Hoosier Morning: Weekend Edition

Friday’s season-ending loss to Wichita State was a microcosm of Indiana’s season, Mike writes.

Indiana’s subdued and largely unemotional locker room made for a strange place at the end of a strange season, I wrote.

The only certainty about this offseason for Indiana is that the Hoosiers will have a different look next year, Mike writes.

IU had two top-five finishes at the NCAA swimming championships and wrestler Taylor Walsh reached the NCAA final, we reported.

Fans and players expect more than this from Indiana, but is IU content to be The Little Engine That Could, asks Gregg Doyel of the Indianapolis Star.

Finding a big man and finding out if Yogi Ferrell is coming back tops the to-do list for Indiana, Bob Kravitz of WTHR.com writes.

Tom Crean likes where Indiana is headed, but the Hoosiers are headed home, Shannon Ryan of the Chicago Tribune writes.

The season is over, but the speculation is just beginning for the Hoosiers, Pete DiPrimio of the Fort Wayne News-Sentinel writes.

Tom Crean’s future may well depend on whether the core of the Hoosiers’ talent returns, Casey Krajewski of the Indiana Daily Student writes.

Tom Crean reportedly told official Kipp Kissinger, who works the Big 12 and Missouri Valley, that he sucked after the Hoosiers’ loss, Matt Norlander of CBSsports.com writes.

Why Tom Crean is clueless and Indiana is a middle of the road program, Jay Graves of The Jay Graves Report writes.

Former IU recruit Ron Patterson will transfer from Syracuse, Mike Waters of Syracuse.com reports.

“End of the Road” by Boyz II Men.


  1. I read all of the links you provided and have to ask why you felt compelled to link the Jay Graves piece. I’m not against questioning the direction of the program, but I AM against reading poorly written content (seriously, I struggled reading to the end). You guys are better than that from a journalistic/media point of view. All of the other links are greatly appreciated!

    1. Ponderosa and Chet,
      Fair points, and I debated including the story myself, but it was such a weird read that I opted to include it for entertainment value this once.

  2. I hadn’t read it before but it DOES look like it was written by a 12-year-old.

    Here’s a sample…” After 7 seasons he’s 121-111! For all of you simple minded individuals that means that he has a .478 winnin’ percentage”


    Ponderosa is right. That never should have been linked to the Scoop.

  3. Also I concur with the earlier suggestion that Crean does not coach by happenstance but by advanced hypnotic techniques.

    AD Fred Flinstone: give that man a bullish contract extension.

    Give it to him now!

  4. The long list of top names from the state that passed on IU during the last 10-15 years was a pretty stunning group…..And those still fresh in memory that passed on Crean, quite impressive as well. …And Graves admitted that the list was far from all-encompassing(listing mostly names that went to the “league”)…Just watching the local products today/tonight with Xavier, Butler, and ND….More tomorrow on MSU(Dawson)….on..and on…and on.

    “Because it’s Indiana”……? If Crean is wearing a heavy layer of cologne named “Because” to attract the best from this state, it must not be able to cover up whatever has been trapped for seven years between a pair of Sweet 16’s and unwashed Kelvin’s….Hoosier Rising like a skunk tail, my bro….It’s been said that “Because” is so strong that it naturally forms Tom Crean’s strongest zone defense in a 6-foot holy halo of warm embrace…..The cologne, first manufactured in Marquette, was originally a collaborative effort inspired by a meeting between Joyce Meyer and D-Wade under the name “Cinderella Runs by NO EXCUSES.”

  5. Talk about teams with “NO EXCUSES”….Wow…The ND vs. Butler game was one of the toughest, grittiest,, inspiring, gut-wrenching….bad-ass mother-*&%j4*$#&%^(&*%$#_@#^ ing!!! games Ive seen in years…

    Absolutely no losers…Just one higher score with a tiny bit more “surviving” fate on its side…Wonderfully coached teams….”Elite” in every respect. BECAUSE the game and the potential for achievement as a TEAM is respected. Clutch performances in every play at every turn of momentum…..cohesive groups with passion and tenacious hearts in kids that laid it all out there….in a basketball tug-of-war for two halves and an overtime between two “NO EXCUSES” programs that represented Indiana in all its basketball pride, sportsmanship example, glory and storied roots..

