schools like Dayton, Northern Iowa or Wichita State. I would rather see a team grow during the year than be the exact same from November 1 to March 1.

  3. Jeff H,,, I cannot disagree with your assessment of Coach Crean and IU’s possible future leadership visions. I do tend to have a different opinion of Greenspan and the Kelvin Sanctions hiring. Also there is a cat who is HC at Clemson by the name of Brad Brownell who has been earning his stripes the old fashion way. He was a HS team mate of Cal Chaney. Played at DePauw and has been an assistant to both Crews and Royce Waltman early in his coaching career. I believe him to be in the cross hairs as a candidate for the nest step up.

  4. Hoosier Clarion

    I know Brad. He played at Haarison High School in Evansville. I couldn’t dusagree with you more as well. What has he honestly done at Clemson. He showed some promise at Wright State but he picked the wrong job at Clemson. You can’t tell me you wouldn’t be intrigued by Jacobson at UNI. They shoot the 3 at a 40% clip but actually play defense. No offense but your plan exchanges one mediocre coach for another one. Since 1999, Cean has only made the tournament 7 times. I disagree with you but respect your take and actually wish you were correct on Brownell.

  5. Jeff H,,, I think you misread my post as I did not disagree with your post at all. I do like Brownell as his teams play D, impressively. Only 4 times this season have opponents scored in the 70’s on his offensively challenged squad. He is a good coach in that his players develop under his tutelage and are better as upperclassmen. He is just starting to get more athletic talent recruited. I think he will make the leap soon to a bigger BB program.

  6. Totally agree with that. He is a great coach and a great person. I would take Coach Brownell 100% over Crean and he would be better at getting the in-state guys as well. You might be on to something

  7. They want him out at Clemson…don’t feel he has improved much and isn’t recruiting well…I read the blogs, papers and have many friends who graduated from Clemson. They don’t see a future under BB!

  8. Crean isn’t going anywhere unless he misses the big dance. I would take Stevens, then S Smart, and then maybe C Collins before Brad…just my opinion! My very first choice and dream would be Cheaney…he is smart enough to surround himself with great minds…IU guys like Keith Smart and Damon Bailey…we would own the state. I need to drop Fred a line lol

  9. We know there’s no big man coming in the near future; but what happens after next year? CTC has been TRYING to recruit a legit center for 2 years. With the prospects of a win-loss season being repeated next year ( or worse since freshmen big men are a year older and other going to schools that may have a big man already) what are the odds CTC can recruit a big man for the2016-2017 ? J Pat and Jeff …I would like to add a name to coaching “rumor list” Stew Robinson…played for and coached RMK and asst Coach (if we can bring him home) Monte Towe. Played Pt guard on NCState 1974 National Champs ,along with Skywalker David Thompson, Indiana Hall of Fame electee. Played for Norm Sloan and Flip Saunders. Worth consideration all.

  10. With Brownell’s past history of success it must be a poor fit both ways. The Carolinas are not for everyone. He probably has similar thoughts in the opposite direction as the fans. Put me on the West or East coast and you’d see a real poor fit. I still believe he has much upside.

  11. J Pat, I’m like everyone else, B Stevens is the #1 on the wish list but Brownell, Greg Marshall and Ben Jacobson are tied for #2. I have no interest in S. Smart. I’m actually 1 who thinks recruiting to Indiana is tougher than most would believe cause every big time program wants a Hoosier HS baller for scoring/ shooting. I think it was Bobby Plumb who said years ago scoring points is realized early in Indiana. So whomever is the coach at IU must be a legit ace recruiter. The 4 I mention above can do that. The other part of Brownell’s unheralded results in SC is he has relied on to many Carolina(and surrounding states) boys to lift the program. Not working. In the past 2 seasons he has made attempts to dilute that measure.

    Enjoyed discussing our thoughts.

  12. Clarion, I like Marshall and would be happy with him. I haven’t followed Jacobson so much. Marshall has been steady, his winning percentage is amazing, good recruiting and I really like his demeanor. I do like Shaka Smart a lot!

  13. Randy Wittman teaches great defense and does a very good job of getting his players to buy in. He knows the state of Indiana and now that he has some talent to coach is doing a great job at Washington. Don’t take my word on it. Ask the Washington owner what he thinks about Randy’s coaching ability.

  14. IMO, finding an upgrade to CTC should not be a real issue. There are any number of great coaches of high character out there and several have been mentioned in these postings. Iowa State’s coach, Fred Hoiberg, would be an excellent choice. He has been winning with what I would say is moderate talent. The real issue is the buy out. Lot of money.

