Glass: Crean not coaching for his job on Saturday #iubb

One day after Indiana’s season hit perhaps its nadir in a loss to Iowa at Assembly Hall, IU athletic director Fred Glass is sticking with his basketball coach.

In an exclusive interview with The Herald-Times on Wednesday, Glass said Tom Crean’s status as Indiana’s basketball coach will not be determined by the outcome of Saturday’s regular season finale against Michigan State.

Glass echoed his stance from a tumultous November, putting his backing behind the embattled coach as fan furor — and apathy — mounts.

“Tom is definitely not coaching for his job on Saturday,” Glass said. “I’ve always thought that was silly whether it was pro football, where this guy’s gotta win this wild card playoff game or that guy’s gotta win two games in the conference tournament or something to keep his job. I just think that’s silly, whether it’s the NFL, or college football or college basketball. I believe you’ve got to look at the body of work. For Tom and his years here, I think the body of work is pretty darn good and certainly merits his continued leadership of the program.”

The Indiana athletic director discounted any notion that Crean’s contractual buyout has any bearing on his continued employment by the university. If Crean were to be fired before July 1, he would be owed a buyout from the school ranging between $10-12 million. That figure shrinks to $7.5 million after July 1.

“The buyout in some quarters is overblown,” Glass said. “I get that it’s a big number. What people don’t realize is, if that were to occur, it would get paid out over five years. It’s not like he gets a $10 million dollar check and walks out the door. It gets paid out over time as if it were his regular salary over five years, which mitigates the impact on the department and it has a set-off provision so that if he went to another school or to TV or had some other employment, that gets set off. I hesitate to even talk about it because it makes it seem like that’s some sort of consideration. It’s not. My main point is Tom is the coach here because I think he needs to be the coach here, not because we feel backed into it because of the buyout.”

Indiana raised expectations for its young team after starting 5-1 in the Big Ten and playing its way into a tie for first place on Jan. 22. Since then, IU has lost seven of its last 11 games while falling onto the NCAA Tournament bubble.

Tuesday’s loss to the Hawkeyes marked the first time since March 2011 that Indiana has lost back-to-back games at Assembly Hall.

“I’m really disappointed in the rough patch just like everybody else in Hoosier Nation, including Tom and the team,” Glass said. “I truly am. I go to all the games. I don’t like the losses we’ve had, but just like I wasn’t popping champagne corks in January, I’m not ready to slit my wrists now. I sense that some people are starting to pull the razor blades out of the medicine cabinet. I encourage them to put them back.”

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  1. If Glass thinks this is Indiana basketball, then he needs fired. Terrible coaching the last three years, he has to go….

  2. Fred will never fire his boss from the “search committee.”

    updated: 8/4/2008 6:37:27 AM
    IU Forms Search Committee to Find New AD Report

    He indicated that the search committee and its members would not be publicly commenting on the progress of the search process until a decision is announced.

    Also named to the committee were:

    MaryEllen Bishop, partner at Bose McKinney and Evans LLP and immediate past-chairwoman of the IU Alumni Association
    Tom Crean, head IU men’s basketball coach
    Bruce Jaffee, professor of business economics and public policy and faculty representative on the Athletics Committee
    Julia Lamber, professor of law and associate dean for clinical education, IU School of Law-Bloomington
    Jim Morris, president of Pacers Sports and Entertainment, member of IU Foundation board of directors
    Ned Pfau, president and chief executive officer of George Pfau’s Sons Co., member of IU Foundation board of directors and former national president of the IU Varsity Club
    Mary Ann Rohleder, director of administrative services for athletics
    Mike Sample, vice president for public affairs and government relations
    Anthony Thompson, former All-American IU football player, member of the College Football Hall of Fame, assistant director for development for athletics.
    Roger Thompson, vice provost for enrollment management
    James Wimbush, dean of the University Graduate School, professor of business administration and chair of the University Athletics Committee
    Jerry Yeagley, former IU head men’s soccer coach and member of the U.S. Soccer Federation Hall of Fame

  3. Well then Mr. Glass look at it this way- he is coaching for you to keep your job on Saturday.

  4. Fred is right…We shouldn’t “slit our wrists” over horrifically ugly basketball at a once storied program…..We should all slit our wrists over 3-way phone calls and chase an assistant coach of Michigan with an axe on national TV five years after the fact…….