  6. Price the Magnifishent-

    I loved the shot of “hypnotic” Tom….this much. Very funny stuff…Also loved the clip of Crean frantically motioning for the timeout…The completely numbed looks from JBJ and Buckley in the background add to another priceless moment of things so oddly bizarre at Crean’s Indiana , they can thankfully survive in spontaneous laughter with the long Hoosier grief never to invade such diamonds of innocence. . Maybe these Crean years are truly a gift to be thankful and savored. …He does bring out the lonely child of a more unblemished day. I hope we all can laugh at ourselves and not be destined to the trappings of viciousness and disdain without hope and humor. You are far more true to such pursuits than myself.

  7. Maybe the next coach can use the phrase “because it’s not puke where you can go pro in 1 year” or “because it’s not MSU where you will be in the sweet 16 or final 4 almost every year. Maybe his go to phrase will be we wear candy stripes and the fan base is jaded and poisoned by the banners hung 3 decades ago.

  8. First there was Mitch….Now there’s Branden Dawson…Another bad-ass NW Indiana kid taking the NCAA tournament by storm…

    “The most rebounds in the Big 10 for ALL players 6-6 or under since 1988.” That’s 27 years, my Scoop friends… All of you slathering over that overrated Virginia team, may I please introduce you to heart and toughness? Why he at MSU? Not “Because it’s Michigan or MSU.” It’s the “Because” cologne and five A-hope projects filling the bench in place of our next Karl Malone….and the “everything hinges” on pious blow and Crean jumping on the sidelines like a spastic lunatic unable to recruit the entire state worth a pile of doo-doo… You’d think a guy that makes gazillion dollars a year could afford a couple tanks of gas in his Suburban guzzler to visit parts of this great b-ball state that define toughness. ..But why ever leave the ‘Commune of the Lame and Tame’….? Because comedy sells …? Because the Establishment that was once bitch-slapped by Bobby loves nothing more than comedy in candy stripes….?

  9. I think he is there because MSU wins on a consistent basis with a coach that has no fear of losing his job. Brad Stevens or Billy D will have the same trouble in the NW part of the state I guarantee. Wait a minute, what the hell am I thinking, why would they want to come to the town of trailer parks where RMK is still God and we shout at your kids “your dad sucks”.
    Who cares about what coach we bring in next, the problem here is the culture. The Mecca of basketball is poisoned and we are spoiled brats asking for candy from mom in the checkout line in Kroger. We all hate those kids and wonder why their mother does spank them more often. Guess what folks…we be getting our ass spanked and we deserve it.

  10. According to the brilliant logic put forth so often by the so called “expert” Crean haters who (too) frequently post on The Scoop, I guess Villanova should fire Jay Wright. His #1 seeded team just lost to in the second round of the NCAA tournament. Last year, his #2 seeded team also lost in the second round. And in 2013, his #9 seeded team lost in the first round of the tournament. Yea, yea, he lead one of his former teams to the final four, but that was a long time ago. Wright’s winning percentage at Villanova is only .677. Obviously Wright is wrong for the once elite Villanova basketball program.

    And using the Crean-haters’ logic, Virginia should announce, any day now, that they are firing Tony Bennet. Did you see Virginia’s debacle against MSU today? His team could not hit water from a boat. Obviously Bennet is to blame for his team’s inability to hit their shots today. Bennet must be an under-achiever at UVA, with a winning percentage of only .680 in the last six years. Who cares if his team won the ACC Regular Season Championship this season, they lost in the second round of the NCAA. Who cares if they won the ACC Tournament Championship last year, Bennet allowed his team to get beat by MSU in the early rounds of last year’s tournament, too! Clearly, Bennet is the wrong coach for Virginia’s elite basketball program.

    Hey, do you think the young men that play basketball at Villanova and UVA have to go to class? Do you think they have to take academic performance seriously? Or do they get to take those phantom classes, like the classes UNC used to offer (for about 14 years), where the football and basketball players never have to go to class, never have to write a paper, and still get A’s? I wonder if colleges that actually require their basketball players to be real students are at a disadvantage relative to schools such as Kentucky, Louisville, and UNC?

  11. Rumor has it Bill Self will be fired at Kansas because he lost to WSU. Maybe IU can hire him and we can lose to them again by an even larger margin next year! The logic of some of the experts on this site.