  15. You guys aren’t being very nice. Tom Crean should be allowed to finish out the season before you talk of replacements. I find this sort of discussion undermining…I am surprised that some longtime and highly respected Scoop contributors are partaking in talks that I find could lower the mood and morale of our team…These young men came to play for Tom Crean…He is currently their coach…He is their family…He’s a father-figure to many of these young men that spend months away from their homes.

    I fully understand that this is a blog…Coaches begin to lose favor based on results expected and actual… But do you abandon the hearts of these young Hoosiers in candy stripes that still believe in the coach that recruited them and believes in them?

    Until our A.D. determines a change in leadership is in order, I don’t see how this discussion is healthy to the overall psyche of the team… We’re at a critical point in the season where NCAA tournament selection may hinge on our remaining regular season and /Big 10 tourney games…Just doesn’t seem like an appropriate time to do this…..

    Didn’t I recently witness someone on here acting very sarcastic with regard to only hearing crickets chirping when the team wins…? These discussions are more positive in nature than the “crickets” in the fields after lackluster performances that end in victories? Between games is sorta like the night between the days…..Maybe this makes some of you the cockroach crawling about to make a different sort of noise…..? or maybe the beginnings of a flight of locusts as in some biblical prophesy that spells doom for Tom Crean? Whatever it is in the form of bugs jumping out of the soup, it is quite the classy dinner table conversation to serve a coach’s head on a sliver platter before a season is even cold.

    While all the crickets sleep between games, the not-so-quiet buzzing of wings found in harsh judgments of “the silence” now allows those so critical my quiet tongue the power to bring forth the names to feast on Crean’s head?

    What the chewing locust left, the swarming locust has eaten
    What the swarming locust left, the crawling locust has eaten
    And what the crawling locust left, the consuming locust has eaten.

    Lastly, I think Shaka Smart’s style of swarming defense would be a perfect fit for slow afoot local homeys that many servers of Tom Crean’s head would want in a Hoosier uniform…Remember how Jordy handled that swarming and aggressive press..? If you’re asking for that level of athlete with lateral speed, just keep in mind that it’s not for the Cody’s…the Jordy’s…the Austin’s…the Danny Moore’s….the Damon Bailey’s….the Colin Hartman’s…the Steve Alford’s, etc, etc. etc.

    This is exactly what kills coaches like Tom Crean…You simply can’t stop meddling…You loved his Marquette style before he came to Bloomington(just like Shaka), but then you want your slow, short on athleticism, local class 2-A heroes, sons of your neighborhood Elk Club buddies, to claim roster spots that railroad against any new coach having success with talent that best fits his style. You can’t have it both ways.. You can’t constrict the new coach with your “everything hinges” heroes at Milan, Washington, Bedford North, or Bloomington South while we watch Gary Harris and Zak Irvin ..Trey Lyles, .and Branden Dawson not receive your flirtations and stamp of approval for Tom Crean. Shaka Smart in handcuffs ain’t gonna work any better than Crean trying to turn Jordy and Cody into Virginia Commonwealth defenders sticking like flies on your —-.

  16. tj just made the three worst coaching recommendations i have ever heard. towe, currently out of coaching, only head coaching experience is a losing record at new orleans. robinson, no head coaching experience. thompson, also in his sixties, never coached at any level at all. you want one of these guys to take the reins of one of the most storied basketball schools in history. brilliant.

    brownell, while admittedly a fine coach, just hasn’t done enough yet. i still wonder if bennett could be pried away from virginia? he allegedly turned down the job before crean but program is in better shape now. while indiana may no longer be a step up from virginia, the history and potential may be enough to lure him. if he refused the indiana job doen’t that mean he is content to coach at virgina for the rest of his career? pretty young for him to do that but he seems to have everything he needs at virginia. hell, he may very well win the ncaa championship this year.

    all in all, like most, i still like stevens. for those who say because he has not been good with the celts he is no longer a hot prospect i want you to consider this. how did nick saban and pete carroll do in their first nfl jobs?

  17. ^that would be the praying mantis of Scoop….she’ll mate with your ideas and proceed to bite off your head.

  18. Harvard,
    A couple things.

    1. You’re probably right about all this not being the healthiest thing for the team but that’s frequently why these kinds of forums even exist. So it goes. That being said, I snorted when I read the followup to your chastisement of the criticism with another candidate. That was pretty good.

