Friday draw could be a good thing for Mosquera-Perea #iubb

Tom Crean had contingency plans in place if his Indiana team needed to make the quick turnaround and head to Dayton for this week’s play-in games.

Would those plans have involved Hanner Mosquera-Perea? Crean couldn’t be sure.

But that consideration was yet another worry that the Hoosiers could release themselves from, drawing a Friday afternoon game against Wichita State in Omaha and receiving a couple extra days to get their big man back to form.

“He’s shooting and has been warming up and rehabbing, moving pretty well,” Crean said. “We didn’t practice him today, but we’re definitely on a belief that he’s going to be back. So certainly Friday helps a great deal. Would Tuesday have helped? That’s to be — I don’t know. We don’t have to worry about that now.”

Crean said over the weekend that after Mosquera-Perea aggravated the right knee injury that caused him to miss seven games in the heart of Big Ten play, the 6-foot-9 center was scared more than he was injured. Still, Mosquera-Perea was unable to play in Friday’s Big Ten Tournament quarterfinals loss to Maryland, leaving the bulk of the work to Collin Hartman, who started, and Emmitt Holt, who had a career day against the Terps.

The Hoosiers will leave for Omaha in a couple days, with an open practice scheduled for early Thursday afternoon.

“Hopefully later in the week he’s definitely going to keep making the progress that he’s making,” Crean said. “Like I said the other day, it certainly could have been a lot worse, and the way it looked, it was a lot worse, but it ended up not being that way, which is very fortunate for him, to not have to go through another trek like that, and for us.”


  1. last week someone here said crean was going to replace a fired grant at alabama and that it was a done deal. well, today grant was fired. could it be?

  2. well, i’m wishing for brad stevens so i’ll be real careful about that. come to think of it, i could come up with 50 coaches i need to be real careful about wishing to replace crean

  3. I am guessing the reasons Crean maybe leaving:1) He realizes he has lost his recruiting “edge” at IU. He has no big men coming in next year and after the frustrations of this year he sees a “ground hog day” next year and even maybe the year after that. 2) he kniows that JBJ is a 1 and done and with reference to #1 statement sees even more frustration; and therefore realizes his weaknesses are too glaring to overcome and survive the complete year. 3) lack of discipline on and off the court; poor substitution rationale, unwillingness on his part as coach to play players so they could develop. I E. Holt. Last but not least , the MONEY Alumni have seen enough .

  4. TJ, as I move to The Dark Side with you I have to ask… what is this fascination with JBJ being a one-and-done??? It just isn’t a reality. He is projected as a fringe NBA player who probably won’t even be a 2nd round pick… are you simply assuming that he’ll transfer, and therefore be a Oner for IU’s purposes?

  5. Nobody in the NBA is going to draft JBJ.

    The other option is transferring.

    If JBJ had spent his first season on the bench with, for example, Stan eating up his minutes then I could possibly see him transferring. The reality is, JBJ made everyone’s all freshman team. He had plenty of face time on Sports Center. Any college basketball fan has seen him and heard his name.

    So, let’s say he transfers. First he sits out a year so that everyone will forget who he ever was.

    Next, does he go to a power program where he would have to struggle for PT? Not likely.

    Then does he go to Gonzaga where no one east of Montana will see him play? Wichita State…that’s in Kansas, you know. Name three of their players…ever.

    Or, does he stay at IU…where he is a star…near home…with every game on national television…with his friends.

    He’ll be in candy stripes next year. He’d be crazy to leave. There are no other attractive options.

  6. Chet,
    Very good post. JBJ would only leave for the NBA if he goes on a tear in the tournament and they get to the final four with him averaging 20 points and 8 rebounds, oh, plus 4 assists.

  7. Chuck – what would that have to do with him leaving for the NBA? Draft stock and ncaa tournament perfomance have about a 3% correlation… Honest to god people… the NBA only cares if you have the requisite combination of size, skill, and athleticism at the given position you’re going to play. They could care less if you have a nice run in the tourney.

  8. I’m not sure what that means Chet. He left after his senior year… He was a 1st team All-American. He was the conference POY. He had a defined position at the next level with the requisite size, skill, and athleticism… He also had big ol balls.

    He had a great tournament, but he was already a draft pick regardless of what happened in March/April.

  9. Transferring didn’t work out too badly for Remy….I don”t see why it’s completely out of the realm of possibilities for JBJ. There are plenty of very good college basketball programs within a couple hours of Indy that would love to have him (Butler, Purdue, ND, Xavier, Louisville).He’d likely benefit from sitting out a year…..

    Mitch took the NCAA tournament by storm…It upped his draft status tremendously. It was such an impressive performance that he still went first round after the conclusion of his sophomore season; a season in which he was hampered by injuries and back issues/surgery keeping him out of participating in many games and in March Madness. But the stunning exhibition of dominance and giant heart/enthusiasm/clutch composure in his freshman debut in the NCAA tournament carried him though sidelined a huge chunk of his sophomore year.

    Don’t get me wrong …Don’t want JBJ to transfer anymore than I hated to see Remy go.

  10. Mitch McGary was born on June 6, 1992, and grew up in the Chesterton, Indiana, area. He played in YMCA and Amateur Athletic Union (AAU) basketball leagues as a youth, and his father, Tim, who had never played organized sports, coached him until fourth grade(courtesy: Wikipedia)

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