  12. Hey Alford is in the sweet 16…where are the chants by the faithful for the second coming of RMK with better hair?

  13. Pfunk, you beat me to it. I wonder how many Kansas fans have become Self-haters (pun intended) in the last few hours? Oh, the humiliation they must be feeling right now. How could Self have allowed such an elite basketball program to lose to that team from Wichita? My guess is that they’re flooding the A.D.’s office with angry voice mail messages and calling for the “money men” to contribute to Self’s 7-digit contract buyout. Meanwhile, the scumbag at Louisville leads his team back to the sweet 16 and UNC’s corrupt basketball coach gets to enjoy the limelight until the NCAA levies crushing sanctions on his program for blatant academic fraud. Rather than buy out their coach’s contract, UNC is scrambling to raise funds necessary to pay for all the lawyers needed to defend the school against the lawsuits filed by several former Tar Heel basketball players for failing to provide them a college education.

  14. For what it’s worth I am curious about this weird story I heard on a popular chicago sports talk radio station. They spent quite a bit of time today on Indiana and Crean, but it was part of larger discussion about the basketball blueblood programs and what Indiana and UCLA look like now compared to where Kentucky, UNC and UCONN are going.

    On twitter, a College Basketball beat reporter indicated that there were IU fans (according to the IU player parents) that regularly sit near the bench behind or near Crean that bring clipboards and notebooks to the games. From the parcels of tweets the sports talk hosts thought that what a bizarre situtation if true. They referenced crowd/fan bits in the past that included goofy things like Utah Jazz fans imitating Jerry Sloan and players and doing a “fake huddle” during timeouts. But are these crazed IU fans with clipboards, harassing Crean at games and literally behind the bench arm chair coaching?

    The sports talk hosts, as did I, thought this was a truly bizarre thing to be happening.

    Just curious that’s all,

  15. Gentlemen, there are better examples to use than to sarcastically point to Bill Self as an example. Every coach from a major program that gets into the tournament on a regular basis finds themselves on the wrong end of an upset.

    But a guy like Self, while getting knocked out in the 1st and 2nd round a couple of times, has offset that with a National Championship and a trip to the Finals. He also has 3 Elite 8 and 2 Sweet 16 appearances.

    Oh yeah, and he’s won his conference 11 times in a row.

    This kind of cherry picking is pretty silly.

  16. The following may be a somewhat disjointed rant but:
    * “your Dad sucks”. That is for real? If so, how sad. Does Indiana University even want such fans to support the team? My guess is no. * CTC has worked himself into a position similar to Obama. If Obama were to say “the sky is blue”, Fox (hesitate to say the word News) would have 5 experts telling us it’s not blue its light purple. In other words, no matter what CTC says, it would be wrong to many fans. * Someone on here recently said something along the line of ‘a real fan would be demanding change now’. I don’t think a fan is in position to demand anything. If you don’t like the product, don’t buy it. Fan apathy may work faster. *I think a successful coach would not even consider IU. Mid-Major, maybe, As far as that goes, any recruit who would read this blog would rule out IU pretty quickly. * “trailer parks”. Just looked at one in Florida. 3 bedroom double wide. $97000.00 with HOA fees of $697.00 a month. *CTC may not be the answer but hate to see another re-set for the program.

  17. “Your dad sucks” happened at a Bloomington South basketball game…CTC son checked in the game and the chant started…no HS admin tried to stop it…not the coach, AD, or principle.
    97000 might buy the whole trailer park on Gourley Rd.

    1. OK,
      Allow me to jump in on this chant thing. First off, the chant was “Tom Crean sucks.” Second, according to Mike and Andy, who were there, it was 10 high school students or less involved, several of which are actually Purdue fans. Third, the principal did go over to shut it off.

  18. Double Down; it was the best I could come up with on short notice. But a “few” comments in response your post #18. The Big 12 is a weaker conference than the Big Ten. Tom Crean has lead a team to the final four. Tom Crean’s team recently won his conference’s championship. Tom Crean has lead his team to the NCAA tournament in three out of the last four seasons. And while Self has won a National Championship at Kansas, he never had the burden of rebuilding a program after it was totally destroyed by incompetent administrators who, for over a decade, neglected and mismanaged a once elite program. Tom Crean accepted the challenge of trying to raise that program up from the ash-heap he inherited seven years ago. The biggest difference between Kansas basketball and IU basketball is in the quality of the administrators who were tasked with sustaining and protecting their Universities’ respective elite basketball programs over the years that proceeded the hiring of their current basketball coaches.

