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As Indiana heads into Friday’s game an underdog to Wichita State, a recap of the top three tourney upsets in IU history, Mike writes.

A quick guide to the NCAA Tournament with Bloomington connections, notable numbers and games to watch, I wrote.

Multiple reports denied that Tom Crean was leaving Indiana for Alabama Wednesday, Matt Zenitz of AL.com reports.

Indiana’s path to victory over Wichita State starts with Troy Williams, Pete DiPrimio of the Fort Wayne News-Sentinel writes.

Wichita State’s trio of guards will provide the supreme test for the Hoosiers, Chris Goff of the Fort Wayne Journal Gazette writes.

The Tom Crean death spiral has started at Indiana, Kent Sterling of kentsterling.com writes.

Jordan Fuchs and the Hoosiers gave an Omaha after-school program a lift on Wednesday, Christopher Burbach of the Omaha World-Herald writes.

One local Omaha resident is a diehard Indiana fan who will be loud and proud this week, Marjie Ducey of the Omaha World-Herald writes.

The question for Indiana is whether the Hoosiers can get hot from 3, Vinnie Duber of CSNChicago.com writes.

Tom Crean, Wichita State and NCAA tourney all in the mailbag for Zach Osterman of the Indianapolis Star.

Indiana has overcome a host of emotional challenges to get back to the NCAA Tournament, Michael Marot of the Associated Press writes.

UCLA coach Steve Alford talks blow dryers, Dan Dakich and Bob Knight in various interviews, Scott Horner of the Indianapolis Star writes.

The UNC national championship team of Sean May, whose father Scott saw very little of the 2005 title game, is at the center of the academic case that has both school and NCAA on trial, Dennis Dodd of CBSsports.com writes.

Since we made our arrival in town last night, here’s “Omaha” by Counting Crows live at Woodstock in 1999.


  1. Kent Sterling’s piece was not worthy of being copied in any on-line newspaper’s blog. Sterling just lost credibility, if he ever had any to begin with. But such is life with today’s unaccountable cesspool they call on-line media. Love or hate Tom Crean, that piece was just total garbage, written by a wannabe hack. And I think he’s been drinking the cool aid a little too much when he writes, “And then the list of potential candidates for one of the most coveted jobs in sports will be open for the fourth time in nine years.” One of the most coveted jobs in sports!? LOL! That’s ridiculous embellishment at best, or just total bull sh–! And his guest’s opinions, as related in this trash, should disqualify him from ever being a college basketball analyst.

    By the way genius, how many years did D Wade play for Crean? Sterling should be embarrassed to have written such trash, but morons are incapable of being embarrassed.

  2. Not a big fan of Sterling….He’s the dude Dakich put a call into…when he was job-hunting….They are meddlers and turds that won’t flush out of Indiana….If we had Knight, he could plunge them back to their “Regions”….and sewage waste sites where guys average 2.3 ppg and stop Michael Jordan like a dumb pit bull crazily barking at a junkyard for bone thrown from the General himself.. Now they just bark and Bobby isn’t around to tell them to shut the hell up.

  3. Po,

    You cherry picked that quote. This is what Kent said:

    “The immediate question is whether Indiana can beat Wichita State and Kansas to advance to a third Sweet 16 in four years. If that happens, the Crean leaving narrative is shelved for the immediate future. If Indiana loses tomorrow, the interest in what Crean and athletic director Fred Glass will do next will launch into hyperdrive.

    And then the list of potential candidates for one of the most coveted jobs in sports will be open for the fourth time in nine years. Getting it right will be the biggest challenge of Glass’s career, and will be his defining moment.

    Fascinating days for Hoosier Nation.

    Most of that article were excerpts from an interview Kent did with Chris Spitola from CBS Sports. Chris believes that Tom Crean was a bad hire from the start, that Indiana is a Top 5 destination with all the tools in place for an elite coach to succeed, and that it won’t happen under Crean.

    Instead of hyperventilating, how about making an argument against the substance of the interview? Why is Chris wrong? Why is Kent wrong for saying that if we get bounced in the first round, all eyes will be on Glass for what he does about Crean?

    I thought that Kent and Chris had some reasonable commentary on the current state of Indiana Basketball.

  4. It was well said…..But if Crean goes, Glass should board the bus with him. Tom Crean hired Fred Glass.

  5. Internet rumors are humorous. In the past few days, I read that Crean was going to Alabama and that Yogi and Troy would transfer to Tuscaloosa — with Yogi being able to play right away because he’d graduate from IU in three years, then enroll in a graduate program at ‘Bama. I also read that there was “strong mutual interest” between Alabama and Crean. … And today, I read that Crean had no interest in Alabama and nobody from Alabama had contacted Crean or any of his people. Want to know the truth? Because I know it. Here it is: Nobody know what the hell they’re talking about and we won’t know anything about Crean’s status till after the tournament. There you go. There’s your scoop.