    I mean, this is no time for drama…said the King of Pyrotechnics when the Hoosier football team beats Pina Colada State of the Holy Trinity….This Glass dude is el supremo bozo.

  5. If IU fires Crean, does he continue to get his severance payments if he gets hired on as a coach at another school within five years of his termination? Good to know that the 8-digit buyout expense is spread over five years, but still, what were Glass and the Trustees thinking? I know hind site is 20/20, but no one should get that type severance package in their contract unless they’ve won a National Championship!

    The fact that Glass even addressed that amount of detail about how Crean’s severance payments would be paid out tells me that he’s feeling a lot of heat today. He’s probably also reviewing the terms of his contract.

  6. Will the fan base that pays Varsity Club donations is the thousand of dollars each year and purchase the ticket packages at $42 per game be interest in watching an average basketball team ?

  7. I think that was the most insensitive comment I’ve ever seen an AD make. I’m embarrassed Fred Glass is the AD at my alma mater.

  8. I agree with the premise that you do not fire a coach in a win or lose game like this. You should measure the coach against the expectations you put in place for them, look to what their visions is for the future and what their plan is for carrying it out. If expectations are not being met and you do not believe their plan for the future can remedy, time to hit the road.

    If Crean gets bounced, it will not be because he won or lost versus MSU.

    I am not sure how Glass would help anything this year by saying or doing anything publicly that would undermine this team. I am not totally convinced that Glass would not fire Crean because he was on the hiring committee, but I also cannot say that it doesn’t factor into it at least a little bit.

    I am more interested in what Glass says and does in April then now.

    Regardless, the fans are understandably turning in a big way. If we lay an egg on Sat, it could get really ugly in AH. As much as I would like to see a new coach, I will never root against IU and I really feel bad for the kids.

  9. Glass shows that his loyalty is to Tom Crean and not to Indiana University. Both need to go.

  10. At the end of the day it will be the big money alumni who will determine both Glass and Crean’s fate. In the interim close your eyes, cover your ears, plug your nose, and just keep reminding yourself that it’s only a bad dream.

  11. Some of you guys kill me. What the he&% is Glass supposed to say? Did you expect him to come out to a press conference and claim that Crean is now coaching for his life?

    There’s no doubt Glass wants the program to win as much as anybody from a fans standpoint. I’ve given Crean a lot of leeway in recent years and now I’m wavering and you know those things are going through Glass’ mind. Plenty of coaches have been fired not long after a PC presser from their boss.

    Just don’t blame the AD for the team’s losses or taking the high road in public. As Dakich always says, “water always finds its level”

  12. 13 Hoosier, you took the words out of my mouth. Literally. I said the exact same thing as I was clicking to read the comments. I. Sure glass has loyalty to crean but that and a dollar might get you a cup of coffee at McDonald’s. Fact is, these teams that continue to wilt down the stretch don’t cut it. And neither will blind loyalty. But I do understand him having to make those public comments. It will be interesting to see how it goes Saturday because at this point that’s all that matters. Go IU

  13. Just that Glass had to comment is a very, very good sign. The pressure is turned up, clearly and that is a good thing for all of us as fans. The attendance is very much down, empty seats are plentiful, and the team is doing nothing to fill them up.

    As I pointed out after about 10 – 12 games into the season, there’s nothing like the lack of the ticket gate, swag and donations to get the administration’s attention. We can all whine, wail and vent all we want, but until the $$$ goes down, we don’t matter.

    Any AD or GM has to support his coach, until he is not his coach. This is the often used “kiss of death”. And truth be told, Glass doesn’t make the decision on this topic at IU. He may have jurisdiction over the women’s curling team and the men’s volleyball team but not the IU basketball team. Not at IU nor any Div. 1 university with 5 or more NCAA titles.

  14. No, it is not coming down to just one game. It’s a complete incompetent job of preparing and coaching a team. Poorly prepared poorly organized, no offense no defense. This AD must be a complete dope.

