A couple basketball notes as Crean makes the rounds #iubb

Tom Crean was a popular guy on ESPN properties on Tuesday, appearing on “Mike and Mike” this morning before speaking to Andy Katz on “Katz’s Corner” later in the day.

Crean spent most of his time on both appearances talking about Michigan State and Wisconsin advancing to the Final Four, but closed his comments with Katz with an update on injured forward Devin Davis’ chances of a return season.

“The chances are good,” Crean said. “He’s back doing workouts. We started individual workouts yesterday. (He’s) nowhere near the contact, or getting up and down the court. Just trying to get him better with his shot, but he’s still a long ways off from where he’s going to play. No indication he wouldn’t be able to do that, but to put a timeline on it is still impossible to do.”

On “Mike and Mike,” Crean spoke highly of former boss Tom Izzo at Michigan State, discussing his ability to manage distractions, adjust and gameplan well before and within a game.

Crean said that, having insights into what Izzo has dealt with this season, it was perhaps the best year of coaching that the Spartans’ coach has authored to date.

“The bottom line is for him, this is really big,” Crean said. “He’s had to reinvent his defense. They are so hard to score against when they put the wings on those elbows. It’s not that they cut off penetration at the top of the key, but they make it so hard for you to run your offense and get it to the corners. He’s really made some adjustments defensively.”

On the same program, Michael Smith asked whether Crean and IU administrators have talked about Indiana’s controversial “religious freedom bill.” Crean said those conversations are just beginning.

“We have tremendous leadership,” Crean said. “Whether it’s our athletic director Fred Glass and his team, whether it’s our president, President McRobbie and his team, they’re all progressive. They don’t look at it and say, ‘Let’s just see how it falls out.’ They’re always looking at what we can do as a group and as individuals to make it better.”

Crean was also asked about his superstitions, and whether he believes in such things for his own sake before games, and whether he does anything similar before watching brothers-in-law Jim and John Harbaugh.

“I’ve tried them all in the sense of being at Marquette and Indiana,” Crean said. “In the first couple years at Indiana, I kind of lost all belief in the superstitions because everything we were trying didn’t work. Whether it was the way I drove to work, or the same tie, whether it was what I put in my pocket and held a memento and any of those types of things. I’ve tried all of those things — drive the same way, don’t take another turn, make sure even if it takes longer to go that way. But I’ve kind of grown out of that. With Joani’s brothers, I think she picked up from her mother. She loves to clean the house. I think we have the cleanest house going when Jim or John are getting ready to play. That’s something she picked up from her mom.”

A final note from ESPN today: Jeff Goodman listed Stanford Robinson as one of the top 10 transfers available on the market. Max Hoetzel was also listed, but was not among the best of the best.


  1. Every player ever injured under Crean always has a completely unknown timetable on recovery. Doesn’t matter what the injury is. It’s always the exact same story.

  2. Maybe you should start removing the pictures from the Scoop sidebar of the players that are no longer with the IU Basketball teams…..?

    Sorta weird ….”All you need to know is I’m still Max Hoetzel not a Hoosier..?” After the recent week of news surrounding our contorted mission in laws written to favor exclusion and discriminatory practices in a quest to be a “hospitality state,” could be that they’d likely prefer the pictures down ASAP.

  3. The usual CTC knee jerk canned response to any questions relative to his areas of responsibility ! He thinks he has everyone fooled. NOT !!!!!

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