Indiana to honor the 1974-75 team on senior day

Without any seniors to honor after Saturday’s game against Michigan State, Indiana is going back in time.

IU coach Tom Crean announced during his Monday radio show that the program will salute the 1974-75 team on senior day this year, celebrating the 40th anniversary of the squad Bob Knight once called the greatest team he ever coached.

“That’ll be a really, really nice thing,” Crean said. “I think (more information on) that will be coming out soon, and there will be more details on that, but that’s gonna be a special day.”

The 1974-75 team went 31-1, but was doomed by Scott May’s broken arm suffered against Purdue in the final game of the regular season. Indiana’s only lost came in the Elite Eight to a Kentucky team that the Hoosiers had beaten 94-74 in the regular season. Eight players from that team were drafted into the NBA, while May, Steve Green, Quinn Buckner and Kent Benson each earned All-American honors.

As Crean mentioned, we expect to learn a little more about this celebration in the coming days.


  1. Larry,

    I think they could unveil a 902 ft statue of Bob Knight made of gold and Kent Harvey’s tears and he wouldn’t even bother returning the Athletic Dept’s calls.

    I’d love to see the Old Man come back, but I don’t think there is a man on earth who can hold a grudge longer and with more passion than him. Maybe a miracle happens, but I’d bet the under on that one.

  2. He has made that sometimes difficult transition from a great coach to a bitter old man. He went through the curmudgeon stage when he was still in Bloomington.

    Too bad he couldn’t have aged as gracefully as a John Wooden or Dean Smith. That would have been nice.

    Sadly, I’m guessing he thinks everyone is waiting with bated breath to see what his next move is when, with each passing year, more and more people only know him as the surly color guy on ESPN.

    Then again, we are talking about him.

  3. I agree with many your takes of the world, Chet…But I’m not sure it’s fair to call Knight a bitter old man….I couldn’t stand Wooden….He always smelled of Purdue…He always smelled of a man that took the mysteries of life and wanted to fit it all into hierarchical structures of a perfectly engineered model for life… I prefer a man not so afraid to be himself with all his natural flaws interring and fighting against his brilliance or creativity….

    Nor do I believe what we see is only what we get…Knight had to be more for so many of his players to love him long beyond his days at Indiana…And maybe they loved him for being a bit effed up in world always hellbent on images of perfection.. Knight didn’t walk around pretending to be the Catholic church. It doesn’t make for an eternal sinner in refusal to build walls around the sin.

    I wish Knight would do one of these reunions….But I honestly don’t think he’s bitter in the core his soul…We may be more bitter for our inability to capture something in ourselves equally unafraid to be authentic. All that “zero tolerance” was such BS….Where is our “zero tolerance” for ISIS? Where is our “zero tolerance” for institutionalized poverty in our inner cities? Where is our “zero tolerance” for the fraud in stock markets that stole retirement from millions of hard-working families that saw lifetime savings disappear into a CEO parachute packages at Merrill Lynch? Where is the “zero tolerance” that brought Penn State to a position of allowing vulnerable children into the locker room showers of a molester posing as a coach? Knight had his ugly moments…But do I believe those moments were so corrupted to turn a man bitter and plead for our forgiveness? I actually think that’s rather ludicrous….And maybe that’s why he doesn’t want to return…Maybe it’s Indiana that can’t get beyond standing on a righteous pedestal and look down upon a man we had no problem falsely elevating when the banners were going up to the rafters with our opinions his redeeming qualities now absent.

  4. ….flaws [interfering] and fighting against his brilliance or creativity

  5. He won’t come back. I don’t blame him, and I miss him terribly. HfH said much of what I would say. Even then, in that awful time, I thought again and again, “And how would I look to the world if my every move were watched, if only the worst of me were paraded before the world?” Not so good, and no one else would, either. I came here a year after Bobby did—am still here—so I became one of the townie gownies who knows the many good things the man quietly did. I likewise know his erudition, and what a gentleman he was when not being badgered by the media. So many, and his kids loved him so. As for caring about those kids: our team had a good shot in the tournament the year everything started to fall apart, tjhe best IU had enjoyed in quite awhile, and when do the media break the stiory from a certain former player now deceased? Why just in time to throw the team into an emotional firestorm. Yeah, way to go SI et al. You sure cared about the players.