    2. I’m pretty sure no one has forgotten you’ve been calling for the head of CTC since he set foot on campus. Are you simply seeking out the role of contrarian or did you have some sort of epiphany over the holidays? I’m going with choice number one.

  19. Clarion, don’t sell yourself short. You’re a horrible fit anywhere, not just the east or west coast. Your comments on brad brownell are truly hilarious. Thank you for brightening my Monday! Being the basketball junkie you are, I’m sure you watched Clemson lose at HOME to Rutgers earlier this season. You know, 2-14 in the B1G Rutgers. That’s definitely the kind of coaching we need in btown. Also, it’s calbert chEaney. You always leave that “e” out. Time to learn the proper spelling of not only IU’s all-time leading scorer, but the leading scorer in the history of the B1G.

  20. I never called for his head…I called for him to stop witch-hunting ..stop preaching…stop blaming assistant coaches that worked under Sampson…stop listening to meddlers wanting to put their local homey heroes in candy stripes….I called for him to be the coach he was at Marquette…and recruit the type of players he needed to put Marquette on the map….I asked for a basketball coach instead of someone that wanted to use Indiana as a platform for the personal loudspeaker for faith doctrines…I asked for what Tom Crean had to be at a school that wouldn’t serve any use for distractions outside of winning basketball games. I wish I could have had that Tom Crean; a coach that wouldn’t pander to A-Hope and Indiana Elite…a coach that wouldn’t let the meddlers insist upon players on a roster that couldn’t work in his style of play……a coach that wouldn’t place such pressures on himself and his players to live up to unrealistic demands of flawless perfection… Crean was simply too infatuated with Indiana…I wanted him to be strong and keep it about basketball… He was brought to Indiana as a sacrifice for our wrongs(a complete crock of crap and self-persecution exaggerated by those at IU with agendas and an NCAA in need of a scapegoat for all of college basketball’s true crooks)…Crean allowed himself to play into the role he was chosen…He could have been so much more….But that’s the case of most tragic downfalls. Men can never step outside their own skin to notice just how they are being played.

  21. You definitely hear crickets chirping when our Hoosiers win. I am cheering for Tom Crean…I hope they blow out Iowa and MSU and make a run in the dance. I think it is ok to talk about the future and dream coach scenarios if things continue to go south. I am taking my son tomorrow night…excited…still being positive when almost nobody locally cares anymore…it’s sad really!

  22. Northwestern’s basketball program began to turn the corner under Bill Carmody….I believe Davis’s had three straight years that found the Hoosiers losing in games @ Northwestern…Many of Knight’s teams in his latter IU days were in very tight contests in road games at Northwestern….

    And the recent game in which someone on here mentioned how easily Illinois disposed of Northwestern was a home game for the Illini….

    This team has exceeded nearly every prognosticators early season predictions….Things have really not gone all that “south.” We played a good share of games without Hanner being 100%(some where he was totally unavailable)…Blackmon was recently coming off a pretty severe ankle injury…Hartman wasn’t available at Northwestern…Davis has been unavailable for an entire season.

    MSU just got their asses spanked at Wisconsin….(made it somewhat respectable at the end, but the game was never really close)…..Purdue choked at OSU in a game where the crowd was another typical flat Sunday night group..An NCAA bid was there for the taking, and the Boilers choked….Outside of Wisconsin, just about every team in the Big 10 is plagued with inconsistency and difficulties on the road…

    It’s easy to play spoiler…There is no pressure on Northwestern players to now hit their shots…Their day is done….What is going “south” is our fan base more than our team. Dreams are fine, J Pat…But those that are now “dreaming” for the dreamy new coach are likely the witch-hunters that brought in Crean. I find it rather “mantis” like….

  23. I wouldn’t consider myself a witch hunter…you know me better…it was just back and forth w Clarion.

  24. Dunbore,,,, Please forgive my transgressions for if you don’t I shant not sleep agAI

  25. Clarion #31, whoa buddy. Are you ok? Methinks you’re rattled by the rush. Deep breath time. It’ll be ok.

  26. Dunbore,,,, This BB junkie also watched the Badgers get beat by Rutgers. Their coach is really piss poor too.

  27. Clarion, if I didn’t know better I’d think you just compared Bo Ryan to your Evansville superhero, brad brownell, HS teammate of calbert chEaney. But I’m sure you didn’t do that.

  28. Quick quiz.

    Who are the only two individuals to play in both a Final Four and a World Series and where are they from?