  15. Takes one to be hired by one….

    They are witch-hunters and carnival salesman….They are the sort of leprosy Knight was able to keep away from the basketball program for 25 years…

  16. If Tom Crean goes, the decision will have to come from above Fred Glass — and will most likely mean Fred is going, too. He’s the one who extended Crean’s contract to 2020 (making him IU’s version of Charlie Weis) and I’m starting to gather that Glass DOES NOT like to admit mistakes. That’s just my guess.

  17. The problem with all these rich and wealthy contracts emphasizing not just Tom Crean’s, but other coaches, athletic directors, pro athletes, movie stars, politicians, CEOs etc etc etc they are so front loaded with money…benefits…severance…retirement…perks…Disney World type documents and concepts they are rewarded regardless if they are failures, successful, average, popular, unpopular, loved, hated, in between etc etc etc and it is total B.S. “what the market will bear.” It is nothing more than unethical corruption among those in positions of decision making powers. Pretty much the whole democratic/republic system which we are not, is so corrupt that the norm of the everyday working citizenry which those who are fortunate or lucky enough to live in Disneyland are not a part of, just become human species paid hoards of money for just breathing.

  18. Alright, everyone on here is calling for Crean’s head. I will now start the game. If Crean was fired after the last post season game, who should IU go after? Now I am taking Alford and Stevens off the board, you can’t pick them. I assume that IU will at least pick up the phone and reach out to those two, but I don’t think we have a shot at either of them.

    I like the coach at Wichita St., but I am afraid of another Crean situation. Success in a mid-major, one Final Four appearance, and does get decent plays to go to WSU. If someone says Smart from VCU, shoot me now. The guy has had a couple of nice runs in the NCAA, but look at his overall tourney record it isn’t that great. A lot of one and done’s. Plus VCU is in a pretty weak conference and it isn’t that difficult to get in the Big Dance via that conference.

    What say you?

  19. t-

    I think you tapped into some real truths…It’s quite the divided America destroying itself within….I think those in the loop of “hoarding” and “corrupting” the dollar into such levels of greed are also greatly benefited by a media establishment that feeds us everything but the fundamental problems in America that in our silence eats at real justice, freedoms, and the equal pursuit of happiness from the inside out.. We are fed our daily diet of images that get us incensed and shocked; a numbing effect of world conflicts and atrocities to be the ongoing month after month, year after year, outlet to channel our evaluative eye on the planet while totally remaining aloof to the struggles and growing class chasm our rotting “declaration of independence” handcuffing the masses from tasting the riches of freedom by a system built to work those not within the fraud it’s all built to fend like dogs at a Michael Vick kennel retreat in the woods..

    And then they have the audacity and arrogance to talk even more down to you, judgments in condescension from their high money perches, while they send bombs of guilt and pious tongues to ask you if you’ve shard in the humble heart and earth to find “their” Jesus…

    I thought that was your best post ever, t. It had everything to do with how it all got to this point…sports and otherwise… And now we here of scandal at Duke. The wagons will circle…They always circle unless you are a man of Native American descent that recruits thugs and makes hideous 3-way calls that we spend five years a witch-hunt ….Feed the images while the real corruption and rot plays untouchable within the system.

  20. … ask you if you’ve [shared] in the humble heart and earth to find “their” Jesus.

  21. Glass said the only thing he could say. No AD will go on record at this point in the season saying his coach must win. If he feels that way, fire him now. The point of discussion should be Crean’s coaching ability and by all guidelines, he can’t coach in a Big Ten or above level. What points need to be discussed – defense, offensive movement (few meaningful screens), questionable substitutions, unforced turnovers, etc. All of these areas are coachable or else the wrong players were recruited.

  22. We are now as irrelevant in basketball as we’ve forever been in football…..Keep shooting off the fireworks over at Memorial….Equal pay for equal irrelevance in your politically correct Hoosier cash cow world.

    It’s sort of a beautiful thing to start from such a place below the Tom Creans of the world…I hope we get an absolute nobody to coach our basketball team… I’ve seen what hiring a “somebody” with a thick tongue of judgment and selling “because” brought us. Now we once again get to visit a time when those that put on the uniform want to make it something outside the dust on trophies and banners over three decades old.