    Using the arguments and criteria that so many of the Crean-haters have used to justify calling for Crean’s termination was the basis of my previous post. And your comments imply that once a coach wins a national championship, he gets a free pass, or at least the benefit of the doubt, indefinitely. Wow, no wonder so many coaches are willing to cheat or turn a blind eye to the cheating of others associated with the University (i.e., UNC). The expectations of some of the Crean-haters are simply irrational. And many of those people completely ignore the mess Crean inherited. How irrational is it to demand the firing of a coach who, four years after taking over a devastated program, lead his team to the Sweet 16, then on to win the Conference Championship and another consecutive Sweet 16 in the next season, just because they expected one of those teams to have made it to the final four? Ask the UCLA fans how that’s been working out since Howland was fired. And then to articulate a belief that once a team has reached the Sweet 16, it should magically be able to progress from that level of success, as if on some magical linear progression, into the final four in the years immediately thereafter. Where do these irrational expectations come from? Is it because IU won a national championship 28 years ago, or because we played for a championship 14 years ago? The expectations are ridiculous and ignore the reality of the decades of mismanagement and neglect the program suffered since those great achievements were last realized. The disdain for Crean turned into a mob mentality after last year’s disappointing season, and that mob, like most mobs, is made up of lazy minded, ignorant and immature fans (and one religious bigot) that ignore recent history and the facts, demand instant gratification, and hold irrational expectations. The irony that this mob fails to recognize is that if they get what they are demanding, it will make it less likely IU will be able to replace Crean with a better coach. Crean’s an easy target, but the disdain should be directed toward the previous administrators and trustees who were responsible, decades before Crean arrived in Bloomington, for failing to protect and sustain a once elite program’s history of athletic and academic achievement. Crean’s probably not the long term answer for IU, but he deserves more time and more respect.

  19. Po, your comments are spot on. I use the case of Shaka Smart and all those that think he is the next coming. He went to one final four and hasn’t done boo since. Heck, even Crean has been to one final four. He hasn’t even won his conference regular season title and just this year won the conference tourney. He is 7-6 in the NCAA tourney. Take out the final four run and he is 2-5. And some of you think he will take IU to the promise land?

  20. Tom Crean did not inherit a mess, he actively sought one. Once he found it he purposely made it a bigger mess by running out of town the fabricated ghosts of so-called past sins and by turning into scapegoats the Hoosier faithful still in town that were very much willing to be a part of a healthy reconstruction of Indiana Hoosiers when Crean came. The best example is Jordan Crawford who later shone for Xavier in NCAA. The case of Matt Roth is also very well known as is the very origin of the term “creaning”. In this and many other regards Tom Crean is clearly the epitome of demagoguery and deflectionism and it is no doubt in my mind that the few remaining trolls that still support him on the Scoop like brain-dead zombies are all made… in his image.

  21. ^^^^ rational.

    At the end of the day, Tom Crean’s biggest issues are inherent in the respect he lost from his players…You don’t go out and do stupid ____t the night before a game if you respect your head coach…You don’t hang out as a couple of the most recognizable athletes at IU with fake ID”s in front of Kilroy’s if you respect your head coach…You don’t get drunk and drive around Bloomington if you have a team watching out for each other….If you have that many instances of teammates doing beyond stupid crap and not watching out for each other, it shows very little respect for the head coach…It shows very little respect for the uniform…and it shows very little respect for your teammate.

    The writing has been on the wall for the last two years(the many off-the-court indications indicating a belief that the program leader is thought of as a pushover out of excuses and villains to chase, the early exit of Vonleh…the transfer of Fischer…the desperation to find recruits when over-sign’s used to be the issue during the brief momentum from Zeller)….Anyone but an irrational apologist/defeatist has seen that writing on the wall. These are the many symptoms…The absence of competent in-game coaching and the complete confusion to manage a team during critical junctures in games is the major disease.

  22. “rational” was for #24….Clarion is hopping around from a Harvard zone to a coachw man-to-man more haphazardly than a Crean team confusing itself in its own trickery and fouling the best shooter on a team…What a shocker.. ?

