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Bob Knight’s first recruit, Steve Green, and the ’75 senior class will be honored Saturday by IU, Mike writes.

Freshman outfielder Logan Sowers is already living up to his potential at IU, Mike writes.

The third time against Rutgers was not the charm as the IU women’s basketball season ended at the Big Ten Tournament, we reported.

Former Hoosier Kyle Schwarber celebrated his birthday with a grand slam in a spring training game for the Cubs, the Associated Press reported.

Indiana has an elite basketball problem, Pete DiPrimio of the Fort Wayne News-Sentinel writes.

IU athletic director Fred Glass remains bullish on Tom Crean, he told ESPN’s Andy Katz.

Glass is right that Indiana is still better than predicted this season, Chris Goff of the Fort Wayne Journal Gazette writes.

Tom Crean doesn’t deserve the vitriol or to lose his job, Casey Krajewski of the Indiana Daily Student writes.

Michigan State’s Branden Dawson is questionable for the IU game Saturday after a blow to the head against Purdue, Joe Rexrode of the Detroit Free Press writes.

The Detroit Lions need a running back and one they’re looking at in the draft is Indiana’s Tevin Coleman, Josh Katzenstein of the Detroit News writes.

It’s Senior Day all over again for the 1975 squad, Bob Hammel writes for IUHoosiers.com.

Indiana has a basketball problem, but it’s “Mo Money Mo Problems” for The Notorious B.I.G.


  1. Just read IU’s DL Nate “Hoss” Hoff benched a personal best yesterday of 500 lb. I am sure his leg strength is being pushed hard also. Both being what every NT needs. Just think he has a minimum of 36 more games to play for IU. He may be the best low flying fruit harvested by Wilson and staff.

  2. The NCAA really dropped the hammer on Syracuse today. If they were that harsh on Cuse, what are they going to do to North Carolina?

  3. Geoff I thought about that at the time she stated it. Makes her look pretty small with her thoughts about IU.

    …and yesterday Hoss Hoff squatted a personal best of 650 lb….RB Andrew Wilson squatted 550 lb….
    I remember 13-14 years ago the center for the Missouri FB team squatted 1002 lb.

  4. “Everybody thinks the guy with the clipboard, the next guy, can be better. But starting over is overrated. You can’t be willy-nilly about it.” Fred Glass.

    Let’s accept that Tom Crean will be IU’s coach for at least the 2015/2016 season and hope that next year’s more experienced team will produce better results. He’s not close to being the best coach IU has ever had or will ever have, but he’s our coach for the foreseeable future. So we can all suspend the “fire Crean now” chant for at least another 12 months.

  5. Podunker,

    After a few more games, I don’t think you will find Crean to be “our coach for the foreseeable future.” Though Crean helped pull IU up from the ashes, and deserves credit for that, we need another coach with the skills to take us to the next level and back to the mountain top.

    At the end of the season, Glass will count the cost. That is, he will count what it costs to pay out Crean on his contract, and what it costs IU to not pay him out. After making such calculation, Glass will know that, over the long run, it will be less costly to pay out Crean than to keep him. Glass is no fool.

  6. I’m guessing CTC is a dead coach walking. There just seems to be a large scale shift in sentiment that is not in his favor. The Fred Glass show of support was almost funny were it not so sad and predictable.

    I don’t claim to have any inside information.

  7. Crean should be a Steve Miller Band song and “Take the Money and Run.” Leave something in place to salvage….Leave some doubt for his next gig so he can at least argue things were too toxic and he left to preserve the gains he had made at Indiana.. He currently has a perfect out….He had the Davis incident…..He had the Fischer transfer…He had the Vonleh premature aspirations for the NBA…He had injuries to Blackmon, Perea, and Hartman going down the stretch of the season.. He has the perfect shot to put this on the crazed Indiana fan base that is too hungry to see things rationally… Will he take that out? Will Glass give him that out? One hell of a parachute package and reputation retained…But I think this man is too into sacrifice……All the chasing of Sampson will make for the brutal final splat to the ground,…spinning…spinning…flailing arms in style of Tijan Jobe….all of it coming full circle(like his magical weave offense while defenses stand in a zone with hands on hips) his refusal to know when enough is enough.

  8. Great post Harvard. I guess the big picture is he did build the program back up but that’s it. As WaltD said its time to find someone to get us to that next level. This isn’t working and its in critical condition. CTC, please leave us something to salvage.

  9. That is spot on, Harvard, though I hope you’re mistaken about the breakup. That would be too bad. I think, if CTC were to walk out with his head held high and without any snark, there would still be a certain fondness for him within the Indiana fan base. There have been a lot of good times in there. Way more than bad. But we expect a way, way more than bad.

    We actually expect consistent good.

    If he hangs around and doesn’t have a really good team things are liable to get ugly, I’m afraid.

    It just feels like time for the next chapter to me but what do I know?

  10. So Greenspan hires Crean and the original contract is 8 years long ending in 2016. Before Crean coaches a single game he gets an extension from Ricky G: 2 more years (’til 2018). Ricky Greenspan. Then Crean hires Freddy G, makes a sweet sixteen and in the year in which Crean’s team is voted the biggest underachiever in college basketball history, Freddy G gives Crean another two year extension (until 2020). So instead of this being the final Crean year we have huge buyouts and four more years of creaning thanks the Ricky G and Freddy G (whom Crean hired). There’s a word for this: embezzlement. If Crean does not resign his career is over.

  11. I think you speak for the majority Chet. The players respect him as a man but have all but gave up on him as a coach. I’ll be interested to see if this team comes out flat during the Big Ten tournament.

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