  6. Let you guys have some fun ..I’m hoarding again…I’ll depart for now with my song dedication to the “bitter old man” that brought those three banners Crean clings to like a baby blanket his Hoosier crib…It comes via bitter Harvard’s Chesterton basement on a cul-de-sac where Mitch McGary’s paper route once likely surveyed the pavement of dreams atop the seat a unicycle spinning alongside the carefree sun under the summers of youth….. My little town….They were the days….

  7. Maybe so, Harvard, maybe so. Like the rest of us, I can only go by what I see and hear. I can’t read his mind or see into his soul.

    As I’ve said before, I used to run into him at the athletic department from time to time. He was always gracious and knew my name, though I don’t recall ever actually introducing myself. From my perspective he was a very nice guy. I was like most of us and shook my head with a rueful smile thinking, “Oh, that Bobby”, when he would have one of his ‘moments’.

    Unfortunately, the ‘moments’ started to become the rule rather than the exception. That’s OK, too. He made the choices he made. They were his to make, not mine. I don’t know if the Hoosiers suffered for it or not. Probably. Maybe we were better off for it. Who knows? Would that next team have gone to the Finals with him at the helm? We can’t know that. Maybe they’d have had another first round exit with Tom Coverdale still at the end of the bench instead. Lots of things happen other than Xs and Os during the course of a season.

    I hope he is happy where he is in life. I doubt we’ll ever see him grace Assembly Hall with his presence except as an analyst.

  8. H4H, I am with you. I’ve always admired a man who does as he damn well believes. That is just 1 of the reasons I think so highly of Bob Knight. The good deeds he’s done, that most no nothing about, far out way the wrongs the few bitch about.

  9. HC, I agree.

    The sad thing is, why do we even have to make the comparison? Do you think for a minute that anyone has ever said that about Dean Smith. that the good he’s done outweighs the bad?

    That’s a helluva thing for your fans to have to say as a statement of support.

  10. Chet-

    When you walk around with a bible stamped to your forehead, it creates quite the impenetrable shield to put “moments” under scrutiny. You don’t have to be gracious to anyone. You can pick and choose and remain flawless as you “pray” for Bobby to find a place to cleanse himself of the sins you know hold court in his old home. It’s all rather despicable to judge Knight for his “moments” you roll your eyes while another remains forever untouchable in judgments and condescension protected by such powerful symbols of “good” wrapped around a fast tongue of “praying” for all to find salvation.

    Bottom Line: I’m sick of all this crap. Play basketball. Win some basketball games…Let’s stop with the parties for the old days while making a big deal out of public declarations how well Crean prays for people. I will gladly forever remember Bobby for the stare he gave Crean attempting to chase him down for a handshake….It was classic. I have my fantasies for the thoughts behind Bobby’s glare….”Put up, or shut up…..Get away from me…Save yourself…I’m doing just fine…Where did you get that nice tan…What’s next…? You gonna start wearing a plaid suit, too? ” The fantasy is endless. I don’t need Bobby in Assembly to validate Tom Crean along with forgiving “the General” for his sinful moments…These are too easily constructed tactics, carnival, and theater for the unblemished perfect hands of those pretending to be qualified to judge another man they never knew while hiding their own incompetence and all the other ugly deeds to live and fester behind their untouchable rubbing of shoulders with the Cloud King.and their “prayers.”

    Just teach basketball…Stop with these dumb-ass reunions to prop up everyone except Bobby and his glorious teams from glory days. I am forever proud of Mr. Knight for grabbing that frat-rat dip by the arm and shoving his disrespect back down his throat. All those kids Bobby tortured in practice were being defended in that “moment.” Put up, our shut up.

  11. or…..?…..maybe Knight was thinking this to himself as Crean frantically sped toward him for the handshake of validation:

    “I pray that you someday beat Northwestern.”