    Watching a Crean team with an understood plan is like watching Bruce Jenner running a sex-change decathlon. man-to-man…? Maybe? Protect penetration? Why not? Put a chest on him but don’t slap for the ball? I think so.? Tuck everything back into a tight zone…? Sounds interesting.

  23. Was that coach w attempting humor, or is he serious? “Tom Crean did not inherit a mess, he actively sought one.” Well that statement is obviously The Scoop’s ‘Quote of the Year,’ and it proves my point about the Crean-haters. Obviously some are more delusional than others. Not only do they ignore the well-documented facts, they assign motives.

    Have you heard the joke about the group of men who share a padded cell? If they behave and take their meds, the nurses let them out and allow them to use the ward’s computer……

  24. 1992, if what Bart says about Crean’s son being booed and taunted during one of his games is true, what young coach with a family, or with thoughts of raising a family, would ever want to take the coaching job at IU after hearing about the abuse heaped on Tom Crean and his child? What coach’s wife would allow her husband to risk subjecting her children to that classless behavior. That’s just shameful. I used to think IU fans were the classiest basketball fans in America. Remember when Bob Knight grabbed the intercom’s microphone off the scoring table and admonished some fans who had begun the common chant bull sh–, bull sh– in the middle of a game in Assembly Hall? They stopped immediately, and did not attempt it again for years. Well, no wonder Knight won’t come back to IU. And if the outspoken minority of IU fans continue to demonstrate this abusive mob behavior, no good coach will ever want to take the IU job.

  25. He sought to ride his career on one….Crean is the Donald Trump of college basketball….He has a very slippery tongue….Bad hair…Oliy in all business deals.. Villain chaser(Obama wrecked the program!)…..He can pick out talent…Runs a beauty pageant at IU ….but he’ll never get close to being in the same room they’re “balling.” All get to put their individual talent on full display…It’s very refined and includes teaching a liger named “Tijan” to hula hoop jump through a ball of flaming out teams… The smiling talent all kiss up to him for his allowing them to be on “his” Indiana stage…Why? Just because he likes their looks…He likes big boobs as assistants that won’t question authority….Enjoys running people off of “his” property. Has a loyal following of a Gene Keady comb-over club…

  26. Now you’re equating what zit-faced teenagers did at a Bloomington h.s. game as indicative of the Hoosier fan base…? You’ve lost it, Mr. Defeatist….Sure you’re not Dan Dakich?

    Where was your outrage when a kid from our baseball team and his celebrity friends of a local washed up rocker beat the living sh___t out of an innocent kid in thug fashion? These are kids(protected and never vilified) far more closely attached to the supposed role models of our institution.. What “new” coach would want his family to be part of that protected and despicable culture(all the while holding the “good Christians” malarkey on a reporter;s microphone at the end of a game or the cherry on top of every sentence at a podium)?

  27. But I’ll stick with what was likely my best thought of the day while you boys get back to your defeatism….

    Watching a Crean team with an understood plan is like watching Bruce Jenner running a sex-change decathlon

    Hire Bill Coen now!

  28. Can;t resist…

    “I used to think IU fans were the classiest basketball fans in America”….

    I enjoyed how took less than 10 more words for Knight’s name to follow that sentence…
    Knight was so rough sandpaper that he was a bastard blast…Crean is so white linen silk sheets that he makes people around him afraid to wipe their own ass.

    I don’t think I would attach “classy” to everything Knight did… But as Bart said(paraphrasing here), we tolerated it because there was competence at teaching.

  29. Well, no wonder Knight won’t come back to IU.

    Brilliant. Meanwhile, for the same reasons, I suppose, Tom Crean refuses to go away.

    The defeatist crowd is beyond delusional. Tom Crean’s gone. Buyout is now 12 million. On July 1st it becomes 7.5 million and a year later 4 million. The difference between 7.5 and 4 is one year salary for the demagogue. It’s clear that at that point the sum being the same it’s safe to invest in another coach come July 1st 2015. Not to mention that there’s rumor Yogi’s leaving. Who else will be following? Certainly not the deflectionist, the defeatist crowd tells us… He wants to stay at all cost.

  30. Harvard #26…

    Gonna get back to my real life after this comment….

