Hoosier Morning

Indiana’s going dancing, and the Hoosiers were more solidly in the field than anyone thought, Mike writes.

The weight and anxiety were lifted Sunday night, leaving IU free to dance to its own beat this week, I wrote.

IU baseball capped a weekend sweep of Cal State Fullerton with a 10-4 win at Bart Kaufman Field Sunday, Andy writes.

IU water polo nabbed a pair of wins over top 20 foes Sunday in San Diego, we reported.

An early end to the waiting and a No. 10 seed made for a pleasantly surprising selection show for the Hoosiers, Bob Kravitz of WTHR.com writes.

Five minutes, five teams from Indiana in one region made for a mind-blowing start to the Selection Show, Gregg Doyel of the Indianapolis Star writes.

Indiana has the opportunity it wanted, now the question is if the Hoosiers can make the most of it, Pete DiPrimio of the Fort Wayne News-Sentinel writes.

Kansas looms as an enticing matchup for Wichita State, provided the Shockers don’t look past Indiana, Paul Suellentrop of the Wichita Eagle writes.

Wichita State’s inexperienced bench gets another chance to make a difference against Indiana, Tony Adame of the Wichita Eagle writes.

If Indiana would just bring its ‘C’ game to Omaha, it would really help out the folks dying to see a Kansas-Wichita State matchup, Bob Lutz of the Wichita Eagle writes.

It may not have been enough for IU to win, but Emmitt Holt made a big impact against Maryland last week, Ryan Corazza of Inside the Hall features in his film session.

In was the word of the day, and the Hoosiers learned their fate “In a Moment,” by Stereophonics.


  1. It is interesting to see how the NCAA Selection still weighs the Major Conferences vs the Mid Majors.

    Many people have been making the argument that there is little incentive for Marshall, Smart or some other mid major guy to leave their schools that have less pressure, but great fan support (I’m not advocating for any of these coaches, just using them as an example!!!). But the downside you have is that you can be #8 in the country, go 28-3, 17-1 in your conference, then lose by 3 points in your conference tournament and be dropped all the way to a 7th seed. Conversely, Indiana a couple of years ago, lost 2 of their last 5 games, then added another loss to Wisconsin by 12 in only the 2nd round of the conference tournament and still got a #1 seed.

    Being in a big conference and having a historically respected program can be very forgiving.

  2. I wish someone would take the comments made on this board about the Hoosiers bball team from the beginning of the year to today. I remember many on here saying at the beginning that this team would be luck to win 15-17 games or maybe make the NIT. If you would have told them that IU would get the 10 seed in the NCAA, they would have laughed in your face. Fast forward to the beginning of the Big Ten season and the Hoosiers start out pretty good. Then expectations for this team went way beyond what this team was probably truly capable of. Then they start sliding and now, due to those over inflated expectations, this team is terrible can’t play a lick of basketball and Crean is the scourge of the Earth.

    IU fans, the most fickle fans on the planet.

  3. Well, ONE guy on the Scoop picked them to go 15-17. He did do it several times. I don’t know how you calculate that to be “many”.

  4. 1992, I think that is just the internet in general. On the internet, people are overreacting, hyperemotional, strawman-building, echo-chamber-seeking, big-mouthed ninnies.

  5. Hooters is a great place to watch March Madness….You are kept abreast of all the top action….and they also show a lot of the games.

  6. 1992, and don’t forget about those “experts” who “questioned” Crean’s signing of Holt, suggesting it was a waste of a scholarship and that he was not worthy to be on a Big Ten team. LOL! You’ve got love the entertainment these”ninnies” provide on The Scoop.

  7. Harvard for Hillbillies #9

    Wednesday, December 31, 2014 – 6:39 PM EDT

    Man, was Holt impressive during a stretch of that first half…I know this is too big of a compliment, but there are moments that Holt reminds me of Steve Downing…Particularly, his breakaway bucket(when he kissed it off the glass in the style of a disciplined, classic, minimalist, no-flash layup) brought back some memories of the great Downing…His defensive posture also looks similar…And maybe the thin frame and the knee wrap…Man, did he look strong….What a boost if he can bring some more of that game on a reg basis.


    I always thought Holt was a much better option than Perea….Much more aware…Much better instincts around the rim. It may have been a real blessing to have Holt put forth such a great showing against Maryland…His performance could have put the “dangerous” element back into the Hoosiers and made us look more of an interesting/attractive team for the tournament….He became the bright spot of a team that had been fading while he spent a lot of time on the bench…Forced into playing Holt introduced Tom Crean into more positive happenstance that may have given the Selection Sunday committee a fresh perspective and some insight into our roster that was previously unexamined. Holt’s performance may have meant more than a victory against Maryland via hot shooting absent any sign of solid inside play….Hanner is still awfully raw…He’s a fine athlete and provides the occasional jaw-dropping slam, but we appeared a more fundamentally skilled team with Emmitt on the floor.

  8. Harvard, I agree about Holt but let’s face it…who doesn’t? Even earlier in the season, when he was playing rare minutes, I think most of us thought ‘Damn, this guy can play’.

    I believe we all just assumed that there must be more going on behind the scenes that we couldn’t know.

    Maybe there is. Maybe not so much.

  9. so are those of us who believed IU would win 20+ games going into the season allowed to speak freely? How about those of us that pay attention and were psyched that Crean got a NY Mr. Basketball finalist to commit a year before he was a top 50 recruit?

    So since I didn’t have low expectations, and I was thoroughly excited to get Holt, I don’t expect another fickle word from you…

    I’m not very good with that historical Scoop search function, but I’m sure Harvard can find my quote where I said, (sic) “Holt will be the most impactful big man at IU since Alan Henderson.”

  10. Geoff #21

    Sunday, December 7, 2014 – 8:09 AM EDT

    Emmitt Holt is already a better and more impactful player than Hammons… I’ll take him every day of the week. In fact, as I opined to my brother last week, Holt will be the most impactful big man at IU since DJ White.

    Hoosier Clarion #23

    Sunday, December 7, 2014 – 2:06 PM EDT

    I agree about Holt albeit I doubt he is in Bloomington for as long as DJ was. For me it was easy to see he had “it” the 1st game he played minutes in after the suspension.

  11. Anyone else like me to retrieve their old posts complimentary of Holt…?

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