Indiana-Louisville baseball game moved to 5 p.m.

Indiana’s Tuesday home game against Louisville has been moved up an hour to 5 p.m., the school announced today.

The game will be IU coach Chris Lemonis’ first against his former team. Lemonis was an assistant under Cardinals coach Dan McConnell for eight seasons prior to his arrival in Bloomington.

Indiana is 25-21 in 46 all-time meetings with Louisville and has won the last four, including all three last season. Tuesday marks the only scheduled meeting between the two schools. We’ll have coverage tomorrow at


  1. What I want to know is what the heck happened in State College? How do you blow a 7-2, late-inning lead to the worst team in the conference???

  2. From what it sounded like PSU’s bats got hot or IU’s pitcher weren’t hitting their spots which happens to the best of the best. See Kershaw in the playoffs. Also IU has struggled with fielding errors in a few games as well.

  3. The article I read said that we committed something like 7 errors in the last 4 innings which would explain blowing the lead. You can’t beat a little league team doing that!

  4. Read the box score and game recap on I U Baseball Twitter and other I U Baseball News that posted there.

  5. When I wondered what happened at State College, I wasn’t speaking on literal terms — as in runs, hits and errors. I can read a box score. The tone was more along of the lines of “How could this happen?” Last season, we outscored PSU 27-3 in a three-game sweep — in State College. This year, we barely won the first game, then blew the second after having a 7-2 lead late. I realize last year’s team was special, and this year’s team won’t be as good — but we still shouldn’t be blowing a five run, late-inning lead at Penn State.

  6. Yes because there is no way Penn St. could have gotten better from one year to the next. Their hitters probably wouldn’t get any better, their pitchers would probably get worse from last year, and they wouldn’t have brought anyone else in to improved the team.

  7. Oh, I’m sure they are better. But the simple fact is that IU blew a 7-2 lead late in the game — to a team that finished dead last last season and was picked to finish 11th in a 13-team league this season. Blowing a 7-2 lead late shouldn’t happen — against Penn State or against Nebraska or against Maryland. But I appreciate your snarkiness, IUhoosier1992.

  8. I’m new to college baseball, so bear with this really dumb question please. How long does a typical college baseball game last?

  9. Don’t let Penn State’s won-loss record fool you , look at the teams that have played their pre Big Ten schedule . Penn State has added some new players and the school wants to be a competitive in the Big Ten and like I U has scheduled higher rated programs. Every person that has posted should attend an I U Baseball game this season. I have season tickets and the games are a lot of fun to attend and the fan attendance has be excellent since the new park opened for play . Go IU.

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