Hoetzel will transfer from Indiana #iubb

Freshman forward Max Hoetzel became the second player to transfer from Indiana this week, announcing through a program release his desire to seek more playing time and an opportunity closer to his California home.

Hoetzel, a 6-foot-8 forward from Calabassas, Calif., appeared in 31 games for the Hoosiers, averaging 2.4 points over 7.7 minutes per contest.

“We were always impressed with Max’s upside and potential but unfortunately in his view it did not turn into the extended minutes he wanted,” IU coach Tom Crean said in a statement. “He would like to find a clear cut opportunity to play more and we hope he finds that. He is a hard worker who we hope will fulfill his potential and have the chance to play closer to his family.”

Indiana is no longer oversigned for its 2015 class, and can now bring in Missouri forward signees Juwan Morgan and O.G. Anunoby. Sophomore guard Stan Robinson announced his intention to transfer from IU on Wednesday. Crean is still actively recruiting 2015 centers Thon Maker and Thomas Bryant, so another player transfer or departure is not out of the question.

Hoetzel’s potential to earn playing time at IU would have become crowded by both Morgan and Anunoby’s arrival, as well as the potential return of Devin Davis. Crean discovered Hoetzel while visiting Wilbraham & Monson, a prep school in Massachusetts, on a recruiting trip to see longtime IU frontcourt target Goodluck Okonoboh, who later committed to UNLV. Crean appreciated Hoetzel’s shooting ability and saw potential in other areas.

Chris Sparks, Hoetzel’s coach at W&M, said the transfer was a family decision, and to his understanding, it was Hoetzel’s all the way.

“He’s a pretty mature guy and I think it was something where he was probably processing some stuff over the course of the year, just probably trying to make the best decision for him moving forward.”

Sparks said he spoke to Hoetzel on Thursday, when the freshman called to ask how he should approach the subject with Crean.

“He ran things by me and that was it,” Sparks said. “I gave him my feedback. I know that conversation went really well, according to Max.”

Prior to his commitment to Indiana in October 2013, Hoetzel had also heard from Boston College, Kansas and West Virginia. Sparks said there were no potential landing spots on the radar as of today.

“I loved my time here at Indiana and can’t thank Coach Crean enough for this opportunity,” Hoetzel said in a statement. “I want to find a school where I can have a bigger impact on the court. Hopefully, it will be somewhere my family can see me play more often.”


  1. CTC is so sly…he knew he would have 2 transfers…he didn’t have to Crean this year…I think the biggest question is will we ever have another senior again?

  2. He was not anointed with 30 minutes per game before arriving on campus, so he will get very little playing time. If you are anointed you don’t have to play well or smart, just be flashy. Long live streetball !

  3. I heard CTC was responsible for several of the potholes on 2nd street!
    Some of the girls basketball player said privately that they left because of CTC.

  4. bottom line better players will be playin ahead of him and he was gonna be on the bench period nothin more nothin less

  5. He didn’t have to Crean this year? This is Creaning. I wouldn’t be surprised in the slightest if he went to Max and said “You know, there’s a very good chance we won’t have a scholarship for you next year. And we won’t have much playing time to offer. It might be best if you found another school.” … Spin it any way you want, but I bet had Crean not been oversigned, Robinson and Hoetzel probably wouldn’t be going anywhere.

  6. Hate to see this kid leave. Too much potential to let him walk, but you can’t blame him. Good luck to Max and his family.

    Fact is, we knew 2 had to go. In the bigger picture IU should be better by switching out Stan and Max for JH and OA – better athletes, more skilled and provide more options in the post and on defense. I just hate to see Max go while April and Priller remain on the roster, especially if April has not been working hard as it was suggested. One of them has to go if a spot is going to be available for TB or TM.

    I am sticking with Coach Crean because I think this team is a legit post player away from being competitive with most elite teams. But it is clear things have changed. Now you must have multiple quality bigs if you want to compete for a national title.

  7. All IU recruit watching needs to be put on hold, and wait until the UK players declare their NBA status and how many roster spots will be open at UK. Kentucky has only two signings for 2015-16. Then the true availability of the remaining big men will be known after UK take their picks

  8. so right you are I U south, looking at the recruit list for 2015 Bryant is only 1 that has IU on a list that’s 6’9 or taller. He also has UK and Florida on his list. Diamond Stone only has 4 teams listed BUT 1 is Maryland and the other is Wisconsin. So while everyone says IU will be better next year ; so will everyone else. If TB doesn’t come, will CTC and IU be stuck with April and Priller or will CTC have to run out and grab WHOMEVER he can to warm the bench if they transfer also.