    Yes our boys like to party. So effing what! No rapists and they write their own papers. For those of you that want to judge them for being college kids it is too bad you weren’t invited to any of the amazing parties I attended at IU. As a matter of fact that was the main reason I went there.

  31. 1. Not a rapist..?

    2. Enjoy writing your own ‘Sociology of the ESPN Establishment’ papers..?

    3. Enjoy handing out scripture pamphlets to the campus police while drinking and driving…?

    4. Find deep tournament runs tiring and offensive..?

    5. Do you believe defense is overrated?

    6, 7, 8. Do you know any of the Gordon sons(not the guy in the raincoat that sells fish sticks)? Have you played with any of the Gordon sons? Could you be a friend to any of the Gordon sons?

    9. Enjoy speeches from reunion party grandpas in your locker room halftime..?

    10. Do you fear playing the University of Kentucky..?

    Bonus: Do you think John Calipari is cute?

    If you answered ‘yes” to all of the above(especially 6,7,and 8), please contact the Hoosier website following this “Welcome to Indiana Hoosier Basketball Recruit ” introduction..

  32. I think we can safely say that CTC will be our coach next year.
    So 3 things can happen…
    1) he fails miserably and gets the axe.
    2) he has a season similar to this year, makes the tournament and puts Fred on the hot seat.
    3) he wins big, makes the tournament and wins a few games or more. Which means he is safe unless IU becomes the first to fire a coach after a 25 win season and alienates every potential big name coach in the country.
    So Scoop followers what do you want to see happen? I want the 25 win season, not because it will save his job but because I always want to see IU win.
    What kind of coach comes here after scenario #1? Does an established coach want to take on a complete rebuilt project, I doubt it.
    What kind of coach comes here after scenario #2? Does an established coach want to take on a 80% rebuild project with no 5 stars recruits on the team, a poison atmosphere of discontent, and expectations to hang banners in no less than 5 years.
    What kind of coach comes here after scenario #3? Does an established coach want to take a job just after a coach that won 25 games is fired, hell no. Might a well go looking for a good H.S. coach because no college or pro coach would touch this place for the next 25 years.
    Btw there is an interesting fact about this year’s sweet 16 coaches…not one coach is under the age of 50 and I believe most are in their 60’s. This means that either these coaches worked years building quality programs or they found the right program at the right time (blind luck).
    Finding a quality replacement is not going to be easy even if we had Harvard at the helm of the AD department.

  33. Don’t hire Bill Coen now…He’s a terrible choice…He knows absolutely nothing about the game….He’s arrogant. He knows nothing about witches beyond watching the Wizard of Oz a couple times.. He hunts for ways to win games instead of ways to shoot villains…Like I said….Terrible coach…Terrible man.

    I don’t care what IU does with Crean……as long as we never hire that Bill Coen guy.

    Slow night for fares, Bart? When you get into a cab with Bart, do you grade the experience/fare as a C-fare…a B-fare…or the best A-fare you’ll ever know?

  34. I’ve always been leery of taxi drivers…Know why? “Ax it” anagram.

  35. He types 1, 2, and 3 quickly…hands a blur, his mind moving quicker than his fingers can type.
    After 4 and 5 he sits back with a coy smile.
    6 through 8 are next…his heart warms, chest swells.
    9 and 10 come slower because he knows he is going to reveal his true colors…and they are BLUE…we all now know that Harvard is a Kentucky fan. It all makes perfect sense to me now.
    Bonus…Harvard has a man crush on the mob coach Cal…it’s ok Harv, I think it’s sweet.

  36. Remember when Crean wouldn’t admit Elston tripped that Northwestern dude..? Think that one is going to come up at the pearly gates?

    I actually heard the Earl Monroe’s private beachfront home near Jupiter, FL actually has a golden finish of giant pearl-like necklaces and ornamentation …On the gated entry is this slogan: “Honk if you’re early…Wait if you’re late..Welcome to Earl’s The Pearly’ Driveway Gates..” Too bad the Knicks will never be born again.

  37. Slow night for fares on Kirkwood, Bart? Just think how much more life would be on the streets if we were still dancing this weekend?

    I do love John Calipari…..almost as much as Brokeback Cab Fare…Coming to town near you. You’ll cry almost as hard at the ending as the day Scott May broke back his hand on a backboardat Combover State.