    Maybe we’ll get some coaches and players that actually love basketball for more than the cheap image they can cast upon themselves via achievements by men of our reunion parties they have no resemblance, shared era, or heart. Don’t you get tired of being used, candy stripes? Don’t you get tired of the “name” always being bigger(or holier) than the simple game we once cherished effortlessly in this state?

    Big name..? You can have them. I’ll take some hick from French Lick….a garbage truck driver that loves basketball more than lights upon his own Jesus-like abilities sold on a youtube clip.

  23. I can’t pretend to know what will or needs to happen, but I have no trust in any of them to do the right thing. I’m not at all certain they care what the average fan thinks. But as an IU alum and a fan since the early 70’s, it makes me sick to my stomach to think about another year of this type of IU basketball. I’m thinking I care way too much about IU Bball.

  24. AD Glass knows that this team will not hold up against MSU unless 3 point shots are raining down which is unlikely so, understandably, he is saying what needs to be said in recognition of the fan pressure that is coming. Glass is a smart guy and will keep his options open. He knows that this team is disconnected from its coach and the question now becomes whether or not they can get on the same page going forward. If he determines that the future will not reflect the past, he’ll hold on to CTC. If he senses otherwise, we’ll see a change. Glass will not hold on to CTC unless he sees a turnaround next season.

  25. Wow…another great post.

    Fred Glass could turn the heart of a sinking Assembly into the anticipatory flight of the Hindenburg. It’s a gift. It pays well too… “slitting of the wrists” required….just billboards, bibles, and a payload of fireworks

    The “right thing”….? What the hell is that at IU anymore? We put a lot of kids on a bus for sins all these talkers and preachers have never committed…Maybe the right thing begins with calling the “reunion” bus driver and informing him that he’ll have some additional passengers leaving Bloomington…They’ll be in clown outfits and waving sparklers …They’ll be tan…Ask them to shoot a free throw in the parking lot before boarding….If they make one of two, let them board…If they miss a pair, back the bus over them a few times and put them in the luggage compartment. Drop them off at a Dairy Queen….and tell them they’ve been DQed by a guy named Kelvin.

  26. oops…”another great post” was intended for FLHoosier…Just the useless opinion of yours truly…

  27. Vonleh, Fischer, Remy…..(you too, Jonny Marlin).. I have misjudged you. You’ll have no reunion party, but you came to Indiana believing and you were handed an folded up flier to learn the game. You may have left Indiana without an Indiana degree achieved in the required years under Tom Crean’s fast-track to scholly crunch promise land, but you looked into the eyes our charlatan leaders and you just knew…You had instincts and depth…You had this strange idea that you could be noticed and valued..You had this foolish idea that specifically skills would still be utilized…You thought the concept of “team” still existed…You believed Indiana to be a place of honest work and accountability. You thought the banners were sill somehow alive…and breathing the truth of their origins. Your new degrees will mean so much more because you held onto something most IU fans now label as “square” and “stuck in the past.”

    You’re not stuck in the past…They are the only people that can’t let go….They have reunion parties in attempt to start a fire that was always in your hearts to bring to Indiana. They sell rather search for the old grit and crafty art of a game that earned those banners they so love to put flowers on the grave.

  28. Here we go again ; didn’t CTC and GLASS hit the “speech trail” delivering defenses about the program?? Mow Glass is having to defend Crean and his coaching AGAIN. Next year the same since no big men coming (they are headed to schools that have a program that TEACHES the game, not one floundering in platitudes and ineptitudes. Glass needs to revisit his remarks from last year and realize he doesn’t have to speak….just play the audio tape from last year…its the same .

  29. “TEACH” the game…What a concept…:? We call UK a “bait and tackle shop,” but our coach learned the game from pop-up books.. Assembly Hall is no bait and tackle shop….It’s a KinderCare.for Bobby’s wooden alphabet blocks. .