  29. Kenny Lofton, University of Arizona is the only one I can think of.

    FF in 1988 and lost to Stacey King’s Oklahoma squad.

    WS in 1995 with Indians and 2000 with SF Giants.

    That Arizona team in 1988 was sick. Should have won it all.

  30. And, again, these fantasy discussions on a coaching replacement are pretty pointless because Glass will never fire Tom Crean….Crean was on the hiring committee that brought us Glass. Glass would need a hell of a bigger reason than a debatable substandard season to take down a man that helped get him his job. It would take a complete bottom falling out, major scandal, or major recruiting violations to prompt Mr. Glass to break such loyalties to Crean….

    It was beyond ridiculous to let a new head coach have a major role in selecting the A.D…..but that’s where we’re at. The only other scenario that makes a couple substandard seasons lead to a basketball coaching change would be if Fred Glass moves onto a different job….If Fred Glass were to leave Indiana, these fantasy discussions get a tiny bit closer to ever being a reality.

    This arrangement between a coach that basically hired his own A.D. is a bed those in power at I.U. willing made…Now we must sleep in it. As long as we have Fred, we have Barney Rubble.

  31. DD, We’ll give this to the morning to see if anyone else is interested. I think it’s an amazing piece of information.

  32. I cheated…..

    NW Indiana kids….. East Chicago Washington…I remember this discussion from years ago. Monte Towe was a teammate to the one that went to NC State. You have excellent recall, Chet…But do keep in mind that I was giving props to one of those young men from NW Indiana in the thread from long ago….You then entered the discussion…Here’s the thread:

  33. We have a winner (cheating is probably OK).

    Kenny Lofton and Timmy Stoddard both played for East Chicago Washington and they are the only two men to play in both a Final Four and a World Series.

    That’s a hell of a piece of sports history IMHO.

  34. post #8 of the above mentioned thread is where you’ll find the other name to your quiz question.

  35. And it’s why I never stop mentioning the fantastic athletes that come out of NW Indiana……If Crean would have recruited all of the state(instead of pandering to the locals that only want their Bloomington and southern half of the state homeys, he’d likely have teams much closer to his Final Four/quality teams he built at Marquette. Knight recruited the NW Indiana talent….Maybe didn’t always land the top kids, but he kept relevant and kept Bloomington in the mix for the tough and talented prospects from Chicagoland and NW Indiana….

  36. Chet-

    I’m, wondering if you knew this before my Tuesday, August 7, 2012 – 3:52 PM EST post that featured a blockquote and mentioned Stoddard as “one of only two known men to have played in both a World Series and an NCAA basketball national championship game”…..?

    Impressive recollection nonetheless…whether you knew of Stoddard before the day I mentioned his East Chicago roots nearly three years ago on the pages of Scoop, or researched his name(and teammate that accomplished the same feat) subsequent to my old post..

    But I’ll be honest, I forgot about it entirely. But I did suspect you were plucking something from memory once discussed on Scoop at a previous time. The internet is cool…Cool how we can find those old details

  37. Dumbore,,,,, You named the game…”who gets beat by Rutgers”…and you lose…take a walk your 3rd maybe 4th…

  38. Thanks Chet. I channelled Cliff Claven and not Google on my answer. I knew that one as I lived in Tucson for a bit as a kid when Kenny played at the UofA. Great guy and a great role player/teammate as a hoopster. He was a back-up on that ’88 team, but he’d start the next year.

    I remember when he got drafted by the Houston Astros. As a year-round baseball player at that age I was obsessed. Arizona didn’t have an MLB team yet, so the press was all about the locals and kids coming out of UofA or ASU. The Tucson Toros were playing the Astros in an exhibition one night. Starting for the Toros were Lofton and another young prospect by the name of Craig Biggio. They just crushed the Astros; Lofton and Biggio both went 4-4. I remember my dad saying, “Remember this Biggio kid. He’s going to be something special.”

  39. Harvard, re #44… I’m not dissing your little corner of the world, but my view is not that we have the wrong calibre or type of player, and that it doesn’t matter where they come from as long as Crean is at the helm. He’s had and has FF type talent, but it just doesn’t matter. In fact, it’s probably a good thing that he hasn’t recruited your area because it’s allowed you to remain proud of the players that come from there.

  40. It’s much more convoluted.

    I mentioned the other day about a tangential story that somehow involved Floyd Central HS making the final four and losing to East Chicago. Because of young romance I was in attendance for the Floyd Central tourney run.