  38. Go ahead, Bart…Take another year of Crean like Bobby told Connie Chung she should enjoy it….(I should have said “classy” Bobby).

  39. 2006–07 13–19, 9–9 T–5th
    2007–08 14–17, 9–9 T–6th
    2008–09 19–13, 12–6 T–3rd
    2009–10 20–13, 14–4 2nd
    2010–11 11–20, 6–12 T–9th
    2011–12 13–17, 9–9 7th
    2012–13 20–11, 14-4 1st
    2013–14 11–21, 7–9 5th
    2014–15 23–12, 12–6
    144–143, 92–68
    If you saw these numbers would you hire this coach?

  40. Lmao…still shooting those poison arrows…You twist the knife…take a phrase or a comment and whack the scoop senseless. ..your scoop memory is unparalleled, so tell me Harv…in my young career here at the scoop when did I say that I love CTC?
    Brokeback cab fares?
    Connie Chung should enjoy it?
    Gay bashing and rape jokes are beneath you Harv…I suggest you stick to the cabbie jokes, I like those.

  41. Sarcasm, Bart…Look it up…Someone attached the word “classy” right before mentioning Knight’s name…The “rape joke” was Knight’s joke …I merely referenced it because the man was anything but “classy” at times. And Crean has done everything possible to show his full admiration for everything Knight…as a form of some sort of validation he believes it will give him.

  42. And you made the homophobic remark, Bart…I’m never exhibited any form of gay-bashing on this website or any other. Why would I start now… There’s a lot of history here, Bart…My issues are when people want to force down my throat what I should pray to…I’m pretty much in the same camp when it comes to people that tell others who they should spend their time, their bed, or their life with. …Don’t tell me your way is the only way…And don’t tell me my way is a sinful way.

  43. Oh…and Brokeback Cab Fare was just a stupid visual of me thinking of you picking up Knight and Calipari on some rainy night…Maybe it’s very late….They jump in the backseat and begin to cuddle and mutter how each deserves “coach of the year”…Maybe it’s nothing sexual…Maybe it is. I don’t care. If it offends you(or anyone else), I’m sorry. I can tell you one thing, whatever a choice, It’s not against my religion or any ‘book” I care to believe or reference..

  44. Oh, and you left out the “1st” (as in place) next to Coen’s 2014-15 season.

    I would never hire that guy….He’d be a horrible choice. The dimwit mentioned the movie “Hoosiers” in an interview someone posted on Scoop. He’s from Boston…I can’t stand anyone from the East Establishment (unless their name is Geoff or Chris Korman) But I’m not even sure who first brought up his name on Scoop.. ? I think it was a guy named Seahawk Tom from Ottawa. ? Yeah, Seahawk Tom from Ottawa is a huge Bill Coen fan.

    Glad you researched it…because “by the numbers” it looks like the guy really sucks as a coach. Seahawk never put up the numbers. There are some people on here that really need their brains examined…I’m so thankful for those on here that maybe had something to do with bringing Crean to Bloomington…Just to think we could have been stuck with someone that sucks as much as Bill Coen…..I don’t often hate on names…But I think I’m starting to hate Bill Coen….

  45. I wonder how much money Mellencamp was(or still is) donating to Indiana University…? Is that sort of stuff public record?

  46. Only thought of Mellencamp because “bashing” was still on my mind…Bashing someone’s head in on their front porch…Bashing and then overwhelming a kid that just happened to be in the wrong place at the wrong time….Bashing his face in three on one…Bashing the bones until they break and require surgery to put back in place…Kicking him in the head…bashing him some more…Bashing and running away in the dark like coward thugs…Bashing excused because you’re drunk and it’s a party school….and your rocker dad sits in the stands and validates Tom Crean….or your dad coaches a team at IU.

  47. Having a man crush is not a homophobic remark Harv.
    Pretty much in the “same camp”? Ambiguous at best Harv.
    Coen is another mid major coach that made it to the tournament twice, he might be great here, who knows. But right now CTC is the coach here so answer my previous post…would Harv want to see IU finish with 25 wins and a sweet 16 or fail miserably?

  48. Multiple reports Say Stan Robinson to transfer. Anything to report Jeremy? Is this a creaning or he sees the writing on the wall that he is going to be a sub here and might be a starter at a mid major.