  30. H4H: Yes, the media, with individuals popping up and some have been there for a long time; all over past and today’s current tv, radio, print, plus XM, internet, etc. Like politicians, those on the media we have no idea who they really are. It is just an illusion and the citizen norm is delusional. Big time wrestling is what it use to be called in Indy. Now WWF. Split screens, guests, participants, lectures, debates, yelling, shock and awe. What is a terrorist? Does anyone have a true definition? What window is one looking out? North? South? East? West? Up? Down? Are those who live on the dirt of earth partially or totally deaf, dumb and blind? It seems as though many are struggling for air, some are somewhat defeated and contemplating to give up, and others are just down right defeated and thus turn to the media to get his or her daily delusional fix.

  31. t-

    You weren’t that far off…This team is playing far worse than a 15-16 team. They are certainly headed in a direction that makes your preseason thoughts much more realistic than my own…I know when I’m wrong…and I really thought shooters would make the difference…But the inspiration and heart just wasn’t there…And for all my defense of Blackmon as a “baller,” he seems detached from the game….from the Hoosiers The off-court incidents were the symptoms that spoke to deeper issues…..

    I could never cheer against a team, but I’m highly disappointed as a fan…I don’t care about losses if I see guys that play together and wish for more than a revolving door to the next gig.

    But it is just basketball… just seems so silly the millions thrown around and the importance placed upon it when so many Americans struggle day to day.. We’re all sorta stuck….but maybe it’s just all a form of “escape” …a delusion of sorts to believe we matter in this monster of a machine that feeds our unfulfilled dreams of being that phenom or athlete that made it…. I don’t have the answers…and maybe that is part of the addiction.

  32. Glass can fool himself AND Crean but he’s not fooling anyone else. UK places 3 recruits at Jordan Brand All-star game; Ohio State and Michigan State each place 1. Hold onto your hats; Illinois places a Hoosier that was being chased by CTC , Jalen Coleman-Lands. A Indiana native coach working in Illinois recruits an Indiana player . Hey CTC how many recruits you have going??? ( crickets chirping in echo). Fans were told last year was an anomaly, sadly that anomaly has repeated itself along with the questions concerning coaching ineptness. Last year I said recruiting would take a hit because a lot of discussion amongst top players take part at these AAU tournaments then to the Twittersphere; perception is reality and sometimes reality is exactly what we perceive. Crean couldn’t coach players in a video game. The kids discuss situation and they know the ineptness of him. Good luck recruiting,you cant even recruit a quality big man to a “bare mother Hubbard’s cupboard”

  33. IU basketball team is a 15 win team that has won 19. They could win 20 games as I think HC speculated. I know almost every team has cupcakes on there schedule, but as D. Dakich said the other night if you take away IU cupcakes they are 10 wins and 10 losses for the season while they were playing Iowa. I do not know if he was completely, accurate however the point was made. IU is missing a couple of important pieces to a dominate team and they are tall well built high level players. Because lack of talented bigs, to many times dribble drives become contortionist acts trying to score and it takes its toll at major conference levels like big ten. You end up working hard to become average. This year IU never has over a long period of time against quality competition been a high level offensive team except against lower level competition. If they were shooting well and hitting 3’s on home court in big ten they looked ok but once scouting and defenses adjusted IU does not have the big men to go to. If you are going to have a culture for the next big gig when it comes to players, especially big men in IU’s case you better be able to recruit double strong in that area and keep them (referring to L.F. case) and continue strong in that area. In IU’s case they find themselves empty in that area. The big men IU has now are good division 2 players, not big ten and they are not ever going to be good enough to play in big ten unless IU is satisfied with competing with the likes of Northwestern for the middle of big ten standings. The head coach and staff is the leader of program as I think B. Knight actually had in his contract. What happened?

  34. I like It’s #20 comment. I hope you realize that people that buy tickets and watch the games on TV are just feeding the greed of the sports machine. You are part of the problem. I sense if you want Crean gone, get the fans together and no one show up for the final game. Empty seats might escalate the situation.

  35. Angry Indiana fans launch Tom Crean buyout clock<<<< Theres trouble in River City it starts with C and rhymes with Crean and its clean… When national journals and commentators on national broadcasts are commenting on negative things they see I.E. "a bye week to get ready and this is the best they could do" or " I don't understand his substitution rational,taking out the "hot" scorer when offense they needed" and other comments.These verbal observations made do not play well in recruits homes either.

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