  12. Chet,
    I say it to inform the disparaging bastards(media included)who only harp about the negatives. I personally know of 4 actions by RMK that became impactful in the ordinary lives of the common Hoosiers who received them. I genuinely believe there probably aren’t 12 people who know of those actions. I also have my doubts Dean Smith was an angel 24/7 for a lifetime.

  13. O gotta admit, Harvard, I never have a clue where the next tangent will take you.

    HC, of course. We’re all human. By everything I know, and I know a half dozen guys that played for him and scores that knew him, he was a helluva guy. I’ve never heard a bad word about him, even from Duke fans. RIP.

  14. Gotta try to keep you on your toes, Chet.

    I’m just always puzzled to why Hoosier banners need validated….Do the fans really care that much at this point? Won’t be much longer until the only living Hoosier fans that remember anything about these teams will be too old to even be transported with oxygen tanks from the senior living center….How many dialysis machines can fit on the court level seats? This garbage is for Glass and Crean. Our team and fans should be focused on kicking MSU’s ass this Sunday. Are we going to start giving contract extensions based on 30-year-old reunions and clever ideas for putting “banner” stars on the back of shorts for a team that can’t beat Northwestern? Aren’t you getting sick of this “feel good” marketing used as cork in the mouth an honest bit of soft criticism or questioning?

    The fans aren’t demanding this stuff…Ex-players aren’t demanding this stuff…Knight isn’t demanding this stuff…Recruits aren’t demanding an “On Golden Pond” moment to get in touch with grandma and grandpa banners….Sure, there will be cheers…There will be some surprises to see how well this Hoosier has aged and how poorly that Hoosier has not…But do we really give a damn….? This stuff is to validate a coach and his hand-selected A.D. because there isn’t much else to witness as an upward slope for our basketball days of late other than empty marketing. So let’s make another party where we can all discuss why Knight is so bitter…..Yippee.

    Here’s a clip of Harvard searching for 17th and Fee …. or maybe it’s the next porch some Mellencamp brothers will visit.

  15. perhaps the good that was done by Coach Knight can be understood this way. Many IU fans know of Sherron Wilkerson,5 star guard from Jeffersonville and McD’s All-American. Kicked off team for hitting his girlfriend. This reported by Sherron : Bob Knight was speaking at an April 2008 event in Nashville, Ind. ,and Wilkerson’s friend got tickets for them in the second row.

    It had been years since Wilkerson, who had just earned his degree, last spoke to his former college coach.

    The Hall of Famer was asked what his favorite memory was from his time at IU.

    “You know, it was all of them,” Wilkerson said Knight answered. “But the thing I hope the most is that all the kids that came and played for me, whether they came for one year or four, I hope now they fully understand what I was trying to do.”

    Wilkerson did.

  16. TJ,,, That’s kinda what I was trying to express. Sometimes he could be complex but his thoughts are always straight forward. Like the other night when he told some fans to sit down as he and the play by play guy could not see the action. I am sure many would like to turn that into something negative. I think many other announcers including Don Fischer would have done the same.

  17. Do any of the 74-75 team have eligibility left? That’s our only hope of beating MSU in our own bldg.

    Oh….sorry. I forgot, even Crean could screw that up and blow out those older knees through frequent, ill-timed substitutions.

  18. The article pays tribute to certainly the most talented basketball team ever took take the floor at Assembly Hall. The bad luck injury to Scott May coupled with the bad luck injury to Kentucky’s All American which forced the entry of seldom used reserve Mike Phillips (sorry for my senility on his correct name if this is wrong) playing his career best game for Kentucky. Phillips hit some amazing shots including a long distance running hook shot I will never forget. The point is except for a life time effort from out of nowhere, the 74-75 IU team would have been remembered as perhaps the most dominant college team in NCAA basketball history. With Steve Green as part of this team, in my opinion was more dominant that the 75-76 undefeated team. Great memories for me and alot of others I amk sure.

  19. Are you thinking of Mike Flynn? Mike Phillips did score 10 points against the Hoosiers but Flynn went off for 22 points and five assists landing himself on the cover of Sports Illustrated.

    Flynn was a three year starter (freshmen were ineligible) for Kentucky and went on to play several years for the Pacers.

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