  9. If Hotzel has potential enough to be a very good player in big ten then Zags, Bruins etc should be wanting him. Fact is Hotzel has potential to be a nice mid major player. He would do well to be a player off the bench jr and sr year in a sub role (10 to 12 minutes) as he developed at a place like big ten school that is going to be one of the best teams, and that would be if he really improved. Players with potential is how IU football ended up with its past tradition that KW has been working to change.

  10. All I can say is more of the same. Crean keeps brining in patchwork recruiting classes as well as oversigning in order to make sure he can fill out a class. It just feels slimy to me.

    And, what we have to look forward to next year will most likely be the same. High powered offense (most of the time0 followed by inept defense with undersized guys.

    We need a reset and it starts at the top. Hopefully Brad Stevens will get tired of NBA BS by this time next year since it seems that Crean is likely not going anywhere…

  11. IU bb does not have a high powered offense. They do make plays sometimes (Troy) for highlight real, but it makes offense seem better than it actually is. Several players from various teams make highlight real plays. We just see IU (Troy mainly) more because we see more IU games being IU fans.

  12. Won’t be long that Priller and April join this list. Crean will add another big and another point gaurd. I would think that no one is leaving for the NBA based on the fact playing time was an issue. Crean knows his job is on the line and he’s going to fill in the weak links with players who have a chance of making an impact.

  13. * On a side note…..I really liked Max and thought he could of developed into a solid player in a few years. He rushed to many 3s trying to show what he could do. This day and age kids want to play and teams want to win NOW. Best of luck to Max and thanks for being a hoosier.

  14. Brad Stevens Lmao…If the faithful believe Stevens wants to leave the Association and come to a mid major Big 10 school like IU, then let me tell you about a hidden big man that scores 20 per and blocks 10 shots a game plus he hates Kentucky.

  15. ALL this discussion about recruits could be moot point. The politics of discrimination is now seeping into every PORE of Indiana culture and if I were TB or any other student-athelete wanting to come to IU or any other college in state, I would have to seriously consider the cultural environment I would be moving into.

  16. Good move for Max and good for IU. Max was not going to get playing time as his lack of strength, foot speed and athleticism are liabilities. He can shoot the ball against a zone but Nick is the guy off the bench to do that. Perhaps Max can improve and see a lot more minutes at a mid-major program. Now April and Priller need to leave. It is time for Crean to go get his big man. Bryant or Maker or someone who can dominate the middle defensively and score some points. Hanner needs to be an 8-10 minute guy off the bench unless Crean finds a 2nd big guy to take his place. Maybe Morgan and Davis can fill that role if all else fails. Nevertheless, one big is a necessity to make this team very competitive next year. Go IU!

  17. Uhhh. TJ in Texas, you do know Texas has a similar law on the books? At least per the Washington Post.

    Beyond that, true, I guess this bill could affect recruitment. Except 20 other states have such a law and 9 more are considering it.

    Guess having a Governor who wants to be President and needs to be seen as a legitimate conservative requires some radical actions.? Course, in Florida, the Governor does not allow state employees to use the term ‘global warming’ or ‘climate change’. He calls it….’it’…And I used to work for the guy, until the FBI raid.

  18. Gotta agree with Ron. Texas is the home of the rootin’, tootin’,God n’ Guns lobby. Meanwhile, there is plenty more dead weight on this roster than just Max, and IU is a long, long way from being a national power. How sad…

  19. This is one of the downsides of of recruiting a lot of out-of-state kids– they don’t have Hoosier blood. They come to a “name” school thinking they’re gonna be a star right away. Some of them do. But the those who don’t see immediate minutes– and didn’t have any natural, personal stake in IU’s success before arriving on campus– too often don’t have the patience, foresight, or trust to stick out a few years on the bench. They don’t have the loyalty, either. So why come to a big time school in the first place?

    Is it the recruiting sales pitch? Empty promises? Is it unrealistic expectations? Impulsive, uninformed decisions? Maybe realization that things just aren’t what/how you thought they’d be? Personal/professional relationships that just didn’t work out?