  49. Bart: In reading a number of your posts – I disagree with most of your points – but you are entitled to your opinion. In post 38 you made a comment noting this fact which is incorrect.

    “Btw there is an interesting fact about this year’s sweet 16 coaches…not one coach is under the age of 50 and I believe most are in their 60’s.”

    Sean Miller ( Arz. ) and Chris Mack ( Xav. ) are in their 40’s. That aside – I will give you a real fact as it pertains to Tom Crean.

    Every Tom Crean coached team has had double digits in the loss column except when one circumstance exists. His only seasons without double digit losses is when he has had a 1st round NBA lottery pick on the roster. In his case – Wade at Marquette and obviously Zeller and VO at IU. When you throw in Vonleh – it does not even guarantee that.

    I think even an irrational person would have to admit that this is a guy who has to have a whole lot more talent than the opponent to have a chance ( not a guarantee – just a chance ) to win. I think that’s a fairly telling stat that is pretty obvious to anyone’s naked eye. You made a comment “that you read somewhere that if IU had everybody come back – they’d be a Top 15 team”. I agree with that statement based on the state of college basketball ( weaker than normal ) and the potential of the IU players. But – based on the fact I gave you above – it’s doubtful with the CTC in charge. Give me a different coach – and my optimism increases a 100 fold.

    What I’ll never understand from the handful of CTC apologists left ( the numbers are getting to be as few as Big Foot and Loch Ness monster sightings ) is the “however” parts of their support. I have never actually seen a supporting statement for CTC that did not include something like the following.

    I support CTC…however…”Do I like his sub patterns”…NO…”Do I think he is a great x and o coach”…NO…”Do I think he struggles with any in game adjustments”…YES…”Do I think he is the coach to get us back to our glory days”…NO…”Does he get out coached regularly”…YES…”Is he a little weird and crazy with his sideline antics”…YES…I could go on forever.

    In short – “I support CTC – although he’s a horrible coach”. LOL. You know “Coach” is right there in his title. In short – he needs a ton of talent to overcome his coaching shortcomings so the team can win in spite of him. Now I get supporting the team – which to some people means you must support the coach. I disagree wholeheartedly with that sentiment. I took my sons to 11 IU home games this season – so I was there to support the team ( but not the coach ). And if you want to use me as a gauge – I won’t be going as often next year ( if I didn’t have kids and that’s something we enjoy – I would probably not go at all until we have a new coach ). I’ll still watch every single game – but CTC needs to go.

    For those of you IU fans that do not get to attend games regularly – let me comment on the Assembly Hall atmosphere that has changed ( not for the better ) over the last couple of years. The official stats always show a sellout – but there are more and more empty seats with each passing game. This year the only real great crowd ( by far ) was during the Maryland game. Rowdy from start to finish. That was the normal Assembly Hall environment most of us have known in our life times. For the most part – the crowds are quitter and spend more time speaking out loud about how incompetent CTC is and the decisions he makes. If you sat at a game – you would be hard pressed to find a CTC supporter anywhere within your ear or eye shot. From 10 years of age to fans into their 90’s – it most all negative. The boo’s become louder and the patience has been exhausted for CTC.

    My favorite memory from this season was during the Purdue game. There was a 90 year old couple sitting a few seats over from us. During a CTC “decision making moment” – the older guy yells out the following. “Crean – you’re a worthless piece of garbage – I hate you – you……(now right here his full set of dentures flies out of his mouth – about a foot in front of his face – amazingly reflex wise – he catches them – shoves them back in his mouth and without missing a beat – finishes his sentence)…dumb dou…bag”. I was most impressed with his reflexes at that age – but I could not help but think to myself – if IU played defense and finished games with the same passion and commitment as that older guy did with his comment – we’d win a lot more games.

    CTC has managed to accomplish something I never thought possible in regards to IU basketball. It’s not the love or like or the dislike or even hate for him that’s surprising. Those emotions all stir passion. Hate and love have a fine line between them. When you think about what is worse than hate – there is only one thing that comes to mind. Apathy. The feeling you feel when you simply can not stir up any passion and you’ve been worn down to simply not caring ( or at least like you used to ). All the signs of apathy are in there early stages here with IUBB. Let apathy hang around long enough and it will take a miracle to overcome it. IU needs a major change or IUBB fans will shortly resemble IUFB fans.

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