Crean attends Notre Dame football clinic

An interesting note from Friday via our colleague Eric Hansen covering Notre Dame football at the South Bend Tribune:

Maybe Indiana University men’s basketball coach Tom Crean wants to figure out a way to have his Hoosiers play more physical. Or maybe he just wanted livelier Thanksgiving Day banter with famous football-coaching brothers-in-law Jim and John Harbaugh.

In either case, Crean not only attended the Notre Dame Football coaches clinic, which concludes with Saturday’s practice session, he sat in the front row Friday afternoon for ND offensive line coach Harry Hiestand’s presentation at Purcell Pavilion.

He took notes throughout, and afterward followed up by asking Hiestand a series of questions.


  1. Maybe this is his ‘back-up’ plan. One of the brother-in-laws anticipate an opening.?

  2. Just heard on TBS NCAA tip-off that Texas is releasing Rick Barnes. There is now Barnes and Steve Lavin on the coaching market.

  3. One could only assume he misread the brochure – is simply lost – or with ND’s basketball success he is planning on sneaking into the Joyce Center and cutting down their nets while the Irish are gone.

    It is nice that our basketball coach has so much free time in “March”. Most of the guys who make $ 3.5 million per year to coach college basketball are very busy this time of the year.

  4. The book on Rick Barnes is that he can recruit pretty well but can’t coach the players he gets.

    Let’s not go there.

  5. I didn’t see Tom Crean’s name listed as a possible candidate for the Alabama, Tenn. or Texas basketball jobs. So, look for Tom to be back in Assembly Hall, where there will be two reconstruction jobs going on next season.

  6. Your comments follow along with a question from the “morning chat” about perception. Chet, a journalist for the Champaign-Urbana News-Gazette was asked last year about Tom Crean and his “perception” was “he has had talented players but not much success” While this is an out-of-state “newspaper” It gets read by a lot of people because its the HOME of Univ of Illinois. That gets back to the formulation of perception ,recruit visits, twitter feeds between players. All that gets taken to AAU teams and talked about in locker room and at practice…so until that “perception ” gets repaired…CTC is the benefit of reputation of his own making

  7. Even though I do hope this is a positive influence on his future coaching at IU it is well understood coaches regularly cross the line to attend these functions in other sports. It is not much different than than having a FB coach talk to your BB team prior to a game or vice versa. Happy he attended.

  8. With a little luck maybe he is going to get a assistants job with one of his successful brother inlaws. I bet the holidays really suck for CTC as he has nothing to add to the conversation from his position since he is clueless and thinks he is good and Jim and John both know better! What a joke !

  9. Yuck – yuck, hee – hee, ha – ha, you Crean-haters are just too funny. Actually, it’s all really lame.

  10. Well played, Jeremy. This story has just enough relevance to get some of the Scoopsters all spun up. I see what you did there.

    But in all seriousness, TJ, you’ve had multiple posts citing AAU circuit gossip and the Twitterverse as primary reasons for Crean’s recruiting failures. Do you have any evidence to back it up, or is it just conjecture? Can you show us what’s actually in recruits’ heads, or are you just presupposing to make a point?

  11. Punjab its conjecture BUT using the example of Tyus Jones from Appleton Wis. and Jahlil Okafor putting themselves together as a “recruitment package” and at 1 time there was Jaquan Lyle and Cliff Alexander putting themselves as a “recruiting duo”. You can get those “agreements” from across state lines from twitter accounts chatter and playing together at these AAU tournaments. Its not everyone but you can safely ssume that top recruits talk to one another thru different medias and ways. Many years ago in taking management classes learned there was 2 forms of communication :1 formal which is the written communiques, flyers and postings and such. The other is the informal which is the grapevine. If that form is ignored by management can undermine “leadership”; it is also the most difficult to control .

  12. You’re assuming the worst, TJ. It was strongly rumored that Diamond Stone and some other top recruit were to be a package deal. Stone just committed to Maryland. The other cat? Not even listing MD as a possibility. Maybe he joins Stone, maybe he doesn’t. But whatever happens won’t be determined through the grapevine. It’ll be done with coaches, professional recruiters, parents, loved ones and confidantes, and high school kids.

    The kind of kid that is overly influenced by the grapevine is the kind of kid you hope doesn’t make some dumbass decision… especially after he’s committed to your team. But he probably will. Btw, I heard there’s a pretty sweet deal on some beachfront property in Wyoming. Interested? Twitter told me.

  13. Punjab, Diamond Stone had listed Maryland and Wisconsin in his group of 4 , even the “recruiting rags” are somewhat dependent upon “conjecture”. I didn’t say it was fool proof but the locker room talk , social media chatter and family talk and behavior gives a limited amount of credibility that cant be ignored. IU fans are sitting on crossed fingers hoping that Thomas Bryant commits to IU. Im going to “conjecture he stays close to home based on what his Mom said earlier in year about IU and staying home. If you “conjecture” a guess Syracuse was a front runner until the sanctions but then St Johns fired Steve Lavin with hopes of hiring Chris Mullin. which IF you take Mom’s comments about staying close to home COULD put St Johns in the mix..

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