    My guess is it’s some combination of all of these, and more. But are mid-level recruits so gullible, so self-inflated, so fickle?

    Of course I realize it’s not just Indiana kids transferring. And nobody really knows how they’ll respond to leaving home for the first time. But for those who seek immediate playing time beyond reasonable expectations, far away from their families, can we really expect them to stick around when it doesn’t work out that way the first year or two? Is it just an unfortunate byproduct of young people making young person decisions? Do coaches (or, more specifically, our coach) realize that most kids with no other stake in your program aren’t likely to stay until they can develop into productive upperclassmen any longer? Is it really a matter of players losing faith in the coaches/program? Or is this just the nature of kids, coaches, and recruiting these days?

    One thing’s for sure. Many of you will latch on to one side or another and never consider that there may be multiple other factors that play in to all this.

    For what it’s worth, I though Max might be one of those players that stuck around. But it’s another disappointing example of a player who leaves before he can ever be truly ingrained in our hearts. I wish him the best. I’d just wish he hadn’t left like all the others. The revolving door is nearing its service life.

  20. i just can’t believe it. i hate your face crean! max meant so much more to the program than crean ever could. great. just great. thanks a lot idiot “coach”. after you get fired we still won’t get max back. crean, just take your money and your 85 iq and get the hell out of bloomington. you don’t belong here. you are a fraud. arrrrrgh! f!!! u!!! crean.

    on a more practical note, good for you max. i would do the same thing if i were you. like fischer, when a kid realizes he is a lot more intelligent than his “coach” he should go.

    i just can’t believe it. i’m going to go kick someone’s dog now

  21. The sad part about Max leaving ,for me, is I don’t think Crean ever REALLY gave him a chance to grow and learn. Crean’s irrational in game substitutions worked against Max. 2 mins here or 5 mins there is NO real way to measure what he is learning or how well Crean is coaching him. Crean’s substituions of Max is like watching a teenager trying to drive a manual shift car the first time. I don’t think Crean ever really knew what role Max could play or even how to utilize him…….Ron take it from a transplanted Hoosier : there’s more ignorance in Texas than can fill a 20 gal hat.

  22. anddddddddddddddddd……………here comes the monkey wrench in CTC’s recruiting plans for TB. St John’s fires head coach Steve Lavin in hopes of landing Chris Mullins for coach. Name recognition for his BB skills , Dream team member and ST Johns is in New York. Being close to home was reason that TB’s mom wanting him to go to Syracuse. Could St Johns re-direct TB’s recruiting??

  23. All I have to say is…Fischer, Jurkin, Priller and April…does this coach have an issue with bringing in tall book ends to sit on the bench? Hanner isn’t good and they have put too much time into his development. Go after a JUCOs if recruits don’t want to come to IU. We take all the throw backs and they ride the pine. IU will always have plenty of guards to fill the roster…Knight had plenty of stud JUCO players. If Hanner was better this would have been a different year. He’s a Jr and should be averaging 12+ points a game. Crean isn’t going anywhere and any good 4-5 star big guy is gone in 2 years…JUCO I tell you…you get 2 years and you let someone else develop them. Oh and one more thing….look at IU’s roster….3 of the best players are from where? Indiana…damn straight! Purdont sucks up Indiana stock and finds a way to win. Yes that hurt me to the core to say that…

  24. Did any of you Crean-haters even read the article? Or does your hatred for Crean prevent you from being able to read?

    Chris Sparks, Hoetzel’s former coach said, “He’s a pretty mature guy and I think it was something where he was probably processing some stuff over the course of the year, just probably trying to make the best decision for him moving forward.” Sparks said he spoke to Hoetzel on Thursday, when the freshman called to ask how he should approach the subject with Crean. “He ran things by me and that was it,” Sparks said. “I gave him my feedback. I know that conversation (with Crean) went really well, according to Max.”

    I guess Sparks was in on the conspiracy, and just read right off the script Crean gave to him. Hoetzel decided to leave on his own terms. It was a good move for both parties.

  25. I hate to see him go but he certainly had a long way to go to physically compete with the guys coming back. If the recruits from Missouri live up to expectations and Devin returns to good health he would be about the 6th or 7th option on the wings.

    Instead he can go to a mid major and be a solid contributor.

    Why would he stay?

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