  6. So – tonight I am going to see a Counting Crows side project in San Francisco, and my son’s birthday is tomorrow. Feels like a win!

  7. Here we go again with the elite crap again. Elite pressure cooker program! Haven’t won a banner in 28 years and living in the past. Crazy fans calling for your head if you don’t at least make the sweet 16 EVERY year.
    I love IU but I know what the fans here are like. I work in Bloomington and I hear the constant criticism. I see the east coast kids that don’t care about IU hoops. I see how the IHSAA ruined the high school tournament and the AAU system has taken over. This isn’t your mom and dad’s IU.

  8. DD, yes I paraphrased the quote because a) it’s posted in the story and does not take much effort to read the entire “article,” and b) the portion I copied still has the same meaning, regardless. If a person reads Sterling’s blog post, it’s obvious what I was referring to. Whether you use the entire quote or just the sentence I copied into my post, it’s ridiculous garbage either way. Sterling’s got to be smoking crack if he really believes IU’s basketball coaching job is “one of the most coveted jobs in sports.” He did not write “college sports,” he wrote “sports.” And it’s just bull sh–. IU Men’s Basketball Coach is a very good job, a prestigious job, but it’s no where near “one the most coveted job in sports.” It’s not even one of the most coveted jobs in college sports. If it was, Tom Crean would not have been offered the job in the first place. As was reported at the time, Crean was not the first, second or even the third coach contacted about taking the job seven years ago. And one of the reasons IU had to pay him the big money, long term, guaranteed contract was that a lot of really good coaches had absolutely no interest in taking on the task of cleaning up the mess that was IU basketball at the time. It wasn’t a coveted job, it was a train wreck. Ironically, IU Basketball’s coaching job is a much more coveted job today than it was seven years ago because of the job Tom Crean has done in returning IU Basketball to relevance.

    This garbage just roles of the fingers of these blogging turds without any thought and without any fear of consequence. When what Sterling wrote is proven to be totally wrong, and Crean is still around two years from now, Sterling won’t be held accountable for writing such irresponsible drivel. His credibility won’t be damaged, because he has no credibility. That is, of course, unless you believe a “death spiral” for a coach takes more than two years to complete. Sterling is an idiot!

  9. If you really want to monitor a coach’s death spiral, pay attention to UNC’s Basketball coach. His complicity in one of the biggest and longest running academic cheating scandals in the history of college basketball has UNC in a vice. If the NCAA does not deliver severe punishment to UNC Basketball, including vacating their 2005 NCAA Championship, and delivering a huge suspension to the coach, then the NCAA should be dissolved. Read last week’s issue of Sports Illustrated for all the dirty little details. And then keep pace with the news about the bevy of lawsuits being filed by former UNC athletes.

  10. Podunker,

    Do you remember the coaches who were seriously considered for the job at that time? It slips my mind. I thought I read where Mark Few was considered, but politely turned the job down.

  11. It doesn’t matter who turned down the job in 2007… The situation then was just a tad different for any incoming coach. Sanctions, programs a mess, imminent defections, etc… Now it is simply the same thing any top program goes through – coach not meeting expectations.

    Do you think that everyone was clamoring for the UK job when they got the death penalty? 5 years later did the fan base decide that the program was no longer elite? Is it one of the most coveted jobs in sports now?

    There’s absolutely no reason that with the right leadership that IU basketball can’t again be elite. Every coach knows that.

  12. If the NCAA doesn’t hit UNC harder than they did Syracuse and Beoheim then they lose all credibility and the associate schools should dissolve the associations.

  13. There’s absolutely no reason that with the right leadership that IU basketball can’t again be elite. Every coach knows that.

    I couldn’t agree more.

  14. Sorry Ben, that may have felt directed at you, but it wasn’t… It is directed at the IU defeatists like Po and Bart, et al…

  15. Undoubtedly now any problems at UNC will entangle the name Dean Smith, if I am reading things correctly.

  16. HC, I’m sure you are right but, while ‘lack of institutional control’ seems pretty obvious, I’m hoping Dean was kept out of the loop. For years we’ve heard how Indiana and North Carolina ‘do things the right way’. Well, we blamed the bad things on that interloper, Sampson, but he WAS on the payroll. I always admired UNC basketball for the same reasons I did the program at my alma mater.

    It will be sad if Dean Smith becomes part of the rubble pile the UNC athletic department is about to become.

  17. As for Bay-whine at Syracuse, they can strip him of all his wins and make him spend the rest of his life in Syracuse.

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