    I started remembering the ECHS team and researched their college careers. After Junior Bridgeman and Pete Lotsaletters at UCLA I came to Timmy Stoddard. While the two sources were probably floating around in my head my recollection came via Floyd Knobs.

  41. Geoff-

    I think we all have our little corners… All coaches project and represent various factors that must appeal to recruits…For all of Knight’s drawbacks, he was still pulling in a pretty damn high level of talent in his final years…I heard the argument many times on Scoop that Davis got his Final Four shot in the arm primarily because he had one of Knight’s better constructed teams fall in his lap….

    I don’t think Crean has had the ideal in terms of where he could be with his recruiting skills at a different school under different circumstances…..And though I’m obviously always beating the drum with respect to the plethora of high level basketball talent in every “corner” of Indiana (not just NW Indiana talent…and, more specifically, talent that also benefits from the great traditions and coaching in a state that has always been in love with the game), I don’t live in some make-believe bubble that Crean needs Indiana kids to succeed….I actually think Crean came into a place that may have been more a deterrent than a plus in terms of elevating his ability to focus primarily on recruiting and coaching…

    What happened at Indiana played into the theatrics of a man that wasn’t necessary at a school like Marquette…Any coach can play “to” the banners instead of playing “for” getting to a new one…Any coach can play to the “decimation” to the point in almost becomes counterproductive to his own “construction” something more positive…Any man can play to the fans demands for local “heroes” in a somewhat reclusive Boomington though some of those recruits are not what a coach truly “free” in his mindset/plans would put at the top of a recruiting priority….

    has been a bit “cornered” Crean by many Harvard-types….He has to play to local interest because many think that winning and banners can still come via the Knight model….And I honestly believe Crean can have success beyond Indiana….Indiana has a beautiful campus and a proud reputation for strong and varied academic programs…But times have changed and not all young people want the isolation nor the “compound” feel of only being surrounded by masses that look nothing more than your old high school on steroids….i

    Sort of going all over the place here,….so I’ll try to get to a main point…I just don’t think Crean functions well in a place that combines the hype of great tradition and the opportunity of a level of isolation that gets overly influenced by local hoopla in a fan base starving for the old glory days..It allowed for himself to play into his own greatest demons of sort…It created to much the chance for theater and marketing…It makes men into heroes that really aren’t….All these reunions, ceremonies, and clinging to the past…? For what? I may love my corner of the world and find some pride when a kid from tiny Chesterton does something in sport that my dreams of youth can roost in fantasy, but I never wanted my alma mater to isolate itself and appear stuck in a Milan gym used on Sunday’s for snake sermons and witch-hunts….I don’t think we had that under Knight…Knowledge and respect for intelligence allows a place to become “worldly” within the confines its quaint or eccentric beliefs a basketball paradise like no other.

    Difficult place to coach ..It can suck you in and make any many think the aura of the place is enough…It’s not enough…The dusty banners…the loose cannon fan base with fantasies to go back to models that could win in Knight’s day….the thirst of society for quicker than ever results operating within the hunger and longing at Indiana…, We can never be happy for how lucky we’ve been..,,And not appreciating what you’ve had is about as far from “worldly” any man can get….I thought Crean spent far too much time marketing the nostalgia and blaming men that had nothing to do with IU never allowing itself to grow up outside and beyond the candy-stripe mystique of what used to be….

    It’s a very easy place to sell…Not so much an easy place to win…Times have changed and even kids in the hick corners of my childhood world may want more than what Tom Crean sells from his twitter throne in the limestone hills of southern Indiana. Banners from days long before any new phenom this state or anywhere else slowly fades like the blond to gray my hair follicles….

    Sorry to drift….But I still believe we needed more athletic forwards that had strong b-ball fundamentals…Love Dipo and Williams…but Crean needed to complement that with someone like an Irvin or a Dawson…And he needed more than a project with freakish athletic ability in the post. It didn’t have to be McGary…Just someone that can front the basket and be a great hub in the middle all those fantastic guards and cutting wings. A real assist guy in the middle that can survey and move quickly under control in short bursts to the boards or off screen and rolls… Alan Henderson comes to mind.

  42. oops..(4th paragraph0)

    Crean has been a bit “cornered” by many Harvard-types……

  43. I wonder if we could avoid paying the buyout if they made crean the women’s coach, they’re desperate for another coach over there. Or…they will be once this hailstorm of release papers comes in. Fred glass is the one person responsible for all of these terrible, rushed hires with absurd buyouts..lucky for him his hires take all the heat. I see you Fred Glass.

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