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The IU women’s basketball team won its first Big Ten Tournament game since 2009 with a win over Penn State, we reported.

A lack of movement has led to a stagnant IU basketball offense in long stretches over recent games, Mike writes.

As its done all year, Indiana has no choice but to stick together as the season winds down, I wrote.

Tom Crean’s fate is no longer in his hands, and he may get Creaned himself, Gregg Doyel of the Indianapolis Star writes.

A reminder of the complexities of Tom Crean’s buyout, Zach Osterman of the Indianapolis Star writes.

Fred Glass is the IU athletics department’s rainmaker, giving him sole control over Tom Crean’s future, Anthony Schoettle of the Indianapolis Business Journal writes.

Indiana lost a critical game to Iowa and did so without putting up a fight, Jordan Littman of Inside the Hall writes.

The Twittersphere not withstanding, Tom Crean should stay at Indiana, Ben Smith of the Fort Wayne Journal Gazette writes.

All but precious few coaches are hired to be fired, and Tom Crean is suddenly hurtling toward the latter, Kent Sterling of KentSterling.com writes.

Freshman outfielder Logan Sowers is already settling in as a fixuture in the Indiana lineup, Michael Hughes of the Indiana Daily Student writes.

Led by a trio of freshmen, IU women’s basketball kept its season alive in the Big Ten Tournament, Grace Palmieri of the Indiana Daily Student writes.

For all the Crean-related stories today, here’s “Major Tom” by Peter Schilling.


  1. Alright, everyone on here is calling for Crean’s head. I will now start the game. If Crean was fired after the last post season game, who should IU go after? Now I am taking Alford and Stevens off the board, you can’t pick them. I assume that IU will at least pick up the phone and reach out to those two, but I don’t think we have a shot at either of them.

    I like the coach at Wichita St., but I am afraid of another Crean situation. Success in a mid-major, one Final Four appearance, and does get decent plays to go to WSU. If someone says Smart from VCU, shoot me now. The guy has had a couple of nice runs in the NCAA, but look at his overall tourney record it isn’t that great. A lot of one and done’s. Plus VCU is in a pretty weak conference and it isn’t that difficult to get in the Big Dance via that conference.

    What say you?

    I did post this in another section.

  2. Archie miller or Sean Miller or Tony Bennett. Not sure we could get the latter 2 but I like the idea of bringing in a young up and comer. Knight and Coach K were young up and comers at one point. Bring in a coach that can coach and Archie is just that. Just not sure about recruiting for him at a big time level but he can coach.

  3. I suggest Stew Robinson. 4 years playing for Knight, Asst. coach with him at Texas Tech. Made 4 trips to the NCAA as player with IU . 3 trips to NCAA at Texas Tech; 1 trip to NCAAs with Morehead State and their first 20 win season as an Asst. He is from Anderson and Knows Indiana basketball. Id also say he knows defense having played or coached with RMK 12 years.

  4. I don’t see the selection committee going more than six deep from the Big 10….The cutoff in the loss column within conference play will not go below seven losses..The teams from the Big have finally settled into Selection Sunday spots….Wisconsin, Maryland, OSU, MSU, Iowa, and Purdue…

    The two losses to Purdue(primarily the home game) was the kiss of death. Saturday’s result has no consequence. Tom can hug Izzo and whisper sweet nothings into his ear while nibbling on the lobe…Fred can wear his candy-stripe blazer and parade around with bench-warmers from ’75….Yippee

    We have only one way to get into March Madness; winning the Big 10 tournament. I guess there’s always a first…..

  5. Sean Miller is a long shot in my opinion. He can win perennially at Arizona without the pressure. He has already made a name for himself and Arizona isn’t a bad place to spend your career at.

    Alford time to coach at IU would of been after a smooth separation between knight and Iu. That didn’t happen. He’s coached another big ten team. He is at UCLA wich isn’t exactly a bad place to be. He isn’t
    exactly thriving at UCLA either.

    Gregg Marshall is a legit option. He is at a mid major and having great success and if he is interested in moving to a bigger school IU could be the place. I don’t think it’s a home run hire. It may or may not be better than what we have now.

    Mark Few has to be in the conversation. Although I don’t see him leaving gonzaga, he may be one of the top options. A school like IU could aid him in more national success.

    Tony Bennett was IU’S first choice after sampson and it would of been a great one. He more than likely made the better choice the first go around. Now that IU is beyond the sampson mess you have to think Bloomington may be a great step for him. I think next to stevens, Bennett is IU best shot at a home run hire.

  6. After we get on the hook for Crean’s $11 Million severance over five years, let’s go big and try to lure Stevens away from the Celtics by offering him $6 Million per for five years. Who cares if IU is paying $8.3 Million a year in compensation to two coaches over the next five years. It’s IU Basketball!

    Come on, get your checkbooks out! Let’s do this.

  7. Sounds like the 11 million gets cut down 40% if Crean gets the axe at the end of July….

    It’s Indiana…We can do this on a short time frame and save nearly 4 million on the buyout.. I doubt if Tom Crean will be in a soup line anytime soon.

    Again…It ain’t happening without Fred’s head…Fred Glass cannot fire his boss. Fred works for Tommy Tan.

    It’s simple ….Beat MSU…..Go win the Big 10 tournament….I’m ready for Jeremiah April to take the NCAA tournament by storm in the fashion of Mitch McGary two years ago.

  8. Crean would be obligated contractually to find another job. And a another high level job not some job at McDonald’s. And that jobs salary gets removed from what IU has to pay. If Crean goes to say GT and gets paid 1.5 mill a year that is reduced from what I pays.

    IU has to pay the 12 mil over 5 years and will not wait until July for it to reduce. Negotiate with Crean for a quick and smooth exit would be the better scenario. In the end it would not be close to 12 mill.

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