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Indiana’s miraculous comeback bid ended with a missed free throw against Michigan State, Mike wrote.

Indiana’s future is not a one-game decision, but there are some big-picture question that must be answered, I wrote.

With everybody healthy, the Hoosiers will try to put the pieces back together as they head to Chicago, Mike wrote.

A couple curious comments might make you wonder where Indiana’s confidence level is entering the postseason, I wrote.

IU baseball capped an unbeaten weekend with a blowout win over Ball State, we reported.

IU is trying to stay positive, but whatever the postseason brings, it won’t last long as things stand, Zach Osterman of the Indianapolis Star writes.

IU ranks as the Big Ten biggest disappointment, Tom Dienhart of BTN.com writes.

Whatever regrets Indiana has about this season, they can be put to rest by simply winning at the Big Ten Tournament, Pete DiPrimio of the Fort Wayne News-Sentinel writes.

Could that missed free throw against Michigan State have been Yogi Ferrell’s last hurrah at Assembly Hall, asks Gregg Doyel of the Indianapolis Star.

It’s back to the brink of the NCAA Tournament and who knows what else for Indiana and Tom Crean, Rick Bozich of WDRB.com writes.

Tom Crean doesn’t have the wins, titles or support to last much longer in Bloomington despite Tom Izzo’s defense, Graham Couch of the Lansing State Journal writes.

There are some standards by which to measure Tom Crean, but wait until the end of the season to do so, Kent Sterling of kentsterling.com writes.

From Mike’s keyboard to the stage — Average White Band with “Pick Up The Pieces.”


  1. For me this whole year regarding T. Crean and IU basketball had its off court issues, and ups and downs; too many downs. However, I do not see this as the major problem. Aside from whether I like the way coach T. Crean coaches, the major, major, major problems are 1. the type of player he is recruiting and banking on these types of players to get the job done at IU. 2. Absence of Indiana super stars/blue chips (I know there are very few) 3. The absence 0f 4.8 star or higher 6’8″+ and 4.8 star or higher 6’10″+ = 2 star big men along with the players already at IU minus the weaker players to make room for the 4.8 star or higher big men. Notice I did not say just 4 star because they need to be near 5 star status and the other forwards and centers on team can be 4.0 star or even between 3.0 and 4.0 star. IU currently has between 3.0 and 4.0 status forwards and centers and those who even dip below 3 stars. Currently, competing for middle big ten status (meaning 6, 7, 8 place in big ten). The bigger issue is that there is no very high quality help on the way (4.8 star or higher big men).

  2. Referring to Indiana kids I am talking about forwards and centers. I know we have guards that are Indiana high school products. The more the better. Due to lack of inside game (high quality bigs) it is really hurting guard play development.

  3. Its the very last statement you made t ” Due to lack of inside game (high quality bigs) it is really hurting guard play development.” has me concerned about JBJ staying at IU. His dad has ALOT of experience being All-American at UK. This summer (playing dad here) I would have to sit down with JBJ and REALLY evaluate what development occurred and what didn’t. Weigh transferring and sitting a year at a school where program will help my dreams or staying at IU and going thru ANOTHER year with no quality big man coming this coming year and perhaps none coming the year after.

  4. Dakich: “Nobody in the Big 10 averages 10 rebounds per game…Not even a Branden Dawson for Michigan State…”

    This statement was made to defend Perea’s sorry-ass awareness and inability to gobble up boards…..This statement was made to defend Adams, Indiana Elite, and A-Hope taking spots on our roster due to “meddlers”: that control Bloomington…

    Dear Dan Jockich,

    Dawson is averaging 9.3 boards per game……That’s pretty damn close to 10. A lot closer to your opinions that are nowhere near the truth of how a guy like Perea even gets put on an Indiana roster(along with Jobe, Jurkin, Bawa, etc).. Meddlers just like you.

  5. We did really get the favorable side of the Big 10 bracket….No Wisconsin….No Purdue …and no Iowa in our side of the bracket..

    Defeat Northwestern and Maryland(both very doable)and we’re in the semi against either MSU or OSU(two more teams that don’t pose horrible match-up/inside issues)…..

    This could be one of the few years that we actually have a shot at getting to a conference tournament championship game.

    I will not be like NoMendacity and Geoff …and cheer against this basketball team.

    And Zeisloft is returning to Chicago….Nickie BUCKETS!!!!!!

  6. tj

    pretty sure blackmon sr was not an all-american at kentucky. probably not even all-conference.

  7. I regretfully admit that I own the Average White Band album with “Pick up the Pieces” as song #3 of this piece of vinyl….

    Yours truly,

    Dr. Harvard Funkenstein.

  8. coachv you are right. Blackmon Sr. didn’t have that great of a career at UK. As a matter of fact, he looked to transfer a couple of times.

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